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St-Paddy’s Day Party Sean Michael Contest Winner

Congratulations to Jennifer Hoare, winner of my TRS St-Paddy’s Day contest!

Sean Michael

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Velvet Scars by Sean Michael, coming soon, Naughty Excerpt

Here is a naughty excerpt for the latest Velvet Glove book, coming out on Wednesday March 19 at Torquere Press: http://www.torquerebooks.com/

Argon is the new master of the body mods shop at the rebuilt Velvet Glove and he needs an apprentice. He’s hoping for someone who will not only want to learn how to pierce, tattoo, scar and brand, but who is also interested in being his submissive as well.

Brother Yves arrives at the body mods shop on a mission from the clerics of Mount Bell. The cloister has been his only home and he is totally innocent. Scared and far away from home, he nonetheless forges forward and presents himself to Master Argon, insisting that he is destined to be with the man.

Are Argon and Yves too different to find common ground, or are they destined to be together forever?

Naughty Excerpt:

“Your skin is beautiful.” Argon had never seen its like.
“It is pale, Master, like the moon.”
“It is.” He touched it again. “It will wear my marks like magic.” Tattoos, scars, piercings and brands — they would all stand out on Yves’ skin like beacons.
Argon kept unfastening the buttons, finding Yves bare beneath the robes. That surprised him, shocked him. He’d expected heavy underclothes. The little pink nipples stood out in the pale skin, and he touched one.
Yves went stiff, eyes huge. “They don’t make milk.”
Argon had to bite the insides of his lips hard to keep from laughing, but he did it — he would not embarrass Yves.
He touched again, stroking just the tip. The wee bit drew up tight, responding immediately.
“Are they sensitive?” he asked, moving to touch the other one. Some men were not sensitive there. Argon felt sorry for them.
“They tingle. Is that sensitive?”
“Oh, yes. That’s a good thing.” He kept stroking, keeping his touches easy for now.
He wanted to know if Yves’ cock would be hard when he uncovered it. Sliding his fingers down along Yves chest and over the slender, taut abdomen, he reached the bottom buttons and continued opening Yves’ robe.
Yves shrank inside the robes, obviously fighting the instinct to struggle. Argon appreciated that, the will.
He opened the robes completely, exposing the rest of Yves’ body to his gaze. Oh, gods above and below. White skin, long slender cock, snowy curls. He slid his fingers through the enticing curls, admiring with just his eyes, for now, the hard prick.
“My touches please you.” He was nearly purring.
“I’m sorry? Are they not supposed to?”
“You don’t have to apologize every time I say something. And yes, they are supposed to — I am very pleased.”
“Oh, thank you, Master.”
“No one has ever touched you, have they?” It was a logical conclusion.
“No. No. Never.”
“Good.” Argon loved that this man was innocent and absolutely untouched.


Argon stroked Yves’ leg with one finger. So pale he could see the map of blue veins beneath the skin. He followed one. Tiny hairs tickled his fingertip and he could feel Yves’ heartbeat through his skin — thump-thump, thump-thump, thump-thump.
“Like silk.” He looked up to meet Yves’ eyes.
Yves looked scared, stunned, almost dizzy. Argon slid his hands up along Yves’ sides, his skin so dark in comparison to Yves’ paleness.
He stopped to press his hand against Yves’ belly. “Breathe.”
A wild gasp sounded.
“Now breathe again.”
Yves took another breath, eyes staring into his.
“You can do this. I’m a good master.” Argon would not abuse Yves; he would make sure his boy enjoyed his ministrations, and their life together.
“Yes, Master. I’m trying to be right.”
“You are right just as you are. I don’t want you to do what you think you should. Do you understand?” He wanted Yves, for himself.
“I understand, but I don’t know what to do at all.” Such open honesty, such rawness.
“I shall teach you.” Argon touched his hand to Yves’ belly. “And you must listen to your instincts, trust them.”
“Do I have those?”
“Oh, yes. Everyone does.” He pressed against Yves’ belly. “You’ll feel it here.”
Yves took another deep breath, belly rebounding under his touch. He pressed against it a little harder, enjoying the intimacy of feeling Yves’ breath. The sweet skin pinked around his fingers, leaving a mark. Oh, he was going to have a marvelous time, leaving marks both impermanent and permanent.
Yves began to relax, to melt. Argon dipped his finger into Yves’ navel, teasing a little, and all the lean muscles tensed, rippled against his touch.
“Do you want to touch me, too?” Argon had to ask, because he very much wanted Yves to touch him, but more than that, he wanted Yves to want it, too.
Straight white teeth sank into Yves’ bottom lip as he nodded. “Please.”


