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Cover Reveal! Peppermint Twist: Puppy Love

Puppy Love is my Christmas Story about a werewolf and the woman he has set his heart on. It releases in just 12 days! Doesn’t that cover just make you want to rub his belly??

Puppy Love


Series: Peppermint Twist

Title: Puppy Love

 Genres/Themes: Paranormal, Urban Fantsy, Romance, Interracial/Multicultural

Magic, Christmas, Werewolves, Big Beautiful Women

Release Date:  December 3rd, 2014

Author: Anne Kane


Buy Link – https://www.changelingpress.com/product.php?&upt=book&ubid=2327




Sarah wants a normal life, without all the fur, fangs and drama that comes with her werewolf heritage. She left her home pack and moved to a small town in the Northern Rockies hoping to leave the past behind.

The first time Drake crossed her scent, he knew he wanted Sarah for his mate. Now he just has to convince her that she wants that too. With a wicked sense of humor and a little bit of Christmas magic he hopes to bring her over to his side — permanently.





“If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were trying to avoid me.”

Sarah jumped as the werewolf disengaged himself from a particularly dark shadow. Crap! She’d forgotten how fast her kind could move when it felt motivated. Apparently this guy was extremely motivated.

Schooling her features into her best poker face, she took a deep breath and turned to face him. “If you didn’t know better? What makes you think you know anything about me?”

He laughed then. Actually laughed. The corners of his eyes crinkled and his mouth curved upward. So much for her chilling sarcasm.

“I know enough. Probably more than you want me to.” He pushed himself upright. It only took him one step with those long legs to put him so close that his scent tickled her nose.

A werewolf shouldn’t smell so good, shouldn’t make her belly clench in anticipation. The mere proximity of one certainly shouldn’t make her long to run free with all four paws on the ground. It hadn’t for months now, but she’d know the very minute she’d sensed this guy in the crowded bar that he was a threat to her new found equilibrium.

And that scared the hell out of her. She didn’t want anything to do with werewolves anymore. Their pack laws. Their aggression. Their bloodthirsty pack mentality and their total disregard for her feelings.

“Apparently you know where I work, and that would be more than I want you to know. Now run along and howl at something.” She turned on her heel and took one step toward the parking lot. She would not give in to her baser instincts. Nope. Not happening. Not even with the night of the full moon coming up fast.

She didn’t hear him come up behind her. He spun her around, his tongue halfway down her throat before she had time to react. His arms were every bit as strong as they looked, catching her when her knees buckled at the unexpected warmth blossoming in her belly.

What the hell? Her body had never reacted this way before, never betrayed her so blatantly. Want and need sent curls of heat racing through her veins. Damn. This couldn’t be good, no matter how good it felt. She relaxed into his embrace, letting him think she’d surrendered.

He hesitated for a moment, drawing his head back to stare at her with narrowed eyes. Distrust and something else lurked in their icy blue depths. He didn’t trust her sudden capitulation. Smart man.

$Wolf$. Smart wolf.

Apparently his lust overrode his caution and he pulled her up hard against him. She could feel the thick length of his cock pressing hard against her belly.

Lust seemed to be running rampant tonight. Moisture gathered at the apex of her thighs, as if her body expected her to give in and let this mutt have his way with her.

“I’ve never been referred to as a mutt before.” He mumbled the words against her lips, not bothering to lift his head. “I think I might be insulted.”

She jerked away from him. Not that she got far, his arms were like bands of friggin’ steel. His eyes were darker now, the color of the sky just before a storm rolled in. “I didn’t say that out loud.”

A wry smile quirked the corner of his mouth. “Then how did I manage to hear you?”

Good question. One that sent the lust packing faster than it had arrived. Vague whispered myths of bonded pairs being able to communicate telepathically teased the edge of her memory. Crap! This just got better and better!




Buy Link – https://www.changelingpress.com/product.php?&upt=book&ubid=2327


A hot angel on a Harley will make your holidays happy!

Ground-Rules-LGCan a bad boy angel and a dispirited mortal find a Christmas miracle together?

Luke, newly promoted to Watcher Angel, has been watching one human too closely—Alice. Unfortunately, she’s now his latest assignment. Good thing the ground rules forbid getting involved with a human.

Alice Garner scores a great contract to illustrate a children’s book by a famous author, but lack of inspiration forces her to cancel her holiday plans. Alone on Christmas to meet her looming deadline, Alice wishes on her treetop angel for help. She wasn’t expecting an angel to answer, especially one as surly as Luke.

As they try to restore Christmas cheer to another, Luke brings Alice more than inspiration. He reawakens her heart. Now Alice has to convince him he’s her greatest wish. With a little Christmas magic, can she convince him to break the ground rules and stay?


