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MAKE ME SURRENDER – featured menage in What to Read After FSOG #8 – Out Today – 99 cent box set – ADULT

I’m thrilled to have my contemporary menage Make Me Surrender a part of What to Read After FSOG – out today!!

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Make Me Surrender Blurb:

She has a proposition…to win their attention, passion, hearts.

For over a year, Mercy’s had her eye on Travis and Dutch, two of the hottest guys on the Oregon coast. Dark and dangerously virile, Travis owns a saloon that caters to bikers. Dutch looks like one, right down to his impressive tats, and operates a motorcycle repair shop on the premises.

When a position opens in the saloon’s kitchen, Mercy sees a way to be near these sinfully sexy men, wanting the job and lodging, her cabin snuggled between theirs.

Travis isn’t so sure about having Mercy nearby. She’s deliciously curvy, but too nice. He’s into temporary fun. To Dutch, forever is a dirty word.

Imagine their surprise when sweet little Mercy encourages wild nights of carnal pleasure with a dash of bondage and spanking…followed by friendship and tenderness.

Before she’s through, these tough guys will be the ones who’ve surrendered.


Tina Donahue Banner - newest 5 19 2014

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I’m so pleased to reveal the new cover for my erotic novella, Making It on Broadway.

Some time ago, one of the major eBook retailers established new rules regarding nudity on book covers. Because of the near-naked woman on the cover, MIOB was relegated to the shelves in the basement. Then they turned the lights off so no one could find it!

Here’s the former cover –

750 x 1200jpeg


I really hate to see this one go. It was one of my first covers as a self-published author, and one my youngest daughter (she was over 21!) made for me. For someone with zero experience with graphics, I thought she did an excellent job. She has since completed her Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice and is a police officer.

In need of a new cover to bring MIOB out of the basement, I turned to Talina Perkins at Bookinitdesigns.  I think y0u can agree with me, that she did a fabulous job of retaining the spirit of the original while creating something new and exciting to attract readers.


Haylee Daniels has landed a role in a Broadway musical about a down on her luck dancer who’ll do anything for another chance at Broadway stardom. The only problem is, Haylee has never danced a day in her life.

Thankfully, she has Chase Nolton, her leading man, and Broadway’s premier choreographer, Carmine Romero to teach her all she needs to know. When Carmine suggests she dance nude in order to better understand a dancer’s body, Haylee fears she may be as desperate for Broadway stardom as her character.

This is a highly erotic short story about three people who find love and make it on Broadway.


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What’s More Romantic than a Love Letter?

a-river-between-them-ebkHere’s the blurb:

Two generations. Two love stories, intertwined…

What if a piece of furniture could change your life?
Antique store owner Samantha Phillips embarks on a quest to find the answer to that question after she stumbles upon a beautiful, weathered wooden trunk. Samantha immediately falls in love with the antiquity when the old, battered wardrobe ends up in her possession. Lodged inside the lining of the footlocker is a stack of old love letters and a gold locket that holds a picture of a handsome young man.
Curiosity gets the better of Samantha and she reads the passionate correspondence one by one, and learns about the love between working class William Hayes and high-society Maggie Flannery. But when Samantha comes to the end of the letters, it is unclear whether William and Maggie end up together.
Driven by a force she can’t fully explain, Samantha contacts the former owner of the trunk, hoping for answers about the young couple. When she reaches out to Maggie’s great-nephew, Bryan Donovan, he is reluctant to share his aunt’s past with a stranger, at least at first. Together, Bryan and Samantha learn the love story of William and Maggie, while discovering their own feelings for each other.
Set in historic St. Charles, Missouri, the story of two star-crossed lovers from the 1920s unfolds through a series of letters and an old diary.

