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Endless desire will bring them together one final time…This Time When We Touch – Adult

This Time When We Touch - Teaser 7

Erotic Paranormal


AVAILABLE: Thursday, July 17th

Offered at a 10% discount. Offer ends midnight CST, July 24th.

td-ttwwtouch (2)


His dream happened without warning. A voice in it murmured, Prisa. Hurry. Tenemos tiempo tan poco. We have so little time.

In his dream, a pulse beat crazily on the side of his throat. He worked his tongue around his mouth, which was uncomfortably dry and sour, no doubt from the booze he’d drunk. Glancing around for a glass of water, Patrick realized he was in the hotel’s frontal rooms, his naked feet clammy against the highly polished floor.

No guests milled about, leaving the area strangely deserted. A haunting tune came from the piano, something ancient with a Spanish lilt, though no one sat on the bench and played.

He looked down. A whisper of air, akin to a lover’s sigh, ruffled the hairs on his arms and the back of his neck. He pushed his fingers over his skin then through his hair while he searched.

For what?

Sensing someone watching, he looked over. The music grew louder, frantic, resembling animal squeals. A sudden wind rustled the tropical plants, their swishing leaves seeming to hiss hurry.

He couldn’t move, couldn’t breathe. Beneath the arched walkway, he saw her.

She stood in the light that poured from the crystal chandelier, not moving or speaking, her face unnaturally shadowed masking her features. Even so, he imagined her eyes widened in wonder and renewed hope. The kind a wife shows her husband when he returns home alive from an endless, vicious war.

Chestnut hair, thick and shiny, fell in gentle waves to her narrow waist. Every inch of her caramel-colored skin was exposed. Her areolas puckered beneath his hungry scrutiny, making the tips seem even longer and harder, intensifying the soft swell of her breasts. Her hips flared gently above her lush thighs. Dark curls covered her mound.

Dazed with desire, he knew without question that her hidden folds were thick and wet, ready for his cock.

She inhaled deeply, her rounded belly quivering in response. Three moles circled her navel. He recalled tonguing those precious spots, the salty taste of her skin, its velvety smoothness.

His inertia broke. He ran toward her only to stop as she drifted back, the shadows lifting from the bottom of her face. Her mouth formed a startled O. Arms outstretched, she clawed the air trying to reach him.

We have so little time, her voice whispered in his mind.

His heart twisted in panic. He bolted toward her, his naked toes gripping the slippery floor, his neck knotting as he strained to reach her hand.

“Prisa!” she cried in Castilian. An invisible force moved her away from him through the halls of the hotel and up the stairs.

On the third floor landing, he caught her wrist, shocked at its iciness. Her skin was so cold it stung, as though it belonged to a corpse.

Frantically, he wrapped his arms around her, warming her with his body, hands, mouth. She shivered in his embrace. He buried his fingers in her silken hair and tasted tears on her cheek. Brackish. Frightened. Defeated.

“Never leave me,” she cried, rubbing her cheek against his, her smooth skin a stark contrast to his stubble. Pressing her mouth to his ear, she hushed warm air, proving she was alive. She begged, “Promise me you’ll never go.”

He’d die first.

Capturing her mouth, he plunged his tongue inside. A groan caught in his throat at how wonderful she tasted, her fevered response. They fell on the bed in his room. The mattress shivered beneath them, its springs squealing at their weight. With his hands wrapped around her slender wrists, he dragged her arms above her head and straddled her plush body.

She purred. The shadows lifted with the sound, showing her smile.

He stared until the darkness hid her face again then parted unexpectedly to reveal her eyes. A pale green, glittering with longing and surrender. A surge of tenderness stole his breath. So did dread. He knew she loved him and sensed she shouldn’t.

She studied his expression. Alarm raced across her features before the shadow obscured them.

“Fill me,” she cried.

He wanted nothing more, yet something warned him not to. Past the window, clouds crowded the sun, hiding its golden glow. The room’s air grew dank, the silence oppressive.

Leaning up, she pressed her lips to his neck. Currents of sensation ran down his arms and across his chest, arrowing to his groin.

His head drooped between his shoulders. He fought for a full breath.

Her tongue lapped his skin. She’d freed her hands, how he didn’t know, but her fingers trailed down the sides of his torso to his naked ass. Without hesitation, she slipped her right forefinger between the seam of his buttocks, touching his anus.