Reviewers said: “A perfect love story with a little hint of Christmas…

This was such a short, sweet, light-hearted story about finding love, even if you’re not looking. Ms. Masters took a simple love story and made it magical, drawing the reader into the world where angels can make your dreams come true. And the fact that Luke could make a mean margarita certainly didn’t hurt, either. I’m a sucker for a Christmas story – throw in a hot angel on a Harley and we’ve got a party!”

and “Luke is the Harley, hunky not-like-you’ve-seen-before Angel. Had his heart broken and doesn’t want to listen to his heart. It reminded me of It’s a Wonderful Life with a love twist. If you want a good book to get you into the spirit of Christmas and miracles I recommend Ground Rules.”

and “This fun fantasy tale will keep you reading and waiting to see just what happens next. I didn’t see this ending coming, and I consider that an accomplishment for the author.”


Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/366969

Barnes and Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/ground-rules-cate-masters/1107758916?ean=2940045342803

Thawing Ava


Hockey player Brice Douglas has never gotten over the Christmas he spent with Ava Johnson back in college. Now, years later, he’s in trouble with his team, the Witch Fields Prowlers. Desperate to keep their rabble-rousing player’s head in the game, they hire a babysitter to keep his ass out of a sling and home in his bed at night: Ava. He’s determined to make up for lost time, while convincing her he’s not the man the team made him out to be, using every dirty, sexy trick he can.

Ava just got out a relationship with a cheating fiancé. She needs time to rebuild her life and babysitting her old college crush maybe the answer to her prayers–so long as sex isn’t involved. Yet, with his sexy nightly self-pleasuring sessions and dirty talk her resistance quickly starts wearing thin. With every day that passes, she’s growing more comfortable with him and his desire for her.

Will she be putting Brice on ice, or will he end up thawing Ava?



No one told Ava that Brice Douglas was going to be here. In fact, when her mother had called, she didn’t mention the sexy-as-sin hockey player and Ava’s ex-college crush.

Brice leaned against the wall in the far corner as if he were a kid who’d been naughty, but he was a grown man who didn’t look the least bit sorry for whatever it was he had done. His auburn hair was mussed as if he’d just rolled out of bed, a bit of reddish-brown scruff decorated his cheeks, his lips were red, and his green eyes were dark and inviting her to step into that forbidden part of the forest she couldn’t resist. Despite all the years she hadn’t interacted with him, it was like Christmas vacation all over again. Him trying to wheedle an extra helping of pudding despite his stomach flu and her trying to resist him before she broke down and gave him her share.

Her skin prickled as his stare roamed over her face and neck, then across her chest, only to come back up to her face again. She shifted in her seat and looked away. Concentrate, she ordered herself, but she could feel the weight of his gaze on her. It was a heated caress that penetrated her thick, fluffy parka and sweater, and glided along her skin like warmed oil.

Ava ignored the way her nipples tightened and her labia thickened and her body temperature increased. Brice Douglas wasn’t going to lure her in. She wasn’t a college sophomore under his spell. At least that’s what she told herself. No one knew about her crush on him, and they wouldn’t. Whatever the reason he was here and she’d been called would require that the past stay dead.

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Loose Id


Barnes and Noble



New UNWRAPPING ANNABELL Hot (NC-17) Video and Excerpt (PG)


Happy Saturday, everyone!

Thought I’d share my new UNWRAPPING ANNABELL (Christmas Encounters) book trailer with you. (Warning: NC-17 – adults only, please, F/F.) It’s the perfect read for the upcoming holiday weekend! One reader stated that it was a, “Truly amazing book!” Also, I’ve provided you a sample read (PG-rated) snippet below. Enjoy!




Enjoy a PG-rated snippet…

By USA Today Bestseller Titania Ladley


Nicole Croft squinted and peered through the thick falling snow. The dark splotch on the Missouri county road ahead could’ve been anything given the whiteout conditions and the storm clouds concealing the moon. But it sure as hell appeared to be a human skidding across the slick surface on all fours.

The headlights sliced through the blowing snow and shone on the figure. A woman. She lifted her head and stared into the headlights, one arm raised to fend off the glare. Though pale and “red-nosed”—Nicole almost laughed at the irony of that—she still recognized the Amish woman.

The black bonnet confirmed it.

What was Annabell Kranz, the grown daughter of one of Nicole’s consignment customers, doing out in the middle of a blizzard, crawling across the road? Christ, was she trying to commit suicide?

Nicole glanced around, but she didn’t see one of their trademark black buggies off in the ditch or parked along the shoulder. They frequented Cool Hollow almost daily, selling their wares and buying supplies, but never had she seen them out in weather like this. So then why was Annabell…?

No way. Was she defecting?


Now available!

Buy links:

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Amazon FR

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Sinsational ~ Scandalous
Erotic Romance
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A Changeling For All Seasons – B.J. McCall

Welcome to the party.