Here’s the excerpt:

Samantha gingerly placed the letter beside her on the sofa and reached for the rest of the stack. She opened each letter one by one and checked for a date. She placed them all in chronological order and then neatly folded them and put them back in their envelopes. She hesitated a moment. Maybe she shouldn’t do this. Megan was right, it was an invasion of privacy. Even though she had no idea who this Maggie was, it still wasn’t the right thing to do.
She shouldn’t read them. Tomorrow morning she’d call whoever had brought the trunk in and return the letters to their rightful owner. But what if that person didn’t care about the letters? After all, Megan had said the guy who sold the piece seemed ready to part with it. What if the trunk held bad memories for him? What if he simply took the letters from her and never opened them? Or worse, what if he threw them in the nearest trash can? With a heavy sigh, she placed the stack of unread letters on the coffee table and walked to the kitchenette to make a cup of tea. Maybe that would help her decide what she should do.
As she sipped from her mug of tea she thought about how she could already be described as a crazy old cat lady. Did she really want to add to her misery by reading someone else’s love letters? Did she need another reminder that she was all alone? Samantha chewed on her thumbnail. She was driving herself mad. There were a million reasons why she shouldn’t read the damn letters and only one reason she felt she should. Because she must. There was no logical way to explain it, but she felt like something in those letters was just for her. She knew they’d been written ages ago—and to someone else—but somehow, some way, there was a message inside them that had been tailored just for her. She set her mug on the coffee table with a decisive thud. She couldn’t ignore the sense of awareness spreading throughout her gut. She reached for the letters and began to read.
The first letter started with the salutation “My dearest Maggie.” Samantha quickly read through the note and when she was finished she began again, reading slowly the second time around. The letter was from someone named William, who was obviously smitten with Maggie.

My dearest Maggie,

Words can’t come close to expressing what I feel for you, but I will use this and all future letters to try. I wish I could see you more often, but I know your mother does not approve of me and our love. I cannot wait for the day when I am able to take you away from there, from the life that doesn’t bring you joy. For my love, you deserve all the joy and happiness in the world. I intend to do all that is in my power now, and for the rest of my days, to ensure you are always happy and that each and every day you wake with a smile upon your face.
One day, hopefully very soon, I will have the means to put a proper ring on your finger and make you mine forever. Until that day, my darling…

Eternally yours,

Available on

As part of TRS Thanksgiving Party, I’m giving away one copy of my erotic romance Special Delivery.  specialdelivery_banner

To enter, visit the home page of trsparties.com!

Cover Reveal! Peppermint Twist: Puppy Love

Puppy Love is my Christmas Story about a werewolf and the woman he has set his heart on. It releases in just 6 days! Doesn’t that cover just make you want to rub his belly??

Puppy Love


Series: Peppermint Twist

Title: Puppy Love

 Genres/Themes: Paranormal, Urban Fantsy, Romance, Interracial/Multicultural

Magic, Christmas, Werewolves, Big Beautiful Women

Release Date:  November 28, 2014

Author: Anne Kane


Buy Link – https://www.changelingpress.com/product.php?&upt=book&ubid=2327




Sarah wants a normal life, without all the fur, fangs and drama that comes with her werewolf heritage. She left her home pack and moved to a small town in the Northern Rockies hoping to leave the past behind.

The first time Drake crossed her scent, he knew he wanted Sarah for his mate. Now he just has to convince her that she wants that too. With a wicked sense of humor and a little bit of Christmas magic he hopes to bring her over to his side — permanently.





“If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were trying to avoid me.”

Sarah jumped as the werewolf disengaged himself from a particularly dark shadow. Crap! She’d forgotten how fast her kind could move when it felt motivated. Apparently this guy was extremely motivated.

Schooling her features into her best poker face, she took a deep breath and turned to face him. “If you didn’t know better? What makes you think you know anything about me?”

He laughed then. Actually laughed. The corners of his eyes crinkled and his mouth curved upward. So much for her chilling sarcasm.

“I know enough. Probably more than you want me to.” He pushed himself upright. It only took him one step with those long legs to put him so close that his scent tickled her nose.

A werewolf shouldn’t smell so good, shouldn’t make her belly clench in anticipation. The mere proximity of one certainly shouldn’t make her long to run free with all four paws on the ground. It hadn’t for months now, but she’d know the very minute she’d sensed this guy in the crowded bar that he was a threat to her new found equilibrium.