Patrick lifted his head. His mouth hung opened on a satisfied groan.

“Fill me,” she coaxed, her plea breathy with desire.

He brought the tip of his cock to her opening, his crown caressed by her moist, puffy lips.

With an impatient thrust, he pierced her flesh and burrowed within her achingly hot sheath.

She wrapped her legs around his lean hips, keeping him close, preventing him from leaving.

Her breasts quivered with each of his forceful thrusts, their movements as graceful as the edge of the sea lapping the shore. He strained to catch a glimpse of her mouth, her nose, and eyes, but the shadow wouldn’t allow it, greedily hiding her face.

She cried, “More.”

Her plea blew the darkness from her mouth as though the shadow were no more substantial than smoke or fog. Its retreat didn’t last. Like persistent, rain-heavy clouds, the veil drifted back keeping her expression from him.

He pumped harder, faster, his frenzy to love and stay with her beyond control. She moaned her pleasure, her delight stoking his. He lay panting on top, his cum spurting into her, mingling with her slippery moisture.

Drained of strength, he rested his cheek on her chest, inhaling her fragrance, a curious mixture of musk, the scent of new plants, and freshly turned earth. For a breath, he pictured a mud hut, sun streaming through an opening in the thatched roof, a straw-covered floor.

Her legs tightened on his hips. She worked her inner muscles around his spent cock.

The image drifted away, refusing to return, leaving him with a puzzling sense of safety. He smiled at the music of her hammering heart and the rush of air in her lungs. And then he heard something else. A faint pounding sound, reminding him of the hut again and something else he’d forgotten.

Horses’ hooves.

His belly clenched. The sounds grew louder, telling him the riders would arrive shortly. Low murmurs followed. Men’s voices.

He wrapped his arms around her protectively.

Hot, sticky blood dirtied her body. Its coppery scent filled the room, making it impossible for him to breathe.

She screamed.

Buy link: http://www.bookstrand.com/this-time-when-we-touch


Tina Donahue Banner - newest 5 19 2014



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New Release with a CONTEST

Private Screening

By: Taylor Brooks | Other books by Taylor Brooks | Notify me of Taylor Brooks’s new releases

Categories: Erotic Romance, Alternative (M/M), Contemporary Heat Level: SEXTREME 


This title is offered at a 10% discount. Offer ends midnight CST, March 10th.

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, HEA]

Jack Mason is at the height of his career. Being one of the highest paid movie stars certainly has its perks, but despite all his riches and the women who constantly throw themselves at him, there is one thing he’s always desired.

Dean Walker was at a dead-end job in marketing when his cousin invited him to California for some much deserved rest and relaxation. He doesn’t quite mesh with the glitz and glamour of her Hollywood lifestyle, but he does his best to make nice for his cousin’s sake.

At a party, Jack and Dean happen upon a private screening room that has some old film reels. Out of curiosity they take a look at the vintage film, and soon the two are embroiled in a night of passion that not only takes them by surprise, but could quite possibly cause a Hollywood scandal.

PURCHASE LINK: http://bookstrand.com/private-screening


I’ll be offline for a few hours, but those who leave me a comment below (with their email address) will be entered to win a free eCopy of Private Screening.

I’ll be drawing 2 winners!!

The first of the Hybrids: Adam


What a great way to start 2014! Siren Publishing is releasing a brand new edition of my hot and kinky MM sci-fi romance – Adam. New cover art is by the amazing Harris Channing.

I’ll be posting excerpts soon. Here’s the blurb:

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, HEA]

Adam is a wolf hybrid, the result of a secret military research project splicing animal DNA with human DNA to create the perfect soldier. He was never meant to see the outside world, but a freak gas explosion gives him a chance to escape. Now a hunted man, Adam trusts no one, and he expects to spend the rest of his life alone.

Journalist Chaunce “Chance” Philip Hollis III is unlucky in love and stuck in a job he hates. Then he meets Adam. It’s lust at first sight, and Chance is sure he’s found the perfect man. Adam is determined not to involve Chance in his life, but it’s already too late. The bad guys are hot on his trail and just as determined to use Chance for bait. To save Chance, Adam will have to show his true colors and use the only weapons he has—fangs and fur.

Adam is available for preorder at Bookstrand. Get a copy at a 10% discount. Offer ends midnight CST, January 18th.