The holidays are just around the corner and the nights are definitely colder. Changeling Press has a new anthology that is guaranteed to heat things up: A Changeling For All Seasons Volume 2


Eleven tales of Christmas Magic from your favorite Changeling authors…


Holly’s Jolly Christmas by Ciarra Sims: Dear Santa: I need a man. Not a rich one or a perfect lover, just a kind, caring, maybe funny and decent looking guy…

Merry’s Christmas MΘnage by Eve Vaughn: Dax makes it his mission to give fate a hand and bring Thorne and Merry together, with the help of some Christmas Magic.

Christmas Cookie by Elizabeth Jewell: Everybody has their Christmas traditions — even vampires.

Happy Howlidays by Isabella Jordan: The moon is full this Christmas Eve and the two handsome hunks have some business with Sarah that they mean to finish.

Elves Gone Wild by Lacey Savage: The candy-cane wrapping paper on her sister’s gift reveals the sexiest naked man Grace has ever laid eyes on…

The Gift by Lia Connor: When Rob gets a job at a swanky Christmas celebration, he’s all about the money — that is, until he meets Shika.

Santa Six by B.J. McCall: Anni Marks attends a Santa auction on Celestial Desires, an adult entertainment space station. On auction, twelve handsome younger men and one night of holiday pleasure.

Sideways Glance by Camille Anthony: A heated sideways glance from a handsome suntanned hunk sparks a desire in Cheryl to celebrate life.

Yule Wolf by Kate Hill: On a dark, cold Yuletide Eve Fenris offers Roth the most priceless holiday gift imaginable.

Karmic Gifts by Kira Stone: Fate has a karmic gift in store for Pax… if she’s brave enough to accept it.

Snowman by Willa Okati: Josh is holding out hope for a miracle, that there will be a man perfect for him, one who loves him with all his heart.





Hot Christmas Encounters

Hello, TRS-ers! It’s so great to be here with you for this awesome Thanksgiving get-together. I just thought I’d start with announcing my newest release (as of 2 days ago!) titled UNWRAPPING ANNABELL. It’s a contemporary lesbian erotic romance set in a small bustling tourist Amish town in northern Missouri during Christmas week. Yes, me bad–a naughty “English” woman corrupts an angelic Amish woman. :D

Here’s a blurb for you beneath the pic:

A lesbian Amish erotic romance set during the Christmas holidays.

All Amish widow Annabell wants for Christmas is one week—just one—to experience the modern world before she remarries on Christmas. When she sneaks from her village and gets lost one blustery night, it’s an outsider woman who rescues her, one who awakens things inside Annabell she didn’t know existed.
Things she should never feel. Or do.

Suffering Scrooge syndrome after a recent breakup with her girlfriend, Nicole’s in no mood to bother with a half-frozen woman in Amish garb. Yet Nicole soon realizes Annabell’s a holiday gift, a beautiful, sexy one to be unwrapped and devoured.

But the two women have just seven days. One short week before Annabell walks out of Nicole’s life forever…and marries a man.

I hope you enjoy this sexy, fun read as much as I did writing it. Happy Thanksgiving to all those who celebrate the holiday. Stay warm!



Buy UNWRAPPING ANNABELL by Titania Ladley:
~Amazon US
~Amazon UK
~Amazon AU
~Amazon FR

Loving Logan: Christmas in Live Oak

Loving Logan 1600x2400 300dpi

It’s Christmas at O’Malley’s…with leprechauns, Guinness, good luck and laughter, lullabies, dreams and love ever after.

Fun, flirty and just a little bit sexy…

If you like romantic comedy with a sexy rich guy, an Irish heroine who mutters in Gaelic, a crazy bet, a long held secret, and lots of pets, then chances are you’ll enjoy LOVING LOGAN.

What Bailey O’Donlan fancies this Christmas is for Logan Mitchell, the only man she's ever loved, to disappear before he learns her secret.

She's not asking much. After all, Mitch has disappeared before. Bailey’s seen neither hide nor hair of him in eight long years, ever since the Christmas Eve she climbed through his bedroom window with stars in her eyes.

Instead, what she gets is one stray golden retriever, one conga-dancing basset hound with nervous gas, four kittens, and two brothers who can’t wait to meddle in her life.

Rich and successful, Logan has come home to stay, and to escape from being Society magazine’s Most Eligible Bachelor. Ever since the magazine hit the newsstands, he’s been getting letters. And not just your typical fan mail kinds of letters, either. He’s getting marriage proposals by the truckload, and strange women are asking him to father their children. He’s got pictures of women in all manner of dress and some not dressed at all.

When Bailey embarrasses him in front of their friends, he foolishly accepts a bet offered by Bailey’s brother Greg–that Logan can make Bailey fall in love with him again before Christmas day. But Logan’s plans to win Bailey over get completely derailed when he learns that she’s already in love–with the man who left her with a broken heart and a young daughter.

