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Another Excerpt from Summer’s Growth

Summer's GRowth photo TG-FT-SummersGrowth-300x450_zpsa3a6ebbb.jpg

What if we had family spirits that guided our lives?

In Summer’s Growth, Amber Harrison is given the opportunity to become the Winston family keeper. She runs the family trust and lives in the family home.

Problem is she has to prove herself by solving a two hundred year old mystery.

The family spirits try to help her find the answers to the disappearance of her great, great, great, great, grandmother. Yet, there are forces which don’t want her to find the answer. Luckily, the ghost of her grandmother is helping and saves Amber’s life on more than one occasion.

Can Amber solve the mystery or will those who don’t want the mystery revealed kick her out of her new job permanently by killing her?

Excerpt –

Mattie raised her chin as if ready to receive the blow. The resistance in her eyes warned of the fireworks to come. “Amber isn’t a stranger. She’s part of the family.”

Heedless of the danger, Cynthia forged ahead. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

Having forgotten Josh, Amber jumped at the sound of his voice. “Mom, don’t you remember? Amber told us she’s part of the Winston family tree.”

Locked in combat with Mattie, Cynthia didn’t shift her gaze away from her sister. “I believe there’s more to it. Would you care to tell us the rest of the story, Mattie?”

She shrugged. “I have decided to name Amber as heir to the estate.”

Stunned, questions shot through Amber’s head like bullets. What? Did Winston Manor really belong to Mattie? Then who was Jonathan? And why did he write…

Cynthia jumped to her feet and screamed at the top of her lungs. “What in the hell do you think you’re doing? The estate is locked up in a trust fund.”

She threw her napkin on the table and slammed her hand down over it. “You idiot, just because this girl claims to be part of the family is no reason to award her the estate. We’re talking about my family legacy too.”

The sheer fury resonating from Cynthia’s body frightened Amber. Were the two sisters about to rumble?

“You have no right to hand it over to her or anyone else.” Cynthia pointed her finger at Mattie and continued with her tirade. “If you don’t want to be in charge of the trust fund, let Josh handle it. We’re your closest living relatives.”

The color drained from Mattie’s face, but she remained composed. “I’m sorry, but my mind is made up.”

“You’ll regret this. I won’t stand by and let you steal away my inheritance.” Cynthia pivoted on her heels and without a backward glance stomped to the door. “Come on Josh, we’re leaving.”

In shock, Amber waited for the scene to unfold. Josh stood, walked to his aunt, kissed her cheek and followed his mother out of the room.

The front door clicking shut didn’t interrupt the hushed sound of hurt radiating from Mattie.

Impatient for answers, Amber couldn’t remain silent. “This doesn’t make any sense. The letter I received said I’m supposed to inherit the estate from someone named Jonathan. Not you.”

A sad expression marred Mattie’s face and she patted Amber’s hand. “I know. I’m the current owner-slash-keeper of the estate. When I die, you’ll inherit the estate. Until then, you’ll be the new keeper or lead trustee.”

“But I don’t understand. It’ll be years before you die.” Amber swiveled her head around and studied Mattie’s pale complexion. “Unless you’re sick?”

“No, but I’ve had the responsibility of the estate for a long time. I need to learn to do something else.” She shoved away her plate. “This arrangement will offer you the chance to learn what it takes to be the keeper. And it will free me up to figure out what I want to do. A nice exchange if you ask me.”

“But why didn’t you tell me this before?” Amber suspected more to the omission.

“I didn’t think it mattered.” Mattie rose, lifted her plate and walked into the kitchen.

“But Cynthia is your sister.” Amber rushed to gather up her dishes. “Shouldn’t one of them inherit the estate?”


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The next book is “Fallen Leaves.”  Followed by Winter Wonders and Spring’s Rebirth.


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Summer’s Growth – a Host of Spiritual Guides to Help

Summer's GRowth photo TG-FT-SummersGrowth-300x450_zpsa3a6ebbb.jpg

Summer’s Growth – 1st Book in the “Family Tree” series


Blurb –

Forced by the family spirits to get a life, Mattie Winston has to train her replacement Amber Harrison to be in charge of all the workings of the Winston estate. Reluctant to make changes in her life, Mattie forms a bond with Amber, when strange accidents start happening which threaten their lives and an unknown ghost makes an appearance.