Happy Reading!




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One last Excerpt from Summer’s Wicked Cowboys (R)

Hope you enjoyed getting to know Carter, Summer, and Braden!  Don’t forget to pick up your copy before November 13th to take advantage of the 15% off (www.bookstrand.com/summers-wicked-cowboys).

I leave you tonight with one last taunting excerpt.  Thank you and good night!





Five years ago, Carter Ryder fled his hometown the night his parents were killed, leaving a nightmare, and the two people he loved most, behind to enlist in the army.  An attack on his outpost left him with the psychological burden of war and his promise to his fallen friend to fix the mess he had left in Ryder.

Summer Enderson’s heart and dreams were shattered the night Carter left.  The only comfort she found was sharing her pain with Carter’s closest friend, Braden Hoyt.  Slowly, they built a new life together on selfless love, and the scars left by Carter began to fade. When Carter returns unexpectedly, all of her old hopes and despairs burst to the surface.

Not everyone is thrilled about the missing Ryder’s return.  While Carter is fighting to win back the trust and hearts of Summer and Braden, someone is threatening to bring harm to them, and with it, a dark secret that can crumble the foundation of the Ryder family.


Summer licked her lips. She loved the way Carter’s voice caressed her mind. She loved the many facets of passion he possessed. So much like Braden, who appeared far more pleased with Carter’s suggestions than Carter himself. If she had anything to guess, she’d guess he was still a little perturbed that she laid down a no-touch policy.

“Very well. I agree.”
“At any time, we can stop this.”
“Yes. I know.”
Carter took a sip of his wine and gave a slight nod of his head.

Braden swirled the deep red liquid in his glass, his gaze hovering on her like a hungry predator waiting for the right moment to strike.

“We’ll be seein’ how well you behave tonight. You and I both know how misbehaved you were the other day,” Braden said. He twitched a finger between Carter and himself. “You lost it with one man, and tonight you’ll have two.”

A sly grin quirked at the corners of her mouth. “Just the thought is makin’ my mouth water.”

Summer anticipated the moment the vibrator sprung to life, tickling her clit while her agreement to their terms left her stiff in her seat. She cupped the wineglass between her two hands, her fingers trembling as the tiny toy snug in her wet slit wrung her tighter and tighter. Two servers came by with their appetizers, taking their time to rearrange the table to fit the plates.

“Are you hot, sweetheart? Your cheeks are quite rosy,” Carter taunted. Summer caught the curious glance from the server.

“A little, I suppose,” Summer answered with a slow wink. She pressed her shoulders back, trying to focus on anything but the stimulating peck of the vibrator making her clit a swollen mess of sparking nerves. The V of her sweater pulled down slightly, exposing a little more cleavage. Braden’s eyes turned stormy. He took a healthy drink from his glass. “Probably should’ve worn somethin’ a little less…constricting.”

The vibrator quieted, and not a moment too soon. Her entire pussy throbbed like a maddening jackhammer about ready to break good ground. She concentrated on controlling her breaths before her lack of oxygen left her dizzy. After a long sip of wine, she lowered it to the table with care not to knock it over with her unsteady hands.

Braden scooped a portion of bacon-wrapped scallops onto her plate and drizzled the creamy sauce over the top. He chuckled as she stared at the delicious smelling food. All she could see was primitive shapes, cuffs, thick cream…

“I’m in trouble,” she whispered.

Carter dipped his fork and scraped a bit of the sauce from the scallop. He held the prongs at her lips and arched a brow. “You want to learn what real trouble is, sweetheart? Lick that sauce off like you’re sucking our cocks.”

Summer pursed her lips, testing the lemony flavor, then slowly flicking her tongue out to lick the prongs clean one by one.

“Mmm. Such a wonderful flavor, but I still prefer the real thing,” Summer said. She brought a single finger to her mouth and sucked it between her lips, holding Carter’s gaze steady. The corner of his lips twitched. “I’m sure you boys would much rather have me licking cream from a particular part of your anatomy rather than some gourmet sauce from a fork.”

Braden leaned close to her, using the cool back of his spoon against the side of her chin to draw her attention from Carter to settle on him. “You’re drawin’ a nice, curious set of onlookers. You have yet to learn what real trouble is, but keep it up and we’ll be sure to indulge you in that delectable world.”

