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Fire-Blowing Excerpt 5 B.J. McCall

It’s August. It’s hot in California– Just the way dragons like it. Today, I’ll be posting fire-blowing excerpts from my Dragonfire series. This excerpt is from Covenant, the fourth book in the series.

Signing off. Good Night.


She’s got seduction in mind. One night. Her way.

Thanks to a mysterious covenant, Byrne Tregaron and Livia Hazac will be bonded for life. Livia is getting the mate of her dreams, a dragon who doesn’t know she exists.

Byrne is getting a mate he doesn’t want, but he can’t break the covenant without shaming his clan. Byrne is spending his last night as an unmated dragon his way, a blowout last-hours-of-freedom party.

Livia is aware that Byrne doesn’t want a Hazac for a mate and for him keeping the covenant is a matter of honor, not desire. She has one shot to capture her dragon on her terms. She attends Byrne’s party with seduction in mind.

One night. Her way.



Praise for Covenant

 “I like this world Ms. McCall has created, one with passion and desire around every corner… The characters in this one were well developed, and I enjoyed the interaction between all of them.”

– 4.5 Stars from Foxglove, Long and Short Reviews


“…the main characters will stay in your mind after reading the last page. There [are] also some love scenes in this book that might leave you so hot you will need either an ice cube or fan to cool your body off after reading them.”

4 Stars from Arianne, Night Owl Reviews




Byrne took a deep breath, inhaling the blonde’s scent again before stuffing the silk into his pants pocket. He stepped out of his flip-flops and stripped off his clothing.

He ran toward the water and leapt into the air, a flash of green signaling his shift from man to dragon. The shifting takeoff technique perfected by his training was now second nature to Byrne.

In seconds, he was high in the sky.

Flapping his broad wings, he flew out to sea. Putting his training to work, Byrne flew in a circular pattern, broadening his search with each orbit. She was out here and he was determined to find her. On the third loop, he caught her scent floating on the breeze and roared in pleasure. He whipped his long tail and headed for his target.

His forced bonding looming over his head, Byrne would not be denied this female, this final pleasure. Her scent calling to him, his alpha dragon was on full alert.

He spotted a flash of dark amber, moonlight glinting off scales. Whipping his tail, he shot high in the sky. As she flew beneath him, Byrne matched his speed to hers.

She was a magnificent dragon, with a graceful neck, strong wingbeats and a long slender tail.

He roared.

Her head jerked up and she missed a wingbeat, slipping into a dive and falling a good twenty feet before catching wind beneath her beautiful wings.

He spewed fire and dropped down next to her. Byrne roared and showered the air with sparks. She didn’t roar back.

Byrne raised his head and pumped his wings, gaining altitude. Flying right above her, Byrne slid the tip of his tail along her flank, then along the underside of her tail. The alpha dragon flirtation was blatantly sexual.

Would she fly away or respond in kind?








Fire-Blowing Excerpt 4 B.J. McCall

It’s August. It’s hot in California– Just the way dragons like it. Today, I’ll be posting fire-blowing excerpts from my Dragonfire series. This excerpt is from Caught, the fifth book in the series.


A quest has fallen upon Trynt Andrak’s shoulders, tearing him away from everything he loves, but it’s a matter of clan honor.

For Adatha Krytt there is only one dragon, but he has vanished leaving her to pursue her dream of becoming a dragon warrior. Duty is everything until the day comes when Trynt’s quest becomes Adatha’s mission.

His honorable quest has made him a thief. To catch a thief, she must track down the dragon she loves.

Can she fulfill her mission without breaking her heart?


Praise for Caught

“I recommend this for all those who like happy endings and lots of hot dragon passion.”

Foxglove, 4.5 stars, Long and Short Reviews




Adatha shuddered and answered his invitation by curling her tail around his. Trynt roared and blew a stream of smoke. Adatha responded in kind. He performed another roll and flew ahead, leading her down into a valley. Below a meadow appeared.

Wings raised high and talons extended, Trynt landed. Adatha touched down. The grass was wet and slick, and as Trynt had promised the ground was spongy. He rubbed his neck against her, and the tip of his tail skated along her side. Responding to his sensual dragon foreplay, Adatha nibbled his horns.

Smoke poured from his nostrils. “I love you, Adatha. The words haven’t been pledged before our kin or blessed by a priest, but I am yours, forever.” He licked her between the horns, tickling her with his whiskers, then rubbed his big body along her side.

