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Red Sage Publishing Presents: Excerpts from Secrets Volume 31: Fantasies Fulfilled (Rated: Mature Audience)

Secrets 31 Spread Fantasies Fulfilled

The Disciplinarian’s Daughter by Leigh Court

“No. Those are emotions, not sensations. You know I won’t hurt you — the whole point of this study is your pleasure. I’m interested in your body’s physical responses. Concentrate on those, and put aside your judgments. You’ve agreed to this experiment, now I need your honesty.”

Amelia focused on the look in Trevor’s eyes, and tried to calm her racing heart. She forced her body to relax, her muscles to unclench. He nodded his approval, and his fingers began to move, tracing along the inside of her feminine lips, running up one side and down the other in a slow, deliberate circle.

Dear God in heaven above. Amelia gasped loudly again, this time in astonished pleasure. It felt like every nerve ending in her body was centered there, right where Trevor’s fingertips were focused. And the more he stroked her, the easier it seemed to get — he was almost gliding along her flesh now.

“Describe what you’re feeling.”

“I-I couldn’t possibly.” But she must. It was her part of the agreement, as he’d just reminded her.

He seemed to wait patiently while she composed herself, but his fingers continued their insistent, delicious revolutions.

“It’s — incredible,” she admitted. “Lush. Luxurious. Like satin or silk. Smooth and slick. I don’t know how else to describe it.”


Labyrinth by Alice Gaines

He breathed deeply as he ran the head of the razor over her flesh. Slowly, so slowly, and with infinite care, he denuded her a

fraction of a millimeter at a time.

Finally, he’d finished, and he could stare at the petals of her sex naked. They seemed to swell and part as he watched. “Perfect. Just perfect.”

She gazed down at him, a light of awe in her eyes. If no one had ever seen her this way before, no one could appreciate her value. More precious than any jewel, she was living poetry. Beauty even the classics

couldn’t rival.

“See for yourself.” He set aside the razor and found a mirror and held it between her legs. “Look.”

She looked into the mirror and then cocked her head for a different view. “I…wow…I don’t know what to say.”

Now, I can stroke you and taste you with nothing between us.”


Sex, Lies and Contracts by Jennifer Probst

The image knocked out her breath. Her almost virginal body fought for dominance as liquid warmth pulsed between her legs and dampened her panties. Her nipples rose painfully against her bra and demanded freedom. Julianna crossed her arms in front of her chest to hide her reaction. “Oh, surely you can do better than that.” Her tone dripped icicles. “This is straight out of a book, Mr. Wolfe. Poor spinster locked up in a big old house meets sexy gardener who sets her body free. She’s forever grateful for the experience. Blah, blah, blah. Now, if you rather not get back to work, we will consider the job null and void and you can leave my home.”

“Ah, so you did read Lady Chatterly’s Lover?” he drawled. Slowly, he uncurled over six feet of muscled length and rose from the seat to tower over her. “D.H. Lawrence is one of my favorites. Course, I’m the gardener rather than the gameskeeper. And you’re forgetting the husband – which you don’t have. The rest is similar. Uneducated working class man shows sexually deprived wife how to let go and be free to let her body experience pleasure.”

Jack paused. Then dropped his voice to a rough whisper that raked across her nerve endings like fingernails against naked skin. “Wanna play?”

Her heart pounded so loud her ears dimmed. “Excuse me?”

He laughed. In one swift movement, he reached out and snagged her wrist. Then tugged hard. Slightly off balance, she stumbled toward him, where he neatly caught her by the waist and trapped her between him and the sink. The edge of the marble dug into her back when she tried to retreat. Raw masculine energy assaulted her senses, the sheen of sweat on his bare chest – a mass of carved muscles pressed against the curve of her breasts. The scent of dirt and fresh grass and musk rose to her nostrils in an animal attempt to entice her to mate.

