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Still cold enough for a Peppermint Twist!

Is it cold where you are? Enjoy a nice steaming cup of chocolate, or tea, or coffee…with a Peppermint Twist – SANTA’S CLAUSE!

Breaking Bad with Santa is so damn good!


Lacey Dalton gave up on Santa Claus a long time ago. Every Christmas Eve she waited like a good girl to see what Santa would bring. He never came. Now she’s in her late twenties and he shows up with a contract! If Lacey signs on the dotted line, anything she wants is hers… if she lets Santa have her for one night.

Christmas Eve

He promised her, and put it in writing, that she could have a wish granted if she spent one night with him. What could go wrong?

Lacey Dalton held the contract tight in her trembling hand. So sign it already! If she couldn’t trust Santa Claus, who could she trust? Her hesitation came from perusing the jolly man from head to toe. His red velvet suit trimmed in white fur was tattered and worn, for goodness sakes! A shoe-aholic, she almost lost dinner looking at the cheap, scuffed patent leather boots.

Reaching his face, though, she did want to smile at the pouty lips surrounded by a mustache and thick white beard. One thing Lacey hadn’t expected — Santa Claus had beautiful green eyes. Would there be white hair on his chest and around his… Good Lord, don’t think about it. Lacey let her imagination run wild with what this could bring.

She bit back a laugh remembering the times she talked with girlfriends about two-baggers. A two-bagger was a man so ugly he needed two bags to cover his looks. If one broke, the other would surely remain intact! If ever there was the need, it was now. “Anything I wish for?”


She glanced at the contract. “Even a person?” Lacey happened to be an only child, her parents were gone, and there were no aunts, uncles or cousins. She longed to have a boyfriend she could trust, one who would love and cherish her always, and one with which she could begin her own family. The last man cheated on her with anything in a skirt. Her heart had been stolen and broken in two by the time she realized he just wasn’t a good, honest man.

Santa’s eyes really did twinkle. “Any goddamn thing your heart desires.”

“Who delivers the toys if you spend the night with me?” She’d heard a clatter on the roof but she didn’t actually see his sleigh. “Is there really a sleigh full of toys up there?” She peered upward.

“Yeah and it’s pulled by reindeer with big balls. I have Elves who handle the delivery shit, honey.”

Santa had a filthy mouth. “How often have you done this?” She waved the contract at him. “I mean, have others signed the damn thing?”

He shrugged.

“Can I speak to them?”

“To who?”

“Anyone who signed your contract.” She grew a wee bit concerned at his avoidance and remembered for the first time she wore only a thin, black, mid-thigh nightgown with tiny matching underwear.

“Time’s running out.” He tilted his head and smiled, which deepened the crinkles around his eyes. “I got other babes on my list.”

“Maybe you should go see them.” Cocky ass! How many others would slip between sheets with a fat man sporting white whiskers and dressed in a raggedy, red Santa suit?

“Don’t let the outfit throw you. I’m rolling in dough.”

“You could give the Pillsbury Doughboy a run for his money.”

That wiped the smile from his face. “You’re a real smart-ass.”

He touched her cheek with a finger and it not only elevated her blood pressure, it caused dampness to settle in the seat of her panties! Jesus, I’m wet for jolly old Saint Nick! Must be the twinkle in his eyes because he sure wasn’t anything to write home about. If this happened, Lacey vowed to go to her deathbed with the dirty deed kept secret. “If you have so much money, why not buy a night with a prostitute?”

“Well, fuck me. You took the ho ho ho way too literally.”

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Welcome to today’s party! We hope you’re having a blast and finding new books and authors. I’m Tonya Kinzer and I write erotic romances that will curl your toes and burn the hard drive on your e-readers. My newest release is Dreams Do Come True, book one in my lesbian romance series, Through His Lens. Friday is release day, but I just happened to see the link live already at Amazon! I knooooow! (YOU are the first to see it live) What’s it about? Daniel is a photographer and he loves his models, just not as much as they love each other. Here’s a short excerpt for you: (more…)


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I write books for women who love God, Fashion and Cute Guys.  You will always find all three in my books.  You’ll also, find I like to push the envelope.  I enjoy placing my characters in real life situations.  My stories involve love.  They also include infidelity, power struggles, temptation, a little lust, sex, trust, heart break and anything else you might encounter on the road to a happy ending.


GENERATIONAL CUKyla-Cover-for-KindleRSE  is the first book in the series of the same title.


What happens when a celibate Christian Man befriends a woman involved with a married man? Will he run in the other direction or continue the relationship?  Or will he abandon his Christian beliefs for a taste of the forbidden?  Or will she learn being with a married man isn’t the fantasy life the generations of women in her family made it appear?

Sean Prescott and Kyla James are business associates playing a dangerous game of cat and mouse, hoping the other will give in.  But in this high stakes game is there really a winner or will both be losers.