Be sure to stop by www.rhearegale.com for more tidbits on the Casanovas and your chance to win a $20.00 Amazon gift card.

Casanovas 1 and 2

For those new to the series, here are the blurbs for bestselling Lexi’s Untamed Cowboys (MMF) and Mandy’s Homebound Cowboys (MFM), available at www.bookstrand.com/rhea-regale.


Lexi’s Untamed Cowboys, CC 1

(Siren and Amazon Best Seller)

Lexi Barrett is on the run from her ex-boyfriend after witnessing him kill three men at his Manhattan nightclub. When her car breaks down on a barren interstate outside Ryder, Kansas, she fears the chase is up until a sexy cowboy comes to her rescue. With little money and no place to turn, she accepts help from the stranger who stokes a fire inside her not even the summer sun can outburn.

Travis Coller and Brent Standon have been searching for a woman to complete their relationship. Lexi’s lucky breakdown in their small town makes one fact clear—the sexy city filly is a perfect match for them. They know she needs help beyond car repairs, and offer her protection from the dangers stalking her in hopes of winning more than a roll in the hay.

When her past arrives in Ryder, Lexi is forced to decide whether to walk away from her cowboys and the passion they have shown her, or stay and risk losing them forever.


Mandy’s Homebound Cowboys, CC 2

(Siren Best Seller)

Mandy Pearson has fantasized about brothers Brody and Craig Ryder for years. Problem is, Brody has never paid her mind and Craig wants nothing more than friendship. When the two brothers return to Ryder after the unexpected death of their father, nothing can prepare her to become the center of their hungry attention. Her excitement is overshadowed by the potent bad blood, caused by Craig’s ex three years prior, that still runs between her sexy cowboys.

From the moment he returns to Ryder, Brody has his eye on Mandy. The once-scrawny, redheaded tattle-tale from his youth has blossomed into a hot, young woman he desires more than a riled crowd at one of his concerts.

When Brody and Craig learn they are vying for the same woman’s heart, will the betrayal from their past destroy their chance of a future with Mandy?


Return to Ryder, Kansas and the Casanova Cowboys (Excerpt-R)

Hello everyone!  Hope you’ve been having fun today and into tonight.  I’m so excited about my latest release, Summer’s Wicked Cowboys (CC 3) and can’t wait to share brand new excerpts :)       

For those of you new to the Casanova Cowboys series, welcome to small-town America! Ryder, Kansas was discovered in the late eighteen-hundreds by George Ryder.  Today, his descendants run the town, the extremely popular Ryder Ranch, and most of the farming/livestock raising that goes with keeping this town alive.  

Who are the Casanovas exactly?  Ahhhh, they’re the Ryder cousins, Travis (Coller), Brody, Craig, Carter, Rylan, Landon, and Colton.  These men left their mark on women’s hearts and in their beds while tearing up the town in their youth.  They’re tons of fun, hard workers, and down-right sexy hawt :-D  To keep things a little more on the sizzling side, when you become the lucky winner of a Ryder’s heart, you often find yourself with two men keeping your bed warm at night.  

Ready to head west for a little fun?  So am I!

I’d like to take a moment to introduce you to Carter Ryder.  The man’s been haunted for years after his parents were killed.  He left his home, the woman he loved, and his best friend to enlist in the Infantry in hopes of finding himself.  Two days out from returning to the States after a tour in the Middle East, his outpost is attacked and his closest friend killed.  His return home is bittersweet, as he finds himself facing the brutal memories of his past, the PTSD he developed after losing his friend, and the terrible pain and regret of knowing he broke Summer and Braden’s heart.

He made a promise to his dead comrade.  A promise to fix the mess he ran from the night his parents were killed.  Preparing for the greatest battle of his life, he forges ahead, hoping he can win Summer and Braden back.


Summer’s Wicked Cowboys

Casanova Cowboys 3

(Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, bondage, spanking, sex toys, HEA)


“Seems you know how to hold yourself around horses,” Braden said, dully noting that this particular mare was a skittish three-year-old who didn’t like anyone besides him. The man finished speaking, pat the mare’s neck, and turned.

