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A Great Year with TRS!


This has been a wonderful year for me.  I have published three books since February, and TRS has helped me spread the news about all three! :)  I feel I’ve formed “cyber friendships” with the TRS team.  I will always contact them first when I publish a new book because of the way they have demonstrated to me they really are interested in their clients as people, and not just as account numbers.  That is a HUGE deal in this day and age.   I have to give a “shout out” to Holly who has been especially kind and encouraging concerning my father’s terminal illness.  Thanks, Holly.

Here are the books I’ve promoted with the help of TRS….

178981601One Sizzling Summer  197574382


All of these books may be purchased at BookStrand Publishing, Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  I came across this poster last night that reminded me of Charlotte from Love Beyond the Curve (and all of us REAL women out there! :) )  I’ll leave you with it, and wish all of you a wonderful week!  Thanks for a great anniversary celebration here at TRS! :)484272_10151259141080816_1537334459_n


The Softer Side of Romance…

imagesCAUDVL7BIf you’ve read any of my books, even just the excerpts, you’ve got a pretty good idea that I am a fan of the hot, lusty, “back to the wall” kind of “encounters” between lovers.  That animalistic craving shared by the hero and heroine is my kind of story.  I like to read about couples having this kind of electricity sparking and popping all around them when they are close to each other, but… there is a time for tenderness, too.

I write tender moments in all of my stories as well as the lusty variety, because I believe  well-balanced relationship requires both.  These tender moments are what I think of as being the “soft side of romance“.  In my story, Love Beyond the Curve, Reed realizes he is going to have to pull out all the stops to convince Charlotte of his sincere feelings for her.  One thing he does is write her a formal note asking her to “accompany him to dinner, followed by an evening of dancing”.  How can she refuse such a romantic invitation?  When the evening arrives, he rings her doorbell exactly on time with a small Victorian bouquet for her (called a “tussie mussie”) to carry with them on their date.

This slow, old-fashioned approach to romance captured Charlotte’s attention, and set the course for a romantic relationship that made some “quantum leaps” far away from the old-fashioned days to the  “I want you, now” variety! :)  I’m going to share this particular passage with you now.  And when you are planning a tryst with your one and only, maybe you will want to try something soft and tender to start the evening off, and I’m pretty sure it will end with fireworks! :)  Here is a passage from Love Beyond the Curve, available now at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.




“You are like family to them.  It will mean a lot to have you nearby.  I’ll cover for you if you need me to, so you can stay close by.”  Parker finished her snack and stood to throw away the trash.

“Thank you, Parker.  I appreciate that.  I’ll let you know.”  Charlotte smiled at her friend and put her hand into her pocket, only to discover the envelope she had stuffed there when leaving the house.  She pulled it from her pocket and placed it on the table.

“See you later.  Duty calls.”  Parker smiled and walked out of the room as she checked her beeper, leaving Charlotte to read the contents of the envelope in private.

She picked up the pale blue envelope and ran her fingertip over her name that was written across the front.  She smiled and raised it to her nose to breathe in the faint scent that clung to it.  A familiar scent.  Reed’s scent.  His aftershave must have still been on his hands when he sat down to write this note.  A tingle ran through her as she carefully broke the seal, anticipating what she would find inside.  She withdrew a single folded piece of paper of the same pale blue color from the envelope.  She began to read the note written in a neat script, hearing Reed’s smooth baritone voice as she did.

Dear Charlotte,

Would you please do me the honor of accompanying me to dinner this Saturday evening at seven o’clock ?  If you find it agreeable, I would like to conclude our date with an evening of dancing. You may let me know your decision by calling me at 555-5455 at your earliest convenience.  I will be anxiously awaiting your reply.


Reed Jackson

Charlotte was speechless.  She didn’t expect this very formal request for a date with her to be the contents of this mysterious envelope.  But there it was.  He used the word “date”, so there was no doubt as to his intentions.  He wasn’t asking her as a “friend” to join him for dinner.  Well, he had definitely taken her by surprise with this move.  She would accept his invitation.  How could she not accept after the special effort he made to ask her out?

We shall see, Mr. Jackson.  Taking me out for dinner and dancing is a wonderful idea, but we’ll see how “anxious” you are to introduce me as your “date” when your friends are around.

Charlotte folded the note and slipped it back into the envelope.  She shoved it back into her pocket and tossed her empty water bottle into the trash can.  She walked out of the break room to head back to check on Amelia and her family.  Thoughts of Reed Jackson and his romantic dinner invitation would have to be pushed to the back of her mind, but they could not, and would not, be completely forgotten.


Happy Birthday, TRS!

Good morning, all!

Joan Chandler here to add my congratulations to everyone else’s for doing what you do – and doing it so well – for these last ten years!  I am proud to be a member and have enjoyed connecting with other authors as well as readers through your site and various blog parties.  When comparing the digital world at the time you started to where it is now, well, I guess there really IS no comparison!  Now, the digital age has opened doors for writers and publishers (and anyone else connected to the literary world) that no one would have believed ten years ago.  Although my books are available in both print and e-book format, I can tell you the electronic copies way outsell the paperbacks.  And while I am still one of those who loves to have a good paperback to read in the bubble bath, I am also the proud owner of a Nook and have it loaded to the hilt with ebooks.


