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Thank You! (Excerpt)

A huge thanks to everyone for taking the time to join the fun here at TRS’s Thanksgiving party!  I had a blast and hope you all did too!

Thank you TRS for hosting this amazing event.

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday, with new memories and traditions made, new pie recipes being fought over, and new ovens begin added to the “Must Have” lists because we set fire to the ones we have ;) 

On that note, I’ll be leaving you with one final excerpt from Temptation Unleashed. 



He was so close. The heat of his body caressed her. The scent of him caused her womb to tighten and her clit to ache. The airy brush of his breath made her lips itch for his. She didn’t care if he took her last breath.

Locks of blond hair cascaded down around her face, coming to rest against her bare arms.

Hate, my dear, is a strong word to use when someone protects you from danger you stand no chance of overcoming,” Thaddeus said, his voice low, guttural, limb-quivering, seductive. Nothing presented a greater danger to her than this man. For that, she hated him. “A show of appreciation is held in high regard when one stands up to a threat on another’s behalf. I do believe ’tis common among humans as well?”

She lifted her hands to push him away. When her palms flattened against his thick shoulders, the cool, silken strand of hair entangling between her fingers, she moaned. Her face flushed. A new wetness dampened her panties. She fought to keep her eyes open. Against the heels of her hands, she detected the sudden acceleration in his heartbeat and felt the broken breaths as they licked at her ear.

She hated him because he turned her on. He made her hot, despite her fear of intimacy.

She needed to get out of the corner of the sofa and get distance between them. Shifting best she could beneath him, linking her leg around his for leverage, she gripped his shoulders and tried to push him away.

His breath continued to seduce her, filling her ear and sending delightful chills coasting all over her. She turned her head and froze the instant her lips brushed his. Her world came to a screeching halt, as did her lungs. A moment turned into eternity, lips barely touching, but a ravenous hunger bursting to life. Invisible cords rooted into her, tugging her closer to him, urging her to complete a circuit that crossed a dark void in her soul. A void that had never been there before.

Don’t. Don’t. Don’t.

Conscience chanted its warning, but she couldn’t listen. She hung on a ledge between desire and danger. Her body quivered beneath the high-charged anticipation.

Kiss me before I explode.

Thaddeus pulled back enough to look down at her. Stormy tendrils of gray curled around the Arctic blue of his eyes, darkening them to a beautiful sea blue. The hard, cruel features of his face softened.

She slackened, sinking into the cushions, and drew in a deep breath.

Never had she expected to be brazen enough to pull Thaddeus down to her until his lips pressed to hers, gently easing them open.

Thoughts eluded her the moment his tongue swept through her parted lips and slid over hers. She met his slow kiss, disbelief and delight warring in her mind.

He tasted like the richest dessert, the hottest spice, the most forbidden ambrosia. She wanted more, craved more, needed more, because if she were sober, the nightmare that came with this very man unraveling her with his fulfilling kiss would darken this glorious moment.

His fingers trailed down her neck and drew a tingling path between her breasts, coming to rest over her stomach.

“No more alcohol,” he murmured against her mouth.

He plundered her with his kiss, the carefully contained hunger unleashed. She arched into him, seeking his touch, pulling him closer. Her body temperature rose, heat encompassing her until she feared she’d pass out.

The pressure against her belly lifted, taking with it the fever and leaving her mind, and her body, in a state of sobriety. Gone without residue were the foul effects of her indulgence.

Gone was the euphoria that soaked her to the bones.

Rori had no trouble focusing her mind, nor did she have trouble realizing what was happening, and with whom.

Available at: www.bookstrand.com/temptation-unleashed


Temptation Unleashed Excerpt

Temptation Unleashed


Curled in the center of the bed, his fiery mortal nuisance looked at peace for the first time since she crossed his path.

Thaddeus stared, unable to look away. Innocence conquered temper in sleep. The gentle spray of freckles dotting her nose appeared almost…cute. Her brows, the color of burning wood, sloped prettily over her closed, slanted eyes. No anger furrowed her smooth forehead. No rage wrinkled the small patch of skin above the bridge of her classically shaped nose. Her lips parted slightly, exposing the teeth marks he had healed slightly the night before. Small welts marred her rather plump, kissable lips.

