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Love Heavy Metal Music? Sex? Angst? The Wretched Tales!

coreyred_2.5  So if you follow me, you know about my freebie series, The Wretched Tales?

What’s it about? Well, in short it follows the heavy metal band’s new bassist, Corey Patrick falling in to bed with fans or other musicians, getting into a fight with a bandmate, as well as plenty of one liners throughout the story.

I just finished 2.5 because each story is connected to the last and you must read from the beginning to find out everything about the band

If you’re interested in egotistical, sex hungry, metal maniacs, I’d say this would be your thing!

ALL Romance



Free Story Meant to Be M/M by Rawiya



My story for Love’s Landscapes is available for Free

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Sex Type Thing Excerpt #2

Metalerotique_2  WARNING: Strong male/male sexual situations many might find highly objectionable. 

JKaye is a fan of Lucifiera’s lead singer Zander Lukes… A BIG fan. His desire for the lead screamer has driven him to do something wrong, really wrong…

Kidnap Zander and bring him back to his place.

What does he intend to do? Push the man to his limits and make him his slave for the weekend. 

JKaye feelings for Zander are more than just a crush. Zander Lukes is his obsession.





Excerpt #2


    “I am, I am, I am, I said I wanna get next to you−”

I tapped my feet on the dresser and bobbed my head to my favorite Stone Temple Pilots song. Yeah I liked a whole lot of their tunes but this one gets me going like no other.

I leaned back and let the lyrics wash over me, driving my mind to the most forbidden place on earth, my mind. No, you don’t wanna go in there people, because it’s a very scary destination.

I don’t think about happy things like flowers, running in poppy fields, and loving the so called God with everything I have. Nope, I think about how I can bend, no actually, break the rules, be the boss of my own existence, and wreak havoc on just about everything I come in contact with.

What am I?

Well, I have the perfect occupation for this sort of thing. I’m a rock star and not just any old rock star, but the one and only Zander Lukes.

People love me. They fall at my feet just so I can sneer at them through my fake red contacts. They worship me and at the same time, they might hate me because of the attention I command.

I don’t really know why and honestly, I don’t give a flying fuck. I’m in this business because I like being at odd with those in so called normal society. In my book, there is no normal, there is no good. Everyone is out for themselves and that includes me who can’t stand to be around any goodie two shoes. Yes, take that shit right out of here because I have no respect for the so called authorities or the people that follow them.

I’m demon on earth, awaiting the call from the father of hellfire, I’m a man possessed by the left teachings. I’m nobody to fool around with, and most of all, I’m my own person.

I am Zander Lukes.


Checking the clock on the wall, I was getting bored waiting on show time. The opening acts were running late because their bus broke down on the way into New York.

    Bummer for them. To be perfectly honest, they sucked.

But the record company decided to throw them on the bill with me. Cool kids but they truly sucked at music. No, I don’t make the rosters for these tours and nor do I care to. If it were up to me, it would just be Lucifiera and I’d fill the time with exotic dancers of the male and female variety.

No worries, that idea is in the works since I mentioned it to our management. That may take some time but it will get done. I’ll make doubly sure of that.

Fifteen minutes until and the voices inside my head urged me to wreck something. Listening to Sex Type Thing always put me in that kind of mood which is why I have it blasting through the speakers before every show.

You may ask, why that tune when it’s not that much older than me?

I suppose I like the sleaze, the lyrics which sound so devilish and yet so captivating at the same time. It sounds as if it’s coming from a man in command and or control even though through history, we can see Scott really didn’t have a firm grip on much of anything. And like him, I wanted someone to be my lay before and after the show but groupies bored the hell out of me.

Sure, they came in all colors, sizes, and genders, but none of them held my interest.

Right now, I wanted someone exciting, someone to push my limits, get my motor running on all speeds and that wasn’t going to be found with the girls brought by the roadies to please Zander Lukes.

