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Message, paintings, poems, book cover, and buy link

Poetry Book Cover-first edition

Poetry Book Cover-first edition

Sunset Fishing-16x20 oil $300 signed and framed

Sunset Fishing-16×20 oil $300 signed and framed

Snap Dragons at Play-11x14 oil $300 signed and framed

Snap Dragons at Play-11×14 oil $300 signed and framed

Hello readers, dont forget that I am the owner of Books and Paintings by JoAnne where you will find all your reading and decor needs. Please check out my website and let me know what you think.


The trust was broken, but my love remains.
I had dreams of happiness.
Consumed by a slow subtle change.
The weight of agony, was against my breast.
Life now disrupted-rearranged.
Is loneliness my destiny or one of life’s cruel twisted tests?
I surrender self-pity and shake off distraught.
My pride restored.
I gave it all.
I won-I fought.
Living each day with the breath of a new chance.
Going ahead, my new life a mystery.
I learned again to love, grow and dance.

I long for the tender touch of a man in love.
Soothing my mind with his quivering hands.
I seek release into his world of security,
and unbound lust.
Reaching deep, I search for unbridled desires.
Drowning in his eternity,
as we entwine in familiar flesh.
Our thought’s sacred to only the other’s needs,
as we melt into lustful togetherness.



Message, bio, Q & A, poems, and photo

JoAnne Myers

JoAnne Myers

Good morning readers, today I will be posting about my six published books. I will be awarding two luck winners each a print copy of my poetry collection, Poems About Life, Love, and Everything in Between for commenting. Right now I would like to introduce myself, so here is my bio and a few questions and answers about me. Thank you and have fun.

Author Bio:

I have been a long-time resident of southeastern Ohio, and worked in the blue-collar industry most of my life. Besides having several novels under my belt, I canvas paints.
When not busy with hobbies or working outside the home, I spend time with relatives, my dog Jasmine, and volunteer my time within the community. I am a member of the International Women’s Writing Guild, Savvy Authors, Coffee Time Romance, Paranormal Romance Guild, True Romance Studios, National Writers Association, the Hocking Hill’s Arts and Craftsmen Association, The Hocking County Historical Society and Museum, and the Hocking Hills Regional Welcome Center. I believe in family values and following your dreams. My original canvas paintings, can be found at: booksandpaintingsbyjoanne.com

1. When did you first consider yourself a writer? When my book Murder Most Foul was accepted by Melange Books.
2. What do you do for fun and relaxation? Watch t.v. and paint
3. Do you think you’ll ever retire from writing? I hope not
4. Where do you see yourself as a writer ten years in the future? successful
5. What do you hope to write in the future? More good stores-perhaps another paranormal book.
6. What can readers look for next from you? My biography true crime anthology Twisted Love, was just released.
7. Where can readers/fans see about you? Either at joannetucker98@yahoo.com or face book or http://www.booksandpaintingsbyjoanne.com

Sample poems from “Poems About Life, Love, and everything in Between”


I was afraid to grow up.
Afraid of life.
I worried myself to death.
It was hard to breathe.
Like a fish out of water.
Like having asthma.
High school was hell-crazy wild.
My only plan.
Just get up and go.
Cant be like mom.
She always had a plan.
Living her life without any man.
Cant think that far.
Felt out of place.
Like dust floating in space.
Scared out of my mind.
Of what I might or might not find.
Cant hack relationships.
More drama.
Why waste the time.
Still confused, but still craving knowledge.
I need to do what I want-for myself.
Even if its just me who cares.
Even if no ones there.
It was a long hard road.
To get my act together.
All bad choices, solely I sowed.
Working for nickels and dimes.
Like a newborn.
Taking one step at a time.

A new wife and mother.
Scared of life.
Scared to grow up.
Worry myself sick.
Never thought of a plan.
Didn’t want to be like the others.
Living my life according to my mother.
My life seemed over, before it began.
Cant think or feel.
Cant plan ahead.
Like a foolish child wanting to be a woman.
Some days to hard, just cant deal.
To confused to understand.
That growing up comes with demands. Married badly, blamed myself.
Got out fast, and never looked back.
I covered myself in chaos.
All out of faith, money, and time.
Need to step back and take deep breaths,
and take one step at a time.
I cornered myself in chaos,
in false love, self loathing and lies.
Writing my future off as a loss.
Nothing left but sorrow, despair and good-byes.
Feeling helpless, lost and alone,
I felt I could accomplish nothing on my own.
I retreated to a place called the dark.
To contemplate my choices,
before my life’s journey embarked.
My only failures were the ones I created.
My bad choices were thorns all around. It took years to find happiness and evolve.
My will to succeed is my solid ground.