Something about her in this state of relaxation tugged deep at his soul. A tingling began in his fingers. Before he could stop himself, he reached down and traced one of her red curls. Pure-bloods had thick masses of straight hair. Daeanna’s hair had been cool to the touch, like liquid gold pouring through his fingers.


He hooked his finger and allowed himself the pleasure of wrapping a curl around his appendage. Cool to the touch. Soft. Silky. Delightful. How could this mortal possess a luxurious attribute in the form of dark red curls?

Thaddeus willed himself to pull away from the inferior creature on the bed, but his fight against the unseen ties binding him to this moment was futile. He leaned over her, bringing his nose to her hair. Her curls smelled sweet, like exotic flowers and fruit. Brushing a rebellious curl away from her ear, he closed his eyes and inhaled the clean scent of her skin. Goddess, this woman made his cock hard. Achingly so. His entire body tensed with raw, untamed desires.

Thaddeus straightened up, not wanting to wake her. In these few precious moments when arguments, wicked tongues, and extreme differences didn’t exist, something soothing and right filled a new void within him. A long-lost peace he thought unobtainable. A brandishing need to forget everything he’d come to believe in and return to a life of simplicity.

Nay. Naught would arise between them. Naught could happen. He was fae. She was mortal. He had a cause to stand behind, to fight for. Otherwise, the past two centuries of his life were meaningless and wasted.

Rori sighed and rolled onto her back. The mass of curls framed her head over the pillow. Light pink marks marred the cheek she had laid on, an imperfection that he found almost endearing.

But ’twas the shape of her body that made him halt as he backed away from the bed. Her baggy clothing did little to hide the frame of her figure. Thin and narrow, he couldn’t imagine this little spitfire having any ability to fend for herself. She had few curves, something he would normally not find attractive, but on Rori, her frame fit her perfectly.

For one insane moment, he wanted to touch her. He wanted to trace her body from head to toe and breast to hip. Goddess, he wanted to fit her against him and see how perfect, or imperfect, they were together. Body to body, skin to skin.

Thaddeus blinked. The pain in his groin intensified. Bloody hell, his entire body screamed for attention.

’Twas a terrible idea coming here, thinking he could sway Rori with his power, his bitter tongue, and his authority. Rather, she swayed him, unbeknownst to her. She seduced his senses while in sleep, making him desire a mortal.

Be sure to check out the first two books in the series, Forbidden Heart and Destined Desires! (www.bookstrand.com/kara-wills)



A little about me…

I grew up in a small family.  Our holidays usually consisted of my parents, my sister, sometimes my grandparents from one side of the family, and in earlier years, my aunt and uncle.  As a child, I often heard about the excitement surrounding big family feasts and parties and stories and…well, you get the idea, especially if you come from one of those big families.

Then there were our dinners.  Usually pretty quiet.  Usually pretty small.  Once eating was through, my father set off to watch the football game.  My mother cleaned up.  My sister and I waited impatiently for dessert.

As I grew up, my mother moved out (yes, she moved to Florida first while I stayed behind in Jersey and took over the house I’ve always lived in), and I started my own family and traditions, I made it a point to always make the holidays, be it Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years, one that was filled with family and friends, and all the love and warmth that came along with it.  This year will be no different, and neither will next year.

What are some of the traditions you celebrate?

I’ll leave you with a glimpse of the emotional reunion between Bryce and Rihanna from Destined Desires, Talaenian Fae 2.