Yes, I said roadies because I couldn’t be bothered with picking my partner or partners for the evening. Besides, all I did was kick them out after they swallowed my cum anyway. I don’t do the lovey dovey cuddle thing with one-nighters at all. None of them deserved it anyway.

What I wanted was a strong man, willing to go really far, and take me where so far out of myself that I might not want to come back. And believe you me it would take a lot to do that since in I’ve freaking owned the effin block.

Have I done all the dirty? Just about.

Am I willing to go further? Most definitely.

In my mind, kinks are only the things you dare not talk about with strangers for fear you might have to hurt them. The acts that most find frightening or repulsive but who cares? If it’s what you like then you should do it.

My kinks range from bondage to brutal sex and everything in between. If only I could find the one to show me the real world beyond those doors.

Excerpt #2 I Love You Rhett Vorhees

Rhett1    Blurb: Rhett had a huge crush on Darren McKissick back in elementary school and on Valentine’s Day, he gave him a special valentine. Despite their obvious attraction, Darren rejected it, making everyone in the class laugh at Rhett and cause a rift between the two friends.

Now as adults the two of them have found one another again through an internet dating site. Rhett only wants a one-nighter but Darren is looking for something long lasting.

Will this new meeting mean love for two men who haven’t seen one another in over a decade?






Excerpt #2


“In your room−” Rhett mouthed the words of his suddenly favorite Depeche Mode tune blasting through his ear buds. Although the volume was at its highest, it didn’t deter him from correcting a couple of glitches in this latest program the company was implementing for its consultants. He was very good at his job and knew he could do it with a hand tied behind his back. And since he made pretty good money at Silverstein, he hadn’t made any plans to change jobs or companies; never in the three years since he’d been working there.

When he walked into the office a little over an hour ago, one of the other technical specialists flashed him a smile but didn’t say a word. Rhett wondered if she might’ve noticed the glow on his face or the smirky grin he wore. He’d never been late by more than ten minutes and that was usually due to the weather. Today, he truly didn’t give a damn about being almost an hour tardy, because he had a better reason than any kind of snow or train delay.


Yeah, Darren McKissick who’d managed to sweep Rhett off his feet just as he’d done back in elementary school. If only Rhett had the same kind of spunk he did back then to tell Darren what he truly wanted. A relationship. “No, no, am I ready for that?” Rhett leaned back in the chair while he hit the save button on his keyboard. “Matt says I am, but is Darren really into me like he says he is?” Rhett couldn’t help but overthink the possibilities. He plucked the buds from his ears and ran his hands through his damp locks he decided not to pull into a ponytail this morning. They were still wet from the shower, or was it from the heat blowing from the vents over his head? He couldn’t tell, knowing how flush he’d been ever since Darren dropped him back at his place late last night. And if he didn’t have projects to do this morning at work, he might’ve called off. Rhett sighed inwardly and glanced at the keyboard on his desk. The words love and Darren jumped out at him; L-O-V-E. “I’m losing my freaking mind. I can’t handle a relationship, can I? I’m acting like a little school girl and besides, he’s got to prove to me that he really is−” Rhett stopped short and turned his head to make sure no one else was looking over their cubicle.  If anyone caught him fretting over something, surely they’d ask and because of the mood he was in right now, he might just blabber it all without giving a second thought.

“Rhett?”  A mousy female voice sounded from over the noise of people tapping on keyboards, phones ringing, and the heat blowing from the vents up above. “Rhett, I have something for you.”

Rhett cleared his throat and straightened his tie, attempting to not look like he was perspiring or losing his cookies. “Yeah, Delilah, what is it?” Rhett pressed the stop button on his iPod.

“Just a little something someone had delivered for you. Who’s the lucky one?” Delilah, a short, stout, Asian lady with light purple highlights in her bangs came around the corner, flashing a cheeky grin. Dressed in her usual long, dark colored dresses with combat boots donning her feet, she leaned against the cubicle panel. Delilah was his best friend working at the firm and had been ever since they were hired together. “You or…” She placed the red vase full of flowers in front of him.