Good night message, and buy links to Murder Most Foul, and Wicked Intentions

Hello viewers , this is my last post of the party. I hope you enjoyed my posts and learing more about me and my books. The uploader did not work and I was unable to upload my book covers and paintings. Thank you and good night.

Buy links for Wicked Intentions:



“Murder Most Foul,” available here:

Here is the link to buy it directly from LULU:


BLURB: When two dismembered torsos wash up on the banks of the local river in the small industrial town of Pleasant Valley, residents are horrified. Between contradicting statements, police ineptitude, lust, lies, manipulation, incest, the motorcycle gang The Devil’s Disciples, crooked cops, and a botched crime scene, everyone becomes a suspect.

The young beautiful Jackie Reeves, a registered nurse, believes the killer is a man from her past. She contacts the dangerously handsome FBI Agent Walker Harmon. An arrest is made, but Harmon and Jackie believe an innocent man is being railroaded by local cops. Determined to find the truth, before anymore killings, Agent Harmon and Jackie are forced to run a gauntlet of deep trouble and turmoil, which marks them for death.

Summary of The Crime of the Century, due out January 30


The residents of Rolling Hills, an economically ruined bedroom community of the Appalachian region of southeastern Ohio, were horrified when the dismembered bodies of missing teenage sweethearts, Shane Shoemaker and Babette Lloyd, were pulled from the murky and meandering local river. Multiply suspects surfaced, including relatives, ex-lovers, Satanists, and the Devil’s Disciple’s motorcycle gang, but only one was railroaded, Babette’s stepfather, Richard Allan Lloyd, a known nudist and hothead. The rumors of his and Babette’s incestuous relationship only electrified the townsfolk and local authorities’ hatred against him.
What really happened on that cool autumn evening of 1982? What began as an evening stroll turned into what found only in horror films, and dubbed ‘the crime of the century’. 18 year old Babette, a voluptuous beauty contestant, horsewoman, and aspiring computer programmer, and her 19 year old boyfriend Shane Shoemaker, a jealous and possessive unemployed printer, were last seen walking toward the C&O Railroad tracks, crossing a trestle bridge that overlooked the river, near an infamous 52-acrea cornfield. Twelve days later, a search party found their mutilated torsos. After another two days their heads and limbs were unearthed, suggesting satanic cult activity.
Richard Lloyd was the main suspect from the beginning. It took nearly a year, but in an investigation smeared with contradicting statements, and a botched crime scene, investigators built a flimsy case against him. A financially motivated local mistakenly fingered Richard, accusing him of forcing the teens into a car at gun point. The police alleged Richard then killed the victims at his mobile home seven miles from Rolling Hills, with his wife and other step-daughter as witnesses. They accused him of dismembering the victims before transporting them to the Rolling Hills cornfield for burial. The state insisted a ancestral relationship between Richard and Babette existed, and the reason for the jealousy killings, and Richard’s immense hatred for Shane Shoemaker. Richard’s multiply lies, his lust and jealousy for Babette, weapons availability, the hypnotized “eyewitness” and a disputed footprint expert bolstered the states misguided case against the now dubbed “evil stepfather.” Most of what was presented at the three-week trial was based on police corruption and ineptitude, melodramatic fiction, and forensic mishandling.
As a resident of Rolling Hills, Ohio, I, JoAnne Myers contrived “The Crime of the Century,” through case documents, newspaper clippings, signed affidavits, witness testimony, interviews, police reports, theories and rumors.
This heinous crime not only shattered the sense of security for Logan, but destroyed two families, marriages, careers, friendships, and forever scarred the town. This story is a detailed account of finding justice for Babette and Shane, of human injustice at the highest level, of one man’s perseverance to prove his innocence, and gain his freedom from death row, and righting a wrong.
Richard Lloyd was released on appeal after sitting on death row for five years. Prosecutors opted not to re-try him, but Lloyd and his family remained under a cloud of presumed guilt for 28-years. In 2008, two career criminals were indicted and convicted for the homicides.

NOTE: All names and places have been changed to protect the innocent and guilty.