Destined Desires

Available at http://www.bookstrand.com/destined-desires



“How…how do you know? How do you know what I’ve dreamed?” he
“They are truths. Your dreams are memories. The mark on your hand is
a scar from a time long passed. And now you must leave before my brother
returns,” Rihanna threatened, throwing a paranoid glance over her shoulder
for effect. Dear goddess. Had she just lied? To the very man who held her
“Are you telling me I lived before? In another time? And you were there
with me?” he asked quietly. Rihanna couldn’t find the strength to answer
him. In fact, her voice fled her completely. Bryce stepped toward her. She
took another step back. “You are the love of my life in those dreams. God, I
lived every moment for you. My days never began until you were with me. I
couldn’t breathe without you. When I saw you at the club, I couldn’t believe
my eyes. And since, I’ve been counting the days, the weeks, the months,
hoping you would come back. I had myself believing it was all a
coincidence, fate turning a cruel hand on me.”
“There is reason behind every occurrence in one’s life. Coincidences do
not exist.”
“When I arrived, you explained everything away as coincidence,” Bryce
pointed out.
Rihanna felt like a trapped animal the moment her back hit the wall. She
broke to the left. Bryce’s arms wrapped around her waist, pulling her to him,
and halting her escape. His brazen movement seared her blood with heat.
She felt him, his warmth, his strength, the shape of his muscular arms, the
curve of his chest. She fought to free herself from the torment, from the trial
to uphold her dignity and not step between a committed pair.
“Why are you fighting me? Why the sadness?” he whispered against her
ear. His scorching breath and his restrained embrace made her knees buckle.
Without him, she would fall.
Without him, she would die.
His nose brushed her temple. “Please, Rihanna, tell me who you are.
Who you are to me? Who am I? Since I saw you, I’ve wanted no one more
than you. I’ve been mad with desperation, praying to God you’d come back
to me. I’ve been out every night, searching every damn bar and every damn
club. I can’t begin to tell you how much of a fool I’ve been. But it’s all
worth it because here you are, real. Not a dream or a story. You’re here,
with me.”
“Mo anam cara,” Rihanna breathed. Her fragile heart couldn’t bear this
much longer. When he turned her to face him, lifting her chin so their gazes
met, she lost the last of her remaining willpower.
“Soul mate,” he translated quietly. “Anam cara.”
“You recall?”
“I’ve mentioned it in my dreams more times than I can count.”
“I-I can make coffee—”
She didn’t see it. She should have, but didn’t.
Bryce’s mouth felt as warm as his solid body, his lips firm but delicate.
The shock of his action held her still, as still as he. Mayhap, he didn’t realize
he made to kiss her. Well, mayhap until he eased her lips apart and sought
her tongue from the cavern of her mouth. She heard a moan escape through
her lips, inhaled through his own. She followed the dance of his tongue,
tasting her mouth, exploring every inch with a suppressed possessive intent.
However many moments slipped by, she lost track. The slow, passionate
delves of his kisses, the tenuous caresses of his hands…
Rihanna clung to him, her aching fingers tangled in the soft waves of his
hair, pulling him closer until, like an on switch, the tender kisses ignited into
a battled frenzy. She saw flashes, a time of past, flashes of happy dances and
joyous embraces, passion unlike any other. She pressed into him, needing
him, needing to melt them together with such strength he would never leave
her again. She practically climbed up his body until his hands hoisted her
legs around his waist.
Rihanna fed from his fire, drank a life long since lost from his spirit. Her
Mikhal. Her love, life and soul, her body, her blood, all of it belonged to
him. He took her to his grave, leaving a shell of a creature behind, a shell
her brother cradled and filled. No one could give her back what greed
ruthlessly stole upon Mikhal’s murder, no one except for the very man who
laid her down on the plush area rug in the living room this moment. The
very man who lowered every stone-hard inch of his body over hers.

Sweet Treats

Back for dessert?

What is your favorite sweet treat for Thanksgiving?  Do you love traditional pumpkin pie and apple pie?  Or do you spice it up a bit with a new take on a traditional dessert?  I make a traditional pumpkin, then whip up an apple pie that has either cherries or cranberries, pecans or walnuts, depending on what I accidentally grab off the shelves at the stores.

I don’t know about you, but even after eating two serving of turkey and a plate full of fixings, I always have room for pie.  And a nice, strong Irish coffee with whipped cream.  Oh yeah, I’m usually aching by the time I go to bed :)

Indulge in this latest excerpt from my newest release, Temptation Unleashed, Talaenian Fae 3.



Temptation Unleashed

Now available at http://www.bookstrand.com/temptation-unleashed  (15% off until November 21st!)


