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The Stuck-Up Governess

Governess CoverCharlotte Campbell is a beautiful 22 year old who has spent her life, since the age of 6, in boarding school in Boston. She has been raised as a lady and taught to keep her nose in the air and her manners impeccable. Neither her mother nor her father wanted her at home and her father didn’t want her at all! When her mother passes she returns to the family home in Tulsa in the hopes she can stay and care for her father. Her father has other ideas and Charlotte is forced to leave. When she answers an advertisement as a Governess on a ranch outside Fort Stockton her life becomes all that she’s dreamed until an unwelcome visitor snatches her from the man that she loves. The race is on for Charlotte to be found before she perishes in a dark cave outside Lambert! Will Harrison find the stuck up governess he has fallen in love with?


Fort Stockton                                                                            

Texas   1890

Charlotte Campbell descended the steps from the train gracefully with the assistance of the platform guard. She extracted her gloved hand from the guards and thanked him as she stepped onto the platform.

She was glad to have finally reached the end of her four day journey from Tulsa. She was tired of the noise, the ash that blew in every time she opened the window for relief from the heat, and she was well and truly fed up with the dreadful food.

She began walking towards the waiting room where she had arranged to meet her new employer – Mr Harrison Tate. She was attempting to straighten the wrinkles from her travelling suit as she walked to make herself a bit more presentable. Unfortunately she was not watching where she was stepping, tripped and collided with a solid wall. When she stepped back and looked up she realised the solid wall she’d run into was the chest of the most handsome man she’d ever laid eyes on!

Harrison Tate had been leaning against the door of the waiting room watching passengers disembark from the train when he caught sight of Charlotte. He’d been watching her approach and the next thing he knew her soft, curvy body was in his arms!

Charlotte blushed and took a step back as she composed herself and straightened her skirt. “I’m very sorry sir, I wasn’t watching where I was going and it appears I tripped on a rock” she apologised.

Harrison looked over the young girl in front of him and smiled as she blushed. He’d never seen such a beauty; albeit a dishevelled one. She was dressed in a blue woollen skirt with a matching jacket that brought out the blue in her eyes. Her fiery red hair was hidden under her bonnet but a few strands had escaped their confinement and now brushed her face. Her skin was milky white and her pouty lips were rose coloured. “Yep; she sure is a beauty” he thought to himself.

“That’s fine ma’am; as long as ya not hurt” he drawled in his deep Texan voice that sent a thrill to Charlotte’s toes.

“No; I’m perfectly fine thank you” she told him as she tried looking past him into the waiting room.

“Are ya lookin’ for someone ma’am?” the tall stranger asked as he looked back over his shoulder into the empty waiting room.

“My new employer is supposed to have been here to meet me” she said impatiently. “Maybe you know him? His name is Harrison Tate”

Harrison laughed and the sound made her knees tremble. “Well ma’am; it appears ya found him. That’d be me so ya must be Miss Charlotte Campbell; my new Governess” Harrison held out his hand and Charlotte shook it. “I’m right pleased to meet ya ma’am”

“I’m pleased to meet you too Mr Tate and I do again apologise for my clumsiness”

“No need to worry” he replied.

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Taming Gemma

Warning: Contains explicit sexual description and BDSM. Strictly for 18+

Liam Butler is a 26 year old Investment Banker.Taming Gemma Kindle

When his mining magnate parents perish in a helicopter crash, as their only son, he is left a very wealthy man.

He is a Dom on the lookout for a new Sub. This time he wants someone young who he can train.

Gemma Carmichael is a 20 year old Office Worker, the only daughter of a Diplomat. She is a Virgin.

Liam and Gemma meet at a society wedding and sparks begin flying.

Liam resolves to give the gorgeous, but bad tempered girl, a wide berth, until their paths cross again two weeks later.

Will she become the Sub he is searching for?



Gemma stood with her back to the sun. She had chosen to wear a pale blue chiffon, halter neck dress and the sun felt wonderfully warm on her bared back.