Blurbs from Loves’, Myths’, and Monsters’, due out 2014



Little does 17 year old Zoe, realize, but the Chupracabra followed her to Ohio from South America. What happens next is a series of chilling mysteries, and unsuspecting friendships and love.


When all game warden Daren Abram, had to worry about was which lucky lady to woo, he comes to the realization that his town is being stalked by the reincarnation of the town’s legend.


For teenage mermaid Constance, coming to the quaint seaside town of Willowick, is heavenly, until she falls for mortal boy Drake. For the town to survive, Constance is forced to choose between her kind and the boy and town she loves.


Apiologist 34-year-old Duncan McPherson goes to Circleville, Ohio, to investigate a series of mysterious bee attacks. What is uncovered proves to be more dark and sinister then anyone imaged.


Incarcerated in the abandoned Roseville jail, is the last thing rich college student and speeder Brice Conrad, needs. With an “agreement” between the town and a permanent demonic “guest”, only the unfortunate ones know the truth, but do not live to tell.


When an Egypt love curse scroll is stolen from a Dean’s office, persons begin dying in bizarre and grisly ways, with the college’s mascot a Viking King statue jokingly blamed for it.


When young Lycan Sonny Red Blanket, a Shawnee Indian falls for mortal girl Drenda Way, he must save her from his fellow Lycan’s and stop a werewolf uprising.


When 32-year-old Vinton County Sheriff, James “Jim“ Connors, discovers he has a Mothman hunting in his county, he stops at nothing to save his citizens.


Handsome bachelor and Scientist Alex Anderson from the thirtieth century, returns to the Civil War with time serum to save his beloved Ginnie Wade from a snipers bullet, while finding a roller coaster ride of joy and perils.


A seemingly loving family turns out to be serial killers in 1873.


The rough and ready cowboy John Queenie gets the shock of his life, when the ad to break a “wild filly” turns out to be a fiery Quaker girl named Tess. This is a story proving love conquers all.

“Poems About Life, Love, and Everything in Between” is a poetry collection that provides a glimpse into the heart, mind and soul, of its author. It is a heartwarming read, written with love and respect for others. Some poems were written in times of sorrow, other poems were written in times of joyous celebration. Life if like that.
“Poems About Life, Love, and Everything in Between,” is available at http://www.amazon.com/dp/147837022x

My upcoming novels from Melange Books are:

“WICKED INTENTIONS” a paranormal/mystery anthology due out October 2013
“LOVES’, MYTHS’ AND MONSTERS’,” a fantasy anthology due out January 2014
“FLAGITIOUS,” a crime and paranormal novella collection

Other books soon available:

“THE CRIME OF THE CENTURY,” a biography true-crime
“TWISTED LOVE,” a true-crime anthology

Email: joannetucker98@yahoo.com

My newly released poetry collection, Poems About Life, Love, and Everything in Between, is available at http://www.amazon.com/dp/147837022x Inspired by nature, inspiration, spiritualism, and family, it is a heartwarming read written with love and respect for others.

My original canvass paintings, can be found at Books and Paintings by JoAnne or http://www.booksandpaintingsbyjoanne.com



Blurbs for Murder Most Foul and Wicked Intentions now available and buy links

Buy links for Wicked Intentions:



BLOOD TIES- word count 15, 902

After the mysterious disappearance of twenty-six year old wife and mother Lisa Smalley, her twin, Attorney Audra Roper, begins having dark and disturbing visions of Lisa’s disappearance. Trying to survive while looking for Lisa, Audra’s life becomes a roller coaster of risks, heartbreak, and intrigue.

THE HAUNTING OF BARB MARIE- word count 9,845

Even as a child, Barb Marie saw dead people. This took an unhealthy toil on her throughout her childhood and young adulthood.

SUMMER WIND-word count 13,039

When twenty-nine year old Ginger discovers the old mansion Summer Wind, she is mysteriously drawn to it. . Immediately, the haunting’s have a negative and profound effect on the family.

THE TRUTH BEHIND THE LIES-laying the Norfolk ghost to rest

Solving the brutal murder of American born Ruthie Geil becomes a gauntlet of attacks and more murders for Federal Police Inspector Ian Christian. Between the victims family, ex-lovers, and ghostly occurrences on Norfolk Island, the killer is closer than anyone realizes.

THE LEGEND OF LAKE MANOR-word count 8,297

For the young psychic Cassandra Lopez, coming to the infamous and haunted mansion Lake Manor, was more like a mission.