His gaze dropped to the magnificent creature walking in beside her, and he nearly choked on the whiskey he’d just sipped.
Aye, a forbidden goddess dressed in black leather from shoulder to toe. The red silk shirt beneath a masterpiece of craftsmanship in the form of a gold-accented black vest added depth to the shades of her bewitching hair. The dark material brightened the greens of her eyes. The normal pale hues of her skin appeared far more porcelain than he recalled.
The vest conformed to her figure, accentuating the sensual inward curve of her waist before sloping out at her hips. The plump mounds of breast squeezed together within the vest created a deep valley of cleavage, and a burn against his palms to cup and knead her flesh.
A slow coast down her legs provided an ample image of how fine leather enhanced toned, narrow thighs and slender calves. Pointy-toed shoes peeked out beneath the hem of the pants, gold-encrusted gems shimmering in the flame light filling the room.
Thaddeus stole one last sip of whiskey before he rested the tumbler on the table and climbed to his feet. Dragging his gaze up the length of her body was a delightful torture. He endured imagining the ways he could strip each intricate piece of material from her, unwrapping a gift granted solely to him.
Alas, he drank in the rosy tinge painting her face, her lips slick with gloss, her desire-laden eyes painted with soft hues of shadow.
Sweet Goddess.
He would have to break free of her siren’s spell if he cared not to make a fool of himself. Calming the furious pace of his heart, the unsettling leap of his stomach, and the sudden influx of blood to his groin, he moved to meet Rori across the room. Eyes focused on his back.
“He’s lost, completely taken by her.” Despite the quiet tone, he caught Moira’s observation, as well as Shaye’s equally quiet response. “Aye.”
He couldn’t take his eyes away from Rori. The color in her face deepened. A wistful glimmer swam across her eyes. The smallest hint of a smile touched her lips. He listened to the thunderous rush of blood through her body and the carefully controlled breaths that filled her lungs.
Rihanna stepped between them, drawing upon his attention.
“We nearly forgot about dinner this eve, we were having so much fun together. Moira and I wish to continue our time after the meal, if you will allow,” Rihanna said.
Thaddeus looked past Rihanna’s shoulder and caught Rori’s playful smirk. He lifted a brow and earned a shrug in response.
“’Tis Rori’s decision.”
“I see we have all decided to arrive,” Shaye said, splicing the heady air that pumped around him. Whether anyone else noticed, he couldn’t be sure, but it thickened in his mind, clarity found only behind the layers of haze.
He rounded Rihanna and held a hand out for Rori. She gingerly placed her hand in his and he lifted her knuckles to his lips. Willpower fled him and he pressed a lingering kiss to her forehead. He wanted to taste her mouth, but refused to indulge the hungry creature pacing his soul.
He had been correct in his earlier assumption. Rori wore leather exceedingly well. Mayhap too well.
“Shall we eat?” Shaye pressed, sidling by Thaddeus and flashing him a knowing glance. “Dinner, that is.”

Good Evening! (Adult Excerpt-Steamy)

Good evening party goers.  So glad you could make it!  Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend.  I know I kept busy :)

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, or maybe more like a few doors down.  I know the last thing I want to think about is cooking.  How about you?  My biggest joke to friends and family is if I show up to work after the holiday, that means I didn’t burn my house down.

Well, I think someone decided to add a bit of truth to my words last year.  I bake the pies while we eat dinner so they have time to set and guests enjoy them nice and warm (with ice cream melting off the apple-cherry-pecan pie, yum!).  Shortly after dinner, we noticed a little extra light burning bright at the bottom of the oven.  Yep, all those jokes about burning the house down cooking Turkey Day dinner nearly came true, especially when the “cook” of the family took the water hose from the sink and aimed it at the oven.

Needless to say, I did remember the key tip from Home Ec. back in high school years ago, grabbed a box of baking soda, and doused out the baby flame before the man with the hose succeeded in damaging more than just my oven :)

I would love to hear some of your T-Day stories!  We all have one!

In the mean time, I’ll leave you with a fire of a different nature.  Enjoy.

Shadow Hunter

Available at  www.bookstrand.com/shadow-hunter


“Come.” Clara moved closer to the chair.

Again, Julian strained as he pushed himself toward her and pulled her down
onto his legs. She gasped, grabbing his shoulders as she tumbled onto him.
Julian drew a lazy smile and adjusted her legs over his. “Now that we have
cleared that up, how are you feeling from the wine?”
“That room—”
“Is my nightmare and mine alone. You will not bear my pain. It