“Gemma, are you listening?” Giles Fisher asked?

Gemma had her back to the small group she was with. She was kicking herself for asking Giles to accompany her to her friend, Lynette’s wedding. She hadn’t wanted to attend such an important social occasion unaccompanied but he really was a terrible boor. She had told him time and again she was not interested in anything other than friendship but he persisted in asking her to date.

“I’m sorry, I was…” She stopped mid-sentence as Giles slipped up behind her. His hands slid around her chest and began fondling her breasts. She spun on her heels, propelling her arm forward, clenched fist connected hard with his nose. Giles stepped back sputtering as blood poured down the front of his pale grey Armani suit.

“How dare you!” she screamed. Gemma stomped towards the reception house. Her intention was to apologise to Lynette, and her new husband, before returning home.

“You will pay for that, you tease.” Giles shouted at her back.

She turned her head to unleash her retort. “Stay away from me and keep your filthy hands to yourself.”

In her anger, she failed to watch where she was going and ran headlong into a solid wall. It almost knocked her backwards onto her butt. Large hands locked on her arms in an attempt to steady her.

Gemma’s head had connected with a man’s very broad chest, she felt his well-toned muscles bunch under his suit. A very sensuous cologne wafted over her. She tilted her head back and gazed into the blackest eyes she had ever seen, they were like pools of pure onyx. His hands remained on her arms and he smiled down at her. This man was too handsome and sexy for his own good. A strange thrill raced down her spine.

Gemma pushed back to release herself. “Let me go,” she demanded. Liam immediately released his hold. “Men!” she ranted as she stormed away.

Liam gave Pete and Jack a confused look. “What did I do?”

“Guess you got in the way of an argument between her and her boyfriend.” Jack laughed.

“That’s Gemma Carmichael. She doesn’t have a boyfriend. Giles Fisher has been sniffing around for a while but she told him she wasn’t interested.” Pete elaborated.

Liam watched the petite woman as she stomped her way to the reception house. Her pale blue, gossamer dress floated over her sexy curves and, with the sunlight behind her, not much was left to his imagination. She wore a thong and her ass cheeks rippled with each step she took. Cute backside, wouldn’t mind having that across my knees.


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Excerpt 3- Love Like Vampires

Karenna Colcroft back to share the final excerpt of the day from Love Like Vampires. The novel officially releases on Wednesday, but you can pre-order it now from Dreamspinner Press in either ebook or paperback.



“We have time to figure it out.” Shane clapped Thaniel on the shoulder. “Bryan’s right. You did awesome.”

“Thanks.” The compliment warmed Thaniel, and Shane’s touch added more heat. Now that rehearsal had ended, they could go home and follow through on what they’d talked about earlier.

He hesitated as another idea popped into his head. Bryan already knew he and Shane had something going on. He didn’t see any reason not to tell Jace, and maybe having Thaniel be open about it would make Shane happy.

“By the way.” He cleared his throat and the other three all looked at him. His chest tightened, but he ignored it. “Um, I wanted you guys to be aware Shane’s off-limits, in case you had any interest.”

“What are you talking about?” Jace glanced back and forth between Thaniel and Shane.

Shane’s face relaxed into a smile that, to Thaniel, lit up the whole barn. “He’s talking about him and me.”

“Oh.” Jace blinked rapidly a few times, then grinned. “Congrats, I guess. I mean, it’s about time. We all knew you were into him.”

“Who was into who?” Thaniel shook his head. He should know better than to try to make sense of half the stuff Jace said. “Never mind. I just thought you guys should know.”

“Cool.” Jace did a little dance behind his keyboard. “Happy for you.”

Thaniel cracked up laughing. “Okay. Do your little happy dance, then. Thanks.”

“We should get going.” Shane checked his watch.

“Yeah. Leave the instruments here and we’ll rehearse again tomorrow.” Thaniel paused. “If it’s cool with your folks, Jace.”