“Role play, love. Do you know the things I could teach you? Give me one night and it’ll all be for you. I’ll strip you naked and suck on these nipples until they’re aching and ruby red.” His fingers tweaked one rigid tip and a streak of raw lust speared between her legs and almost made her moan. Almost. “I’ll pry your legs open and press my tongue against your clit, taste your wetness, and make you come so hard against my mouth you’ll only be able to utter my name.” That hand slid down the front of her body to cup her mound through her jeans. The heat of his palm burned and she jerked upward, her juices exploding and her clit pounding, as if she could orgasm just by the image of his tongue in her pussy.


Forbidden Fruit by Anne Rainey

“Since when do you have the hots for my sister’s friend?”

“I wouldn’t say I have the hots for her, but there’s no denying that she’s one sexy piece of ass, Luke.”

“Dr. Doolittle? Sexy?”

He sounded so incredulous and Ava felt her heart sink.

“Hell, yes, sexy!” At that moment, she could have planted one on Pete’s lips for that manly comment. “I’d give my left nut to see that curvy ass of hers in the buff. It’s all heart-shaped and…just so damned squeezable.”

Luke, the idiot, dug himself in deeper. “Are we talking about the same woman here?”

Pete just plowed on; oblivious that Luke wasn’t buying a word he was selling. “And those magnificent tits. Just right, ya know? All soft and bouncy and round. I swear to Christ I don’t think she owns a single bra.”

“How can you tell what her ass or her tits look like when every piece of clothing she owns is big and baggy and ugly as sin?”

Her shoulders slumped. That confirmed her worst fears. Luke would never see her as a woman. Only ever as the plain tomboy, animal lover friend of his sister, Jen.


“You don’t need to have x-ray vision, Luke. Ava Sweet isn’t all fluff and makeup, true, but, she’s real and everything a man could want in a woman. She has natural beauty. The kind most women envy. And I’d bet money that beneath those baggy clothes is one helluva woman just waiting for a man to sink his teeth in.”


Want to read more? Pick up your copy today! Available where ebooks are sold.


Spaceport Volume 1 – Scavenger by B.J. McCall Excerpt 3

This post is the first kiss between Anexa and Davis. I love the excitement of writing the first kiss between my hero and heroine. I want to share this moment with you and hope you feel the heat.


Spaceport Volume 1: Scavenger Excerpt 3

Conversation came easy with Davis. As a security equipment salesman, he’d traveled through most of the Allied held space and had visited some of the interesting spaceports and planets her father had told her about. Places a spaceport kid only saw in vids.

Davis was more than a sexy-as-hell, hard body hunk; he was interesting and had a great sense of humor. Having been raised on-planet, or dirtside as the spaceport population referred to those lucky enough to take natural gravity for granted, Davis had attended an AP-sanctioned school and had served in the military. He’d seen plants and trees growing in the ground, picked flowers and had swum in the ocean. Things Anexa had only imagined doing.

“Where did you receive your pilot training?” he asked, refilling her glass.

“My father taught me how to fly. At six I was learning basic engine maintenance.”

“I grew up on the Karang Guni. It’s home. I’ve never lived in port.”

“So scavenging is a family business?”

“My father ran cargo between Adana and the Pakit system. Before he died I joined the Guild and became a scavenger.” No point in telling him her father had been a smuggler, fatally wounded during a weapons buy gone wrong. On his deathbed, he’d made her promise to go legit. Except for the drone and foraging without a permit, she’d managed to keep her word. “I’ve got to go. Thanks, I enjoyed the rum and the conversation.”

“I’ll walk you to your ship.” “It’s a long walk.”

Davis picked up her hand, rubbed his thumb over her palm. “The longer, the better.”

He held her hand as they walked, the simple gesture forging a temporary, but tangible connection.

During the elevator ride to the docking level, Davis drew her close. Anexa liked his size and the way her body fit to his. Slow down. No man is perfect. But this is as close as it gets.

Their strides lengthened as they approached the Guni’s berth. The aging freighter sat on launch skids with an access chute attached to its portside hatch. When they reached the berth Davis stared at the freighter. “Something wrong?”

