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The Bear Goddess excerpt 5, Greek myths, fantasy, romance, shapeshifters (R)

Kasin is a centaur who can take human shape so he is kind of an outcast among his people. Centaurs are known for their savagery, but he is different. But despite this difference, he is still loyal to his people. What I like best about him is his loyalty, to his people and to Callisto. […]


The Bear Goddess excerpt 4, Greek myths, fantasy, romance, shapeshifters (PG-13)

What I like best about Callisto is she isn’t perfect even though she is a nymph. Just like the rest of us, she succumbs to the pull of love, even if it means disgrace and death for her. I think readers can identify with this. Excerpt: PG-13 She watched him through half-closed eyes. He strode […]

The Bear Goddess excerpt 3, Greek myths, fantasy, romance, shapeshifters (PG-13)

The Bear Goddess is the 1st book in a 3-book series set during the Bronze Age in Greece and in the wild lands, mountains and forests, of the goddess Artemis. I mixed history and myth to bring to life some of the stories set in these lands with an abundance of otherworldly creatures like shapeshifters, […]

The Bear Goddess excerpt 2, Greek myths, fantasy, romance, shapeshifters (PG-13)

In this excerpt, Callisto is trapped in a cave with a naked man. Yes, a naked man. Nice, huh? Excerpt: A lightning bolt tattoo marked his right shoulder bicep with the might of Zeus. She glimpsed another tattoo of a large tree in the middle of his back. The oak tree, Zeus’s tree, had a […]

Sexy Centaurs in The Bear Goddess, Greek myths, fantasy, romance, shapeshifters (PG)

Sexy Centaurs When deciding on a romantic lead for my nymph in The Bear Goddess, I knew he had to be a follower of Zeus, and he had to be an enemy of Artemis and her nymphs. At first I was going to make him human, but that didn’t seem exciting enough for such a […]

Bitten by Snake Oil by Shiloh Saddler #historical #MMromance (18+ Excerpt)

I love to read romance novels. Why? Because they are always fantasy. Even if it is a contemporary romance the guy looks like a model and the heroine gets multiple orgasms when they make love. So I guess, as a romance writer, I always include an element of fantasy in my stories. True day-to-day life […]

Caitlyn Willows’ Indie Titles

Comment on my posts and you’ll be eligible to win a $25 gift card from Amazon. During this party period I’m going to be talking about my backlist. I dipped my toe in the indie pub waters in 2014 by re-releasing several stories I’d had the rights back on. All are short with differing degress […]

Holiday Cheer is THREE #SexySecretSantas!

Naughty is darn sexy in the Christmas-y town of North Pole, Maine! NAUGHTY ST. NICK By Award-Winning and Bestselling Author Calista Fox ON SALE NOW—JUST $0.99!!  One hot sleigh mechanic + one provocative woman named Vixen = a very SEXY Christmas! Having landed himself on Santa’s Naughty List, Nick Santos is given a chance at redemption. Granted, […]


As far as hangovers went, Nick Santos woke with one that deserved a “Best in Show” blue ribbon. Merry fucking Christmas to me. No doubt he was in need of some Christmas cheer, but he’d gone way, way overboard last night. And it was only December thirteenth—twelve whole frickin’ days from the Big Holiday Bang. […]

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  New York Times bestselling author Erin Quinn, Award-winning and Amazon bestselling author Calista Fox and USA Today bestselling author Mary Leo bring you Christmas cheer with sweet and spicy holiday romances! These stories hit #s 1, 2 & 3 on Amazon bestselling lists when initially released–and they’re available for just 99 cents each! Get […]