“Yeah, it won’t be a problem. I’ll tell them what happened with Todd so they know why we need to have extra rehearsals.” Jace spoke so fast Thaniel could barely understand him. “Hey, do you have any weed? I mean, we’re all stressed. It would be a good thing.”

“I don’t have any with me.” Smoking would have been good. It didn’t shut off Thaniel’s brain as completely as music did, but it helped.

“Crap.” Jace’s smile didn’t fade a bit. “Oh, well. Bring some tomorrow?”

“We’ll see.” Thaniel glanced at Shane, who appeared very busy with his guitar. The guy hated that Thaniel smoked. Thaniel just hoped it wouldn’t become an issue between them. He didn’t want their relationship to be based on him quitting one of the few vices he had.

“Okay,” Jace said. “Going back to the house. See you guys tomorrow. Same time? I have to tell my parents.”

“Yeah, same time,” Shane said.

“Okay.” Jace switched off his keyboard. “See you.”

Before the kid asked any more questions, Thaniel walked out of the barn. Shane and Bryan were right behind him.

Without a word, he handed Shane the keys to the van and got into the back seat. Shane hesitated. Thaniel closed his eyes and relaxed. He didn’t feel like talking to anyone until they got home.

He dozed off and on until the van came to a stop and one of the front doors opened. The cool night air brushing his face was a welcome break from the heat and humidity of the past few days, and when Thaniel opened his eyes he noticed raindrops on the windshield.

“Wake up, sleeping beauty.” Shane snorted and turned in his seat. Bryan had already left the van. “We’re home. Nice nap?”

“You could say that.” Thaniel smiled. “I just needed a break.”

“Yeah, I hear you.” Shane opened his door. “Are you coming inside or going to spend the night out here?”

“Rain on the car roof.” Thaniel hummed a random melody. “Could be a new song.”

“Yeah, because we need more of those.” Shane paused. “Actually, we do, but right now? I thought you and I were going to spend some time together.”

“Yeah.” Thaniel’s pleasure in the sound of the rain ebbed away. Shane’s comment sounded way needier than Thaniel wanted to deal with.

Then again, he had promised Shane they would have some time alone. They were in a relationship. It felt and sounded weirder than anything that had happened in Thaniel’s life so far, but he kind of liked it. Shane had always been important to him. Now he was important in a different way.

He beckoned to Shane. “Come here.”

With a tentative smile, Shane leaned around the back of his seat. “Yes?”

“Kiss me.” Thaniel unfastened his seat belt and moved forward to the edge of his seat. “Show me you want me.”

Immediately Shane’s hands were on Thaniel, pulling him forward into a searing kiss that made Thaniel hard as hell within seconds. Shane’s soft lips on his sent his hunger spiraling. Music stopped him from thinking, and sometimes so did weed.

Sex was better than either, especially with someone he cared about as much as Shane.

Mail Order Marshall

Mail_Order_Marshall_Cover_for_KindleA young  girl  has inherited her parents horse ranch but she needs to marry to keep it; she reluctantly sends for a mail order husband. A young Ranger wants his own ranch but doesn’t want marriage. When he is offered a part ownership in a ranch if he agrees to a marriage, it is a future he just can’t refuse. Will these two come to an agreement they can live with? Will they find who is threatening the ranch and the young girl’s life?

Please Note: this book is a work of fiction and for the sake of the story I have stated that a single girl in Texas in the 1800s was unable to own property. This is however untrue, a single girl could own property but it became her husband’s once she married.


Summer 1870

Winton, TEXAS

Claire Sullivan stood up, slapped her dusty Stetson against her denims and pushed her loosened hair back behind her ears. She had been attempting to break the recalcitrant roan stallion for the past four days and she was still no closer to remaining in the saddle.

“Not looking good boss.” her foreman, Carter, commented as he hung over the corral fence watching.

Claire limped over to the fence and leaned with her back against it watching the gelding run wildly in circles around the corral.

“You okay?” Carter asked as she limped towards him.