I will be sharing excerpts from my three books over the coming days, but for now I just wanted to express my thanks to The Romance Studio for helping writers such as myself to get our names out there before the people who love to read about average men and women, who wind up finding extraordinary love.  I join Kate Patrick in raising my glass to you!  And here’s to a future full of possibilities!





Happy Anniversary, TRS!!


Let’s all raise a glass in honor of the 10th Anniversary of TRS!  This company has been a major part of the success I have had with my most recent book, Love Beyond the Curve.  The variety of promotional opportunities they provide their clients seems endless.  As a featured member, I had been able to participate in interviews, release parties, and their seasonal parties throughout the year.  The staff works tirelessly to keep us updated on what is going on through their newsletter “Studio Notes”, as well as personal contact through emails. They are friendly, supportive, and encouraging, which keeps me coming back with each new book.  I appreciate the personal touch they use with my projects, and recommend them to any author, new or experienced, in getting exposure for your work to a large following.

TRS…YOU ARE THE BEST!!  Thank you for all you have done on my behalf, and I wish you much continued success for next several decades!

Check back with me over the next few days as I post about my books, romance, my favorite authors, and who knows what else!  It will be a great time, because TRS always has a great party! :)  I will be giving away a $10 Amazon Gift Card to a randomly selected commenter at the end of this event, so check back often, and comment often to increase your chances of being a winner! :)

Memphis Heat…Getting Hotter!


Today, I am sharing a couple of excerpts from my second erotic romance, Memphis HeatThis book is really a scorcher, if I do say so myself.  I am going to share an explicit passage, so if that is not your idea of a good read, please do not continue, as I would NEVER want to knowingly offend someone with the content of my books.  Remember to leave a comment to become eligible for a $10 Gift Card to Amazon or Barnes and Noble (winner’s choice).


Maeve rounded the corner of her street and her heart skipped a beat when she saw a silver BMW convertible parked in her driveway.  A familiar tall, dark-haired man wearing sunglasses leaned against the door with his arms crossed over his broad chest, waiting for her.  His long, denim-clad legs went on for days.  She couldn’t breathe.

Naughty Girl whispered in her ear, “You want him?  You want that enormous cock inside you right now?  You want another taste of him?  You know he wants you as much.  Go. Get. Him.”  Maeve doubled her speed and raced toward him.

Steele saw her when she turned the corner. He shifted away from the car and began to walk with purpose to meet her.  She was running with the grace of a dancer.  Her long, tanned, toned legs instantly brought back memories of them being wrapped around him as he buried himself in her.  Her breasts swayed as she ran toward him, just as they had when she had been astride him, riding his cock like Lady Godiva.  He wanted her.  His hardening cock ached to be free to plunge into that hot, sweet pussy of hers.  Sex with Maeve was more than sex.  Its potency sustained him for hours beyond the sexual act itself.  Hell, for days he had relived that night, finding himself in a semi state of arousal at the mere thought of it.  He was able to recall the sights, sounds, scents, and touches at will.  He had made his mind up he would see her today, no matter how stupid the reason he dreamed up sounded.  Being in her presence was a need more than just a desire for him.

Maeve made her decision and ran as fast as she could toward him, before she could change her mind.  When she reached him, she jumped into his arms, wrapping her legs around his waist and holding his face in her hands as she devoured his mouth with hungry lips and tongue.  He slid his hands around her naked waist, and then slid them under her bottom to hold her close to him.  His fingertips grazed her open sex as he did, and a groan of desire emanated from Maeve’s throat.

Steele wasn’t sure what had brought on this dizzying reception, but he wasn’t willing to break the spell with words right now.  He stopped kissing her long enough to pull back and look questioning into her smoky blue eyes.  She answered him with three words spoken barely above a whisper, “Fuck me, please.”

* * * *

Steele didn’t recall how they managed to get inside the house from the front yard.  He only knew he was fucking the life out of her, and at her request.  He had lifted her into his arms and ravished lips and tongue as he walked her over to the nearest piece of furniture inside the door.  He settled her on the edge of the dining table and proceeded to thrust the full length of his cock into her soaking wet pussy.  He shoved it in and out of her as he continued to kiss her and knead her breasts with his hands.  Maeve reclined back on the table unwrapping her legs from around his waist.  She propped her heels on the edge, opening herself even wider for him.  She held onto the sides of the table and lifted her hips to meet each thrust with one of her own.  Their eyes locked as he began to rub her clit with the pad of his thumb while continuing to pound himself into her.

“Does that feel good to you?  Isn’t this the way you like it?”  He bit his lip as he watched her begin to squeeze her own breast, pinching and pulling at the nipple. She flexed her muscles around his shaft as she ground herself against each thrust.