“Shhh.” Rhett put his fingers to his lips and eyed the bouquet she sat on his desk; red roses, a dozen, with baby’s breath, and a card on the left. They were gorgeous, and he already knew who sent them. They must be a gift to tell him thanks for a great weekend and request to hang out again. Rhett picked the card off and read the short message:


Hey Rhett,

I had a great time this weekend. Let’s get together again really soon and make it a permanent commitment. Hope you’ll say yes.

Yours Truly


“Well?” Delilah plopped in the chair in front of Rhett with widened eyes.

Heat rushed to Rhett’s cheeks, and he smiled wryly. “It’s flowers from my friend. You know the one I told you about?”

“Oooh, that friend.” Delilah crossed one leg over the other and brushed her kneecap. “The flowers are really gorgeous. H−the person must mean business, hmm? They really want you to make a decision on a relationship.” She sighed heavily and put her hands together. “That’s so romantic, Rhett. You need to go for it.”

In his heart, Rhett agreed, but his mind told him to wait and ask more questions. After all, this was the same guy who broke his heart back at Rosner Elementary years ago. Yeah, they were kids, but Rhett had put so much into that valentine. His mother even helped him make it.

Remembering the rejection, Rhett twirled his curls between his fingers and continued to stare at the roses. They were rich in color, vibrant, and looked awfully expensive. He’d told Darren he was a big fan of red roses the first night they reunited almost two weeks ago. Darren made good on his promise to send some to him for that wretched occasion known as Valentine’s Day.

“Well, Rhett? What’s your answer? I know you’re not going to say no, not when the two of you met again after all these years. You were destined to be together, Rhett.” Delilah glanced at the flowers then back at him. “I know you’re scared, but−”

“I am; and, you know.” Rhett’s eyes darted from left to right again. “I’m wondering…”

Delilah’s eyebrows fused together. “I know you are, and dangit, I’m really tired of speaking in code. You think anybody gives a rat’s ass about that, man? We’re little peons in this company, Rhett. No one cares about the geeks in IT!”

Rhett cocked an eyebrow. “Well they might if I continue to act like a little school girl and come in late for work.” Rhett clicked his teeth and raked the stray hairs from his face. “I haven’t felt like this in such a long time, Delilah. Not since Rosner.”

“Which means it’s time you jumped at the chance with your one and only true love, Rhett. Obviously he means a lot to you, just as you do to him. Why else do you think you’ve never even tried to go out with anyone else after all these years?”

Delilah had a point, but Rhett also knew there was another reason. Rhett inhaled sharply and blinked back tears. “Because I’ve never been so crushed in my life, Delilah, and when I got my heart handed back to me that first time, I kind of closed it off to anyone else.”

I Love You Rhett Vorhees

Rhett1 2nd chance at love after a decade of separation. Can it work?

Blurb: Rhett had a huge crush on Darren McKissick back in elementary school and on Valentine’s Day, he gave him a special valentine. Despite their obvious attraction, Darren rejected it, making everyone in the class laugh at Rhett and cause a rift between the two friends.

Now as adults the two of them have found one another again through an internet dating site. Rhett only wants a one-nighter but Darren is looking for something long lasting.

Will this new meeting mean love for two men who haven’t seen one another in over a decade?







“I still can’t believe you found him. Damn, Rhett Vorhees?” Darren McKissick’s best friend and former lover, Terrell Witherby, sounded very surprised by Darren’s admittance.

Darren’s grin stretched the length of his face as he added three sugar cubes to his coffee. “Yep, I cannot believe it either.” He changed the phone from one shoulder to the other. “Like I said before, when I saw his moniker on SGM.com, RV1990 and then the face, I noticed the face; the high cheekbones, the bushy eyebrows, and the freckles. He really hasn’t changed much since grammar school. He’s deep in the closet though.”