“Yeah, just twisted up the ankle a bit is all. It’ll be fine.” She frowned at the antics of her high spirited horse as he began to kick out his rear legs.

Claire had been breaking horses to the saddle for almost ten years now and had been riding since before she could walk. As an only child on the Flying J Ranch she had been around horses all her life.

Local people reckoned she was the best in the county at breaking horses, better in fact than any man. She neither knew nor cared if she was. She just loved being around horses.

Her father, John, had come west from Virginia more than thirty years ago to realise his dream of starting a ranch and she wanted to continue his work. She was proud of the Flying J ranch’s reputation for supplying the finest riding horses to the US Army

At 20,000 acres, the ranch was only a small operation compared to most in the area but played host to around 1600 horses at any one time.

She wonders if her preoccupation with her thoughts on this matter is the reason why the horse is reacting this way.

“I can’t understand him Carter. I’ve never had a horse that didn’t respond. I can’t even remember Papa having one that took more than two days to break.” Claire watched as her wranglers – Ben and Clayton, attempted to calm the horse down.

Ben Mitchell and Clayton Simpson are two of the best horse wranglers in the business and together with Donardo Vega, a Vaquero her father befriended and hired when he first arrived in the area, they are responsible for the success of the ranch.

“Do you wanna cut him loose?” Carter asked but he already knew what the answer would be. Claire was not a quitter and she would find a way to work with this horse.

“Hell no!” Claire moved off the fence and swung around to face her foreman who had a grin on his face. “He’s a real challenge but I’m not giving up. You knew that didn’t you?”

She punched his shoulder playfully and leaned back on the fence.

The horse eyed her with suspicion as Ben walked him past her to take him back to his stall.

Claire sighed and pushed away from the fence. “Call it a day men and wash up for supper.”

As she hobbled towards the house, Claire stopped to admire the two storey wooden, whitewashed building with a huge wrap around verandah. She loved to sit and read in the chair out front when she had time to herself, which isn’t all that often.

Since the death of her parents Claire has taken over the running of the ranch but she is now in danger of losing it.

She needs a man to marry who will be her husband in name only. Being a woman she is unable to legally own the ranch and needs a man to prevent it from being taken away from her.

Claire hates being put in the position of having to marry as she would much rather remain single and answer to no-one.

After talking with friends, Henry and June they have come up with a solution that hopefully will solve her problems with the law and keep her happy. She just needs a man to agree to her conditions.

The dilemma weighs heavily on her young mind. She has refused any man from town and as it could drive a wedge between the men on her ranch, should she choose one of them, she has also ruled that option out.

Carter watched as Claire hobbled up to the house. He hoped this little girl, who he’d known all her life, could hang on to the ranch and he would do anything he could to make sure she did.

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Master Of Law

Master of Law Cover Kindle

Warning: Contains explicit sexual description and BDSM. Strictly for 18+

Moses Jordan is a part African American, Billionaire Computer Geek.

He is also in charge, her Dom. Imogen Walters is a tall, leggy blonde who practices law.

She is his property, his Sub.

They share a fifth floor luxury apartment overlooking Sydney Harbour.

She drives a Mercedes, he drives a Ferrari.

She practices law with confidence and is in command, until she steps through the door of their home. He has vowed to        never release her.

Does she want to be freed?



Imogen glanced across the courtroom. He was seated in the public gallery. Muscles bunched under his shirt, his long black hair hung down to his shoulders and his chocolate brown eyes locked with hers. Warmth pooled in her pussy, she found it difficult to concentrate knowing his hungry gaze was watching her every move.

Moses tilted his lips into a grin, he had noticed Imogen squirming uncomfortably when she had first noticed him. The beautiful, tall, leggy blonde rose from her chair, turned her back and began fiddling with papers. He knew he was being unfair. This was an important trial for his sub. It involved the Mayor’s son and could make or break her brilliant career.

Imogen breathed deeply. She couldn’t let her clients down by being distracted. I will talk to Moses tonight. I can’t have him attending this trial and distracting me.