Generational Curse

Tracy Reed

All rights reserved.

Copyright (c) 2014 by Tracy Reed


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Kyla-Cover-for-KindleEXCERPT #3:

Kyla stood staring at the large bouquet of red roses and white phalaenopsis orchids, reading the accompanying note, and wondering how to respond. The flowers were as beautiful as the note. She reread the note to herself, “Thank you again for looking after me and Simon. Please indulge me one last act as my girlfriend and have dinner with me on Friday.”

She and Sean had had dinner on several occasions and most recently in his loft. But a Friday night dinner invitation accompanied by flowers, wasn’t friends hanging out…it was a date. She swallowed hard trying to figure out how to respond. She wanted to pick up the phone and call Sean with her answer, but she couldn’t. A yes would mean she was open to where this could lead. A no could mean the end of a great friendship.


Excerpt #4

Kyla’s stomach was in knots. She stood in front of her closet wondering what to wear. It had been a while since she’d been out as someone’s girlfriend. She reached for the black Leger, but the teal Gucci dress was screaming to go out. She answered the Gucci screams and slipped it on, along with her favorite gold Saint Laurent Tribute sandals and leopard print shawl. Simple and chic considering she had no idea where she was going.

The neighbor’s little girl liked Winnie and volunteered to puppy sit for the evening. She walked Winnie next door and came back and finished getting dressed. Her nerves were on edge as she paced back and forth. Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap stop and repeat. The sound of the five inch stilettos tapping across the walnut floor was missing the accompaniment of Winnie’s little taps and barks.

The phone rang, breaking the rhythm of the taps. She walked over and picked up the phone. “Hello, Jerome.”

“Your date is here.”

“Excuse me?”

Jerome repeated his announcement. “Kyla James, your date is here.”

“I’ll be right down.”

She picked up her bag, turned off the lights, closed the door and took the short ride down to the lobby. She exited the elevator searching for Sean, but there was only Jerome.

“Wow. I assume by the car and driver, someone has a hot date.” Jerome was never short on words.

“Excuse me?”

The feisty doorman pointed to the black sedan and driver parked in front of her building waiting with the door open.

“There must be a mistake.”

“I’m shocked too. You’ve lived here quite a while and it’s about time I saw you go on a date. Now hurry up before he changes his mind.” She started out the door to the car.

“Miss James?” the driver asked.


“Mr. Prescott has instructed me to drive you to dinner this evening.”

“Thank you.” She smiled and got into the car. The short distance to the restaurant seemed longer with her stomach growing more unstable. Less than ten minutes later, the car pulled up to the curb and stopped. Kyla took a deep breath and looked out the window, searching for Sean, but he wasn’t there. The driver got out and walked around to open the door.

The door opened and a familiar voice greeted her.

“I’ll take it from here Charlie.” She looked up smiling as she extended her hand.

“Hi.” She climbed out of the car and stood on the sidewalk staring at her handsome dinner companion.

“Wow, you look amazing.”

“Thank you.”

“Thanks Charlie. I’ll text you when we’re ready.” Charlie nodded and got back into the car. “Mademoiselle,” Sean took her hand in his and they walked up the steps into the restaurant.

The Four Seasons Restaurant is one of the most romantic restaurants in the city. Sean had reserved a table in the Pool Room, known for romantic dinners and weddings. Kyla knew this wasn’t just dinner between friends, but the start of something much more.

After dinner they sat talking and enjoying coffee, like their normal weekly routine. He ordered the vanilla mousse with hazelnut chocolates and she stole bites.

She put the spoon down and took a sip of coffee. Sean remembered the first time they met for coffee and her offer for him to kiss her. “Why did you pick this restaurant?” she asked.

He looked around at the other couples enjoying their meals, hoping for an answer to her question that wouldn’t reveal what he really wanted to tell her. “I have always wanted to come here, but I didn’t have anyone I thought would appreciate it.”

“What about Francesca?”

“It’s not her style. She would have thought this was too stuffy.” They laughed.

“I think it’s beautiful.”

“Have you ever been here?” he asked.

“My parents brought us here for their twentieth wedding anniversary.”

“Really and here I thought I was exposing you to something new.” He placed his cup down and her eyes were fixed on his lips.

“You are. It’s different when you’re on a date.”

“About that…”

“I understand.”

“I wanted you to know how much I appreciate what you and Winnie did for me and Simon.”

“That’s what friends do.”

“No, they don’t.” She cleared her throat. She was beginning to get a little uncomfortable. “I like spending time with you, but it’s getting harder not to want more.”

She reached across and grabbed his hand. This was the perfect time to tell him about Eric. She looked at him and felt the words forming. “I like spending time with you Sean, but…”

“I know.” He signaled for the server to bring the check. He put his credit card inside the leather envelope and waited for the server to return with the receipt. He signed the receipt and stood up. “Ready?” He pulled her chair out and watched as she stood up. He took her hand and they walked out onto the busy street.