Scales heating, Adatha shivered as he stood behind her.

“You are my mate.” Adatha threw back her head and flipped up her tail, letting him know she accepted him as her mate.

“There will be no other for me,” Trynt said, mounting her from behind. Adatha dug her talons into the soft earth. His wings fluttered wildly, swirling the air around them.

Their mutual grunts and groans mingled with puffs of smoke and shots of fire. Scales trembled and wings flapped. The sound of dragon mating carried throughout the narrow valley, but only the lovers heard the music.

Scales slid against scales in a flashing of gold and green. Billows of smokes mixed with the gentle rain, producing a thick fog. Trynt flapped his wings and breathed bright flames. Beneath him Adatha’s wings fluttered, and her scales turned a burnished gold. Trynt’s roar of pleasure joined hers. Now they were truly one.







Fire-Blowing Excerpt 3 B.J. McCall

It’s August. It’s hot in California– Just the way dragons like it. Today, I’ll be posting fire-blowing excerpts from my Dragonfire series. This excerpt is from Covert, the third book in the series.


Rogue dragons are committing crimes. Anti-shifters activists are demanding action. A human vigilante militia has formed. The good dragons have come up with a plan. Undercover dragon warrior Velka Krytt’s mission is to bring the Rogues to justice.

Law enforcement has a different plan. Undercover human cop Aric Exeter’s mission is to bust the Vigilante organization.

When their missions collide, they are forced to go on the run. Hunted by the Rogues and Vigilantes, Velka and Aric must join forces to survive the danger coming at them and the fire flaming between them. Things are getting dragonfire hot.


Praise for Covert

“The various twist and turns that the author introduced into this story as well as the characters really created a dynamic story that was truly entertaining.”

Peppermint, Long and Short Reviews





She looked at Aric. “As soon as I clear the way, drive and don’t look back.”

Then her fists clenched and in a flash of green, her size increased. The woman disappeared and before him stood a green dragon. He’d seen her in dragon form on the night of the robbery, but the night vision goggles blurred her brilliant, shimmering scales.

Her horned head was enormous and a slash of red scales ran down her neck and across her flank like a long flame. Her talons looked lethal and her thick tail swished from side-to-side.

The dragons shot flames, their fire falling short of touching Velka. But there were three of them and they had her surrounded.

She snapped her wings open and the resulting gust ruffled Aric’s hair.

Velka bared teeth longer than his fingers, fluttered her wings, then spewed fire. A long arcing flame hit one of the dragons in the face. The dragon screamed and shook its head.

The engine was still running, so Aric turned the bike. He raised his weapon and pointed it at the dragon behind Velka. Aiming for its big, yellow eye, he pulled the trigger. The automatic pumped three bullets. Screaming, the dragon swung its head from side-to-side.

Aric glanced at Velka. She turned her fury on the dragon belching fire. Flames collided, turning the underpass into an oven.

Aric shot a few more rounds. The wounded dragon fled, disappearing into the sky.

Velka had entered into a firefight with the dragon that had stood its ground. Her flames were more powerful and forced it back. The dragon she’d burned rejoined the firefight, blowing more smoke than fire.

She charged the two dragons blocking her path. They retreated and launched into the air. Velka cleared the underpass, flapped her wings, and went after them.

Aric drove out of the underpass and watched the fight continue. Wings flapped. Tails slashed. Barbs flashed.

Velka soared, folded her wings, and dove at the dragons. They separated, allowing her to take the burned dragon out with the swipe of her tail to its wing. Broken, the wing hung useless. Flapping its good wing, the dragon spun around and hit the ground.

Aric had never witnessed a dragon fight, but Velka performed with the flare, grit and agility of a skilled combat flyer. A fighter pilot would find her maneuvers a challenge.









Fire-blowing Excerpt 2 B.J. McCall

It’s August. It’s hot in California– Just the way dragons like it. Today, I’ll be posting fire-blowing excerpts from my Dragonfire series. My second excerpt is from Chosen, the second book in the series.

Thanks for stopping by.


Even good dragons will do bad things for gold.

A thousand years ago, two dragon clans went to war over a cache of gold. To end the war, a sorcerer hid the gold and foretold of the birth of a female bearing the mark of the dragon.

Born with a dragon on her hip, Karis Nordrath is the chosen, and because of the mark she’s been guarded all of her life. According to legend, the location of the gold will be revealed when the chosen is bonded with her dragon mate, but the only dragon that stirs Karis’ fire is bodyguard, Rett Aurumon.