“Please rise for the Honourable Judge Dalton O’Malley,” a voice from the front of the courtroom announced.

Imogen came to attention and when she dared to take a quick peek in the direction of the gallery, she noticed Moses had left. She breathed deep with relief. 

Moses strolled outside into the bright sunshine. He had done what he had come to do, unnerve his sub. She needed to be kept informed of who was in charge at all times. He smiled to himself as he headed for his favourite café at Circular Quay.

He would enjoy a latté while he drank in the first warmth of summer and made plans for tonight. She would pay for daring to turn her back on him.

He weaved his way down George Street, smiling at several women and girls as he went. He was well aware his physique attracted interest but he had the only woman he wanted. Maybe she could come home and find another woman in the apartment? That would remind her that I am in charge and it would punish her for turning her back on me. 

Moses dismissed the thought of another female. It would devastate Imogen and, although she had to be disciplined, he would never be cruel.

He entered the café on the waterfront and was immediately shown to a table overlooking the harbour. The view was magnificent as water sparkled in the sunlight and vessels of every shape, colour and size floated in all directions. Moses was content. He picked up the daily paper which had been placed down with his latté and began reading.

He would not pick Imogen up from the trial as planned. He would meet her at home and put his plan into action.

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Capturing Charlie




Capturing Charlie CoverOne week before he is due to marry, Charlie leaves the family who had given him a second chance at life.

Orphaned at the age of 10, when his parents and sister are killed in a botched bank robbery, Charlie is taken in by his father’s best friends.

After being deceived by his fiancé, Charlie sets out on his own. He encounters an abandoned dog and the two become close companions as they travel over the mountain range in search of a new home.

After being shot at and thrown from his horse, he suffers a life threatening head injury. Josephine Platt takes responsibility for his care, after all, it was her crazy Grandmother who shot the poor stranger.

Will Charlie recover and lose his heart to the feisty girl or will past experiences leave him unforgiving and bitter?





The following two days passed without incident and Charlie found himself on the other side of the mountain range shortly after lunch.

“I think it’s another day or so before we reach Stillwater so we might just ride a ways further and camp for the night. We should reach town about lunchtime tomorrow.” Charlie said to Chance.

The dog gave a little woof as if confirming he understood every word his new master had spoken

The afternoon shadows lengthened and the air was developing a frosty chill when Charlie noticed smoke coming from a chimney just up ahead. “Looks like a ranch house up ahead. I think we might go and ask the owner if we can bed down in his barn for the night.”

He urged Shadow into a trot and headed for the source of the smoke.

He was less than fifty feet from the large rambling house when the crack of a gunshot pierced the air. Charlie felt his chest sting and burn. Shadow reared and Charlie toppled to the ground taking Chance with him. As his surroundings faded out to black, he hoped someone would take care of his animals.

“Gran, how did you get a gun and what are you shooting….” Josephine’s words died on her lips as her shocked eyes were drawn to a man crumpled on the ground, his horse and dog milling close by. She lifted her skirts and began running. “MA! LINCOLN! COME QUICK!” she screamed out over her shoulder.

Linda-May Jenkins stood on the front porch with a smoking shotgun in her gnarled hands.

Jean Platt and her son Lincoln, burst through the front door. “Josephine, what’s going on?”

“Granny has shot someone,” she yelled as she knelt by Charlie’s side. His face was pale, his breathing shallow and raspy.

Chance began growling. “It’s okay, I just want to check your owner,” she cooed while holding her hand forward.

Chance sniffed at the outstretched hand and allowed Josephine to scratch at his ears. “This is all well and good but it’s not helping your owner.”

“Mother, what have you done?” Jean wrestled the gun from her elderly mother.

“He was tresspassin’ so I shot him. You know those no good soldiers will stop at nothin’ to get their filthy hands on a pretty girl like you. Go and tell your father to come and bury him.”