“You forgot to text the driver.”

“Are you ready to go home?”


“Let’s walk a little.”

“I see your ankle is doing better.”

“Yes, the doctor said another week and I won’t even have the limp.”

“Good. Where are we going?”

“We’re almost there.” They walked down the street, around the corner and into a dark brick building, and then rode up to the top floor. The elevator opened to a rooftop garden with trees, twinkle lights, candles and oversized chairs. Sean walked up to the desk and gave his name. “Ky,” he called and she walked up. He took her hand and they followed the hostess.

“Your server will be right over.”

She looked around stunned at the beautiful hidden treasure overlooking the city. “Where are we?”

“Shhh. Sit back and relax.” She eased back into her seat close to Sean. A few minutes later, a jazz ensemble walked out and everyone clapped.

“Is that Ryder?”

“Yes. Shhh.”

The ensemble began playing and Kyla couldn’t believe her ears. The music was soulful, warm and inviting. She felt herself relaxing as the music took over her mind and spirit, leaving her free of worries and decisions about the future. She scooted closer to Sean and rested her head on his shoulder. He took her hand in his and she felt at peace. Sean watched as she tapped her feet to the sultry sounds of Ryder’s playing.

A couple of hours later, the band finished to a round of applause. Ryder walked over to greet them.

“I’m so glad you made it.” They hugged.

“I told you, whenever I’m available I’ll be here to listen to you play.”

“Thanks Boss. Kyla…I didn’t know you…” Ryder looked at Sean smiling. “I knew it.”

“Knew what?” Sean asked.


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Kyla-Cover-for-KindleI am so excited to be sharing excerpts from my book GENERATIONAL CURSE.  It’s my first book and first step at self-publishing.  It’s an edgy faith based contemporary romance.

Kyla James is a sassy, voluptuous, smart woman, who doesn’t want to get married.  In fact, she intentionally seeks out married men.  That is until her long time business associate Sean Prescott changes their relationship with a simple proposition.

Sean Prescott is the complete opposite of Kyla.  On paper they don’t match.  He’s sober and celibate.  In his past, he was the kind of man Kyla would have loved to have in her bed.  Physically, he’s everything she likes…tall, dark, the body of a Spartan solider, strong hands and a sexy smile.   Only problem, he’s a good boy and good boys don’t mess around  or do they?



Following the hostess she spotted a familiar face sitting alone reading. She stopped and addressed her acquaintance. “Sean Prescott, are you trying to make me feel sorry for you?” He looked up, wiped his mouth and smiled. “Do you mind if I join you?”

“Kyla.” He stood up, extended his hand and waited for her to sit down. “No.”

“Shopping in the middle of the day?”

“I’d rather be at work, but it’s my office manager’s birthday and she’s been talking about a pair of shoes she saw here. So, I thought I’d surprise her.”

“That’s sweet.” He knew he had just scored some major sensitivity points.

“It would be even sweeter if I could remember which shoes.” She laughed. He loved her laugh. It reminded him of a bird humming. “Instead, I got her a gift card.”

“Smart man. But if you don’t know which shoes, then how did you know how much to get the gift card for?”

He was on cloud nine, not only did she think he was sensitive, she also thought he was smart. “I didn’t think of that. It’s just a pair of shoes. How much could a pair of shoes cost?”

She shook her head and smiled. “Typical man. Tell you what, I’ll get my shoe guy’s card. You call him and tell him what you did. Then tell your office manager to ask for Ronnie when she comes in. If you’re a little short he’ll call you so you can discretely handle the difference.” She flagged the hostess and asked her to get a card from Ronnie in the shoe salon.

“Thank you.”

“No problem.”

“Why are you here?” he asked. “I’m sorry, would you like something to eat?”

“No thank you, I was doing a little shopping as well.” She reached across the table and broke off a piece of flat bread and put it in her mouth. When the server passed by, she changed her mind. “I’ll take a glass of champagne. Thank you.”

“Champagne…rough day?” He continued eating his soup.

“I don’t want to talk about it.”


The server returned with the champagne and Kyla took a sip and let out a sigh. “What is it about you men? You think just because you’ve known a woman a while you can treat her any way or say anything.” She ate another piece of flat bread followed by another sip from her glass. “I mean…I’m sorry.”

His heart sank as he realized from her statement that she had a boyfriend. “Excuse me?”

“I’m sorry. I was rambling. Did you get your office manager a cake and flowers too?”

“Yes, we’re having a little celebration tomorrow at lunch.”

“That’s nice.”

“Boyfriend trouble?” he asked.

“Not really…I mean, I’ve been out of town and this was our first day seeing each other and…he acted like a jerk.” She turned the glass up emptying it and flagged the server for a refill.

He thought to himself, whoever this guy is, he must be an idiot. “I take it you had a fight?”

“More like a misunderstanding. He thought he could tell me what to do and I thought it best not to be around him right now.”