Sean Michael

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Yes, Master by Sean Michael, coming soon, naughty excerpt

Here’s a naughty excerpt from my BDSM short story collection, coming on Wednesday from Torquere Press: http://www.seanmichaelwrites.com/

From first timers to hard core lovers, this collection of five BDSM themed short stories by Sean Michael has something for everyone.

Stories include: Playing for Keeps, The Twelve Kinks of Christmas, Payday, Following My Heart and Finding Kasey.

Stories previously published individually.

Naughty Excerpt:

When I turn around again, he’s already gone. Upstairs, I assume. Home. Or what used to be home nine months ago. I stop, take a deep breath, and put my backpack on the floor out of the way. If I’m right, I won’t need it. If I’m wrong, it won’t matter.

Upstairs is one great big room and he’s waiting by the bed, his arms still folded across his chest and he looks… not angry, but stern.

I don’t say anything, I just stare at him. Wait.

“Take off your clothes. You aren’t going to need them anymore.”

My mouth goes dry, but my hands don’t. I fumble with my belt, toe off my loafers. He doesn’t say a word. He just keeps watching me, his eyes boring into me like a pair of lasers. I take my shirt off, fold it, then slip off my Dockers. This is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Ever. I know this is a test, though, and that if I don’t pass it, that’ll be it. I fold my slacks, take off my briefs, stand there.

I’m not unattractive to him, or at least I didn’t used to be.

“Kneel.” No, not unattractive at all, Jimmy’s voice has gone all husky the way it does when need starts riding him.

I kneel down, the floor hard and cold on my knees. I can’t believe I’m doing this.

His breath catches in his throat. “Come here and suck me off.”

I meet his eyes, needing to see that he doesn’t hate me, that he’s looking at me. I can read the need there, plain as day. But more than that, I see the fear — he’s scared this isn’t real, that I’m going to bolt.

I won’t. I will not. I need this.

I move forward, stumble, and catch myself on his thighs. “Sorry.”

“What for?”


“Only that?”

I nod. Yeah, I haven’t done anything else wrong.


“Start sucking, Scotty.”

I get his sweats down, uncover the thick, fat cock, and suck him in. God, he tastes good.

He groans. I know that sound. My hands wrap around his thighs, and I moan for him, head bobbing as I fight to take him in all the way. I never have learned to deep throat him, but I try.

His hands drop, one on my shoulder, the other at the back of my head. He’s not pushing me. Not yet anyway. His fingers wrap around my ponytail, tug it like he’s reminding me I won’t have it for long, and I shiver, swallow as I suck.

“Going to make you mine.” He starts to move his hips now, pushing his thick cock into my mouth.

I can’t help gagging — he’s so big, so thick, and he’s pushing hard. He backs off a little, his thrusts becoming shallower, not slower, though. He isn’t backing off that much. My own cock is full, aching, bobbing in front of me with each of his thrusts in.

“Don’t come,” he tells me, voice gruff. I can hear the slight catch in it, and I know it won’t be long before he comes.

Fuck. Fuck, I want. I need to come, but I want to do this right first.

He pulls my face into his groin as he pushing in one last time, hard this time, and fills my throat with his spunk. I cry out, swallowing deep, over and over, trying to take it all in.

He finally lets go of my ponytail and pulls away, cock slipping from between my lips.

He looks torn between wanting to pull me close and holding me at arms length. Close finally wins and he hauls me up against him — I’d forgotten just how strong he is — and crushes me close. “I missed you. Asshole.”

I hold on — what else can I do? I fucking love him. “I’m sorry.”

“You’re back now, though. And you said you would do anything. That mean what I think it means?”

My mouth goes dry, but I nod. Yeah. Yeah, it does.

“Then let’s get started. There’s no turning back; I can’t do the last nine months over again, Scotty. I can’t.” There’s a catch in the voice of my big, strong lover.

“I’m yours.” I swallow hard. “Sir.”

Sean Michael

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Yes, Master by Sean Michael, coming soon, pg excerpt


Torquere Press is putting out a collection of my BDSM themed short stories on Wednesday March 19: http://www.torquerebooks.com/

From first timers to hard core lovers, this collection of five BDSM themed short stories by Sean Michael has something for everyone.

Stories include: Playing for Keeps, The Twelve Kinks of Christmas, Payday, Following My Heart and Finding Kasey.

Stories previously published individually.

PG Excerpt:

From Following My Heart


Four cups.

Four fucking cups of coffee.

Four cups of coffee, three trips to the bathroom, six hours, and a lot of deep breathing and I still can’t cross the fucking street.

My hair is getting in my eyes, keeping me from focusing on the window across the way, the sign there. I tie it back, take another breath and tell myself it’s time. Now.