“Go inside, mother.” Jean sighed. Her mother was living in the days of the war, again. No matter how many times the family explained to her, the war had been over for nigh on thirty years, she still had days where she was convinced it was still going.

Her mother disappeared through the front door and Jean dashed out to help her daughter.

Lincoln held Shadow’s reins and squatted to look at the stranger. Josephine ripped Charlie’s shirt open. A shotgun bullet had pierced the left side of his chest. The wound was the size of a small apple. The man struggled to breathe.

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ACCIDENTAL ENCOUNTER erotic romance R-Adult Excerpt #2

ACCIDENTAL ENCOUNTER erotic romance by Samantha Gentry.  He’s Mr. Right for the weekend–a hot stranger with sparkling blue eyes and a body made for pleasure.


R-EXCERPT #2 (first kiss):

He handed one glass to her, then raised his in the form of a toast. “Here’s to new friends,” the glow in the depth of his eyes said more than his words, “and a weekend to remember.”

She extended her best smile as she clinked the rim of her glass against his. “Yes…a weekend to remember.” Just a weekend. No commitment or complications. Nothing more. That was all she wanted…wasn’t it?

Then why was it beginning to have the feel of the start of a new relationship? Of her ongoing search for the ever elusive Mr. Right? Wondering if Jake Palmer could be the man she’d been trying to find? She quickly shoved aside her wandering thoughts. This was neither the time nor place to speculate on a closed subject. She had her plan for the weekend—hot sex and nothing more.

They each took a sip of wine, setting the toast into reality. Rich colors streaked across the sky, filling the air with various hues of red, orange and gold. If he wanted to be hot, naked, and tangled on the bed as much as she did, then she had to applaud his marvelous restraint. He wasn’t pushing her, and the moment felt surprisingly comfortable.

The sun finally dipped below the horizon, and the air turned cool as the sky darkened into night. He clasped her hand and led her back inside. He stood close, his body almost touching hers but not quite. “Would you like to look at the room service menu now?”

His soft words lulled her senses. Without giving her a chance to answer, he brought his mouth down on hers. His lips nibbled at the corner of her mouth before fully claiming it as his own. He flicked his tongue across her lower lip then invaded the interior of her mouth. She responded to his foray by brushing her tongue against his, the textures meshing together. It was the type of kiss that promised ecstasy beyond anything she had ever experienced. It conveyed a heated passion that seared through her reality and curled her toes. One that made her pussy gush and her heart pound. He pulled her body tightly against his. The sensation of his rapidly hardening cock pressing against her said it would definitely be a night to remember.


ACCIDENTAL ENCOUNTER  erotic romance by Samantha Gentry available at The Wilder Roses (the Scarlet Rose line of erotic romance from The Wild Rose Press)

and numerous other online vendors.

More excerpts available on my website:


After the last Mr. Right turns out to be another Mr. Wrong, Casey Treadwell swears off relationships. Even her best friend’s efforts to set her up on a blind date are shot down. Nope, from now on, it’s hot sex with no strings. But then her friend suggests a trip out of town for a weekend of sexual fantasies come true, and Casey’s primed for adventure. And Fate is with her when she meets Mr. Right for the Weekend—a hot stranger with sparkling blue eyes and a body made for pleasure.

Jake Palmer spotted the woman of his dreams two months ago, yet Casey refuses to go on a blind date. Not easily deterred, he stages an accidental encounter between the stubborn beauty and a “stranger” at a seaside getaway. But Jake’s guilt over misleading her, combined with his fear of losing her when she discovers the truth, has him on edge. He has to tell Casey the truth. And he will. But first he has to get her to fall in love with him.

Friends to Lovers

Karenna Colcroft here again to share my thoughts on what seems to be one of the more popular romance tropes: Friends to lovers.


I think many of us in real life have had one friend who was so close we could tell them anything. Someone we trusted with all our secrets and shared things with that we would never have dreamed of sharing with anyone else.

Someone we maybe loved, at least a little bit.