“I like that enormous cock of yours ramming into me like a fucking jackhammer!  Don’t stop, now.  That’s it…it’s coming.  Please, don’t stop.”

Maeve moaned and began to quicken her gasps for breath, which Steele knew from their past encounter signified her nearing climax.  He slowed down to drag his cock, slick with her juices, almost out of her, only to begin rapidly entering only the head in and out of her, causing a complete shock to her system.

“Damn your ass, Steele!  Don’t stop, now!  Fuck me like a freaking horse! Ram it harder inside of me.”

“What is it with you and animals?  Last time it was a lion you compared me to.  Now a horse?”  He smacked her bottom and pushed deeply into her hot, wet pussy.

“All it means is don’t you dare hold back on me. I want every inch of you inside me.  Now, that’s more like it.”  She was practically growling at him as she bolted upright and wrapped her legs tightly around his waist, making sure she was firmly against him.  She wrapped her arms around his neck and bit into his lower lip and pulled, causing him to groan in response.

Steele held her with one arm around her back, and reached down to pinch and twist her hardened nipple as he glared into her eyes.  She cried out and arched her back as he lowered her back down to the table and covered her body with his own.  He leaned down to take the aching bud into his warm mouth to soothe it with his tongue.  He held both of her wrists over her head, clamped in one hand as he used the other to hold her breast to his lips to kiss and suck it.   He grazed his teeth lightly back and forth over the puckered nipple, causing her to moan in what appeared to be utter bliss.  He covered her mouth with his own as he slipped his hand between them to resume rubbing her swollen clit with the pad of his thumb.

He moved his lips to her ear where he whispered his warm breath into her ear saying, “Are you ready?  She feels hot and hard and ready to explode.  I think she’s tired of holding on.  Do you want to let go?”

Maeve only nodded as he stood and held her hips in his hands and plunged into her with a thrust that seemed to push against her very womb.  He shifted his hips as he deep stroked her to a shattering climax, and released his own hot seed as she milked every last drop out of his cock with her sweet sex.

Steele lifted her into his arms and carried her toward what he assumed would be the bedroom area.  Her legs were wrapped around him, and he was still embedded inside her body.  He stepped into a large bedroom and into the adjoining bath.  He led them directly into the large shower stall and turned on the faucets and let the jets of hot water begin to spray over their spent bodies.  He covered her mouth and let her body slide down the front of his as he reached blindly for the soap and began to rub it over her back.  He kissed her face and neck as he lathered the fragrant soap over her bottom and between her legs.  He slid his hands up to massage the soap onto her breasts that filled his hands, and pushed even deeper into his palms.  He danced her around so that her body was under the steady stream of water, so he could run his hands over every luscious curve of her to die for body, rinsing off the soap he had so generously applied only moments before.  He was rock hard again as he turned her and held her back against his chest as his hand traveled south to find her already hardened clit waiting for more attention.  He hugged her closely and once again moved her so that her back leaned against the cool tile of the shower wall.  He let his hands run from her shoulders down the length of her arms as he knelt before her glistening wet, smooth pussy.  He lifted her thigh to rest over his shoulder as he looked up at her face, parting her lips with his long fingers revealing the pink nub that was already swollen with need.  She placed her hand on his head and moved it to her secret place to allow him to lave, suck, and flick greedily at will.  He placed his other hand on her bottom to hold her at a better angle to receive the praise his tongue lavished on the very core of her femininity.

* * * *

Maeve leaned her head back and closed her eyes, reveling in the exquisite pleasure she was experiencing from this man’s heavenly mouth.  He had gone from fucking her like a crazed being to bathing her with such tenderness she could hardly breathe.  He never stopped shocking her.  She thought she had him figured out, but he kept surprising her.  She wouldn’t think about the “after”, but instead focus on the “right now”.  She’d just have to put the gloves back on when this tryst was over.  She didn’t trust him, but she wanted him.  He obviously felt the same on that level.  She looked down at the dark haired head buried between her legs, felt the kneading of her toned ass by long, strong fingers, rode the shimmering tingles coursing over her body.  She felt the building tension, and knew he was bringing her to a sweet release of the pain she craved with him.  She sunk her hands into his hair and arched her hips even closer to his warm, giving mouth.  He sucked on her clit as she cried out with the intensity of the rush.  She tried to close her leg and move away from his relentless tongue.  The pain was almost excruciating, but he held her thigh open and wouldn’t release her.  She was nearly screaming when he kissed her clit deeply, and stood quickly to swallow her scream with his mouth and hold her as tightly as he could while her whole body convulsed with the shudders that shot like lightning bolts through her.  He reached to open the shower door and walked her backwards out into the steamy room.  He lowered her onto the soft, plush runner on the tile floor and held her in his arms as he entered her with a gentleness that brought tears to her eyes.  She opened her limp body to receive him, crying at the thought that this was something she would never have with him or anyone else again.