He slid his arm around her waist. “How does she fly?”

“Better than she looks.”

“Can she sustain hyper-speed?”

“She’s fast enough.”

He drew her close. Desire burned in his eyes. Letting anyone other than her crew, especially a stranger, aboard while the mangled drone rested in her cargo bay wasn’t the best idea, but Anexa was tempted.

Davis slanted his head, giving her plenty of notice of his intention before he kissed her. Anexa lifted her mouth to his. Temptation slid into attraction as his mouth moved over hers. She could always lock down the Guni’s cargo bay. Hot, sultry, slow and lush, Davis knew how to meld mouths. If he made love as well as he kissed…

Anexa gripped his body shirt, clutching at the tight fabric, digging her fingertips into the thick, hard muscle beneath. Ohhhhhh! He felt so good. Tasted good, too. By the time he ended the kiss, Anexa’s heart thundered and her breath came in short gasps. Attraction slipped into hot surrender.


She liked the way he said her name and she loved the way he smelled, clean and masculine. “Hmmmm.”

“Is that a yes or a no?”

Heat coiled and a delicious throb began between her legs. Anexa touched her palm to the security screen. With a hiss, the airlock panels whirled open like the petals of a flower. Anexa stepped through the airlock. He followed her across the access chute and into the narrow hatch.

“Welcome aboard the Karang Guni.” He glanced around. Anexa followed his gaze, suddenly aware of how the old ship must look. A decent coat of paint would cover the decades of discoloration and one of these days she’d have enough credits to give the ship some spit and polish, but the engine and nav systems were more important. “The Guni isn’t pretty, but she’s all mine.”

His gaze settled on her, hot and intense. He hooked a finger beneath her chin and brushed his lips to hers. “She has a beautiful captain.”

Shivers slid down Anexa’s spine.

He pulled the collar of her jacket aside and nuzzled her neck, pressing soft kisses to her quivering skin. “Beautiful and soft.”

Given more time, the man could talk her clothes off, but right now Anexa just hungered for his hard male body. Silken tongues had other uses, too.


The stories of Spaceport Volume 1

Security by Shelby Morgen: Commander Kala Decoltéir always gets her man, and she wants the space pirate they call Dancer — no matter who — or what — he is. This time, Dancer has no escape.

Trash & Treasure by Mikala Ash: Award-winning reporter for the Adana Observer Holly Barberossa finds herself once again in her natural environment, hot water.

Bite by Marteeka Karland: The last thing Dryson expects when he takes his latest shipment of smuggled goods to Spaceport Adana is to end up with a Rajian sex slave, Sasha. Sasha is a force to be reckoned with, and her bite is definitely worse than her bark.

Scavenger by B.J. McCall: Scavenging space junk isn’t glamorous or lucrative, but finding a disabled Allied Planets Security drone is an unexpected treasure Captain Anexa Loy can’t pass up.

Available now at Changeling Press



Spaceport Volume 1 – Scavenger by B.J. McCall Excerpt 2

Meet Lt. Davis Darkano, the hero of Scavenger.

Davis of the Allied Planet Security is a Patrol pilot. His job is to catch smugglers and pirates operating in AP controlled space. While on patrol looking for a missing drone, Davis encouters a Raven class freighter, a scavenger junk collector working illegally in a restricted zone. The Raven takes off and Davis persues. During the chase Davis can’t help but admire the skill of the freighter’s pilot. The freighter escapes into the free zone, but Davis swears one day he’ll catch the scavenger.

Spaceport Volume 1 – Scavenger Excerpt 2

Davis sipped his rum, savoring the smooth taste as it slid over his tongue. The bartender had said it was from Old Earth and worth the hefty price. Davis agreed. He wondered if the red-haired woman liked rum. Her amazing hair and lithe body had caught his eye. Instead of visiting the Red Light District and indulging his needs as planned, Davis had chased after her, but had lost her in the crowded mall.