And that scared the hell out of her. She didn’t want anything to do with werewolves anymore. Their pack laws. Their aggression. Their bloodthirsty pack mentality and their total disregard for her feelings.

“Apparently you know where I work, and that would be more than I want you to know. Now run along and howl at something.” She turned on her heel and took one step toward the parking lot. She would not give in to her baser instincts. Nope. Not happening. Not even with the night of the full moon coming up fast.

She didn’t hear him come up behind her. He spun her around, his tongue halfway down her throat before she had time to react. His arms were every bit as strong as they looked, catching her when her knees buckled at the unexpected warmth blossoming in her belly.

What the hell? Her body had never reacted this way before, never betrayed her so blatantly. Want and need sent curls of heat racing through her veins. Damn. This couldn’t be good, no matter how good it felt. She relaxed into his embrace, letting him think she’d surrendered.

He hesitated for a moment, drawing his head back to stare at her with narrowed eyes. Distrust and something else lurked in their icy blue depths. He didn’t trust her sudden capitulation. Smart man.

$Wolf$. Smart wolf.

Apparently his lust overrode his caution and he pulled her up hard against him. She could feel the thick length of his cock pressing hard against her belly.

Lust seemed to be running rampant tonight. Moisture gathered at the apex of her thighs, as if her body expected her to give in and let this mutt have his way with her.

“I’ve never been referred to as a mutt before.” He mumbled the words against her lips, not bothering to lift his head. “I think I might be insulted.”

She jerked away from him. Not that she got far, his arms were like bands of friggin’ steel. His eyes were darker now, the color of the sky just before a storm rolled in. “I didn’t say that out loud.”

A wry smile quirked the corner of his mouth. “Then how did I manage to hear you?”

Good question. One that sent the lust packing faster than it had arrived. Vague whispered myths of bonded pairs being able to communicate telepathically teased the edge of her memory. Crap! This just got better and better!




Buy Link – https://www.changelingpress.com/product.php?&upt=book&ubid=2327

Saving Grace (Wild Rose Series Book 1) by Scarlett Jade is on SALE for $2.99

Saving Grace is Book 1 in the Wild Rose Series and is available NOW. It is on sale for $2.99 or FREE with Kindle Unlimited! Fall in love with the sexy and sweet Professor Drake Stone.

Saving Grace


The rule was simple—don’t fall in love with a student. Drake had never had that problem—not until he met the buxom brunette in the bar. Grace was one of a kind, virginal but far from chaste. When she wanted him to teach more than history, he was left with a choice that could ruin them both.
Grace was always the good girl, until she met her wild best friend, Christina, who pushed her out of her shell. She fell head over heels for the sexy, young college professor, but when everything shattered around her, she was left with figuring out who she really was. Her journey led her somewhere she never imagined, but along the way she learned that even the wildest roses have to put down roots in a place they can call home.

Book Two in the Wild Rose Series is available for pre-order and releases 11/24. This is Grace’s best friend Christina’s story. Can she fix what she has broken?

Christina didn’t stop the crash of reality from coming down on her best friend Grace after she fell in love with the sexy professor Drake Stone. She hated herself as she continued to lie to her, but lying was the only thing she’d ever known. It had always been easier to tell a colorful lie than admit to a dark truth.
Protecting Grace from the truth until the last minute was the goal, when she’d need her best friend’s forgiveness and help more than ever. All she could hope for when the dust settled from the bombshell of the biggest lie she’d ever told was that what was broken could be repaired. Christina had a plan all along from the minute she found her time was running out—the littlest wild rose would have a family. At all costs.