“Well, that’s too bad. Man, you sure you wanna deal with that? And hey, at least you know he’s still alive, so you can stop babbling about him. You done carrying around that valentine card and picture too now, bro? I’m sure both are starting to look worse for wear, right?”

Darren eyed both items he’d saved for a while sitting in a drawer to his left. The red valentine was more of a burgundy than the bright red it used to be when “Rhetta” gave it to him. The white lace surrounding it crumpled from being moved and was yellowed on the edges due to too little sunlight and lots of handling. And the picture, though in better shape, had been folded more times than Darren could remember. All through high school and college, he carried the picture with him of the kid who was a child genius.  Despite both articles looking more like artifacts that should be in a scrapbook, he wouldn’t leave the house without them. “Nope, not gonna get rid of either. I’m going to keep them with me, so when we finally get together permanently, I’ll be reminded of how lucky I am. Damnit, Terrell, it means we were destined to be together, right?”

Silence then a deep sigh came through the receiver. “Damn, you sure are a freaking sap, Darren. I used to love that about you back in the day though. You sure you weren’t a woman in your former life, man?”

Darren laughed and sat up straight at his desk, eyeing the folders he’d been staring at for the last couple of hours. He’d come in early to try getting some work done but instead, he could do nothing but think about Rhett and how much he wanted to be with him forever and always. “Maybe. What I do know is I want Rhett to understand that I mean business. I sent some flowers over to his job; anonymously of course, since he’s still in the closet, and I got a bouquet ready for him when he gets back home.”

Terrell chuckled, “Heh, ah Darren, you’re pouring on, aren’t you? You’re not gonna let him get away that easily, hmm? Just don’t suffocate him, okay? I mean, he’d be a fool to turn you down after you’ve been thinking about him for years on end.  Still, be careful, all right? Don’t invest all your time and energy into this man when he isn’t ready. Don’t fall in love quickly, Darren, please? I’d hate to see you fall and not able to pick yourself back up.”

Darren picked up a sharpened pencil sitting on his desk and twirled it with his fingers. He swallowed hard and looked back at the picture of Rhett wearing his cap and gown on graduation day.  Just looking at the man made his heart skip a beat, same as it had when he chose to wear a kilt instead of a suit during the ceremony. His parents always did encourage him to stand out and be himself no matter what anyone else said. “I’m afraid I already have, T−I’m in love with this man, and I have been for years.” Darren leaned back in the chair and tossed the pencil across the room. “And I’m gonna do everything I can to convince him that we’re meant to be.”

“Shit, Darren, I swear. I wish I had somebody that loved me as much as you claim to love that boy. Oh wait, I did,” he laughed. “Or did you really care for me, Darren? Was that just lip service?”

Darren sucked in a breath and stared at the door ahead of him. Any minute one of his bosses might come into his office looking for the Edgars account he was supposed to finish by eight o’clock sharp. “I− yeah, Terrell, I did care, but it wasn’t love. We both knew that when we got together. This man is my soul mate, always has been. I found him again which means I was meant to be his lover. Listen, I gotta get going. I got some work that needs to be finished right now, all right? I’ll make sure to give you a call after I talk with Rhett.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Later, man.”


Darren pulled the headset away from his ear and exhaled, knowing he’d pissed his best friend and former lover off. “I’ll make it up to you soon, Terrell. Maybe after I tie the knot with Rhett?” Darren sat upright in his chair and pulled the Edgars file off the top of the small stack. He flipped it open and straightened the papers out to finish them. He’d done most of the work on Friday but after anticipating the weekend with Rhett, he couldn’t keep his mind on anything else. Darren had never been one of those people who lost focus so easily, but having Rhett Vorhees within reach changed everything in his life. Working wasn’t a priority with the prospect of a committed relationship with Rhett in his midst.

Darren had to make that longtime dream of being with his first true valentine a reality.