When she’d walked into Haze and passed within two feet of him, she’d taken his breath away along with his ability to speak. Her eyes were green, snapping fire, and her lips were lush. The sway of her hips was so mesmerizing Davis had to follow. He wanted to know her name and ached to learn every curve and hollow of her body.

Now that her companions had left, Davis waited for the beauty to look his way. When her gaze finally met his, he smiled. “Can I offer you a drink?”

To his surprise, she rose from her chair and walked up to his table. Taking the glass out of his hand, she sipped the rum, closing her eyes as she swallowed.

Her neck was long and slender, her skin pale and flawless, her long hair like silken flames. Despite the drab green trousers and old brown jacket she wore, Davis thought she was sexier than the barely dressed women hawking their bodies in the Red Light District.

When she looked at him and smiled, his heart tumbled and a fierce ache stabbed his balls. She licked the rum glistening on her lips and handed Davis the glass. The ache turned into a deep throb.

“Delicious.” She slid into the booth next to him. “Thanks. I’m Anexa Loy.”

“Davis Darkano. I’ll get you a glass.”

“No need. I can’t stay long.”

Davis took a drink and handed her the glass. “Then we’ll share.”
She smiled and desire swamped him. Davis understood horny. He lived in that state of unreleased sexual tension between his visits to Spaceport, but the heat Anexa evoked rolled through him hot and heavy. He tugged on the collar of his body shirt.

Anexa sipped slowly, savoring the rum. “I haven’t tasted quality like that in a long time.”

“I have a whole bottle.”

She glanced at her wrist unit. “I have to be somewhere.”

“Is there a someone?”

Her gaze met his. “No.”

Beautiful and unattached. The gods were smiling on him today. “I hate drinking alone.”

“I’m leaving port in a few hours.”

Had he found his dream girl only to lose her? “I’ll settle for one of those hours.”

He had to find out as much about her as possible, at least her name and link number. Maybe she’d be willing to get together during his next leave. “Your friends called you captain.”

“My crew,” she corrected.

“What are you flying?”

The sexy captain took another sip and handed him the glass. Davis ached to lick the rich rum off her lips.

“A Raven.”

“You run cargo?” he asked, lifting the glass to his lips. He downed the contents.

“I’m a scavenger.”

Davis nearly choked on the rum.


SPACEPORT VOLUME 1 – Four great stories in one box set.

Available now at Changeling Press



Desiring the Leading Man by Megan Slayer #BDSM #MMRomance #Excerpt

Desiring the Leading Man Desiring the Leading Man

Club Desire, Book 4

Megan Slayer

Contemporary, LGBT

M/M, Anal Sex, Spanking, Voyeurism, Toys, BDSM

Resplendence Publishing


Get your rocks off however you want at Club Desire. We’re not easy and we’re not free, but we are discreet. Find your fantasy in the Club.

An actor with a mega-sized ego? Check. The role of a lifetime playing a submissive in a major motion picture? Check. A Dom with unlimited patience? There could be a problem with explosive results.

Dylan Tyler isn’t used to being told no. He’s the hottest actor in Hollywood with a long list of films to his credit. His specialty includes taking risks for his roles and immersing himself in the characters. He’s about to portray a submissive for his latest flick—except he knows nothing about the lifestyle. He’s at Club Desire to learn, but the line between performance art and life is blurring fast.

Ansen Moran knew from the beginning that Dylan wasn’t a typical client, but he’s the only Dom willing to tame the actor’s larger-than-life personality. He’s also not fond of actors. Ansen has his heart guarded from Dylan’s charms, but even the best laid plans blow up when emotions take control.

Dylan’s got one shot to learn from the best. Will he manage to please his Dom and realize the role of his life or lose everything in the process?

An AllRomance Ebooks Best Seller!

Buy Links:

Resplendence Publishing: 




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©Megan Slayer 2014

Dylan scrubbed both hands over his face. Fuck. He was so in over his head. He never should’ve accepted the role of Patrick in Drowning. All his dreams of being the dominant were crap, but he didn’t think portraying a submissive was wise, either. He couldn’t spank another human being—not even in fun. Wrapping someone in tape? Not going to happen. Could he handle those activities being done to him? He shuddered. Probably not.