happened a long time ago. I’d rather concern myself with someone of the

present.” Julian continued to hold her hand in her lap. How he prayed for his

strength. He wanted to comfort her, touch her, kiss her. “Now, how’s the
wine coming along?”
“I feel a little weary, but I think the cloud is beginning to lift. I wish I
could hear the same from you. You look like you’re worlds away from
“No, love. Just weakened. Extremely weakened.” He noted her curious
glance at his empty snifter and equally empty decanter of brandy. “Just a
pain deterrent.”
“Oh. So, right now, you’re incapacitated.”
“I’m not sure if I like the direction this is going.”
“I’m sure you don’t. But, I must say, I do.”
Clara slowly lifted the hem of her skirt, hiking it to a tormenting height
against her thighs. She straddled his lap. Her hands moved over his chest, to
his face and back through his hair. Her hips rocked treacherously over him,
bringing him to a full erection almost instantly. He groaned.
“I will have my strength back before you have a chance to complete
what you have begun. When that…mmm…happens, you will not like what I
do,” Julian warned. Clara’s fingers unfastened the buttons of his shirt. She
leaned into the curve of his chest, her tongue tracing the cuts of muscle and
trails of scars, nipping his burning flesh.
“Oh, I’m sure I won’t like it a bit. Just as you won’t like what I do.”
Clara pushed his shirt off his shoulders and down to his wrists. When she sat
back and began to unbutton her shirt, Julian shook his head.
“No. Allow me. Let me take pleasure in tormenting you as you do to
Clara smiled innocently, but continued to open her shirt to the tank
beneath. Julian flexed his fingers, testing the return of his strength.
Her hands glided over the ruffle of skirt between them, then disappeared
beneath the black folds of light fabric. He felt her fingers work his belt
loose, then his pants until she pulled him forth and caressed the velvety skin
of his hardened member. Julian dug his fingers into the arms of the chair.
Her touch was molten against his already blazing skin.
“Remember the other night? Our first taste of each other? I can’t stop
thinking about us. I can’t get you out of my head. It has been forever since I

last made love to someone, and never had it been so fulfilling. You complete
me,” Clara said, her hand gently sliding along his shaft. “We had passion,
intensity, desire. The heat. The feel. You tended to my body like no other. I
couldn’t get enough of your hunger. Our time had been slow and gentle,
wild and unleashed.”

For all books, visit http://www.bookstrand.com/kara-wills 

Thank You and Good Night! (Adult Excerpt)

Thank you everyone for stopping by today!  As the clock ticks closer to the midnight hour, I will leave you with one last excerpt from Temptation Unleashed.



Available for pre-order, 15% off: www.bookstrand.com/temptation-unleashed

Her airy moan filled his ears, and he rubbed a hand over the pulsing bulge in his pants. The firm mound of her breast swelled with each deep suck and lash of his tongue. Oh, sweet Goddess, he wanted to devour this woman, fill himself with her, drown himself inside her.

“Oh, Thaddeus. Your mouth feels so good,” she gasped. Her fingers dug into his hair, holding him close. She fed him more, and he took with rabid hunger. Releasing his cock from his grasp, he bridged the gap between breasts with slow, tender kisses and lazy swirls of his tongue. He scraped his teeth along the base of her breast, teasing her with tiny nips that made her buck beneath him. “Please, take me. Take me now.”

Thaddeus closed his eyes at her quiet pleas. “Be careful what you ask for, my sweet little siren.” He rocked into her, the slight friction of leather and her core against his throbbing erection causing his thoughts to tremble. “I yearn to take you in many ways.”

He cast her a rueful glance, sliding his body along hers until they came face-to-face. The brazen woman licked her lips, and all he could imagine was how those lips would feel on him.

“This eve, ’twill be my hands and my mouth that take you. Lest, of course, you object.”

To impress what he meant, he slid his hand down her flat belly, beneath the flimsy fabric of her underwear, and caressed her aroused clit. Slick moisture coated his fingers. A sharp breath fled his lungs. Her nails bit into his scalp. Her eyes had darkened, pupils dilated, and her lips parted on a silent moan.

“Bloody hell, woman.” Thaddeus pushed back onto his heels despite her protest. He spread his knees and lifted her hips onto his thighs. She watched him, her cheeks patched with red, her fingers grasping the grass at her head. Her body stiffened when he hooked his fingers around the cloth covering her and pulled it aside.

His mouth watered and his jaw tightened as he stared at her glistening pink flesh. He drew his thumb from the small patch of damp red curls down across her clit. Her legs wrapped around him, her hips tipping toward his thumb. He followed her tender slit and gently pressed into her slick opening.

Rori cried out, pushing onto his thumb. Thaddeus turned his attention to her passion-infused expression. The very sight of her so turned on by a simple touch captivated him.

