Off Camera by @MeganSlayer ~ Out now! #NA #MM #romance

Off Camera, Book 2 in the Complicated series by Megan Slayer – Out now!  Get your New Adult fix in this hot story featuring two film students learning about love on and off camera. From Resplendence Publishing Contemporary, M/M, Anal Sex, Masturbation Novella Navigating college is hard, but not as hard as learning to love […]


Happy Valentines Day!

Greetings! I’ve been busy working and getting reading to go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras so I really haven’t posted. So, I figured to save my posting and contest for the last day. Here is my latest book under Michael Mandrake!    Amazon ARE Smashwords Living in the Big Easy is downright deadly especially […]

Adult Excerpt from Pack of Lies by Lucy Felthouse (@cw1985)

Hi everyone, Here’s an adult excerpt from my paranormal erotic romance/thriller, Pack of Lies. It contains both M/M and M/F sex. Here’s a delicious M/M snippet… ***** Crawling down the bed, Isaac settled between Nathaniel’s thighs, having another long, lingering look at the beautiful man in front of him. Then he reached out a tentative […]

Adult Excerpt from Desert Heat by Lucy Felthouse (@cw1985)

Hi everyone, I’m back again! This time with an excerpt from my M/M military/interracial erotic romance novella, Desert Heat. This was previously part of the Unconditional Surrender bundle, which is no longer available. Enjoy! ***** Closing his eyes, he forced himself to relax and let his brain do what it wanted. Naturally, it veered straight […]

Shibari Auction House: Tony – naughty excerpt!

As promised, here is the naughty excerpt for Shibari Auction House: Tony Yves started the game and they set up, each choosing their characters, their cars. Before he knew it, they were playing, laughing together, and bumping each other’s shoulders. Yves clearly played regularly; he was damn good and the game never got boring as […]

The first Shibari Auction House book, includes pg excerpt

Tony is actually the 10th Shibari Auction House book. I can hardly believe there are that many already! The first one is currently a part of Changeling’s Best of a Decade! Shibari Auction House: Jack When Jack’s gambling debts catch up to him and he’s about to lose both legs to his loan shark (if […]

Shibari Auction House: Tony – pg excerpt

This’ll be a PG excerpt — look for a naughty one after 8pm PG Excerpt: Five hundred dollars. Five hundred. That was enough for a bus ticket somewhere warmer, somewhere safer. Somewhere new. Tony figured he’d end up fucked, but the old dude was fine enough, and God knew he’d fucked some losers. “I’m just […]