* * * *

Damn!  She fits me like a glove.  Her pussy is so tight and hot.  She’s having some fucking hard spasms after the tongue-fucking I just gave her.  That feels so damn good.  She’s too fucking good for you, Ottinger.  She’s out to save the world, and you are out to conquer it.  You are a ruthless, heartless son of a bitch.  She’s a freaking Mother Teresa to this community.  Better cut and run.  It’s business.  Don’t even think of letting this get personal.  Fuck!  She’s crying…”

He brushed away the tear with his thumb and asked her softly against her damp cheek, “Maeve?  Did I hurt you?”

She shook her head and smiled faintly as he looked into the sapphire eyes gazing up at him.  She was breathtakingly beautiful as she lay beneath him, completely surrendered to his wants and wishes.  His heart seemed to skip in his chest as he drank in the moment for remembrance sake. She tightened her arms around him, and he began to make love to her slowly with a deliberate tenderness that he couldn’t resist, though he knew he should.  He didn’t want to feel a sense of intimacy with her.  He wouldn’t be sticking around.  He was going to buy that property and be gone.  Forever.  But…he was a selfish bastard.  He wanted it like this with her right now.  He’d be gone and never think about it again.  Unless, of course, he chose to do so.


BARNES AND NOBLEhttp://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/memphis-heat-kate-patrick/1113613880?ean=9781622420773


BOOKSTRAND: http://www.bookstrand.com/memphis-heat

Warning: It’s About to Get Hot in Here…

Hello!  Welcome to my Release Party at The Romance Studio!  I’ve been hanging out with my friends here at the website since Thanksgiving, and I am loving it.  These parties are where I feel I am making connections with readers, and that has been the most rewarding part of being a writer.  I have been given a lot of positive feedback about my books, which has encouraged me to continue.  The fact that the positive comments are from people who I don’t know makes it even sweeter.  I feel the comments are honest and not “supportive, courtesy comments” (though I appreciate those, too!)  As you check in with me off and on today, please leave a comment and you will be eligible for a $10 Amazon or Barnes and Noble Gift Card (winner’s choice).



Today, I’m going to begin by talking about Memphis Heat, and later, my new release, Love Beyond the Curve.  Both of the stories have a strong hero that can take charge when a woman needs that, yet show tenderness and concern for the heroine’s needs and desires.  In Memphis Heat, the hero, Steele, has a commanding presence that can’t be ignored.  When the story opens, Steele is holding out his hand for Maeve to take it and simply saying, “Dance with me.”  She really has no choice in the matter once she looks up into his ruggedly handsome face.  There is something about a man who knows what he wants and goes for it that is very attractive to many women. Steele is this type of man, whether it be the real estate property he is trying to buy before Maeve gets it, or a particular beautiful woman.

I am going to share a blurb, review, and an ADULT EXCERPT (please don’t read if you will be offended by explicit language and sexual content).  If you are interested in purchasing Memphis Heat, you will find it at Siren BookStrand, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.  Here are those links:





Maeve Callahan has finally met her match.  Steele Ottinger, meant for only one night of sensuous pleasure with a stranger, shockingly turns out to be a determined business rival.  Both of them want the same piece of real estate property, but for very different reasons.  Maeve has her heart set on it as the new location of Sunburst, a community center that helps inner city adults and children get on the right track to a successful future.  Steele, a millionaire businessman, wants to open another SHOTTZ, a sports bar and grill in his fast-growing chain of restaurants.  Maeve is emotionally driven to fight for the people she views as family, where Steele is driven by financial gain.  The two engage in verbal combat whenever they meet, but those sparks turn into flames as the passion they can’t ignore takes over. Will there be a chance for true love, or will they crash and burn like… Memphis Heat?

A Review for…Memphis Heat:

This reviewer’s rating: 5 – Outstanding

Another romantic, sexy, M/F read by Kate Patrick. Memphis Heat is well written the characters are terrific. I love a female who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid of some good lovin’. I love a hot, strong, romantic man. I get both here. Maeve meets a sexy man at a Memphis Blues bar and, uncharacteristcally for her, she decides to let her hair down with him after a dance. Why not, he’s sexy, charming and wants her. They have a night of unbridled passion. Maeve leaves the next morning only to find out her sexy man from the night before is her competitor on some commercial real estate. So, Maeve and Steele are both interested in the same property for different reasons, Maeve for a community development, Steele for another in his chain of bars. There is some VERY sexy writing in this book and it helps that the characters are easy to like. The story progresses nicely, even though they’re in competition they are having some sexy fun. However, fun turns into more, even though there is an outcome on the property which doesn’t favour one. Neither can forget the other as much as they feel they might be able to. Will they be able to get over their real estate rivalry? Will sex be the only thing that they leave on the menu? Have a read, it’s a terrific novella sized book. Memphis Heat is not too long, not too short, it’s just right in every way. This is my second Kate Patrick book and I’m impressed. Nice writing, no typos, great editing and great characters. Highly recommended, sexy reading. BUY

Reviewed by: KazzaK (Date: 10/07/2012)


“Dance with me.”