Braden stared for a long moment. Oh shit. He knew the color of those shadowed eyes that stared at him in what appeared to be the same degree of shock that stole the breath from his lungs. Only when his coffee mug smacked into the dirt at his feet, the liquid splattering in every direction, did he grab hold of his bearings long enough to observe the man who was awfully familiar and yet a total stranger in the same instant.

Carter tugged off his cap and ruffled his dark hair, the wavy strands barely long enough to brush against his forehead. The overhead lighting highlighted a deep scar that etched along the man’s right cheek and upper lip. His eyes, when he finally looked up at him again, held a haunting mist along their bright blues.

Braden’s stomach knotted. His heart did a strange flip inside his chest. At one time, he would have delighted in the feel of his legs weakening and his cock swelling. Right now, he hated it.

Carter had no fucking business showing up in Ryder like this after what he did. None!

“Well, now everythin’ makes sense,” Braden groused. He reached down and grabbed his mug, ignoring the dirt clinging to the sides. “I’ll be back to check on the horses, since it’s obvious you know your way around here better than me.”

Braden spun on a heel and stormed down the aisle. He barely made it ten feet when Carter grabbed his shoulder and brought him up short.

“Hey,” Carter said. Braden whipped around and away from the man who looked so different, yet so much the same, as he had five years ago. There was a powerful air surrounding Carter, something dark pulsing along his being. It left Braden half breathless, half cautious. He had grown in delicious muscle, each fine cut and curve evident, despite the tattoo and cotton shirt. Thigh muscles strained against dark-blue jeans. His face held telltale wounds that gave him a mysterious, almost sharp, appearance.

Gone was the once carefree, jubilant rebel Ryder. A new man stood in Carter’s body, one that held more secrets, darker secrets, than Braden could begin to decipher. Not that he cared to do much deciphering after the bastard disappeared under suspicious circumstances without as much as a two minute explanation.

Carter rubbed the strong frame of his jaw, turning his face away enough to hide the scars.

Braden glanced down at the T-shirt, hugging Carter’s hard-muscled body. Go Army was printed in bold black block letters on a grey background. He narrowed his eyes, taking a moment to scour Carter’s bare arms. Light marks marred his tanned flesh, some new scars, some old. He got a better look at the tattoo of a gothic style cross nestled in a bed of black thorns and branches. A pair of dark-red hearts perched on the arms of the cross, Rosalin etched in beautiful calligraphy above the cross.

Carter glanced down at his arm and frowned. “Got it shortly after the accident.”

“Murder. She was murdered,” Braden muttered. Carter’s eyes shot up to him. Within a split second, the man he had fallen hard and fast for five years ago shut himself off. A mask of indifference slammed down over Carter’s face. His eyes became hollow, distant, and cold. “It might help if you acknowledge the facts.”

“You’re being a bit outspoken.”

“And I don’t have the right to speak out about that night? What the hell happened, Carter?” Braden growled, taking another step back to put more distance between them. “You bailed Ryder within an hour after your momma was killed and your father put a bullet from the same barrel into his own head. You ran the hell away from that, from all the people who gave a fuckin’ shit about you. You made the town gossip about your part in your parent’s death because of your actions.”

“There’s more to it than that, Bray. You’ve no idea what happened that night,” Carter said, his voice taking on a chilling edge. Braden snorted. He punched his fisted hand deep into his coat pocket to keep from punching Carter’s handsome face. This was not how he wanted to start his morning.

“Maybe you should let me in on the secret, you selfish prick. You weren’t the only one affected by the events that played out behind closed doors.” Braden shoved his dirty mug into Carter’s chest. The man tensed, not moving an inch. He lifted his chin. “What about me, Carter? What about Summer? You remember her? You loved her, didn’t you? You know what you did to her?”

Something cut across Carter’s face, but vanished behind ice as quickly as it appeared. Braden nodded once.

“Yeah, that woman had it hard for you and you fuckin’ left her like all the rest you flung aside once you had your fill.” Braden took one step closer to Carter and warned, “Stay away from her. You don’t deserve either of us.”

Braden spun around and stormed out of the barn, his blood lava hot with more than anger. Once in his truck, he slammed both hands down on the steering wheel and cussed.

Five fucking years have passed and that man could still set him on fire like he did when they were together.

God, why the hell did you send him back?