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Excerpt from Something About Jayden

Jaydencover   Here’s a snippet from Jayden


Jayden couldn’t believe his luck. Silas Denton, Jr. hired him right on the spot, without an interview or anything. He was too busy talking about his Twitter followers and his last trip to Europe to hear anything he had to say. Still, it was the chance he’d been looking for, and he wouldn’t question the man’s method.


Still in shock, he only nodded when Isaac Bridges talked to him about the company, telling him things he already knew from his research. He was grateful though, and Isaac seemed like he’d be an excellent person to work under. Who better to teach him the tricks of the trade than someone like Isaac who seemed to have clear goals to move the company forward?

If only he were gay. Dang the man is hot!

Jayden moistened his lips, continuing to eye the hot and very straight Mr. Isaac Bridges. He was tall with a clean shaven head. From the looks of him he worked out regularly, probably with his lovely wife at the local fitness clubs. Jayden’s eyes met his brown gaze, making something flutter underneath his trousers. Thank goodness he could at least ogle the man when they worked together.

I’d rather it be him than Mr. Denton.

“Honestly, Jayden, Denton could benefit greatly from having someone new like you to bring in great ideas. And actually, we’re presenting our services to a Hispanic family owned company on the south side that deals with flooring and handcrafted furnishings. They want someone to do advertising for them that draws more business into their shop; and maybe, you working there might land that opportunity for us.” Isaac bent his head and smiled.

“Um, that’s great, Mr. Bridges. May I ask what the name of the company is then I can get right on it.” Jayden shook his head to get out from under the entrancing glance from Isaac Bridges. He pulled a pen from his inside pocket and turned over the envelope.

Isaac laughed, “Damn, Jayden, you’re eager to work, and I like that, but… it is the holiday. Besides, you’re about to go on Christmas break, aren’t you? We probably won’t be making this presentation until January.

Jayden bit his lips, and his shoulders tensed. He really hated this time of year because it brought back such bad memories. Lydia made it better though, and he’d enjoy it just for her benefit. Still, Jayden wanted the information, so he could look up the company. Besides, this would distract him from staring at the happily married man he’d be working with. “Yes, I know. I’m assuming Mr. Denton will ask me to come in even if I’m not in school.”

“Fine then, young man. It’s Rosario Furnishings. They’re a small company who’d like a local firm doing their ads for national magazines. It’s a small account, but Mr. Denton wants to gain more of a presence in the community with minority owned businesses. We’ve taken so many big accounts that the local ones are being overlooked. We need to gain that confidence within the Hispanic and Black communities to remain strong into the future.”

“I totally agree, and I love that approach. Building that confidence in local businesses will put Denton in the forefront for sure. I’ll do some digging and come in with ideas you can look at. I hope to sit in on some of these meetings too.”

“Oh, I’m sure you will, Jayden.” Isaac let go of his wife’s hand and reached forward, grasping Jayden’s shoulder blade. Jayden’s breath hitched from Isaac’s touch. He had to admit, the caramel-skinned man was quite a hottie. Light brown eyes met his, sending a surge of energy down to his groin.

Keep it together, Jayden. This is business, not a social call.

“This will be a great experience for you as you move forward in your career goals, my friend. Denton is the best place for you to start, especially right after graduate school. And I’m telling you, take full advantage of all the knowledge you’re gaining, son. It will do nothing but benefit you in the long run.” Isaac shook his bicep and patted it with a smile.


Jayden grasped the pen tightly in his hand then stopped. If he did it any harder it would burst from the pressure. “Um, yeah, I intend to do just that, Mr. Bridges, no worries there. I won’t let you down.”

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BLURB: Isaac Bridges has it all: wealth and success. Yet and still, there are two things he desires more than anything. Denton & Associates back under his family’s name and a male lover he can call his own.

Jayden Demario, a handsome college student from a tough neighborhood is looking to make his career in advertising. His “madre” encourages him to take time out and find love but he wishes to follow his career path first and foremost.

Both men are missing a significant other in their lives, will stupid pride and hurtful secrets stand in the way of what could be a perfect union?

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