“Dylan?” Master A dipped his head to look Dylan in the eye. His spiky hair glinted in the light. “What are you thinking? I can’t help until I know what’s going on in your mind.”

Dylan sighed. The relationship wouldn’t work with one-sided communication. He’d have to give a little. “I’m scared. Stupid as that sounds, I’m freaking terrified.”


“For one, you ask a thousand questions and I don’t know how to answer all of them. Two, I read something about hard and fast rules. I understand them, but I can’t wrap my head around what I saw. People actually call those activities pleasurable? I don’t get it. Three, I’m supposed to do some of this stuff on camera. I must be out of my God damned mind.”

“You’re an actor. You’re playing the part of someone who has been in that situation. It’s perfectly normal to be scared. I wasn’t perfect at my job for a long time.” Master A smiled. “It takes some getting used to and discovery. You won’t know some of your boundaries until you’ve played awhile.”

That made sense. He wasn’t necessarily jumping headlong into the lifestyle, but researching it. What scared Dylan the most was his growing desire to be in the place of the girl being spanked. He wanted to feel Master A’s hand on his ass and the burn of being hit. He’d always liked handcuffs and losing his sense of sight to a blindfold. Still…he needed a connection with Master A—something besides just a working relationship.

“Will you at least tell me your name?” 


Breach of Contract Teaser


Buy Legally BoundUK – AllRomance eBooks

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Dragonfire Heroines – Livia of Covenant – B.J. McCall

Meet Livia the heroine of Dragonfire 4: Covenant.

Livia has loved Byrne from afar for years. She doesn’t want to be forced upon him, but her family and her clan have made it impossible to defy the council’s order. She learns that Byrne is throwing a blowout party to celebrate his last night of freedom. Resenting being a pawn in a game she doesn’t understand, Livia is determined to have the dragon she wants. With seduction in mind and nothing to lose, she’s attends Byrne’s party. Livia has one night to get what she wants, her way.


Adult Excerpt

He walked up to her. “I’m Byrne,” he said, running his hand along her neck. A wave of shivering scales followed his caress. “What’s your name, my dragon beauty?”

His question jerked Livia back to the reality of the situation. Byrne had no idea who she was. She was a stranger, a passing sexual encounter. She pondered telling him the truth, but having him without the mantle of clan or class was too delicious to pass up.

She gave him her nickname. “Via.”

“Pretty name. Your clan?”

She wasn’t about to admit she was a Hazac. Avoiding his question, Livia lowered her head and nuzzled his belly. His hot male scent filled her nostrils and fired her senses. Maybe he didn’t think or believe or want to be her mate, but in her heart Livia knew he was the only dragon for her.

He rubbed the sensitive scales between her ears. “You’re not of the Nordrath clan. You’re so beautiful, and your scent so alluring, I’d remember meeting you.”

 Beautiful? Alluring? She must be dreaming.

“Perhaps you’re from one of the Eastern clans?”

Livia had to distract him. She licked his lower belly. His skin was smooth, slightly salty.

He gasped. “Dragon’s teeth!”

She’d never done that before. Intimate acts while in opposite form were usually performed between mates, not with strangers.

“Touch me, Via.”

She wanted to do far more than just touch him. She wanted to lick him from head to toe and curl her long dragon’s tongue around his cock. The urge was so strong, she puffed smoke. What would he do if she broke the dragon social codes? Byrne was soon to be her mate, but he didn’t know it. “Don’t tempt me.”

Byrne rubbed his hand along her neck. “I want to tempt you, Via.”

Livia stepped back and shifted. Her shift wasn’t as quick as Byrne’s change, but the speed with which her body reformed to human surprised her. She stood before him, naked and waiting for his reaction.

His gaze raked over her. “You’re something, Via. You heat my blood.”

Livia’s heart thundered as he walked up to her and cupped her face. His palms were hot.