After being rescued by an old flame, Quincy Miller, Mattie faces old wounds of rejection. As the general contractor for Amber’s redecoration project, Mattie is in constant contact with Quincy and realizes she still in love with her childhood sweetheart.


Amber, learning her new role in the family, wants to discover the identity of the ghost who keeps appearing. After several appearances, Gwen, Amber’s distance grandmother, shifts the book into more of Amber’s struggle to find out why her grandmother disappeared two hundred years ago without a trace. In a fight to claim her position in the family, Amber searches for clues to solve the mystery.


Mattie and Amber are both challenged when the family spirits decides Amber shouldn’t be the keeper. Battling for Amber, Mattie realizes she wants a life with Quincy outside the Winston estate.


Amber realized the importance of her new spiritual family, and she works to discover how Gwen died.


Can these two women achieve their goals?


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Standing by the bay window in the front room, Mattie watched the car approach. Her new recruit’s arrival had goose bumps popping out on Mattie’s skin, adding to her anxieties.

She wanted to run, but instead glanced at the kindhearted spirit of Opal, her distant grandmother. Dressed in her best early American gown, the many layers of her petticoat swished with a soft hiss when she moved.

“There’s no reason to be nervous. Once you meet Amber, you’ll see she caps the climax,” Opal voiced in a soothing tone. “Your Aunt Rachel is absolutely thrilled to have a descendant from her branch of the family as keeper.”

Looking beyond her at the rest of the room, Mattie searched for the other members of the family council. They always offered her their support when she faced a big decision. Yet, today they were conspicuously absent.

“Don’t worry. The whole family is behind you. We just thought it better if we didn’t all hover.”

Shifting from foot to foot, she wrung her hands together. A simple process of a changing of the guard for them, Amber’s arrival marked the end of the life Mattie loved.

The beautiful spirits around her didn’t understand how cruel humans could be to each other. What if she screwed up and the girl left? Or the girl hated living with a house full of spirits?

Unease pricked at Mattie’s mind. She had no experience in dealing with strangers. All her business associates understood her likes and didn’t force her to attend any social events.

A quick glance out the window, and a car rounded the fountain. She wasn’t prepared to entertain Amber. How could she be? She never invited guests to the estate.

“Now, Pumpkin, there’s no need to worry. It’s time another branch of the family realize what a pain it is to be keeper.” Opal smiled, offering her special form of reassurance. “We’re all here to help with the transition.”

The high notes of Beethoven’s Fifth sprang from the piano. Mattie jumped in surprise at the sudden noise. She whipped around to see Uncle Samuel, the artist of the family, standing next to the piano.

“The game is afoot.” He arched his eyebrows and grinned, then disappeared.

“I’d better leave.” Her aunt patted Mattie’s shoulder. “Just remember, the girl is uneasy too.”

Opal disappeared.

With a deep breath, Mattie turned and gripped the cold metal knob in her hand.

Soon her home would belong to a stranger, and then what would she do?

Read First Chapter of “Summer’s Growth”


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IT Exec’s Baby – 2nd Book in the Executives Wives’ Club series

 photo TG-EWC-ITEBaby-432x648_zps0d74c8a5.jpg

Brie Sullivan has a new baby girl and there are a million things to do, but Brie doesn’t have the energy to keep up. Why? She’s still grieving for her husband and suffering from baby blues, but she won’t let that stop her. She’s come up with the answer–find a new husband to be the father of her kids.

Jason Clark has been doing everything he can to help Brie. He loves her but can he accept her proposal of marriage knowing she’s not thinking clearly about the future?