He nodded and thought this was the perfect opportunity to slide in and take the other guy’s place. Instead, he took the high road to friendship. He took a sip of his mineral water and watched as she finished the last piece of flat bread. He motioned to the server to bring some more.

“How long have you and the boyfriend been together?”

“Over five years.” His heart sank further. “If he doesn’t change his attitude…the last time he got some will be the last time.” He choked on his soup and remembered she said she was blunt. “I’m sorry.”

He shook his head smiling. “I understand.” Her phone rang and she pressed the button ignoring the call. “Is that him?”

“Yes, he’s been calling me since I walked out on him.”

“Don’t you think you should answer it?”

“No, because right now I don’t want to talk to him. He’s on punishment and he needs to understand that.” The server placed the champagne glass in front of her. “Thank you.”

Sean thought it would be best if she spoke to him. Maybe in her haste she’d break up with him leaving the door open for him to move in. Scratch that. He didn’t want to be the rebound guy. The one who gets all the anger. Instead, he wanted to be the healer. The one who stepped in and got all the love that’s been stored up just waiting to be shared.

“So what about you, do you have a girlfriend?”


She looked shocked. “You’re kidding!”

“No, I’m not.”

“How is that possible? You’re a good-looking, successful, smart guy.”

“Thank you.”

“What’s wrong with you?” She smiled. “Do you have stalker tendencies? Are you into some weird ritualistic stuff? Or is there some baby mama drama I’m not aware of? I know you’re not gay, so what’s wrong with you? Why hasn’t some nice girl snatched you up?”

He tried processing everything she had just said before answering her. “Thank you for the compliment…I think.”

“I’m sorry. No more champagne for me. I mean I can’t see anything physically wrong with you, so it has to be something else. Was the sex not good?”

He smiled, “I was engaged, but she called it off. She said I was stuffy and wanted someone not afraid to walk on the wild side occasionally.”

“So it was the sex. You know there—”

“It wasn’t about—”

“Then what?” The server placed the bread basket in the center of the table and she started eating. “Thank you. Sean Prescott, why did your fiancée dump you?”

“I wasn’t dumped.”

She looked at him smiling. “Really? There’s nothing to be ashamed of. Who hasn’t been dumped?” She took another sip from her glass. “So?”

“There’s nothing wrong with me. I’m celibate and focused on my relationship with God which is why I think the fiancée dumped me. She didn’t like being second in my life.”

“So you’re a church boy.” She continued eating.

“A church boy?”

“Yeah. I know some church boys. I dated one and man could he kiss. Are you a good kisser, Sean?” She smiled.

“Excuse me?” He smiled. Her frankness and language was refreshing. It reminded him of his sister-in-law. “None of the women I’ve dated had complaints.”

“Exactly. You’ll have to show me sometime.”

“What?” He thought he heard her invite him to kiss her. Her phone started ringing again and she dropped it in her bag.

“The church boy I dated had magic lips. They were soft and full and he knew just how to…” She closed her eyes and started smiling. “Anyway, where do you go to church?” She took another sip from her glass.

“Phillips Christian Center.”

“Where’s that?”

“Amsterdam and Ninety-Third Street.” Since he gave his life to Christ, it was at this point his dates lost interest. Not Kyla. She was full of questions and this wasn’t a date.

“How long have you been going there?”

“Fourteen years.”

“And the celibate thing?” She put another piece of bread in her mouth.

“Fifteen years.”

She almost choked hearing his reply. She reached for his glass of water and took a couple of sips. “You haven’t had sex in fifteen years?” she asked patting her chest.

He raised the empty bottle signaling to the server to bring another one. “Yes.”

“How is that possible?”

“I’m committed to God. At first it was a little difficult, but the more time I spent with God, the easier it got.”

“Wow! I don’t know if I could do that.” She took another sip of water. “Have you ever slipped up?”

In his mind, this conversation would take place about a month or so into their relationship, not now.


Her eyes got wide at his confession. “And?” She reached for a roll, broke off a piece and put it in her mouth.

“I felt bad. It was horrible. The forgiveness from God was easy. Forgiving myself wasn’t.”

She rested her elbow on the table supporting her chin eager to ask the million dollar question. She needed to know who could make a man as focused as Sean forget a promise he made to himself. “Was it your fiancée?”


“What happened?”

He took a deep breath and explained. “She came over to talk. It felt like it did in the beginning…comfortable, relaxed, fun. She apologized for the way things ended, we talked and hung out like we used to. Then we ordered dinner and by the second egg roll we thought maybe we could make it work. We started kissing and the next thing I knew we were naked and…”

“Wow! And then?”

Her smile got wider as he continued. All these years he had kept the details of his slip up to himself. He hadn’t even told his brother or best friend. Here he was, telling a woman he barely knew. The whole thing seemed so right and comfortable. He felt confident she wouldn’t judge him, but would understand.