THE APARTMENT-word count 5,188

When young newlyweds Bill and Gayle move into their new apartment, their lives are plagued with sightings of evil ghosts that threaten their marriage and lives.

DARK VISIONS-word count 5,170

When Carrie Reynold’s starts having nightmares on her twenty-sixth birthday, she believes her “dark visions” can solve the twenty year disappearance of her father.

“Murder Most Foul,” available here:

Here is the link to buy it directly from LULU:


BLURB: When two dismembered torsos wash up on the banks of the local river in the small industrial town of Pleasant Valley, residents are horrified. Between contradicting statements, police ineptitude, lust, lies, manipulation, incest, the motorcycle gang The Devil’s Disciples, crooked cops, and a botched crime scene, everyone becomes a suspect.

The young beautiful Jackie Reeves, a registered nurse, believes the killer is a man from her past. She contacts the dangerously handsome FBI Agent Walker Harmon. An arrest is made, but Harmon and Jackie believe an innocent man is being railroaded by local cops. Determined to find the truth, before anymore killings, Agent Harmon and Jackie are forced to run a gauntlet of deep trouble and turmoil, which marks them for death.

Excerpt of “The Truth Behind the Lies,” one story in the Wicked Intentions anthology available now

~ Laying the Norfolk Ghost to Rest ~

As I drove from the Norfolk airport in my chartered car on that warm
windy day in 2003, I steered toward Burnt Pine, the commercial hub of the
Island. It had been two years since I stepped foot on this small, but lush islet,
one-thousand miles north-east of Sydney, Australia. Being called in to
investigate American-born thirty-seven year old Ruthie Geil’s murder, I had the
haunting feeling that this case was the case that would make my career.

Before the horrific crime which occurred the previous afternoon, this
native land of mine, this tight knit community of sixteen hundred, had only
known peace and security. In the blink of an eye, Ruthie’s death put folks on
pins and needles. I suspected that feeling would last for years to come.

Norfolk Island was discovered by Captain James Cook on his second
voyage to the South Pacific in 1774. Abundant with tall straight trees and New
Zealand flax plants, he named the Island after the Duchess of Norfolk. It soon
became one of Australia’s most inhumane penal settlements before closing in

Chief Inspector Talent in my home district in Sydney turned the case over
to me when the local Island police force asked for additional help. No one had
been murdered there in over a hundred years. As I am a native of the Island, he
thought I might have more insight into the locals than someone else on the

As I studied the flimsy case file the Chief Inspector gave me, I realized my
life and the lives and reputations of every resident on Norfolk could forever
change. After dropping off my luggage at the Resort, I drove to the police
station. I needed to check in and introduce myself. Also something in the
homicide report had set off a red flag.

I flashed my badge at the native dispatcher and gave her my name and
badge number. “I’m here to help investigate the death of the American. Were
there any other crimes that day?”

She thought momentarily, then flipped through a stack of reports. “Only a
rental car theft. The car was later recovered from the bottom of a cliff near the
Island National Park.”

That was near the area where the body was discovered, the case file said.
Was there a connection between the two crimes?

“When was the car rented?”

“At 10:30 am.”

“Who rented it?”

She looked again and said, “Ruthie Geil.”

I was stunned at hearing that. Why would my victim rent a car thirty
minutes before she went missing? And who drove it off the cliff?

“Thank you,” I said with a smile before leaving.

That serene Easter day is where my story began. My name is Ian Christian,
and I was the Federal Police Inspector assigned to the case.

Good night message, excerpt from “Summer Wind,” one story in the Wicked Intentions anthology available now

Well friends, this is my last post of the evening. I hope you are enjoying learning about my books. Please pick up your copy of Murder Most Foul, or Wicked Intentions.


Summer Wind

The summer of 1971 was a new beginning for Ginger Duncan, a mother of
two girls. Eight year old Betsy liked to paint and dreamed of becoming a
professional artist. Ten year old Daisy loved animals and wanted to be a
veterinarian. The girls had a pet raccoon that they kept in a cage. The animal
was a gift from their maternal grandfather, Ralph Weisman.

Ginger had recently wed businessman Mike Duncan. It was her second
marriage and his first. The couple wanted a new start and decided to move to
the small town of Destiny, located in northern Wisconsin, and buy a home.

* * * *

“We’re almost there, dear,” said the realtor, Lucille Keefer. “It’s just the
right size for a small family unless you and your new husband are thinking of
having more children.”