A Well-placed Lie: Story of Us, Baxter Family Saga Book 3

Continuing the Baxter Family Saga with Story of Us

At the end of Book 1, Cass got the one thing he wasn’t expecting, HOPE.  Hope of understanding more about why his mother did what she did and why the Baxters had this strange “curse” over them.  Story of Us shows how Edith and Edward Baxter lived the Washington life only to have it turned on its side. And how a young orphan made a lasting impact on them all…

Story of Us, Baxter Family Saga Book 3


























About Story of Us

Sadie MacManus dreams of having her own fashion house in Paris. An unwanted and invisible orphan during WWII, her self-reliance and love for fashion are the only things she can count on. But Paris takes money. Thanks to a few little white lies, she trains and becomes a top notch secretary, good enough to grace the offices of Capitol Hill. With that opportunity, she earns by day so that she can keep her dream alive at night. Paris is getting closer…as long as she sticks to the plan.
Congressman-at-large Edward Baxter, nicknamed the Whirlwind of Washington uses his cleverness and smarts to get what he wants from the Hill. If he keeps it up, he may well be in line for one of the top spots one day; that is as long as the secrets of his life stay hidden. He’s a dogged politician, a man focused on doing his best for the people of the country but he longs for something more to care about.
When Sadie and Edward first meet, it isn’t exactly love at first sight. She is young, serious, and focused while he was always on the move wheeling and dealing. But through a series of events and encouragement from an unlikely source, they find their way into each other’s arms and hearts.
They are at their happiest when an unexpected enemy threatens the career and life Edward had so carefully crafted. Decisions are made and lives are forced to change, including that of Edward’s only son, Julian, who must do the unthinkable to save his family and the Baxter Chemicals legacy.
It’s the story of how one family was brought to its knees by a well-placed lie and how it’s haunted them for three generations until one belated act of love finally heals their heartbreak.


Excerpt Rated PG( headed to R)

It was all Edward could do to not race up the stairs. Along the way he greeted colleagues, constituents and when there was a quiet narrow corridor, he slowed himself and calmed down. That was when his nerves hit him. What if she didn’t want him? What if he had misread? Misunderstood? What if, what if, what if…those two words played games with his mind and his emotions, but there was something inside him that made him press on. As he was about to knock on the door, it opened slowly. Their eyes met for an instant that felt like an eternity. Her eyes sparkled like jewels and Edward was overcome with emotions he hadn’t let himself feel for years.

“Sadie.” His voice was ragged and thick. “You look so…”

Her lips parted slightly, as if to say something. With one swift but tender motion, he took her lips with his. They were soft and sweet and he felt his knees about to buckle from pure need. He pulled away and saw her eyes dark and hazy. She was being swept away just like he was and he smiled gratefully. He entered the powder room and locked the door behind him.

“Edward.” The sound of his first name on her lips thrilled him.

“Say it again, Sadie. My name.”

“Edward.” This time it was a breathier response. She smiled and so did he.

“Do you know how long I’ve wanted to hear you call me that? To see your smile? The fact that you’re smiling for me, right now.” Edward leaned down and breathed her in. That heady bittersweet scent of roses that he craved conquered his reason and he succumbed to the maelstrom. Gently pulling her closer, he repeated her name over and over in her ear as he traced kisses down her neck.

Sadie was drunk on the emotions that coursed through her body and the senses that were alight within her. Her skin tingled and her breasts felt fuller as if they were straining to get out of her dress. And there was an unfamiliar slickness between her legs. What was happening to her? Feeling Edward’s light kisses emboldened her. The man she wanted, wanted her back. He wanted her smile. He wanted her kisses. It wasn’t all in her head. A soft moan escaped her lips not just because of his kisses but because of his hands caressing her body. The fabric was thick and warm, but the heat of his touch broke through it and she realized she wanted no barriers between him and her skin.

Stepping back, Sadie instinctively understood what she needed and wanted to do. She found the opening to the dress. Gently unhooking it, she partially shrugged it off, revealing naked breasts, taut and pink. She took off the dress completely and revealed even more, including a garter, stockings and shoes.

Edward looked at her and felt himself harden at the sight of her offering. She was beyond exquisite and it took everything in him not to give in to the primitive hunger. No, this was not for Sadie. She deserved delicious worship. Stepping closer, he kneeled down in front of her. He gently undid one garter and kissed a trail as he rolled down her stocking. He removed her shoe and then removed the stocking…

Read Barbi’s 5 ✫ Review of Story of Us “…They are filled with love and betrayal. These books will surprise you with there depth…” http://amzn.to/1t9a3yN  


Roxie by Kimberly Dean

Triple X, Book 3

Genre:  Contemporary Romance

It’s time for this identical triplet to meet her match.