*Available at www.bookstrand.com/summers-wicked-cowboys.  Discounted until 11/13/13

**A quick note.  Carter’s story is one that left a mark on my heart.  I dedicated this book to every man, woman, and family of those who have, and continue, to serve our country.  I had a great deal of insight into the life of an Infantry soldier prior to starting this book, thanks to my brother-in-law who returned earlier this year from Afghanistan.  Carter is a man devastated by the effects of war and deals with the very real post-traumatic stress disorder.  His story is deep and touching, but it does have a very satisfying ending, something many of those fighting for us are not so lucky to have.  I can’t say thanks enough for the job the men and women in every branch of military do, the sacrifices they and their families make, and the sufferings they endure for people they will never know.  As my brother-in-law said to me, “This is my job.  There are times I don’t know if I’ll come home, but I go to work and love what I do.”

Vampires Among Us


What does a young woman do when she finds herself trapped in an abusive relationship with a vampire? She runs straight into the arms of another vampire family!

Erica knows she needs to leave her abusive, alcoholic, vampire husband. But just how does one go about doing that? It’s not like she can go to the police and state; “I need a restraining order for my vampire husband!”

She has befriended a guy at college, and not seeing any other choice, asks him for help. Little does she know she is running away from one vampire, and straight into the arms of another!

Kevin O’Rourke is the leader of the VCTF (Vampire Crime Task Force). The only reason he sits in college classes half the day is because his team has been called in to make a major drug bust. When he sees the bruises on Erica, he knows she is in trouble. A little investigation reveals Erica is married to one of his own that has gone rogue. When she finally agrees to leave him, Kevin is quick to offer her shelter at his family’s home. The only problem is Erica doesn’t know what he and his family are. And she doesn’t know she is his mate. Hmmmm……
Buy Link:  http://www.amazon.com/Vampires-Among-Publishing-Allure-ebook/dp/B00FJ6V9UA/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1380926253&sr=8-4&keywords=vampires+among+us

Website:  http://AuthorAliceBrown.com

The Story Behind… Deep Down

I grew up in southern Maine, and as a teenager I wanted to travel and see bigger cities. My favorite city at the time was Boston, where I was fortunately able to visit many times because I had “family” (actually my father’s best friend from high school and the friend’s two partners) who were more than happy to let me spend time at their home.

They were also more than happy to hand me their “Charlie Card,” the pre-paid fare card for the Boston public transit system, and turn me loose on the city with the direction to be back in time for supper.

During one visit when I was sixteen, I was in a subway station waiting for the train back to their house when I heard guitar music and a male voice singing “Tequila Sunrise” in a near-perfect copy of Glenn Frey’s voice.

I spotted the musician, a very cute guy a few years old than me, with curly brown hair and huge eyes. I sat on the bench near him, and when he finished the song we struck up a conversation. For the next hour or so, we talked and he let me sing along with him on a few songs. And then I realized I was really late getting back to my “uncles'” house, and in those days before cell phones, I had no way to let them know I was okay. So I boarded the next train.

I never saw the musician again, but the encounter stayed with me for over twenty years, until I finally felt confident enough in my writing skills to try to build a story around it. The musician (whose name may have been Scott, though it was so long ago I can’t remember for sure) became Tanner Wohl, the hero in my novella Deep Down, available from Siren Publishing, http://www.bookstrand.com/deep-down/. And since sometimes authors get to create happy endings for themselves, I put a bit of my own personality and history in Courtney Southard, the book’s heroine.

I live in Boston now, and every time I hear music in a subway station, I wonder whatever happened to the musician I met.

Deep Down 200

Subway Music- Deep Down

My novella Deep Down was released in January 2010 by Siren Publishing, http://www.bookstrand.com/deep-down/. It was my fourth published erotic romance, and is the oldest of my books still in print. Here’s a short excerpt:

Deep Down 200

Six months after moving to Boston from a small town in Maine, Courtney Southard still hasn’t gotten the hang of life in the big city. She doesn’t know anyone and considers moving back home. When she’s nearly mugged in a subway station, musician Tanner Wohl comes to her rescue, and Courtney sees a reason to stay.

Tanner is still reeling from losing his job and fiancée on the same day and is reluctant to let Courtney into his life, let alone his heart. However, as he gets to know her, attraction sparks, but can they let go of their fears and create a life together?

“Want to go wading?” he called back over his shoulder.