“Oh no,” laughed Ginger, cutting off the nosey woman. “Mike is content
with being a step-father.”

“Another two miles, and we’ll be there,” said the realtor just as a large
ominous looking house overlooking the bay caught Ginger’s eye.

“Who lives there?” she asked, pointing out the car window.

The realtor stopped in the middle of the road and looked. “Oh, that white
elephant,” she said with laugh. “I own it, too, but you said a small home for

“I’ve changed my mind,” said Ginger flippantly. “I want to look inside. Do
you have the key?”

“Yes…but…” said the realtor.

“Let’s check it out,” said Ginger, interrupting without bothering to look at
the realtor.

“Okay, if you insist,” said Lucille, steering her Cadillac in the direction of
the two-story white mansion.

“The Legend of Lake Manor,” one story in the Wicked Intentions antholgoy available now

The Legend of Lake Manor

Twenty-three year old Cassandra Lopez, embarking on a long-standing
family quest, traveled by bus to Lancaster, Ohio, arriving late in the afternoon
of March 9. Opposite the depot, directly across from the parking coach, she saw
a taxi line running along the street. As soon as traffic permitted, she scurried
over, grasped the door handle of the first Yellow Cab and climbed into the rear

“Lake Manor, please,” she informed the pair of dark eyes peering at her
via the rearview mirror. Eyes that widened in shock at her destination.

“That’s a bad hotel. I know many that are much better.”

Leaning forward, Cassandra politely told the middle-aged ebony driver,
“So do I, but take me there anyway.”

The man reluctantly removed his cigar. “If the lady wishes.” He then
kissed the rosary around his sweaty neck.

Cassandra nodded at the gesture. “I’ve never needed religion, but I’m sure
it’s calming to many.”

“For one not to need faith, one must have many guardian angels or be an

She smiled at his comment. She then removed her heavy hobo bag from
around her shoulders and breathed a sigh of relief. Her two-hundred mile
journey was finally over.

The taxi driver shifted into Drive and pulled away from the curb, heading
toward Route 22 East. “The only people who dare stay at Lake Manor are
fugitives or strangers who don’t know ‘bout its history. Which are you?”

“Neither,” she said. “I’m a thrill seeker.”

“Ahhh, even worse.” He added a hearty laugh as he turned onto the
winding Lake Road.

From the corner of the road, with the corn still low, she clearly saw the
brick and mortar mansion. The three-story building, built into a hill, was an

impressive yet daunting sight. Her first glimpse made the hair rise on the nape
of her neck.

Buy links for Wicked Intentions:



“The Haunting of Barb Marie,” one story in the Wicked Intentions anthology available now

The Haunting of Barb Marie

“Barb Marie!” calls the girl’s mother, Tricia, from the backdoor. “Come
in, and get washed up. We’re going out.” Tricia waits patiently for her only
child as her husband, Rob, warms up the car.

“Yes, Mommy,” replies the green-eyed seven-year old as she turns and
says goodbye to her deceased grandfather.

Then with excited anticipation about the new restaurant where her family
will dine that evening, Barb Marie races across the lawn into her house.

“Barb Marie, who were you talking to?” asks Tricia.

“Oh, it’s just Grandpa,” says the girl with a big smile, walking past her
mother to retrieve her coat.

“Oh…is that who it is?” says Tricia as she gazes around the large yard,
seeing no one before closing the door and joining her daughter. Tricia then slips
into her coat, and the two exit the home. They find the man of the house
waiting in the car.

“I’m out with the two prettiest girls in town,” he says proudly as they drive
to the bistro only blocks away.

As they drive, Tricia and Rob complain about their neighbor’s pooch using
their yard as a dumping ground. “You just let me catch that mutt doing his
business under my hedges again,” says Rob sternly. “I’ll scoop every bit of it
up and throw it on that man’s front porch.”

“Now, dear,” says Tricia, trying to calm her excited husband. “That will
only make matters worse…and… Barb Marie, who are you whispering to?”
She looks back at her daughter playing with her favorite doll in the backseat of
their station wagon.

“Oh, just Grandpa,” says the girl as Rob eyes her in the rear view mirror.
“He says he can take care of the neighbor’s dog.”

“Now, Barb Marie,” says her father with that stern tone again. “Didn’t we
have that conversation about talking to imaginary friends?”