“I liked the way you touched me, Via.” His voice was husky and heat poured off his skin.

“Do you always live so dangerously?”

“Are you always so cautious?”







What’s Next?




Very soon, I’ll be getting back to the N’awlins Exotica series and changing the muse.

BLMorticia writes the next two books in my series featuring my hot stripper Kajika Fortier along with hotheaded homicide detectives, Frankie Choteau and Kenina Porter.

In this story, I’ll be focusing on the budding relationship between straight detective Vance Morain and his closeted partner, Orrin Daugherty.

And if you read the other two books, you know there’s some tension going on between all five of my characters and the serial killer is still on the lose!

Look for No Denying Sin in late Oct/Early November. 

Dragonfire Heroines – Adatha of Caught – B.J. McCall

Meet Adatha of Dragonfire 5: Caught

Although Adatha is a young woman, she knows what she wants. She believes in true love and for Adatha there is only one dragon, but he has vanished leaving her to pursue her dream of becoming a dragon warrior. Duty is everything until the day comes when Trynt’s quest becomes Adatha’s mission.

His honorable quest has made him a thief. To catch a thief, she must track down the dragon she loves.

“When are you coming back?”

“I can’t return until I have fulfilled the quest.”

“The head’s been missing for two hundred years, and no one has fulfilled the stupid quest!”

He squared his shoulders. “I can’t dishonor my clan. The task is now mine. I must find the dragon’s head.”

She didn’t think about the consequences but reacted to the fire that had been burning in her heart for two long years. Adatha shifted, shrinking in size. Horns, scales, wings and tail disappeared. Cool wind caressed her bare skin and lifted the strands of her long, blonde hair.

Trynt gasped. “Adatha?”

Forgetting her natural state, she ran across the roof to the edge of the statue’s wing and reached out. “Help me up.”

He grasped her hands and lifted her onto the statue’s wing.

“You can’t leave me.”

He hesitated for a heartbeat, then pulled her into his arms. He held her fast and sure, yet his calloused hands were gentle upon her flesh. Trynt buried his face in her neck, and an anguished groan tore from his throat.

“Promise me you’ll come back for me,” she whispered.

Shoulders shaking, he lifted his head and looked into her eyes. “Say goodbye, Adatha, and get on with your life.”

She gripped his shoulders. “I have no life without you.”

“You have your family, your clan and the warriors. You don’t need me.”

She reached up and threaded her fingers through his hair. “I need you.” She pressed her lips to his, willing him to feel her need.

Trynt raised his head. “Don’t tempt me, Adatha. Not today.”

She fisted his hair. “Kiss me. Just once, kiss me before you go.”

Trynt cupped her face and caressed her cheeks with his thumbs. His lips touched hers, softly, then deeply.

She kissed him back, opening her heart. Passion flared, burning red hot. Dragonfire hot. Smoke poured from their nostrils. When the kiss ended, billowing smoke surrounded them.

He ran his thumb over her mouth. “You’re so very beautiful.”

Her breath caught and her heart pounded. “Beautiful? You think I’m beautiful?”

“You take my breath away. I was hoping, once we were both warriors we might, but that’s impossible now.”

“We might?”

“Be together.”

Adatha dug her fingers into his shoulder. “Don’t leave. Don’t go on the quest.”

“I have to go. What’s a dragon without honor?”

She saw the set of his jaw and heard the determination in his voice. Nothing she would say or do would stop him. “When are you leaving?”


So soon! The sun had already fallen behind the high peaks. Soon darkness would blanket the mountains. “Grant me one wish before you go?”

“I’d give you the world if I could.”

“One wish, Trynt.”

His gaze searched hers. “Okay.”

“I want you. Give me tonight?”