A tall silhouette stood behind the
glass panels framing the door. She paused, her hand resting on the doorknob.
“Who is it?”
“Brie, it’s me, Jason. Is
everything okay?”
he wouldn’t stay long, not after everything that had happen during Isabella’s
birth.  Then again, could she blame him?
She had clung to him as if he were a life line, becoming upset if he even stepped
away from the hospital bed.
A little voice sounded in her head.
Don’t invite him in.
She nodded her agreement. He didn’t
need to see the dirty dishes in the sink or the half-folded laundry in the
living room or that she hadn’t vacuumed in more than a week. She brushed back
her hair and then flipped the dead bolt.
Inching the door open, she peeked
through the crack at the son of one of the executives’ wives. Marianne had
requested her son help Brie, just handle a few small jobs around the house so
she wouldn’t have to. Thankfully, Jason had agreed. Now, he seemed to arrive
whenever she needed help.
The chilly night air touched her
cheek. Afraid he’d see her tears, she brushed her hands quickly over her face
and rushed through her greeting. “Hey, Jason, we’re all fine, so you can just
head on home.”
“I’m in no hurry.” He edged
forward, his hand resting on the door. The gap widened. “I had a job at a house
down the street. They needed a toilet reseated. Only took a few minutes, so I
decided to stop by on the way home and see how you were doing.”
Brie blocked the door from swinging
open any further. She struggled for a way to deny him entrance. His mother was
one of her best friends. He coached her son’s little league baseball team, and
had stood beside her during the birth of her daughter.
“Jason, it’s really not a good
time. The house is a mess. The kids are in bed and well…” Her cordial manners
sent a bullet of guilt through her for being so impolite. She edged back a
step. The crack grew wider. “If you want to come inside, I guess I can rustle
you up something to eat.”
Yes, food,
the ever-ready gift of peace
She’d hide in the kitchen, while he
rested in one of the recliners in the living room. Then once she had everything
ready, he’d eat, leave, end of story. He’d head home, and all would be right
with the world. She frowned as he stepped across the threshold, but did she
really want to cook?



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Marketing Exec’s Widow on Sale until the End of October

 photo TG-EWC-MEWidow-432x648_zps2e99d362.jpg
I decided to update the look of my Executive Wives’ Club books. Check out the cover for Marketing Exec’s Widow.
Needing to revive her life and jump-start her heart, Jennifer Larson is facing the biggest challenge of her life, moving into an unplanned future. While the rest of the Executives Wives’ Club continue to mourn their husbands, Jen is tempted into the future by a sexy chiropractor, Hagan Chaney.

But does he love her or her money?
Reaching the landing, she sailed across and stopped by the first bedroom door. A brief glimpse revealed the same disappointing result as the space downstairs. “No, but there are a number of small towns nearby that might have what you’re looking for.”
An enticing male scent floated through the air, a second before a hand gripped the door frame by her shoulder.
Every female gene sprang to attention at his close proximity.
Desire poured through her, drenching her with emotions she hadn’t felt in months, hell, maybe even years. Her knees wobbled and she staggered into the door frame, but remained standing.
Hagan peered over her shoulder and blocked her retreat. “Not bad, if I want to have another office suite up here. I can tear out this wall and make a larger lobby, or close off the doorway and create another entrance into the room.”
He wandered to the next bedroom.
She gulped in a quick breath and air screamed back into her lungs. The residual scent of his citrusy cologne flowed in too and prompted her out-of-control hormones to form images of him: lying in bed, on top of her, his chest nestled against hers, his lips a breath away from…
Oh, my, a year without sex and I’m losing it.
Craig, why didn’t you divorce me before you died?
Jen gathered her strength and followed Hagan through the house. The easy flow of his long limbs showed incredible grace for a big man. So tempting, yet, she couldn’t pursue him. Not now, not with everyone watching her, they expected her to act like a grieving widow. If she didn’t, they’d forever brand her as an unloving wife.

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Stormy – A Second Chance at Love

Hi everyone,

Hope you are ready to party with all the great authors here on TRS. There will be some many great stories to choose from.

Stormy is my first attempt to write and extra hot book. The couple is unique because they aren’t kids. They’ve both been married before and know what they want in a spouse. Friends turn into lovers, but can they make it work.

Available at Smashwords – https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/475810
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 photo TG-Stormy-432x648_zpsb47297d3.jpg


Blurb – Can friends become lovers? Even after the age of forty?
He’s wife is dead. She’s divorce with adult children. 
For two years, Daniel and Karen have consoled each other
during the trails of losing their spouses. Now, they are ready to turn their friendship
into a loving relationship. After sharing a night of passion, all appears
golden for a bright future for Karen and Daniel until she receives a call from
her children saying her ex has had a heart attack. 
Torn between, her need to support her children and her
desire to be with Daniel, Karen leaves him and flees to the hospital. Coming
face to face with  her ex-husband’s new,
trophy wife, Karen begins to question exactly why her marriage fell apart. Was
she to blame, and if so, should she try again?
On the outside looking in, Daniel must now convince Karen to
let go of her past mistake and share a future with him?