Rett left the Fire Mountains to follow a wanderlust he couldn’t explain until he laid eyes on Karis. Hired as her bodyguard, Rett doesn’t know if his true role is protector or mate. He doesn’t know Karis is the chosen, but he knows she’s the one.


TOP PICK Night Owl Reviews

I loved this dragon love book. It’s definitely a spicy top pick!



Rett flew high. He wanted the advantage of being above them. In the moonlight he saw the two dragons, fast moving, their wings flashing in the moonlight. Spewing fire, they attacked him from below.

Instead of flying higher, Rett folded his wings and dove straight at them. The dragons split to either side to attack his flank. Spewing flames, they rushed him. Rett snapped his wings open. The leading edge of his armored wings caught each dragon in the head.

Stunned, the dragons flapped their wings to stay aloft. Rett performed a roll, flapped his wings for speed, and charged. With his wings spread wide, he rammed one dragon, breaking his adversary’s wing. In a practiced maneuver, he spun and slammed into the second dragon.

The two dragons had participated in Karis’ abduction and Rett felt no sympathy for them as they spiraled toward the ground.

Rett soared high and begin to circle the area to look for Karis. Whoever had her had a good head start, and Rett had no idea in which direction the abductors had flown. Anger burned through him at the dragons responsible and at himself for letting down his guard. He forced back the anger and focused.










Joining the Party – B.J. McCall

It’s August. It’s hot in California– Just the way dragons like it. Today, I’ll be posting fire-blowing excerpts from my Dragonfire series. My first excerpt is from Captured, the first book in the series.

Welcome to the party


The tyrant Targus has a new pet dragon.

Captured and tossed in an aviary, Zira discovers she is Targus’s new pet. The key to her escape lies with her keeper, a hunky human with a gentle touch who has no idea she can shift.

To please his master, Dragon Keeper Laros must make the new dragon fly. Zira shifts to her human form to seduce her keeper, convincing Laros his midnight visitor is his reward.

When the nights are Dragonfire hot, keeper and dragon may bond in a way neither of them expects.


“This is one very hot and enchanting story, with danger and action, and the slow seduction of the senses that Ms. McCall does so very well.”

– Foxglove, Whipped Cream Reviews



Escape. She yearned for freedom and home. Rearing up on her hind legs, she opened her wings with a snap. Using her powerful wings and legs, she launched into the air. She soared to the top of the aviary and circled, each loop providing a view of the surrounding terrain. If she left in the dead of night, she’d fly high and head for the Fire Mountains.

She was ready to land and nap beneath the trees when she saw a group of people on the palace balcony. She flew toward them and spotted Targus in a bright blue coat with shiny medals. Zira circled, then flew straight toward him. Taking a deep breath, she held it until she was close to the balcony, then she spewed a stream of hot fire. The flame shot out and hit the barrier, flaring back.

Horrified, the audience on the balcony threw up their hands to shield their faces and ran for cover. Only Targus remained standing. He hadn’t so much as flinched. One of these days he wouldn’t have a barrier to protect him and he’d regret the day he snared a dragon.








The Pleasure Garden Follies Series Is Now In Print (Rated: 18+)



Scandalous Affairs

Layna Pimentel

Three sensual tales of undeniable passion.


Scandal at Vauxhall

When the haute ton learns of a promiscuous tryst between the Dowager Duchess of Brimley and the Marquess of Stoughton, their credibility is at stake. They soon discover that nothing in life is simple, nor private, and all is fair in love and war.

A Sinful Education

Stunned and dismayed at discovering the arrangement between her mother and the Duke of Downsbury, Lady Emily Thompson searches for a way to break the marriage pact. Will she find a way out of marrying the duke, or will she find herself in the same predicament as the previous duchess? Which is dead.

Her Deviant Lord

En-route to a hunting trip after over-indulging the night before, the Earl of Wendelhem endures a frightful, and terribly embarrassing, swoon. He has seen a ghost, and her name is Cordelia Waite, the Duchess of Downsbury. Yet, his former mistress refuses to accept her dismissal and discovers the duchess is still alive. Second chances have never been more precarious.