I’ve had two friends like that over the years, one through high school and college, and the other toward the end of my first marriage. Both were guys. Both were people who encouraged, supported, and protected me through times when I really needed it and didn’t have anyone else.

Both were guys I wished I could spend the rest of my life with, because I was completely in love with them, but I had no idea whether they felt the same. Even after I asked.

The guy I became friends with in high school is still occasionally in touch with me. In fact, he and I’ve been talking the past couple of days about having lunch as he passes through my state on the way to his new home. We’ve known each other for 29 years, and he still knows more about me than anyone else. Even though in those nearly three decades, we’ve gone through a couple stretches of several years each when we didn’t communicate at all. He’s divorced now, so in theory is available…but I’m not.

The other guy stopped speaking to me a few months after I left my first husband, after only two years of friendship. He didn’t “approve” of some decisions I made about my life once  that marriage ended. That was back in 2007. I haven’t heard from him since, but recently discovered through social media that he’s married to a woman he was friends with for years before he and I met, and he and his wife have started the yoga/healing/meditation center he and I always talked about establishing someday. I’m happy for him, and I’m glad I found this out because it gave me closure after seven years of wondering how and what he was doing.

In romance fiction, the rush of a first meeting and love at first sight is exciting. But the slow build of two long-time friends who finally realize they’re in love and belong together can be even better, in my opinion. And that’s the trope I built my male/male contemporary novel Love Like Vampires on. Shane McCarthy and Thaniel Robichaud have been best friends since elementary school. Because of a crappy home life, Shane practically grew up at Thaniel’s house. But Shane always assumed Thaniel was straight, and Thaniel was too protective of Shane to admit he had feelings for him. Until one night after a show, Shane blurts it out…and both realize they’ve been in love with each other all that time.

Love Like Vampires officially releases July 30, but you can pre-order it now from Dreamspinner Press in either ebook or paperback.

Accidental Voyeur – Members Only Book Five

Hi, everybody!!! I’m Jennifer Kacey and I write BDSM Taboo stories for Ellora’s Cave. Stories that are a little bit dark and a whole lotta naughty!

I’m going to spend today introducing my books to you since I just had the 5th book released in the Members Only Series! This one. It’s yummy and dirty and I love that I get to share it with you!

And OF COURSE I’m going to have a giveaway. I’m giving away an e-book copy of your choice from any of my back list! YEA!!

To be entered, all you have to do is go sign up for my newsletter here, and then come back and tell me something about kink that you like. And if you’ve already answered one of the other posts than let me know one of your favorite authors. Love finding out what people love to read!

And the more comments you leave on this one and the other post the more chances you have to win.

And this is my last post of the day so get those comments in!!!  Without further adieu I give you Accidental Voyuer!

Accidental Voyeur

Accidental Voyeur

Book Five in the Members Only Series.

Members Only, Book Five

It’s been years since Angel and Davis said “I do” but husband and wife are no longer their most important labels.

He demands nothing short of her complete submission and she finds her place in the world. On her knees—at his feet. Now as members of The Library, a private BDSM club catering to the dark and decadent, they get to explore fantasies they never expected to have.

Marriage. It was supposed to be everything. But for Angel and Davis, it is only the beginning.

A Romantica® BDSM erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Members Only Series

Members Only Series

The books in the Members Only Series can be found here…

Together In Cyn

Haleigh’s Ink

A Very Menage Christmas

Duke’s Valentine

Orgasm University


Stand Alone

Buried Permission


Jennifer Kacey

Jennifer Kacey

Jennifer Kacey is a wife, mother, and business owner living with her family in Texas. She sings in the shower, plays piano in her dreams, and has to have a different color of nail polish every week. The best advice she’s ever been given? Find the real you and never settle for anything less.


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Saving Annabel


A Western Romance from Susan Horsnell

The Civil War, the death of his brother, the loss of his sister-in law and unborn child – how much more can a young manSaving Annabel New endure?