“Damn, Daniel, where are you?”
Karen Barr glanced at her cell phone, hoping to see a message from him. She’d
called him before she left her apartment, texted him from the station where she
stopped for gas, and had even pulled off the highway a time or two in her
attempt to reach him.
Had he changed his mind about this
Or was the bad weather interfering
with his cell phone signal?
As if in answer to her question,
the pounding rain increased, pouring water from the sky like an overflowing
faucet. The windshield wipers worked in a quick pulsating rhythm. Nevertheless,
they still didn’t achieve the task of improving visibility.
Karen flipped the switch to
increase the speed and stared at the road ahead. The weatherman had predicted a
storm tonight, and for once when she wanted him to be wrong, he was right.
How much farther did she have to
The turn off for Daniel’s cabin
couldn’t be too far away. She’d caught sight of the old, red barn off to the
left a few miles back, so the dirt lane to Daniel’s place had to be close.
She slowed the car, crawling along
at a snail’s pace so as not to miss the path. Her headlights reflected off
something metallic. She read the weathered sign. Happy.
The outdated tune of “Happy Trails
to You” played through her head. Daniel had sung the song the first time he’d
brought her here. He said it’d help her remember the way back.
Right, and where the hell was he?
Karen checked her cell phone
again, and silently prayed he wasn’t lying in a muddy ditch somewhere.
Hopefully, he had simply forgotten to recharge his phone, a particularly
annoying habit he seemed to have.
“Damn it, Daniel, when I find you
She didn’t exactly know what she’d
do… kiss him?
Pictures of him flashed in her
head… his sexy smile, his curly, dark hair with a touch of gray at his
temples… the broad width of his shoulders, his trim physique… the round
curve of his ass.
“Shit, why do I put myself through
this? The man doesn’t see me as anything other than a friend,” Karen grumbled
and flipped her blinker on out of habit.
She steered the car onto Happy
Trails. The huge trees resembled mighty sentinels. Standing guard along the
edge of the road, they blocked the rain with their large limbs. Slowing to
avoid the abundant potholes on the gravel path, she tightened her grip on the
steering wheel and searched for the end of Daniel’s driveway.
The storm and lack of
communication from him had stretched her patience to the breaking point. She
longed to be at her final destination and out of the car. “I should’ve never
accepted his invitation to spend the weekend with him at his cabin. He can’t
let go of the past,” she muttered angrily.
 Hell, after her divorce, she gave up
everything, her husband of twenty-plus-years, her beautiful country manor home,
her cushy job, and her high-society friends. All she’d wanted was a new start—freedom
from the endless upper crust parties and social climbing leeches. Thankfully
now, her individual concerns were merely for her kids and herself. The infinite
hours spent on creating a prominent public image for Carl was in her
ex-husband’s trophy wife’s hands.
Unfortunately, Daniel’s world had
changed for a different reason. His wife’s death had hit him extremely hard.
He’d barely been able to cope and had turned to Karen. They’d worked together
for years, and he had no else. His family lived out of the state. She’d tried
to help, and they’d grown closer. Now, she wanted even more from him. Could
they bridge the gap from friends and become lovers?
The dim light shining up ahead
drew her attention. She figured Daniel must have left the porch light on for
her. Then why didn’t he return her calls?


Was it his way of keeping her from
backing out?
Here’s some of the reviews.
 Yvonne Daniels
Recommends This Book



I enjoyed reading this book I hope that there will be more parts to the story, I connect with the characters from the first page. I read the book to the finish the same day.. It is hot , steamy and romantic I would recommend this to all of the fans that like a hot romance with characters that you can identify with
 Jennifer Tabler
Recommends This Book



I enjoyed this book. It was short but sweet. I think a book before this one would of made a pretty good book. It had some hot sex scenes. One thing I didn’t like is that I couldn’t make a description in my head about the 2 main characters. I didn’t know what they looked like, how old they were and what they did for a living. Overall pretty good book.
 Paula Ford
Recommends This Book



I loved this book! I got lost in it! Tina created the people in the book that have a lot of substance to them. I love the way she wrote about the issues Karen faced with ex husband & how she finally let it go. I loved how Karen helped Daniel get over losing his wife. I loved the way were together as friends first then lovers. I would recommend this book if want an excellent read!


If you’d like to read more, pop over to my website http://www.tinagayle.net/Stormychapter.html

Hope you enjoy,