Amazon (U.S): http://www.amazon.com/Scandalous-Affair-Layna-Pimentel/dp/1631052543

Amazon (U.K): http://www.amazon.co.uk/Scandalous-Affair-Layna-Pimentel/dp/1631052543

Amazon (Canada): http://www.amazon.ca/Scandalous-Affair-Layna-Pimentel/dp/1631052543

Barnes & Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/books/1119888586?ean=9781631052545

McNally Robinson (Canada) http://www.mcnallyrobinson.com/9781631052545/layna-pimentel/scandalous-affair?blnBKM=1#.U7WRgPldUYM

Secret Cravings Publishing: http://store.secretcravingspublishing.com/index.php?main_page=book_info&cPath=10&products_id=902&zenid=a1259f4d7743ce66a0d2c03e1fefe583


About The Author

Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Layna discovered her love of reading at an early age. When she isn’t devouring salacious romance novels or writing, she enjoys losing herself in researching ancient history and mythology, weaponry, and hiking. She lives in Northern Ontario, with her husband and two daughters.

Layna is a member of the Romance Writers of America, creator of the Romance Author at Large blog, and is a monthly contributor at 69 Shades of Smut. For updates on her upcoming releases, or to leave her a comment, you can find at:

Blog/Website: www.laynapimentel.com

Twitter: www.twitter.com/LaynaPimentel

Facebook: www.facebook.com/AuthorLaynaPimentel

Want to be the first to catch some sneak peeks into my upcoming releases, subscribe to my newsletter here: http://eepurl.com/FOPP1

Cat Groove by Megan Slayer – Out Now!

Stray Cats — Book 3: Cat Groove  Image

Megan Slayer

Changeling Press




Link: http://changelingpress.com/product.php?&upt=book&ubid=2217


He’s found his mate and his groove, but he’s got to convince her they belong together.

Watching his woman with another man just about killed Roman. His heart beat for Jessa. His ability to switch over to his human form has allowed him to show her his other side, but will he scare her away? He’s willing to work his grove in order to win the heart of the woman he loves.



 Copyright Megan Slayer 2014


“Damn it, Roman, get back here. I’m not very in love with you right now.” Jessa tossed the towel onto the floor, then raced after her black cat. “Whoever said he was calm should’ve had to bathe him.” With him speeding ahead of her, she sprinted down the hallway.

“Come back here.” Her hair flew in her eyes and her chest hurt from the scratches inflicted moments earlier when she’d first introduced him to the water.

Roman backed himself into a corner and hissed, his gold eyes blazing.

“Don’t make me have to tackle you.” Jessa crouched and took her best offensive stance. She counted to three, then lunged. An earth-shattering screech echoed in the room, but she managed to grab him. When she looked down into her curled arms, the cat struggled, but couldn’t free himself.

“You are a brat — cute, but a brat.” She kept him tight in her grasp and marched back to the bathroom. “If you weren’t one gigantic flea, this wouldn’t be necessary.”

Upon entering the bathroom, she kicked the door shut. “Now try and get away.” She glanced around for where the cat shampoo had landed. “This won’t take long.”

The cat scampered from her arms and skidded on the rug. He collided with the bathroom door. When he fell back, instead of a black cat, a man — a naked man — lay sprawled in his place.

Jessa dropped the towel she’d picked up and sat down hard on the edge of the tub. “What the hell just happened?” She knew what she’d seen… her cat had morphed into a man.

The guy shook his head, his dark hair ruffling with each shake, then glanced over his shoulder. “Now do you see why I don’t need a flea bath?”

“I don’t understand what I’m seeing.” Jessa balled her fists. What the hell was she supposed to do? Locked in a bathroom with a strange man. “What’s going on here?”

“I’ve got a knot on my head from the door.” The guy turned around and rested against the wooden door. “Remind me not to run full blast away from you.” He rubbed his forehead. “But I’m kind of glad this happened. I was tired of being a cat.”

* * * * * *

Megan Slayer – It’s Always Fun to Squirm

Forever, a vampire series by B.J. McCall

My FOREVER series includes ETERNITY FACTOR, NIGHT SINS and NIGHTGLOW. Three books about the Cemetery vampires.

Signing off, B.J.



Once accepted by society, vampires are now considered unsafe to live among humans, but that doesn’t stop Azza from sneaking out of the Cemetery for a midnight party. Although the penalties are serious, nothing is better than a little intimate action with a hot-blooded human. Azza spots the hunk she wants and one sniff of his blood has her hooked.

Jak Walker is immediately attracted to the pale beauty he meets at a Vamp Rave. Things get hot and heavy, and when confronted with her true nature, Jak wants more than a one-night stand.

 The eternity factor isn’t the only problem confronted the lovers. All the fun stuff is illegal.