“She got dressed, called me a hypocrite along with some other choice names and said she never wanted to see me again.” Kyla was hanging on every word. “I begged God to forgive me and I’ve been celibate ever since.”

“Fifteen years. Dude, you…I don’t even know what to say.”

“There’s nothing to say. At the time, I thought I was missing out or making some big sacrifice by not having sex. Like I was doing God a favor, when it was the other way around. Getting closer to Him has enriched my life.”

“So you can’t date?”

“I date. I just date with a purpose.”

“I don’t understand.”

“I asked myself why I was dating…the purpose…the reason.”


“I didn’t have an answer. I thought she was what I needed.”


“My ex-fiancée is the perfect woman for her husband.”

“I sense a but.”

“No but, she’s beautiful and smart and before I got saved, that’s all I wanted…a showpiece. Later, I realized I needed a teammate, a partner, someone to push me to the next level. And a nice package didn’t hurt.” He laughed.

“Interesting. So you’re looking for a pusher.”

He laughed. “I guess you can say that. What about you?” He filled both glasses with water.


“What about the boyfriend?”

“What about him?”

“Is he…”

“The one? No.”

“Then why are you wasting your time?”

“I’m not wasting my time. Just because I don’t want to get married, doesn’t mean I can’t have a good time.”

“Oh.” His heart quickly dropped to the bottom of his stomach. Not only did she have a boyfriend, she didn’t want to get married. “Why don’t you want to get married?”

“It’s too confining and I’m a little selfish. I’m not the dinner party hostess and soccer mom type excited about spending a week at Disneyland.” She laughed and he forced a smile. “My boyfriend knows that. He’s proposed to me several times and I always turn him down.”

“You’d make a good wife. You’re smart, funny, beautiful—” He quickly stopped speaking. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that.”

“Thank you for the compliment, but I don’t—”

“Miss, I was told to give this to you.” The server handed her Ronnie’s card and asked, “Will there be anything else?”

“No, thank you.” She wrote her name on the back of the card and handed it to Sean. “I’ll be sure to tell Ronnie to expect a call from you.”

“Thank you.” He looked at his watch. “I need to get back to work.” He stood up and helped her to her feet.

“Thank you.”

He stood transfixed by her scent as he helped her with her coat. She turned to face him and her smile drew him back in. Maybe friendship was best. A serious relationship with a woman like this could be dangerous.

“We should do this again.”

“We will, when you treat me to dinner after you finish that apartment you’re working on.” He smiled.

“That’s right. I forgot you’re taking me to dinner.”

“No, you promised me dinner, remember?”

“Vaguely.” She leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek and his insides melted. He felt like a twelve year old boy being kissed by the hottest girl in school. “Maybe next time you’ll give me one of those church boy kisses.”

He looked at her smile and knew he was in trouble.


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What happens when a celibate Christian Man befriends a woman involved with a married man? Will he run in the other direction or continue the relationship?  Or will he abandon his Christian beliefs for a taste of the forbidden?  Or will she learn being with a married man isn’t the fantasy life the generations of women in her family made it appear?

Sean Prescott and Kyla James are business associates playing a dangerous game of cat and mouse, hoping the other will give in.  But in this high stakes game is there really a winner or will both be losers.

Generational Curse

Tracy Reed

All rights reserved.

Copyright (c) 2014 by Tracy Reed



KYLA PROMISED HERSELF SHE WOULD never be like the other women in her family, dating a married man and settling for the pennies he doled out.

She’d always felt she was worth more. She met Eric at a fundraiser. He smiled, she smiled and after the cocktail hour, they found themselves seated next to each other. During dinner they talked and flirted and once the evening was over, he asked for her number. She declined and while getting ready for bed, she reached into her bag for her phone and noticed that she also had someone else’s phone.

She called the last number dialed and a vaguely familiar voice said, “I’ve been waiting for your call. So what time do you want to meet for breakfast so I can get my phone?” They both laughed.

They agreed to meet the following morning for breakfast. Two days later, they met again and included an extra slot for “therapy.”

Making love in the morning seemed so decadent. She didn’t think anything of it until she received her first black envelope a month later.

Eric said, “I’m tired of hotels. Rent a place and fix it up for us and keep whatever is left.”

“I’m not a hooker.”

“I didn’t mean any disrespect. I want to keep seeing you, but my neighbors are nosey.”

“Oh, you’re married.”

“No, I’m not. I just like my privacy. I like being with you, but—”

“I understand.” She dropped her head and quickly began getting dressed. “I don’t think this is—”

He noticed the change in her behavior and rushed to reassure her. “I don’t want you to think I’m ashamed of you, but I also don’t want you to think I’m monopolizing your time. You need your space and so do I. When we get together, it should be on neutral, comfortable ground and not some cold hotel room or a place filled with memories of past lovers.”