Can a wild child ever really be tamed? Growing up in foster care has made Roxie Cannon tough and self-reliant, but being alone isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. She’s finally found family. Is it time she met her match?

Roxie should be on top of the world. She’s formed bonds with identical sisters she never knew she had, and she’s buying the bar she’s managed for years. The feisty brunette has everything she’s ever wanted. Almost. Two things still elude her: answers to why her family was split apart, and a man with whom she can share her passion. Seeing her sisters with their mates has made her aware she’s still the odd one out. Yet that all starts to change when a rough-and-tumble hottie from her past walks in The Ruckus’ door.

Billy knows trouble when he sees it, and Roxie is commotion in motion. They’ve always set sparks off one another. This time, he’s promised himself he won’t get burned. Yet things get serious when he learns of Roxie’s quest to find her parents. Can he save his hot-blooded lover from being hurt? Or will the wounded little girl inside her never trust him again?

Order ebook   KindleKindle UKNookiBookKoboGoogle PlayAll Romance Ebooks

Order print book   Amazon │ Createspace


An Excerpt From:  ROXIE

© Copyright KIMBERLY DEAN, 2014

She was pulling out her keys when she remembered he wasn’t exactly sober. Turning, she found him right behind her. Her shoulder brushed against his chest and her hip bumped against his leg.

He was warm, deliciously so after being out in the cold for so long.

Pulling back, she leaned against the door to her apartment. “Do you need me to call you a cab?”

His expression turned ironic. “Well, that’s blunt.”

She had to be. She wasn’t going to invite him to stay at her place. Absolutely was not going to . . .

He held up a key. “Charlie’s letting me stay downstairs. He said he’s got an apartment open until the first of the month.”

“Oh, right.” Yay, she thought sardonically. So she wouldn’t invite him inside, but he was going to be staying one floor down, in a bed not so far away. “The furnished one.”

“Is that a problem?”

She shook her head, and the blanket fell off her shoulder. “You don’t want to sleep on my hideaway, trust me.”

His expression was still fierce, but his touch was gentle as he wound one of her curls around his finger. “No, I don’t.”

Her knees wobbled. She needed to get inside and catch some sleep. The innuendo was getting to be too much.

She opened the door to her apartment. Stepping inside, she tossed the blanket and her pepper spray onto the sofa. “Good night, Billy. It was really good to see—”

She stopped short. Wing nuts and coattails, she sounded like frickin’ Miss Manners.

“Oh, to hell with it.”

Pushing away all her good intentions, she grabbed his jacket and yanked him to her. He was already moving her way, and he kicked the apartment door shut behind him. His mouth was hot and hungry when it came down on hers.

Roxie groaned at the contact. Oh, God. Sitting up there under the moonlight, talking with him like a rational adult had nearly driven her crazy. There was nothing rational about the way she felt for him. Nothing calm and composed.

But it was definitely adult.

“I’m staying until morning,” he said fiercely.

She nodded as he kissed fire down her throat. It was only a few hours. She could give him that long.

Message, blurb, excerpt, and cover for “Where’s Christopher”

Good morning readers, thank you for being here for another wonderful party day.  I will be leaving for sunday services and then work, but will return later to post further. This next post is also from my biography true crime anthology Twisted Love, 12 cases of love gone bad. Have a great day.


Blurb: When 4 year old Christopher Engle goes missing, neighbors are alerted by a foul odor which raises eyebrows.

Excerpt: With a population of 35,313 people, Lancaster, Ohio, the proud birthplace of many notable actors, authors, sports stars, and cartoonist was founded in 1800, and the famous merchant, trailblazer, pioneer and soldier, Ebenezer Zane incorporated it as a town in 1831. Like all cities, however, it was not immune to murder. In fact, Lancaster was the location of the worst murder of a child in the county’s history.