Vowing never to fall in love and be at risk of more heartbreak, Sam throws himself into his work at the family ranch.

Then, he finds Annabel. A young girl who life has not treated fairly. She is on the run from a savage Grandfather. Will she ever find happiness? Will Sam be her Savior? How does an orphaned Prairie Dog help?



Sam stood, shoulders slumped and head bowed. A lone tear trickled a path through the stubble, which covered his cheek, while the small coffin was lowered onto the larger one.

His sister, Edith clutched his hand so tight, it was numb. She rested her head against his chest and her small body shook with sobs.

Sam’s mother and father clung to each other, their faces etched with grief.

Moaning echoed through the hills as the coffins disappeared beneath shovel loads of pungent earth. As the final covering of dirt was patted down, Sam released himself from his sister. He knelt next to the fresh mound and gently placed a single white lily, Hattie’s favorite flower, and a silver baby’s rattle atop.

The mourners watched with tears in their eyes before turning and trekking down to the homestead.

Sam was left alone with his grief. He reached out and placed his palm on the fresh grave while his tear filled eyes attempted to focus on the grave alongside.

It had been only two months since they had buried Isaac. Why hadn’t the war ended just one day earlier? Isaac would still be alive and Sam wouldn’t feel like he’d broken his promise and let his brother down.


May 1865

“Isaac, over here.” Sam whispered. He could just make out the shadow of his brother in the failing light.

Dust and smoke filled the air, swirling around them, as Isaac joined Sam and they crept towards the trees. This battle had been the worst they had been involved in. Bodies of men, some old enough to be grandfathers and others so young they should still be in school, lay strewn across the battlefield. They would not see tomorrow, or, the much hoped for end of this war.

North and South had suffered severe losses. How much longer would this bloody war persist? The brothers, mercifully, had again survived. They had discussed how it was only a matter of time before their luck finally ran out.

Sam had already been shot in the thigh and now walked with a limp. His insistence on remaining in the war troubled Isaac greatly but, Sam steadfastly refused to leave his ‘big brother’.

They took shelter under a small outcrop of rocks surrounded by trees and out of sight of any stray southerners.

Isaac and Sam Miller hailed from Cedar Gulch, up in the Texas Panhandle. They had left their ranch two months earlier to fight for the Union, the cause they believed in, even though most of their friends had joined up to fight for the South. Both men believed strongly, it was past time that slavery was brought to an end. If the cotton crops were affected by lack of labor, then, so be it. They had argued with friends, time and again, that no man had the moral right to enslave another. Opinion in their home town was split down the middle.

Now, here they were, huddled together, grateful to be alive after witnessing such atrocities. They were well and truly ready to go home. It had been two long months of hell.

Isaac pulled out his canteen and took a large gulp of warm, less than pure water. As he wiped his mouth with the remnants of his tattered uniform sleeve, he held the canteen out towards Sam.

His brother took it and drank thirstily. “What are we going to do? Our horses are gone and it’s a long walk back to the fort.” Sam screwed the lid onto the canteen and handed it back.

“I’m not sure but I suggest we wait out the night here. Best to be sure there is no-one around before we move. We’ll make our way back to Fort Cook at first light. Hopefully they might send out scouts to see if anyone is alive and we can hitch a ride.”

Sam shimmied down and lay with his head on his arms, his rifle beside him. As he gazed heavenward at the stars obscured by smoke, he let out a loud sigh.

“What’s wrong, little brother?” Isaac asked as he settled alongside.

“Just thinking about our friends who got killed today. Ma, Pa, Edith, Hattie, the ranch. Do you think we’ll see them again soon?”

“Who? Our friends who were killed or home?”

Sam chuckled despite the seriousness of their situation. “Those at home of course.”

“Phew, for a minute there I thought you meant our dead friends.” Isaac joined Sam in chuckling but within seconds he became serious again. “I surely hope so. I’m kinda hoping to get home in time to be with Hattie when she has the baby. I’ve got two months to get outta here.”

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