He wrapped his arms around her pulling her to him, gently stroking her hair, inhaling her neck and gently placing a kiss on her soft shoulder. She turned around trying to read the expression on his face. Looking into his eyes, she wondered how many more love nests he had scattered around the city. She pulled his face close to hers and covering his mouth with hers, kissed him passionately. She slipped her hands inside the front of his pants while sliding her tongue inside his mouth, exciting him to the point of arousal.

She pulled back and whispered, “Once more before we have to go?”

He couldn’t resist her. The soft seductive tone of her voice and the gentle touch of her hand, made him weak and willing to do anything she asked. Kyla knew if there were anyone else, they would have a hard time competing with her.

She got her education in how to manipulate a man by eavesdropping on her aunts’ conversations. They were all experts when it came to being with and manipulating married men. She learned how to kiss from her high school boyfriend. And her college boyfriend, her biology professor, schooled her in anatomy and how to physically please a man.

Before getting involved with Eric, she had dated, but she only had two other semi serious relationships. Neither was fulfilling. The first was Thomas Smith. He was cute, but he lacked the drive to satisfy her physically. When they were together she found herself fantasizing about other men. Intellectually he was a genius, but no one really makes love to a person’s brain. It was the other part of his body that needed more educating and she knew she wasn’t a school teacher.

Then there was Alister Humphrey. The name alone intrigued her. She had never met a black man with such a stuffy name. In the beginning he seemed like the complete package. Model good looks, intelligence and his skills in bed were unbelievable. The first time they made love, the intensity of his being inside her brought tears to her eyes. Not because it was painful, but because she had never felt such pleasure. Alister knew exactly how to read her body. A skill that was the result of his blindness. What he lacked in vision, he more than compensated for in his other senses. But, he was a man and as they all do, he began making demands and that’s when she called it quits. Mind blowing sex aside, Kyla was gone.

Her aunts always said, “Don’t allow a man to make demands on you. You make the demands on him. Use what you have and any man can be controlled with the sway of your hips and the wink of your eye. And, showing a little cleavage wouldn’t hurt either.”

If she were going to marry, it would be to Eric. He was everything she wanted. Handsome, well educated, focused, rich and eager to please in and out of bed. But she also learned from her aunts, the wife always got the leftovers and Kyla didn’t like leftovers or sloppy seconds. When Eric suggested the apartment, at first she thought, he was ashamed of her. But Eric’s response to her kiss and touch convinced her, she was his priority.

She knew she was in charge. She eased her hand further down his pants pleading, “Baby, please make me sing again before sending me off to start the day.”

She kissed his neck before dropping the sheet that was caressing her body and walked into the bathroom. He stood still contemplating the repercussions of being late to the office, when he heard the shower running. He looked at his watch and texted his assistant he would be late. He put his phone on the desk, striped, walked into the steam filled bathroom and opened the shower door to a wet and soapy Kyla, smiling.

“Are you ready to sing?” he asked as he leaned her up against the slippery tiled wall. He pressed himself against her and filled his mouth with every inch of her. He lifted her from behind and rode her like a beautiful long legged mare. The harder he rode, the louder she sang. One last trot, and he sang out too. He rested his head on her chest and she had her answer, “no,” there was no one else, just her. She reached over and turned the hot water off. They both needed to cool down. “Baby, I’ll do whatever you want, just don’t leave me,” he begged.

She smiled to herself and…


Available on:




A Changeling for All Seasons: Vol 3 (warning – contains hot yummy adult type stuff!)

Changeling for All Seasons Vol3


Eleven hot  Christmas reads for only $5.09! That’s less than 50 cents a piece! 


Book Summary
Fire and Ice by Lacey Savage: When Elle’s best friend asks for a favor on Christmas Eve,she learns there’s more than frozen yogurt in the walk-in freezer.
Frost Bite by Tuesday Morrigan: The Fates give Julian three days with Jacklyn. Three days to change the course of history.

Sophie’s Present by Anne Kane: Dandy knows just what to do to make Sophie’s Christmas the merriest ever.

Canine Cop by B.J. McCall: Ranger Cooper Holt makes a Christmas wish. Sometimes you get what you wish for…

Christmas of the Damned by Marie Treanor: When Sol rescues a wounded wolf, their meeting is only one of the miracles of Christmas.

Summoning by Leila Brown: Johnathan’s crazy college roommate sends him a Christmas present with a set of instructions…

Canine Call by B.J. McCall: A rescue mission brings Attus and Jynx together on a full moon Christmas…

Suspicious Surprises by Camille Anthony: Only true love will guide two lovers through this Christmas minefield of suspicious surprises.

His Guardian Angel by Kate Hill: Angel is the only one who can tame Gannon’s beast, giving him the greatest Christmas gift of his life.

Satisfaction Guaranteed by Kira Stone: Ambrose, a Changeling, is eager to help Thomas with his quality control problem…

Haulin’ Hawg by Lena Austin: BD has plans that involve bungee cords and a motorcycle to prove his love.