Barb Marie becomes silent and fidgets with her dolly’s hair. “Answer your
father, dear,” coaches Tricia. Barb Marie knows only too well the wrath of
Father as she rubs her still sore arm.

“Yes, Daddy,” whispers the frightened child from the backseat.

“So who were you speaking to?”

“No one, Daddy,” says Barb Marie apologetically, combing her doll’s hair.

The rest of the evening goes well. Rob keeps his cool. Tricia laughs at his
silly stories about co-workers, and Barb Marie eats everything on her
plate…just like Grandpa tells her to.

It snows lightly as the family drives toward home. “That chicken fettuccini
was delicious,” brags Rob, fully satisfied for the evening.

“Maybe we should take your mother there for her birthday?” suggests
Tricia as Rob smiles in agreement.

As they near a red light, stopping behind a motorcyclist, Barb Marie blurts
out. “Don’t go yet, Daddy. Wait!”

“Wait for what, dear?” asks Tricia as she and Ron watch the light turn
green, and the motorbike zoom through the intersection. At that exact moment a
pick-up truck runs the parallel red light, smashing into the cyclist from the left,
killing the driver instantly from the looks of the mangled bike.

Barb Marie and Ron are shocked. Ron turns to Barb Marie and asks, “How
did you know that was going to happen?”

She smiles and says, “Grandpa told me so.”

Ron immediately becomes irate and slams the driving controls into Park
and jumps from the car. From the open driver’s door, he points his trembling
finger at his terrified daughter and yells, “Your grandfather died before you
were born. You know that!”

“It’s only a silly child’s game,” says Tricia, desperately trying to prevent a
spanking for Barb Marie or another domestic dispute between her and Ron.
“Most single children have imaginary friends.”

“She’s too old for make-believe,” shouts Ron, entering the vehicle and
slamming the door as the sounds of EMS sirens are heard.

Once Ron and Tricia give their statements to the attending officer, they
drive home. Barb Marie has fallen asleep, and Ron gently carries her to bed. He
and Tricia enjoy a glass of wine in front of a roaring fireplace before making
love. They wake the next morning, served breakfast in bed by Barb Marie.

“Wake up, Mommy and Daddy,” she happily says, while holding a tray of
scrambled eggs, bacon and buttered toast minus the coffee.

“Mmm!” says Ron, rolling over and opening his large brown eyes. “Barb
Marie, is Mommy up and dressed already?” He no more than utters those words
when Tricia pokes her head out from under the blanket.

“No…she’s not,” says Tricia with a big yawn. “What smells so good?”

“Breakfast!” chirps Barb Marie. “I’ll get the morning paper. It’s here

The couple uses their daughter’s absence for dressing. “Did you hear my
mother come in?” asks Ron, examining the complete and unburned meal.

“No, I didn’t.” Tricia goes looking for her mother-in-law, but finds Barb
Marie talking to herself in the bathroom. She listens through the partly opened

“Oh, thank you, Grandpa,” says Barb Marie. “You’re such a good

“My poor baby,” whispers a grief-stricken Tricia.

“Trish, what’s wrong?” asks Ron from behind, staring at his wife as she
wipes away a tear.

“Nothing! I’m just checking up on Barb Marie.”

“I’m all done, Mommy,” says a smiling Barb Marie, exiting the powder
room with flowers in her hair.

“How pretty!” says Ron, marveling at his daughter’s elaborate hair-do.
“You’re getting really good about doing your own hair.” He then took her by
the hand and twirled her around to get the full view and suddenly turns a pale

“What’s wrong, Ron?” asks Tricia when she sees her husband’s terrified

He grabs and shakes Barb Marie, causing her to scream in fear. “Who did
those braids? Who?” he shouts.

“Grandpa did my hair. Grandpa did my hair,” she cries. He releases her
into her mother’s soothing embrace.

Ron is covered in a cold sweat. He braces himself against the doorway of
the bathroom as Tricia removes Barb Marie from the room to calm her down.
The lady of the house returns to find her husband outside smoking. She joins

“My dad invented that type of braid,” he says, exhaling smoke. “Other
family members tried to mimic it, but couldn’t…”

“Perhaps the mother of one of Barb Marie’s friends discovered it,”
suggested Tricia, cutting him off. “It’s not uncommon for two people to have
the same idea. It’s only hair.”

“Don’t patronize me!” he snaps before flipping his cigarette butt to the
ground. “There’s something abnormal about that child.” He then storms inside
before his wife can speak.

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