The rich, deep voice cut into her thoughts like a hot knife through cold butter.  Maeve Callahan’s eyes came to rest on a massive, open palm extended toward her where she was seated at a small table in the corner of her favorite blues club.  Her eyes traveled up the seemingly endless length of arm, and came to rest on the most handsome face she had seen in a while.  No, make that ever.  Dark hair, vibrant blue eyes, a five o’clock shadow, and classic chiseled bone structure atop a tall, lean but muscular body.  It all added up to the perfect package in her opinion.

“Excuse me?” she replied as she fixed her gaze on the slightly smiling eyes that looked down expectantly at her.

“Dance with me,” he repeated as he leaned closer and stopped short of invading her personal space.

“Is that an invitation or a command?” she asked with an arched brow as she pressed even closer, definitely invading his personal space.

“It’s whatever will result in getting you to take my hand and follow me onto that dance floor.  I’ve watched you for a while and you seem to enjoy this music.  I enjoy dancing with a woman who moves as beautifully as she looks.  So…dance with me.”

She blushed at the mental image of how she must have looked as she nodded and swayed to the soothing tones the musicians had played all evening.  “Well, you know what they say about flattery,” she laughed as she placed her slender hand in his, and followed him through the crush of dancers taking advantage of the slow, sultry tune that was now playing.

He looked back at her and said in a wicked tone, “I’ll keep that in mind.”

A little shiver went through her as he pulled her into his arms, holding her firmly against his long, lean tower of a body.  She slid her hands up to rest on his broad, muscular shoulders.  Even in killer black stilettos, she still had to look up to see his face.  A very gorgeous face.  He wasn’t a pretty boy, but possessed rugged good looks that shouted he was a man’s man, perfectly capable of handling himself in any given situation.

He slid a hand along her ribcage as they danced, setting off little bursts of fireworks that rippled from her head straight to her nether regions.  She felt his hands come to rest on the curve of her lower back.  He held her loosely as she began to move her hips to the sensuous rhythm of the music.  She took a step closer into his embrace, as her hands skimmed over his shoulders to rest at his neck.

This slight adjustment brought her full breasts in direct contact with his rock hard torso, brushing against him as they danced to the hypnotic melody that seemed to lull them into a trance of seduction, oblivious to others.  Her nipples hardened as he lightly stroked her spine.  His touch created a sensation she was at a loss to ignore.  Her fingers entwined in the hair at the nape of his neck, as she felt heat course through her body while he rubbed the side of her breast with the pad of his thumb.

* * * *

Steele Ottinger closed his eyes and reveled in the feel of her breasts as they barely grazed his chest while she swayed seductively in his arms.  Sure, she had sat at her table looking all circumspect and guarded, but there was a hint of something else underneath that cool exterior.  Something intense.  Something sensuous.  Something he would seek to discover before the night was over.  He felt the familiar heaviness in his groin, revealing the effect she had on him as they danced.  Strangely, he didn’t care if she became aware of his lust for her.  That was why he had asked – no, she was right – commanded that she dance with him.

A throbbing cock proved he was a man on a mission.  She completely mesmerized him as she seemingly became lost in an erotic response to the sounds that filled the room.  Her hips thrust in perfect time with the beat, making him long to meet her with some thrusts of his own.  He knew he possessed a natural rhythm and could provide her with a partner that would keep up with her no matter what the activity.

Now, at last he held her in his arms.  She turned away from him and sensuously lifted the heavy mane of dark locks that flowed like a river down her back, exposing a long, slender neck for his admiration.  He groaned inwardly as she glanced back, casting a provocative look his way.  He wrapped a long arm around her narrow waist, and pulled her up against his pulsing erection.  He leaned down to nuzzle the velvet-like flesh behind her dainty ear, not knowing that his breath bathed over her like a warm whisper.  The slight scrape of his smooth, straight teeth along the curve of her neck sent a tremor through her lithe form.  He smiled at the realization that their dance appeared to have a heated effect on her as well.

The longer he held her, the more he wanted to know what it would be like to bury himself deep inside her.  It would be one mind-blowing fuck if judged by her fluid, graceful movements on the dance floor.  She appeared to be an uninhibited spirit.  Her ability to follow his lead in perfect sync made him think their “horizontal dance” would be an explosive coupling to say the least.





Love Beyond the Curve

kp-lovebeyondthecurve3121121_0154Love Beyond the Curve is my most recent novel, released December 4th of 2012.  I love all my books because the characters are my babies, but this one has a special place in my heart.  Charlotte is a plus sized, beautiful woman who catches the eye of her gorgeous landlord, Reed Jackson.  It is hard for her to believe he coud really want to be more than the good friends that they have become.  Reed falls in love with the person, not the package, though he can’t stop fantasizing about her curves either. :)

As a”curvy girl” myself, I wanted to write a tender, sexy love story for those of us who have read hundreds of love stories, but never come across a curvy heroine.  The “plump”/”chubby” friend is about all the shout out the plus size character gets in romances.  Well, not any more.  Charlotte and Reed have a story to tell, and I loved telling it.  Reed will prove there are good-looking men out there that can love a woman deeply “just the way she is”.

