Good Morning Romance Readers!

Welcome to the Release Party!   I’m happy to be here today to share more about my new release, Andrea & the Five Day Challenge, a YA Humorous Contemporary Romance. It takes place during the time of Homecoming. Summon your inner teen! What are wearing to the Release Party (Homecoming/Prom)? Here’s my dress.   Can you guess which […]


Wild Marauders MC excerpt rated R

When a prospect kidnaps Kat thinking that she’s a doctor, Kat finds herself under the protection of the club president. Lynch likes Kat’s spunk and full curves but when she steals his Harley to escape he has no choice but to follow club rules and deal out punishment. Tempers erupt, passions explode, and punishment becomes […]


POSTED BY: Genie Gabriel Digital version now only 99 cents! The task: Save their hometown. The challenge: Don’t fall in love. One is easy, but an unintended pregnancy and a gift from the heart make the other irresistible for an attorney devoted to social causes and a burned out women’s advocate. ***My giveaway for […]

St. Patrick’s Day Freebie~

Happy St. Patrick’s Day just a little bit early, everyone! The festivities don’t begin in earnest ’til tomorrow around here, but for now…   Cover art by Astro   St. Patrick’s Day used to be all about the Party for Kellan and Jamie Monday. A bottle of Powers; a case of Guinness; random relatives and friends dropping […]