The O’Donlan clan has another agenda, however, and it’s not long before Bailey and Logan square off with super-soakers, bologna and brussels sprout casseroles, beer-drenched shirts, a freakish late night pizza delivery, secret decoder rings, a mob of big-haired women, and some wild entertainment called Foreplay.

So what’s going to happen when Logan finds out that Bailey’s daughter is his?

Loving Logan 1600x2400 300dpi

The Promise


Looking for a holiday romance? This full length story takes place at a snowy Vermont farm where a large family has gathered to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Keeping promises is important to Ryan, but keeping his promise to his younger brother David will be hard. David’s final wish is for Ryan to watch over his wife and daughter, but Ryan’s been in love with Shannon for years. This holiday season, Ryan will learn he can keep his promise and still have his heart’s desire.


Liquid Silver Books

Tory Richards

@MeganSlayer ‘s Shifter’s Challenge ~ A #Paranormal #Christmas #ShortStory with #Excerpt

Shifter’s Challenge (Peppermint Twist) by Megan Slayer 

Changeling Press

Contemporary, Paranormal, Holiday

Short Story

M/M, Anal Sex

Time to see what magic Christmas has in store for Steve, a black cat shifter, and Landon the Elf…

Steve Moore, a black cat shifter, breaks into the North Pole Christmas party in his cat form. Easy enough. No one imagines a black cat would be out of place in a warm building in the middle of the winter. But Steve’s not there to sample the cupcakes or eggnog. No, he’s there to find the one Elf who makes his heart race — Landon. Is Landon still interested in the shifter? They only spent one night together. Things could fall apart once they find each other again, but Steve’s betting the Elf is craving him, too.

Time to see what magic Christmas has in store.

Available soon :



©Megan Slayer, 2014, All Rights Reserved

“I’m going to find that elf.” Steve Moore stood outside the main ballroom and peered in the window. He’d found his way to the North Pole with a little luck and good directions… and the help of an elf. He owed his friend, Luciano, big time. What was a cat shifter to do? He needed to find the elf who made his heart beat. Landon. Just thinking about the elf sent shivers down Steve’s spine and warmth through his veins.

He could think about his one-night stand all he wanted, but first he needed to get into the ballroom. No point in pining over a guy when Steve was outside freezing. But a human couldn’t just stroll into the building. He’d stick out amongst the shorter individuals.

Voices from where he couldn’t see grabbed his attention. Steve ducked into the snow-covered bushes on either side of the door. He couldn’t be seen. Not yet. The cat within him meowed. He needed to shift and allow the animal free rein. That was how he’d get into the ballroom.

He closed his eyes and gave in to the cat within him. His bones snapped, and fur sprouted on his arms and legs. His clothes slipped from his body and landed in a heap beneath him. His ears elongated, and his fangs jabbed within his mouth. When he opened his eyes, he shook the snow off his small body and then licked his paw. Time to sneak into the elves’ ball.

Steve crept to the edge of the bushes and watched for the owners of the voices he’d heard. Two female elves strolled up to the building. Steve hurried behind them and sneaked through the door before anyone noticed.

The moment he entered the ballroom, he paused. He’d never seen so much red and green in his life. Icicles dangled from the ceiling and lights glittered all over the place. The room reminded him of the brightest Christmas display in every shopping center all rolled into one. The scent of peppermint wafted through the space. Elves in red suits trimmed with white fur mingled in bunches. Mistletoe decorated the archways, and thick ropes of evergreen garland swooped from corner to corner of the room. A massive Christmas tree stood in the farthest corner, and presents of every shape and size had been piled beneath and around it.

Steve sat beneath a table overflowing with cookies and eggnog. He needed to find his elf. He’d been told all the elves looked alike. Not true. The more he glanced over the crowd, the more he realized they were different just like everyone else. A couple of the elves had dark hair like Landon’s, but none were him. He groaned. If he were going to find Landon, he needed to get a better vantage point.

The cat needed to climb. He stretched and dug his claws into the carpet. He knew exactly where he needed to go in order to see the rest of the room — the Christmas tree. He meandered around the perimeter of the large space to the evergreen tree. Presents had been piled up at the bottom of the tree, giving him great camouflage. He ascended the branches until he found one with a decent vantage point. Steve perched on the limb and surveyed the crowd.

So many elves and so many happy faces. He’d never find Landon in the myriad of red and white. His heart sank. He’d been a fool to hunt for the elf. They’d spent one night together. Landon probably didn’t even remember him.

Three elves wandered past the tree, and the sound of one of the male elves’ voices caught his attention. Steve perked his ears and zeroed in on the dark-haired elf.


* * * * *

Megan Slayer – It’s Always Fun to Squirm