I am going to give you a steamy excerpt from Love Beyond the Curve, then leave a link where you can watch a video from the band, One Direction, performing their song, “Little Things.  This song is for every  curvy woman that has found their “Reed”, or for those still looking for him.  He is there.  My favorite quote I found on a FB poster is: “Every woman is beautiful.  It takes the right man to see it.”  Reed is Charlotte’s “Right Man”.  Love Beyond the Curve is available for purchase at BookStrand and Amazon.  I will leave those links for you, too.  Remember to leave a comment t be eligible for the $10.00 Gift Card to Amazon or Barnes and Noble This is my last post for the TRS New Year’s Party.  Thank you so much for spending some of your valuable time with me these few days.  Thanks  to TRS for hosting another great party!  I wish all of you a wonderful new year filled with good things, and the strength and wisdom to navigate through those “less than happy”  times this year.


To Purchase:




Charlotte had stood still in her own version of the “Miss America” bathing suit pose allowing him to take in what she felt was foreign to his personal realm of sexual experiences.  She knew he was treading into unchartered waters being there with a scantily clad larger woman.  She just couldn’t decide if he was in shock, and had to carefully exam the fat freak, or was intrigued by what he saw.  She quickly got her answer.

“Come here.” He smiled as he held out a hand to her.  She bit her lip and lowered her head shyly as she stepped slowly up to the bed.  He raised his hand to trail down her arm to her wrist, and then he raised her hand to his lips and gently kissed her palm. “You are breath-taking.  Better than I had imagined, and you looked pretty damn hot in my head.”  He ran a finger along the edge of her bra, hooking a finger at the center and pulling her closer to him.  He slid an arm around her waist, and turned her around, so he could run a finger tip down the center of her back, stopping at the waistband of the boy shorts, which revealed the lower half of her full bottom.

“You look as gorgeous from behind as you do from the front.”   He complimented her while he ran his fingertips over her round, yet firm, bottom.

Charlotte blushed as she felt the heat of his gaze flare when she turned  around.

“Would you continue to undress for me?” He kissed the inside of her wrist, arching a questioning brow, waiting for her response.

“I’ve come this far, but are you sure you don’t want to just leave the rest to your imagination?   I know I’m not your usual type of girl, Jackson.  I’m sure it’s better in your head.”  Charlotte tucked her hair behind one ear, shyly looking away.

“Shut up Hamilton.  Maybe I’ve just now discovered “my type” of girl.  Put your leg up here,” he ordered, and she found herself helpless to refuse him.  He pulled her stocking down over her knee, and off her foot, tossing it aside.  She placed her other leg up for him to follow the same action.  Next, she turned around and presented her back to him.  She looked at him over her shoulder and smiled, gaining courage through his words of praise.   “If you want it off, you take it off.”

Never one to back away from a challenge, he reached up and popped open the hooks of her bra with his one free hand.  She turned around and shook her head at him.

“Never before have the words “Time for the big reveal” been more appropriate.”  She pulled the bra away from her body and tossed it over her shoulder, bringing her hands down to rest on her hips.

“Well?”  She held her posture correct, and turned from side to side, letting him drink in the sight of her full figure.

Reed covered his mouth with his hand for a moment, and reached out to trace the outline of an areola with a rough fingertip.  His touch created a sensation that caused her nipple to pucker to attention.  He looked up into her eyes and a broad smile broke out across his face. “I think I may have hit the fucking jackpot.”  He pulled her to him and buried his face in her large, firm breasts.  He then began to kiss and suck at them slowly, tenderly.  Charlotte wrapped her arms around his head and held him, reveling in the pleasure his warm mouth was giving her.



Another Passage from…One Sizzling Summer

178981601One Sizzling Summer

I have enjoyed reading your comments about One Sizzling Summer, so I decided to post another “sizzling” passage.  Please remember that leaving a comment makes you eligible for a $10.00 Gift Card from Amazon or Barnes and Noble (winner’s choice).  The winner will be randomly selected from the pool of commenters.  

  If you are interested in purchasing the book, so you can read Ava and Quinton’s story in its entirety, you may go to the links at Amazon or Barnes and Noble to do so. 



Here is an ADULT  EXCERPTYou must be 18 or older to continue.