She gave up trying to figure out what had upset him and hurried to catch up with him. “I don’t know,” she said. “I’d feel kind of weird. It’s a kids’ wading pool.”

“Other adults are in there.” He knelt and untied his sneakers, then slipped them and his socks off and rolled up his pants. “Come on. What are you, chicken?”

“No.” She watched as he stood and took a few steps into the water. What the hell. She couldn’t just stand here. If he could do it, so could she. Even if people did give her weird looks.

Tanner apparently had no concerns about what people might think. He turned and looked at her for a moment, then waded farther into the pond. Crouching, he scooped up some water in his cupped hands, then dumped it over his own head.

Startled, Courtney broke into laughter, as did several children who played near Tanner. “Hey, dude, you’re wet!” one of the kids shouted.

“It’s a hot day.” Tanner reverted to the monotone he’d used when Courtney met him, but even with some distance between them, Courtney could see the mischievous twinkle in his eyes. He’d soaked himself to entertain her, she was sure.

He walked back to her. “Figured I could use some cooling off. How about you?”

“All set, thanks,” Courtney assured him.

She spotted one of the kids sneaking up behind him, but pretended not to see. Tanner seemed unaware. The little boy, who looked about eight or nine, waited until he was so close, Tanner’s shadow fell over him, then splashed.

Tanner jumped when the water hit his back and whirled around. For a moment, Courtney thought he was angry at the boy, and from the frightened look in the boy’s eye, he thought so as well. But Tanner’s chuckles rolled over the pond, and he gently flipped a few droplets of water in the boy’s direction. “You looking for a water fight?”

“I just thought you needed to get wetter,” the boy said innocently.

With Tanner’s back to her, Courtney couldn’t resist. She crouched at the water’s edge and watched a moment to be sure he wouldn’t turn around. Then she splashed water at him.

Tanner yelped at the feeling of the water against his thighs, and the little boy cracked up. So did Courtney, almost losing her balance in the process, which would not have been good, given that she was in a short skirt. She recovered herself enough to stand again. Tanner spun around. “You—You—” he sputtered through a grin.

“Me what?” Courtney put her hands on her hips. “Got a problem?”

“Yeah. People keep getting me wet,” Tanner muttered.

He moved close enough to her that his breath touched her face. She thought he planned to splash her back and prepared herself to be soaked. Instead, without warning, he scooped her up into his arms. “Should I drop you?” he growled softly into her ear.

“N–no.” She couldn’t help being just a little frightened. He’d picked her up as easily as a child. But at the same time, she knew he wouldn’t hurt her, and she couldn’t stop laughing at his reaction.

“Oh, all right,” he murmured. “But get this straight. You don’t get to make me wet. It’s supposed to be the other way around. Got it?”

A shiver of arousal ran through her at his clear meaning. “Got it.”

Vampires Among Us

Vampires Among Us, By Alice Brown   What is all the hype about?  To begin with, this isn’t your ordinary vampire story.  These vampires have morals and values.  These vampires have integrity.  These vampires are generous.  These vampires don’t believe in hurting innocent humans.

So what happens when the team leader of the vampire police force realizes that his mates is being abused by a rogue vampire?  He must first get her out of the rogue’s clutches and keep her safe.  Then he and his team can go dish out a little “vampire hospitality” towards the rogue.  But what happens when Erica discovers she has left one vampire and walked straight into the arms of another?  And can she learn to overcome her fear to put her past behind her?  To take a chance on love again?

Read what one reviewer had to say about the book:  “I loved the fact that the author put a lot of history about vampires (her version) into this story. The O’Rourke family even though vampire were the most sweetest loving “family”. I fell in love with all the characters and how they were all eager to help and very accepting of Erica and her problems. Kevin O’Rourke if I could have a boyfriend or husband like him (yes I know he’s a vampire) I would definitely snatch him away from Erica. There were only to characters I did not like (Shawn, and Philipe) but I guess every book has to have unlikable characters. While reading this Mrs. Brown actually had me visualizing every detail and every single interaction, and scene. I actually felt as if I was in her mind while she was writing this. If you love vampire genre books you’ll love this one. This book has heartache, pain, mistrust, generosity, friendship, intrigue, love, lust, justice, and history. Can’t wait to read the next in this series!!!!”

Buy Link: http://www/bookstrand.com/vampires-among-us    or visit us at   http://AuthorAliceBrown.com



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