According to twenty-eight-year-old Christina Sims, she hesitated many times before turning in her older brother John Engle for the murder of his four-year-old son Christopher. Torn between her love for John, and Christopher, and doing what was right, the soft-spoken, slender blonde with dark-eyes, said she looked to Christ for guidance. After speaking with her minister, she made the devastating choice of walking into the Fairfield County Sheriff’s Department on July 9, 1991.

Christina recalled that while trailing the short, young dispatcher down the dark hall, she recalled her first meeting with one-year-old Christopher, who was not yet able to stand on his own. It did not take the stay-at-home mom long to realize why the love-starved toddler was behind in his learning.

She described Christopher as her favorite nephew, and said, “All Christopher wanted was to be held and loved.” Christina explained that she occasionally visited her brother and sister-in- law, Edna Mae, and their growing brood. She described Christopher as “pitiful” and told how his siblings were mean to him, and hit him regularly. “He was such a loving child,” she said. When she visited the family in the summer of 1989, she asked where Christopher was. Christina claimed, her brother said the child had gone to live with his maternal grandmother in Columbus, but then he started to cry. He said Christopher was in a better place.




Twisted Love eimage


The Sphinx Warriors Series by Christine Murphy

image002Have you ever wondered about ancient civilizations? How they came to be, why
they disappeared, and the strong breath-taking men who were a part of it? Do
they still exist in secret and is their whole purpose to protect the world
against the enemy who would destroy it? Then enter into the domain of the Sphinx
Warriors, protectors of the Earth, and the women who bring out their passion and
love giving them purpose beyond their destined role as Warrior.

Welcome to the world of the Sphinx Warrior in the novels of The Sphinx Warriors Series.


Please enjoy the following sneak peaks of not only my released novel – Sphinx Resurrected – but some of the novel currently under development. Created just for you!!

Sphinx Resurrected CoverSPHINX RESURRECTED – Available Now

Stormy is abducted and Transformed by the magnificent blue eyed Sphinx leader, Michael. Secretly he
Joins with her to save her and must deal with the desire and needs which
manifest. Michael and Stormy’s undeniable attraction to each other will make
them powerful as they join as one force to battle the evil Wraith.


Book Trailer: http://youtu.be/2MXHD6r3x8Q

BUY at Red Sage – http://tinyurl.com/qxu8ocs/ Amazon – http://tinyurl.com/l2xu5qg/ Barnes & Noble – http://tinyurl.com/m2hjfstd


SphinxUnited_Final_lacey SPHINX UNITED – Available Now

In a last act of love, Eleina sacrifices herself to save the Sphinx
Warriors. Jacob, her one true love, rescues her years later. Only he can bring
her back to her former self. Eleina and Jacob must learn to face their fears
and memories of the past or be torn apart in the pesent forever. Defying both
everyone and themselves to become Power Mates will make them undefeatable. They
will save the future of the Sphinx Warriors and the world.

Book Trailer: http://youtu.be/o94Z27zb9gk

BUY at Red Sage – http://tinyurl.com/lzrme3r/ Amazon – http://tinyurl.com/ko6grs3/ Barnes & Noble – http://tinyurl.com/m88po4y


SphinxTransformed_Final_lacey SPHINX TRANSFORMED – Available Now

Taken by force by the Wraith, Alexandria is genetically changed during
captivity. Upon her violent return to Sphinx society, she must learn to control
her dark side. Joshua, the Warrior who has watched over her since she was young
now wars with his feelings for her and his out of control Powers. Only their
combined love and passion will allow them to heal and become Power Mates. To
save their world, they must Transform their Powers to hunt down the Ancient
Pages of Seven, key to destroying the Dimensional Gates.

Book Trailer: http://youtu.be/VWhL-BewOZc

BUY at Red Sage -http://tinyurl.com/l6kt6xg / Amazon – http://tinyurl.com/pvngmyc/ Barnes & Noble – http://tinyurl.com/nh3le5f


SphinxImagined_Final_lacey SPHINX IMAGINED – Available Now

After being traumatically separated from her twin, Skye lives a solitary life because of her inability to control her unique telepathy and foretelling of the future. After being attacked by a demonic creature and saved by a man who has spoken to her in her dreams, Skye must nurse him back to health after he sustains injuries in her defense. Once Ethan’s strength returns under Skyes’ kindness and care, he can do no other than bring her back to Complex 46 both for her safety, but even more so because he can’t live without her.