Night is made for sin and vampires rule the dark.

 An officer for the Dead Souls Agency, Harper Croix’s job is vampire enforcement. One night her job takes a lethal turn, and Harper has a showdown with an old one. He’s nothing like the rabid bloodsuckers she burns, arrests and destroys. He’s handsome, strong, disciplined and he wants revenge.

Egan wants Agent Croix to suffer for her sins against his kind. Revenge is a dish best served cold, but Croix is hot and tasty. One encounter leads to another. Enemies become lovers.

 Harper has sworn to enforce the vampire laws, not break them. An affair with a vampire is reckless. Falling in love is crazy stupid. Egan is irresistible.







Cate wants what Nightglow prevents, up close and personal with a vampire.

Nightglow is about to be introduced to the world. Dunn wants freedom for his kind and he’s willing to walk the runway once again, wearing the heat sensitive, ultraviolet jewelry that makes physical contact with humans too hot to handle.

The mayor wants Nightglow to put the city back on the map. Acting as the city’s liaison, it’s Cate Auburn’s job to make the premiere of Nightglow a success. There’s only one hitch. Drop-undead-gorgeous Dunn is drawing her to the dark side. She’s never had a vampire lover, but her life is about to take a dramatic turn.

Cate is lush, hot and pulsing with everything Dunn wants. Loving her comes easy. Forever is difficult.







DungeonCrawl by Mychael Black

Hey, y’all! Thanks for letting us Changeling folks take over for the day. :D

Gaming is in my blood. My first system was an Atari 800. My all-time favorite games were Pole Position (a racing game) and Miner 2049er (hard to really explain that one… but here’s a link to a vid of level one: http://youtu.be/1dK22LzWDVU ). After the Atari, we had an Apple IIGS, and my favorite game was Defender of the Crown ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N19AFQEmTpE ). From there, we had a Nintendo and a Super NES. Now, I do my gaming on a laptop and a desktop PC. Oh, and a tablet and a Smartphone and a Kindle and… Well, you get the idea.

So it was only a matter of time before I got the notion to write a story about gaming. Thus… the DungeonCrawl series was born! There are six books, and the first two are out now:

DungeonCrawl1CoverDungeonCrawl 1: Loading, Please Wait

Gamer Elijah Burrows is a self-professed loner. Disowned by his parents for being gay, he takes solace in his video games. Out of all his favorites, his newest one — DungeonCrawl — is swiftly rising to take the number one spot for him. When a lightning strike hits his house, knocking out the power, Elijah is anything but happy.

Lack of electricity is the last thing Elijah is worried about the second he steps foot out his front door.

What happens when a gamer finds himself stuck in the world of his fantasies? And how the hell does he survive without the aid of a mouse and keyboard?

Buy here: http://www.changelingpress.com/product.php?&upt=book&ubid=2228




DungeonCrawl2DungeonCrawl 2: Patch Day

Gamer Elijah Burrows has rather seamlessly taken over the life of his game character, Elian Surgis, in the world of Timiria. Alongside his lover, the lupine mage Sarin Eckhert, Elijah leads survivors of Sarin’s mystical order through the wilds of the province of Tasmorum. They manage to stay just one step ahead of Timiria’s monarch, King Mirov, who seeks to destroy every magic-wielding soul connected to the Labyrinthine Order.

From encounters with a mysterious group of traders on the road, to a revelation of epic proportions, it’s a miracle Elijah has any time to explore his relationship with Sarin. Then Fate throws a wrench into the mix: the appearance of another “traveler” — another gamer stuck in the game world Elijah now calls home. But this particular gamer has ulterior motives that have nothing to do with the Order’s survival.

Buy here: http://changelingpress.com/product.php?&upt=book&ubid=2247


Excerpt from DungeonCrawl 1: Loading, Please Wait

Thunder shook the windows and startled the ever-loving hell out of Elijah Burrows. He paused the game and went to look outside. The rain hadn’t even started and lightning already flashed nearby, lighting up the night sky. He sighed. He loved storms, but this area was notorious for power grid issues during heavy lightning.

He wandered back over to his desk, saved his game and exited the program. At least he wouldn’t lose his progress. The quest he’d been on was annoying, to say the least, but it was a necessary step along the main story line.

DungeonCrawl had only been out for a week, and Elijah couldn’t tear himself away from it. The dynamic world reminded him of games like Skyrim and several massive multiplayer games he’d played over the years. He’d often wondered what life would be like in one of those games. It had to be better than his life right now, in this world.

