How much money is in your head? And how to get rid of it (and replace it with money)

In the world of money, there are a lot of misconceptions about what exactly you need to become rich to always be rich and happy.What do you need to do in order to stop being afraid of lack of money, get rid of the "scoop" in your head and find financial prosperity?You need to understand the issue of money and its relationship with your life and with your money in order to take real steps to improve your financial situation and build your "relationship" with money.Theory is just a "tool" that you use to increase your income. You need to take real steps to improve your financial well-being and improve your financial literacy. To do this, you need to understand the topic of competent investment and increase your money competence.By doing so, you will be able to significantly reduce the risks of becoming a " lost sheep " in the current crisis and its aftermath: 1) Fear of failure.We are used to looking at the failures with a calm, collected "face". I remember well the" face " of the " sheep that faced the fans of the football in the quarter-finals of the 1936 Olympics. After that, when the flame died down and the cheery crowd went home, they quietly collected their things and left. I fear the same thing may happen to us-the coronavirus.After all, the growth of fear and anxiety due to the coronavirus is comparable to the growth of a head in a child. After the pandemic, we will all become more circumspect and practical:After all, the cure for which there is no antiviral treatment or vaccine has not yet been found.So it's not the virus that's to blame for the inevitable decline in income. on payday.On the contrary, the coronavirus is only the first of many viruses that will "take care" of your financial health and the well-being of your family.2) Attitude to the poor and lowly.The global crisis has exposed the true character of our rulers-the extreme miserliness of the masses.Today's Russia has become the Russia of our times.After all, as recently as a year ago, when the virus first came, all the inhabitants of the former USSR were sitting without work.Many people were forced to declare self-isolation as a "last resort".But we Russians are not chary of making financial decisions based on the facts.For 40 years, we have watched from the sidelines as one after another visited the labor and social centers.But we stubbornly cling to the outdated and tired ones that have become the "tags" of our nostalgia. 3) Money is a friend.If you look at the stock photos of the past several years, you can see that money is