Dragonfire Heroines – Velka of Covert – B.J. McCall

Meet Velka the heroine of Dragonfire 3: Covert

She’s a trained warrior on a dangerous, but important mission. She has empathy for the teenagers who have been drawn into the Rogues by the promise of gold, but Velka understands her duty. Good dragons are paying for the sins of the Rogues. It’s her mission to bring down the Rogues before more innocent dragons fall victim to the Vigilantes. Being Aric’s prisoner doesn’t stop this determined warrior, but her attraction to this sexy Vigilante is an unexpected hitch.

A sharp pain pulled Velka into consciousness. She was flat on her back on a hard surface and something was digging into her butt check. High above her was a starry sky framed by broken metal and jagged glass.

Where the hell was she? And what was around her neck?

Velka touched the metal collar. Realization arrived with abject fear on its heels.

Control collars were used by police forces to prevent werewolves, felines, and dragons from shifting. She wiggled her fingers and toes, tested her limbs. Everything worked. Velka glanced around, assessing her situation.

She was lying on the floor in the center of a rotunda supported by Greek columns. She must have fallen through the glass roof and shifted the second she landed. The shift would have taken care of any wounds inflicted during the fall.

Her gaze slid past a huge vase of fresh flowers and came to rest on a very good-looking man with sun-streaked hair and brown eyes. Dressed in dark cargo pants, a black t-shirt, and wearing a shoulder holster, he was sitting on a fragile salon chair. With an ankle squared over a knee, he appeared relaxed, but the automatic resting casually against his left thigh said otherwise.

Her gaze flicked back to his lean face. Despite his laid-back posture, Velka saw something in his eyes that told her he’d react with lethal force if she moved.

“Who are you?”

He pulled up the right sleeve of his shirt.

The V tattooed on his upper arm confirmed her worst fears. He was a Vigilante and she was his prisoner.








Dragonfire Heroines – Karis of Chosen – B.J. McCall

Meet Karis the heroine of Dragonfire 2: Chosen

Born with a dragon on her hip, Karis Nordrath is the chosen, and because of the mark she’s been guarded all of her life. According to legend, the location of the gold will be revealed when the chosen is bonded with her dragon mate, but the only dragon that stirs Karis’ fire is bodyguard, Rett Aurumon.

 A PDF copy of Chosen is my Summer Bash party prize!


“What’s it like being a dragon warrior?”

“Disciplined. Fire breathing drills, until you’re ready to drop. Flying for hours to build endurance. There were times I thought my wings would fall off. Weapons training. Daily drills using your weapons until it feels so natural you don’t have to think about what to do.”

“Have you been in battle?”

He nodded and stared at his wine glass. His somber expression made her sorry she’d asked. She kissed him on the cheek.

His gaze met hers and she saw a flash of fire in their depths. Her lips burned and the air seemed to sizzle.

“I should go,” he said, setting his wine on the coffee table.

“Stay. I have to know.”

“Know what?”

This was the moment. The time to find out if her senses were right and this burning in her blood and the sizzle of desire running through her, unlike anything she ever known before, was dragonfire.

Karis hadn’t experienced dragonfire, the special heat that happened between true mates. In another second, she’d burst into flame.

What if he rejected her?

Now wasn’t the time to doubt, but to act.

She grabbed his tie and pulled him toward her. She pressed her lips to his, then softened the kiss. She moved her lips over his. He responded, his lips firm and demanding, making the kiss lush and hot.

Fire flashed through her, heating flesh and bone.

Her skin tingled and rippled as scales formed, then disappeared. That had never happened before. She’d always been in control of her shifting.

Instead of pushing her away, Rett gathered her close and deepened the kiss. His tongue slipped inside her mouth and the heat was so intense, her lungs burned.

Breathless and wanting to be closer, she crawled onto his lap. The hard ridge of his erection against her thigh told her he wanted her. Heart pounding, Karis shivered in anticipation as she removed his tie.

His breathing deepened and his chest heaved as she unbuttoned his shirt.

“Karis.” He grasped her hand. “This isn’t safe. I’m wearing weapons.”

She touched his chest. His skin was smooth and hot against her palms. “Take them off.”

Her heart thundering, she met his gaze and saw fire in his eyes. Blazing fire.










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