He opened up a browser and checked his email. Most of it was junk, with the occasional digest from one gaming group or another mixed in. He scanned the messages, clicking the checkbox to delete each one as he went. He stopped and stared at one message from an address he never expected to see again. Almost dreading to read it, he opened it up anyway.


I received word that you were spotted in one of… those places. As per our arrangement, you were to never show your face in such a way. It reflects poorly on me and Delilah. If you expect to continue receiving financial assistance, then you will refrain from drawing attention to yourself. My reputation is of paramount importance, and Delilah will be ostracized from her social circle should anyone discover our connection to you. Cease and desist immediately.

– Edmond Burrows, Esq.

Elijah couldn’t hit delete fast enough.

He’d been so careful to avoid cameras and anyone who he thought might know the Burrows. He’d stopped calling them his parents two years ago when they’d announced his lifestyle did not suit theirs or their expectations. The pain of them paying him to become a recluse had worn off, but no amount of money helped the loneliness.

Being the only child of the city’s most prominent politician had once held perks beyond imagining. Now Elijah wished he’d been adopted. How the fuck could he be related to such cretins?

He closed the browser and sighed. No point in thinking about it now. The “financial assistance” paid for everything: food, clothing, bills. He was still surprised they’d put him in a house they owned. What would the neighbors say if they knew he was a dirty, disgusting, sinning homosexual?

Oh, and celibate. Hell, at this rate, Elijah figured he’d reverted to being a virgin all over again.

Another boom of thunder shook the house, and lightning struck swiftly after. Elijah started shutting down the computer. The last thing he needed was to fry the damn thing. It was his only solace.

Just as soon as the screen went black, the rest of the house did, too.

“Damn it!”

Elijah grabbed his cell phone and turned on the flashlight app. He made his way carefully through the pitch black living room, praying the light from his phone found the furniture before his bare feet did.

When he reached the kitchen, he rummaged for matches and a candle in one of the junk drawers. He’d been raised to always be prepared — probably the only good thing to come out of his childhood. He found a candle and nestled the short taper in one of the empty silver candlesticks on the dining room table. After lighting it, he turned off the phone app.

Rain pounded the windows. It looked like the Biblical Flood outside as water turned the normally pristine yard into a swamp. More thunder rumbled and lightning lit up the sky. Elijah went to the front door and opened it.

He nearly dropped the candle. “What… the… fuck?”

Elijah stared at the world beyond his front door. Last he checked, he lived in a cul-de-sac in a glitzy neighborhood.

This was not a neighborhood.

Trees surrounded the house and moonlight shone through the canopy, casting pockets of silvery light on the forest floor. Nocturnal animals moved around, unseen but heard, going about their usual night routines. Elijah wandered a few feet from the house, onto a well-worn footpath wet from rain. The trail led deeper into the woods. When he turned, the candle hit the ground, snuffed out by damp leaves.

The house he’d lived in for two years was gone.

Release Date June First

Party Time  (book 4)- RJ is a Marine, home on leave. Georgia is the woman he gave up before his last deployment. They run into each other at a party and soon realize they still have feelings for one another. As they take up where they left off they have little time to decide, can they say goodbye for good, or accept they belong together? 


Pulled Over (book 1) – What starts out as a normal afternoon drive home for Sunny turns into a steamy altercation between her and a cop after she’s pulled over for an expired tag, and burned-out taillight. She can’t afford a ticket. What’s a girl to do?

On Fire (book 2) – Faith has been horny for Dean since he moved into her apartment building, two doors down. She caught him eyeing her while sun-bathing at the pool one day, and thought he was interested in her, too. But it takes a fire in her kitchen for the hunky fireman to finally act on their mutual attraction.

Under Cover (book 3) – Vacationing in England, Lucie and her friends are finally at Buckingham Palace. What starts out as a harmless tease in front of one of the stone-faced, palace guards soon turns into the real thing when he hunts her down to finish what she started!

Lovers (book 5) – The last story in this series is a continuation of  the lusty romance between Navy SEAL, Bishop and kindergarten teacher, Angel. If you loved Bishop’s Angel you won’t want to miss this next chapter in their lives. (due out 7/1)


Smashwords Author Page

Tory Richards Website

 Oh by the way, if you go to my website and look under the post Wicked Nights Blog Hop you’ll find a coupon for a free download of Pulled Over, good until 6/10.


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