Buy Here:  https://www.changelingpress.com/product.php?&upt=book&ubid=2313

A warm and fuzzy Werewolf kind of holiday ( R)(Shifters)

Puppy Love

Series: Peppermint Twist

Title: Puppy Love

 Genres/Themes: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Romance, Interracial/Multicultural

Magic, Christmas, Werewolves, Big Beautiful Women

Author: Anne Kane


Buy Link – https://www.changelingpress.com/product.php?&upt=book&ubid=2327




Sarah wants a normal life, without all the fur, fangs and drama that comes with her werewolf heritage. She left her home pack and moved to a small town in the Northern Rockies hoping to leave the past behind.

The first time Drake crossed her scent, he knew he wanted Sarah for his mate. Now he just has to convince her that she wants that too. With a wicked sense of humor and a little bit of Christmas magic he hopes to bring her over to his side — permanently.





Drake kicked the door shut behind them and reached for her. He’d waited long enough.

She melted into him like a knife into a sheath, a perfect fit. He lowered his head and took her lips in a kiss that sent a shiver of lust sizzling through his body. Her skin felt incredibly smooth beneath his hands as he impatiently pushed her shirt up and cupped her breasts.

So high and firm, the plump mounds of flesh felt so very right in his hands. His cock hardened painfully in its denim prison and it was all he could do not to throw her onto that rug in front of the cheap electric fireplace and rip the clothes off her back. It didn’t help that her nipples puckered into tight little buds under this hands.

Damn, he hadn’t been this out of control since that first year after he’d been bitten.

Scooping Sarah up in his arms, he strode through the house looking for a bedroom.  He was not going to ruin this by taking her on the floor like an animal.

“Second door on the left.” Her voice was thick with lust, the words slightly slurred.

The knowledge that she could read his mind, and that she wanted him as much as he wanted her, sent even more blood rushing south. He needed to get out of these damn pants before they completely cut off his circulation.

Second door on the left. It took seconds to get there and shoulder his way in. A startled cat jumped off the bed, hissing its displeasure as he laid Sarah down on the fluffy comforter.

Cat? Since when did a werewolf keep a cat as a pet? Since when did a cat voluntarily nap in a werewolf’s bedroom?

Sarah ignored the feline’s hissing retreat and sat up on the bed. She began to shed her clothing, tossing it aside with wild abandon.

Watching her gorgeous body emerge from the layers of cloth, Drake no longer cared about the cat. She could keep a houseful of tigers, for all he cared. Reaching down, he wrestled with the zipper of his jeans. Why did the damn things always stick at the most inopportune moment?

“Let me help you with that.” Her voice was soft and thick with lust as she pushed his hands aside and deftly undid the stubborn zipper. Balancing on her haunches on the edge of the bed, she pushed the denim down over his hips.

Freed of the constraining material, his cock sprang free, curving proudly upward. Sarah licked her lips, her eyes locked on the thick shaft. “Should have guessed you’d be going commando.”

He shrugged. “One less thing to worry about when I shift.”

She acknowledged the statement with a quick wrinkle of her nose, but he was too damned horny to wonder what that might mean.

She reached out and wrapped her hand around the base of his cock, and a jolt of heat sizzled through every nerve of his body. Letting out a low growl, he pushed her back onto the bed and fastened his mouth on hers.

Damn she tasted amazing. Like sunlight and laughter and sex all rolled into one.



Buy Link – https://www.changelingpress.com/product.php?&upt=book&ubid=2327

Riding Shotgun – An interracial, futuristic, erotic romance by Anne Kane

Mercenaries_3 - coverf final



Series: Mercenaries

Title: Riding Shotgun

 Genres/Themes: d Fantasy, Futuristic, Inter-racial

Release Date:  Sept 17, 2014

Author: Anne Kane


Publisher URL  Changeling Press – Erotic Fiction




When Kalie decides she wants to ride Shotgun, he better be ready to oblige!

She was a genetic experiment that was never supposed to get out of the lab. If the government finds her, they will kill her without hesitation. She’s a crack shot, though, and she’s used to looking out for herself. Her affinity for all things mechanical helps her make a living on the road racing circuit, but lately things haven’t been going so well.


Shotgun falls hard from the first time he meets her, and is determined to make her his own. When accidents keep plaguing Kalie’s car, he gets suspicious and with the help of his mercenary buddies he is determined to find the source of the problem and keep his woman safe




“Sounds like a great idea.” Shotgun answered Jackson automatically, his attention on the girl he’d tackled up on the cliff. Kalie sauntered across the clearing, arm in arm with one of the other girls. Her tight fitting outfit outlined her luscious curves with groin tightening detail. She’d twisted her hair up in a ponytail, a streak of brilliant blue weaving through the long dark tresses.