“Stop staring at me, Quinton.” Ava said with her eyes still closed as she woke after a night filled with wild dreams of the two of them together.  She couldn’t help but smile in spite of the way she felt less than at her best.  She turned onto her back and stretched her arms up over her head, causing the sheet to shift and expose her breasts to his intent gaze.  She literally purred as she felt his fingertip reach across to rub the tip of the distended nipples that had hardened at the mere memory of what they had done during the night.  “Hmmmm…that feels so good,” she sighed, keeping her eyes closed and enjoying the feel of his smoldering touch on her soft skin.  In a moment Quinton had replaced his fingertip with the tip of his tongue.  Summer placed her hand on the back of his head as he began to suck gently at her breast.  She felt the ache begin again between her legs.  Quinton slid his hand down her smooth, flat belly and back up again.  He moved to kiss her lips as he again proceeded with the downward journey to where he would begin to wind her up tightly, only to let her spring off into the deep end once more.

When he paused at her lower abdomen, she grasped his hand and pushed it further down to where he covered her with his palm.  She arched her back and moaned as he parted the velvet folds and slid his finger down the length of her drenched sex.  “You are soaked and I just got started baby,” he said as he lifted his head to watch her face as he began to trace gentle circles around her sensitive bud.  Without opening her eyes, she said in her early morning husky voice, “Sweetheart, just seeing you walk in the room and look at me makes that happen.  Keep doing what you’re doing and I’ll be dripping wet for you in no time.”

Quinton had instantly become rock hard the minute he’d awakened and turned to see her sleeping peacefully by his side.  But now, as they’d begun their sex play, he was absolutely throbbing against her leg as he slid lower in the bed to position himself to take her up to a higher level of ecstasy with his mouth.  When he kissed her fully, and began sucking her gently, her back arched as she gasped for breath and began to instinctively move against his tongue as the thrusts became deeper.

“Please Quinton, don’t make me beg for you, just end it.  I can’t take much more.  Please…” she said raggedly as she lifted her head and met his eyes watching her as he made love to her with his mouth.

“Yes, you can, Ava.  Another taste is all I want,” he said in a voice that was soothing and searing all at the same time.  Ava jerked her knees up higher and tried to open herself even wider to him, bucking her hips forward as he slid two fingers inside her and explored that wondrous spot that he had discovered the night before.

“Quinton, I want you inside me, fill me up now.” she growled at him, raising her feet up on her toes as he increased the speed at which he was stroking her.

“I want you from behind this time,” he said as he flipped himself over onto his back in a blur.  Ava felt herself being pulled over on top of him, with her back against his chest.  He bent his knees and positioned her legs apart, hanging down on the outside of his long, muscular thighs.  He adjusted his cock at the entrance of her hot, dripping pussy and thrust upward with all his might as a primeval cry ripped from Ava’s throat.  She immediately began to shift her hips downward, causing his shaft to glide more directly over her pleasure spot, resulting in her whimpering with each thrust.  He held her full breasts in his palms and kneaded them, pulling at the swollen peaks and squeezing them until she groaned with pleasure.

Quinton felt the surge building within his cock, as he listened to the sounds Ava was making because of him.  He never wanted to forget it.  The raw pleasure they were sharing was about to come to an end as he said into her ear, “Let go, Ava.  Come with me.  Let it go, Ava.”  Ava was gripping and releasing his cock, trying to draw him as far up inside her as possible.  When he spoke those words into her ear, she clamped down hard around him, squeezing her thighs against his own, as he released part of himself into her, making his own strangled roar as they spiraled upward together in soul-binding euphoria.

A New Year…An Old Favorite!


Memphis Heat was my second book to be published by Siren-BookStrand.  I really liked the characters and all the “heat” they generated each time they came into each other’s presence.  Maeve is all about crusading for the underdog, and Steele is all about the almighty dollar, and how to make more of it.  Maeve tries to resist her attraction to him, but it seems useless.  I am going to share with you an excerpt that is for ADULT AUDIENCES ONLY, and a book review.  If you are interested in finding out where these two end up (besides the nearest bed! :) ) , you may purchase this book from Amazon or Barnes and Noble at the link below.  Enjoy!




Book Review for Memphis Heat by Kate Patrick:

This reviewer’s rating: 5 – Outstanding

Another romantic, sexy, M/F read by Kate Patrick. Memphis heat is well written the characters are terrific. I love a female who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid of some good lovin’. I love a hot, strong, romantic man. I get both here. Maeve meets a sexy man at a Memphis Blues bar and, uncharacteristcally for her, she decides to let her hair down with him after a dance. Why not, he’s sexy, charming and wants her. They have a night of unbridled passion. Maeve leaves the next morning only to find out her sexy man from the night before is her competitor on some commercial real estate. So, Maeve and Steele are both interested in the same property for different reasons, Maeve for a community development, Steele for another in his chain of bars. There is some VERY sexy writing in this book and it helps that the characters are easy to like. The story progresses nicely, even though they’re in competition they are having some sexy fun. However, fun turns into more, even though there is an outcome on the property which doesn’t favour one. Neither can forget the other as much as they feel they might be able to. Will they be able to get over their real estate rivalry? Will sex be the only thing that they leave on the menu? Have a read, it’s a terrific novella sized book. Memphis Heat is not too long, not too short, it’s just right in every way. This is my second Kate Patrick book and I’m impressed. Nice writing, no typos, great editing and great characters. Highly recommended, sexy reading.  BUY


Reviewed by: KazzaK (Date: 10/07/2012)

                       ADULT EXCERPT    (Must be 18 years or older to continue)

The door had barely closed before Steele had slammed her back against it, and assumed a full body press, crushing her lips with his own.  His warm mouth tasted of aged bourbon and cigarettes.  The subtle fragrance of some exotic spice permeated Maeve’s senses as he began to blaze a scorching trail of kisses along her jaw line, on down to her collarbone where he sunk his teeth into her tender flesh.  A guttural moan of pleasure escaped from deep inside the most primeval part of her being.  As she closed her eyes, she leaned her head back and let her senses take over.