“You are so wet,” he growled, removing his thumb and replacing two fingers inside her. The tight muscles of her vagina squeezed him. She bowed, those pert nipples calling to him as she pulled his fingers deeper inside her body. He worked her, sliding his fingers against her until he discovered the sweet spot that shot her heart rate up. “You enjoy that, aye?”

“Oh. My. God.” She gasped each word. The muscles around him began contracting, and he eased away from her. “No, no, no. Don’t stop.” Her hand clamped down around his wrist and held his fingers at the opening of her body. Green eyes blazed up at him, the color of the grass beneath the dazzling moonlight. “I hurt. Make it stop. Take the pain away.”

Thaddeus shook his head, her words striking a tender nerve in his chest. “Not pain, stoirin. ’Tis the burn of raw pleasure.”


Temptation Unleashed (Explicit Language)

There is heat to be had between these two, especially when they battle wits.

Temptation Unleashed, Excerpt 2

“I don’t give a shit what I’m coming into. You’re lucky I didn’t call the cops when I saw you holding that knife to Cael’s throat. What a fucked up brother you are,” Rori snapped. She jerked at her wrist again. Thaddeus sneered, pulling her into him. She knocked him back, twisted, and somehow managed to release herself from his grip. “I don’t know what’s up with you and your brother. I don’t understand why you have these”—she motioned to her ears with waggling fingers—“and strange”—to her eyes—“but I don’t care. Next time you manhandle me, be prepared to get kicked in the balls. I’ve had enough of you bastard men.”


Did mortal women cause damage to men in such a fashion? (more…)

Warming Up

Good morning everyone!

I woke up to some pretty cold Florida weather.  Needless to say, I’m thrilled that it’s not 90+ with high humidity.  The heat is on in the house, not the A/C.  Every year, I endure the brutal heat just to relish in this time of year.  It may not be as cold as most places, but the break from the heat is delightful :)

Speaking of colder temperatures, what do you do to warm up during the “winter” months?

Wine, and tea, are two favorites on cold nights.  I used to be a hot chocolate fanatic, and still love the drink once in a while (with a little added peppermint schnapps around the holidays).  Soft, warm blankets-sometimes I throw them into the drier to get them extra warm-to curl up in on the sofa.

And, of course, a great read.  I do like a book that can get the blood running.

Thaddeus and Rori sure know how to get each other going, and not always in the way either of them want.  Enjoy!

Temptation Unleashed, Talaenian Fae 3

(Coming November 14th!  Available for pre-order at



Happy November!

Hi all! 

Happy November :)  The weather is cooling off, at least here in Florida.  The holidays are looming around the corner.  Trees are turning, or have turned, colors.  Snow may or may not have fallen.  I do miss that first snow of the year, having lived in Jersey most of my life.  I miss the splashes of color that paint the trees in mid to late October.  I miss the crisp air that alerts everyone fall has arrived.  When the days become cold and the nights become frigid, and I used to build a fire, curl up on the sofa with a good book, and relax…Ah yes, I do miss all of that.

But the best part of this time of year: The parties!

I’m so excited to be taking part in the TRS’s Release Party today.  I look forward to “chatting” and sharing bits of my upcoming release, Temptation Unleashed, due out by Siren on November 14th.  This will be the third in my Talaenian Fae series. 

So, until later, I’ll leave you all with the blurb:

Thaddeus survived the battle against the Talaenian people, at a cost. Daeanna is dead. He cannot return to Faerie lest he wishes for death, and he will not be associated with mortals. He is left at the mercy of Grison and his new movement. His first assignment, kill his mortal-loving Tuatha de Danann brother. The simple task becomes complicated the moment a redheaded beauty bursts into his life and tears it to shreds.

Rori McMallin swore off men after her latest failed relationship. The last thing she needs is a wickedly gorgeous—and murderous—Thaddeus haunting her days with his ever-known presence and her thoughts with tenuous hopes of happiness. His powers frighten her. His touch melts her. He is her greatest threat but her best chance to survive the increasing attacks from a band of bloodthirsty fae.

Thaddeus and Rori are in a fight for their lives, and their survival depends on one crucial decision—accept they are soul mates and surrender to the temptation of their desires before it is too late.

Happy partying!


Kara Wills


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