Book Trailer: http://youtu.be/TQ8yrmxk7b8

Buy at Red Sage: http://tinyurl.com/qxr7teb/ Amazon – http://tinyurl.com/qydemmg/ Barnes & Noble – http://tinyurl.com/lcm6klc


SphinxAwakened_FINAL_laceySphinx Awakened – Available Now

In one dark bloody evening of violence, Lily’s world was destroyed as her parents were murdered by The Foundary and her twin sister Skye disappeared into the depths of the night barely escaping the same fate. Since then, Lily has spent the majority of her youth as a human research subject drugged and hooked to monitoring devices until one fateful night when she is rescued by the Sphinx and brought to Complex 46. Trapped in a coma, they only thing Lily can do is reach out with her unique skills for help and finds the unexpected presence of a mind that is both powerful and intriguing. Once he touches Lily, both mind and body, Hunter and his inner Sphinx are lost to the influence of her grace and beauty. Using everything within his Powers, he will Join with her in the oldest of ceremonies saving both of them and awakening abilities in his Power Mate even the Wraith can’t win against.


Book Trailer: http://youtu.be/d4GDZ8hyZQA

Buy At Red Sage – http://tinyurl.com/n5nks3c / Amazon – http://tinyurl.com/o8wyuh2 / Barnes & Noble – http://tinyurl.com/mtowpxe


SphinxTempted_FINAL_laceySphinx Tempted – Available Now

After escaping The Foundary, Ashlyn is found and taken to Complex 46 where she becomes a powerful protector of the Elders. After she is injured, the Sphinx Warrior, Caleb, touches her and everything changes for both of them as their powers come to life as well as their undeniable need for each other. As Power Mates they will learn to overcome the obstacles trying to keep them apart and Join as one. As Warriors, they will face certain death, but they’re love will give them the strength in the battle against the Wraith.



Book Trailer: http://youtu.be/oWo1mzjeWCA

Buy at Red Sage – http://tinyurl.com/lbaf4ol / Amazon – http://tinyurl.com/l53akc3 / Barnes & Noble – http://tinyurl.com/kxrdpmv


SphinxRevealed_Final laceySphinx Revealed – Available Now

Kara has given up everything to protect the Sphinx Warriors and in one brutal
night intervenes saving them from the Gate and is revealed as to what she really
is – an Ancient. Raven trusts no one but with Kara he finds his tormented life
fades away in her presence and all he wants is her. Raven will do everything in
his power to make her stronger including claiming and Joining with her.
Revealed as the seventh Sphinx female, Kara will control the Power Weapon while
Raven stands by her side and together they will destroy the Gate and set the
Sphinx free.

Book Trailer: http://youtu.be/Zc9otyi8tpU

Buy at Red Sage: http://tinyurl.com/lhdv3vm / Amazon – http://tinyurl.com/pm96bxh / Barnes & Noble – http://tinyurl.com/mhljoor


Sphinx Warriors Books Horizontal

I hope you enjoyed the sneak peaks into the current and upcoming novels of The Sphinx Warriors Series – there will be more!! For more information visit:

My Website: http://christinemurphybooks.com/

My Blog: http://christinemurphybooks.com/blog/

My Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ChristineMurphyBooks

My Twitter: https://twitter.com/CLMurphyBooks



Crewel Work Teaser

The title, Crewel Work, is a play on words. This first book in The Tapestry series tells the tale of forbidden love between an employee, J.P., at a race horse farm and the farm owner’s daughter, Audra. His desire for Audra deepens yet they are being kept apart. J.P.’s dream job at the farm becomes cruel work.

Available on Amazon   http://amzn.to/1yrUqcD

PicMonkey Collage 1a