His gaze fell to her shapely ass, and his cock twitched as he remembered how she’d felt beneath him. An image flashed through his mind, of her lying across the rocks up on the cliff, holding the rifle, caressing it almost. Now that he’d confirmed that she wasn’t the enemy, he had to admit that she stirred something deep inside him that he hadn’t known existed anymore. Something fierce and protective. Something lustful.

“So you’ll back me up when I talk to Sarge?” Jackson slapped him on the back. “Thanks!”

“Sure. No problem.” He sure hoped he hadn’t agreed to anything outrageous. With Jackson, you never knew what you were getting into. He remembered the time the wily mercenary had convinced them all to go to a party in the next province. Hopefully whatever he’d just agreed to wasn’t that dangerous. “Excuse me.”

He quickened his pace, angling to intercept Kalie and Winter. Was it his imagination, or did she slow her pace to allow him to catch up?

“Hey there. How’s it going?”

Kalie slanted an inscrutable look from under her lashes. “Going just fine. Where did you disappear to in such a hurry back there?”

So she’d been looking for him. “Just had to check in with Jackson, make sure I was clear for the rest of the day.”


“And what?”

“Are you free for the rest of the day?”

“Oh, yeah. The group’s on stand down for now.”

“What group is that?”

He realized she had no idea who he was, or what he did. Did he want her to know? He couldn’t recall the last time he’d even cared about someone’s opinion of him or his life choices. “I work with a group of ex-soldiers. We fought together during the Provincial wars, and kind of stuck with each other when they were over.” He shrugged. “We’re good at soldiering and it pays the bills.”

“Winter says you only take jobs you believe in.”

So she’d been asking questions about him. “Yeah.” He fell into step beside her. “I’m the company sharpshooter, and Jackson over there is the tech expert. There are six of us in all.”

“Must be nice to do something you believe in.”

He detected a trace of wistfulness in her voice. “Yes, it is. So you race cars?”

“Yeah. Usually I do pretty well, although there’s been a few bizarre accidents lately.” Her brow furrowed for a moment, then she seemed to shake off whatever was bothering her.

“Maybe I could come watch you sometime?” He tried to keep his voice casual, but the thought of this woman controlling a couple thousand pounds of pulsating engine and metal was enough to make his mouth water and his cock stiffen. What else could she control?

She shook her head. “Street races aren’t advertised. Even I don’t know the locations until race day.”

“Too bad. I’d love to see you in action.” He made a mental note to have Trace check and see what he could find out about the street-racing scene. Nothing was buried deep enough to keep Trace out.

She turned and stared straight into his eyes. One shapely brow lifted, and the beginnings of a smile crooked the corner of her mouth. “I bet you would. Love to see me in action that is.”

The challenge in her voice was unmistakeable, as was the gleam in her eyes. She had the biggest, softest, darkest eyes he’d ever seen and right now they were glowing with desire. Shotgun didn’t wait for her to rescind the invitation. Wrapping an arm around her waist, he pulled her to him and lowered his head to claim her mouth.




Changeling Presss – https://www.changelingpress.com/product.php?&upt=book&ubid=2289

Amazon – http://www.amazon.com/Riding-Shotgun-Mercenaries-Anne-Kane-ebook/dp/B00OGRCZRE

All Romance ebookshttps://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-ridingshotgunmercenaries3-1651362-153.html

Barnes and Noble  http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/riding-shotgun-anne-kane/1120551407?ean=2940150493827

Happy Monday-Gemma K. Murray

Sorry about missing yesterday…too much writing to be done and all that jazz! Working on too many things and trying to get them all done before I return to classes in February. Why are there only 24 hours in a day? I could use a couple more ;)

Winter has officially arrived here. Temps right now are at -9* and the snow is all crunchy outside. I’m happy to be able to stay inside and write my little heart out.

The Cedar River series is one of those things I never thought would take off and here we are. Book 3 published and the next two are already being demanded for. Makes for a very happy author, let me tell you!Final front cover

“You know the sweet little witch who moved into Bowie’s old house?” Mama said.
Sonofabitch! “Yeah, what about her?”
“I saw her in Simpsons today while I was getting groceries. I invited her to come have
dinner with us tonight. I want her to feel comfortable here.”
“Fine, but what does it have to do with me?”
“Oh, Brady, stop being such a pain in the ass. Silver doesn’t know how to get to our house. I
want you to pick her up and you can run her home afterwards.”
“Doesn’t she have a car of her own? She could follow me out to the house.”
“Did you miss the whole ‘stop being a pain in the ass’ or are you losing your hearing?”
I sighed. “Yes, ma’am. I’ll pick her up and take her home afterwards.”
“I love you, son.”
“I love you, too, Mama. I’ll see you in about twenty minutes.”
I really wanted to avoid Silver while she was in town because she was trouble with a capital
“T.” My heart raced at the mere thought of her. She danced through my dreams at night and
filled my fantasies during the day.