She felt strong hands splayed over her ribcage begin to slide upward to then pull her black cashmere sweater over her head.  The cool air in the room caressed her skin causing her already hardened nipples to strain further against the black lace of her skimpy bra.  He slid his tongue between her parted lips to explore her mouth more thoroughly.  When he covered her breasts with his warm palms, she pressed deeper into his hands.  He began to pluck at the distended peaks that yielded to his masterful touch.  He reached behind her to release the hooks of her barely there bra with one expert twist of his wrist.  He then slowly pulled the straps downward to free her breasts.  He took a step back to feast his eyes on the twin globes for the first time.  He smiled and whispered, “Beautiful.”  He cupped a heavy breast and pushed it upward to meet his lips that he lightly brushed back and forth across the erect nipples.  She bit her lower lip in an effort to contain the whimper that threatened to escape past her lips.  The sensations he created with his tantalizing mouth began to fan the flames of desire already raging within.  When he unexpectedly bit a taut nipple, she gasped with surprise and fisted her hands in his dark locks, holding his head firmly to her bosom so he could not pull away.  He sucked greedily and switched to the other one to give it equal attention.

He slowly knelt down in front of her as his hands slid over her bottom, squeezing it as he journeyed on down the length of her thighs.  He tucked his thumbs under the hem of her black pencil skirt as he looked up into her eyes.  He maneuvered it up over her hips to reveal a very lacy, black strip of fabric dipped low beneath her navel.  He slowly exhaled and leaned forward to kiss her mound through the delicate lace.  The tender gesture took her breath away, and she gave him a seemingly sultry smile when he glanced up.

That smile appeared to be all he needed to continue with his seduction.  He hooked his fingertips under the edge of the lace and pulled downward to slip them off.  She then surprised him by turning to ease down the zipper of her bunched up skirt.  She looked back over her shoulder to find that his jaw dropped slightly as he regarded the view she revealed to him by the inch.  She let the garment drop to the floor and kicked it aside with her high-heeled shoe.  She placed her hands on her hips and posed long enough for him to absorb the picture she presented before him. When she faced him again, he eased forward with panther-like stealth and rose to his feet to ravish her mouth once again.  This time when he slid his hands over her skin, he lowered himself to his knees and lifted her leg over his shoulder.  He began to plant soft kisses along the tender flesh inside her thigh.  When he reached the juncture between her legs, he continued to lightly kiss her along the seam of her womanhood.  He then darted his tongue into her hot pussy and ran it up to where her sex seemed to throb in anticipation.  He parted her with his thumbs and began to lick her very core until she begged him for mercy when the pleasure became immensely intense.  He apparently planned to show no mercy until her satisfaction was complete.

He continued to administer his own brand of sweet torture to her now swollen clit.  He flicked his pointed tongue over her sensitive bud, and alternated with gentle sucking that reduced her to pleading for him to make her come.  She fisted her hands in his hair as the sensations steadily intensified.  He seemed oblivious to her nearly yanking his hair out by the roots, as he devoured her dripping wet pussy.  He gripped her hips to pull her even closer as he buried his face between her legs.



Happy New Year!


I’m so glad you dropped by the TRS New Year’s Party.  This past year was a good one, but I’m looking forward to even more exciting events coming my way in 2013.  I have plans for my personal, professional, and writing life that are going to change my world as I know it now.  I want to share some of those plans with you and hear about your plans for this new year.  I think it is safe to say reading will play an important role in both of our lives if we are here at this party! :)  I have already found a new author and book I plan to purchase and follow.  I hope you will do the same.  I often get too busy  as an author at these parties to take time to read other posts, and find out about some fabulous new material and authors.  One resolution I’ve made for the new year is to be a reader, and not just a writer at these TRS parties that I enjoy so much!  I’ve discovered one new author already.  I’ll let you know how many catch my eye by the end of this party on the 6th!  I challenge you to do the same.  :)

I will be giving away a $10.00 Amazon or Barnes and Noble Gift Card ( winner’s choice) to a randomly selected commenter at the close of this party on January 6th.  Please pop in and leave me some comments to be eligible for the drawing.  Also, I just flat-out like hearing from you because it makes me feel like I’m making some connections with others that love reading romance as much as I do!  Enjoy the week!


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