The last time I was in there was… what? Eight months ago? Almost nine.  Shit. We’d fought hard, damn hard — complete with screaming and broken furniture, accusations and blame. It had been over.

It was over.

Is over.

But still…

All the running I’ve done, and it doesn’t fucking matter. All I can think of is him; all I dream about is the things he asked for, the last thing he said to me.

“You’re a fucking coward, Scotty. Scared to ask for what we both need.”

Shaved bare — completely. Inked. Pierced. Plugged. A full time boy, a full time sub. His boy.

I just…

I can’t, right?

I can’t.

That’s not me.


No one has made me want like he did.

No one.

And I keep dreaming and…

I’m moving across the street, knowing I look out of place with my preppy clothes, my oh-so-Bohemian ponytail, my whole life reduced to a backpack. I open the door to the studio, grab the help wanted sign and look into the face of the man I love more than life. “I’m here about a job.”

Jimmy’s eyes go wide, and then narrow. “Scotty.”

I nod. What else am I supposed to do? “Yeah.”

He puts the paintbrush down and crosses his arms. “A job.”

God, he’s beautiful.

“Anything. I was wrong.”

“Anything?” His voice is like smooth whiskey.

“Anything.” This time, I mean it.

“Go lock the door and come upstairs.”

I nod, head over, palms sweaty, shaking so badly that they slide on the lock.

I can do this.

I can.


Sean Michael

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Velvet Scars by Sean Michael, coming soon, pg excerpt

The latest Velvet Glove book is coming out on Wednesday March 19 at Torquere Press: http://www.torquerebooks.com/

Argon is the new master of the body mods shop at the rebuilt Velvet Glove and he needs an apprentice. He’s hoping for someone who will not only want to learn how to pierce, tattoo, scar and brand, but who is also interested in being his submissive as well.

Brother Yves arrives at the body mods shop on a mission from the clerics of Mount Bell. The cloister has been his only home and he is totally innocent. Scared and far away from home, he nonetheless forges forward and presents himself to Master Argon, insisting that he is destined to be with the man.

Are Argon and Yves too different to find common ground, or are they destined to be together forever?

PG Excerpt:

Was he going to meet anyone even passably qualified today?
The next knock on his door was oddly… gentle. Could a knock be gentle?
“Enter.” He watched the door, ready to dismiss this candidate as quickly as he had the last.
The door opened and a lean, incredibly pale man walked in. “Master Argon?” The man’s eyes were the lightest blue, hair snow white, features foreign and fascinating.
“Yes, I am Master Argon.” The first one to address him properly. There was potential here. He looked the boy over again. Oh, yes. Definite potential.
Long fingers were brought up, palms together, and he was given a deep bow. “I am Brother Yves. The clerics of Mount Bell sent me to you.”
Well, this was not a boring interview.
“Sent you to me? You’re a priest?” A priest? Here at the Velvet Glove? And at the body mod shop at that. Argon had so many questions.
“I am in training, Master. The brotherhood had a vision that I was meant to come to you.”
“Do you mean to apprentice with me? In this place where men use their bodies in all manner of perversions and pleasures?” He was blunt — if what they did here would offend this Brother Yves in any way, he needed to know now.
“They say that I am to come to you, offer myself to you for your will.” So calm. So still. What would it take to ripple these waters?
“You will have to experience each of the body mods we do here.” His apprentice would be a canvas to his will.


“The brotherhood says I will find the light here, that I am destined for this.”


Argon put his hands on his hips, let his body be on display. He wore only his leathers, which hugged his body and displayed his package. His upper body was bare, skin glinting with sweat as he kept the shop quite warm. “Even if it gets physical between us?” His apprentice didn’t have to be his submissive as well, but it was Argon’s dream, to have his shop and his love all in one place. To be able to work together as Dom and sub in all aspects of their life… He yearned for that. And there was an attraction here, a spark that lit the moment Yves had walked in.
“I have not taken a vow of chastity, Master. If the gods intend me to be yours, I am yours. I have faith.”
“My scars and brands don’t offend you?” His facial scarring and branding had not been voluntary, but they were badges of his survival. They had appalled more than one lover and he knew that many submissives found him scary because of them.
“Should they? I have been kept pure for my calling, but I have heard no one who called marks a blasphemy.”
There was something about that deep water calm that made Argon want to shake it. Hard.


Sean Michael

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Happy St-Paddy’s Day! from Sean Michael

Happy St-Paddy’s Day!

Are you wearing your green?

May the saddest day of your future be no worse than the happiest day of your past!

I’ll be by later with posts on three books that I have coming out on March 19 — that’s this Wednesday! It never rains but it pours!

And also a reprint coming out from Resplendence called The Dog Next Door!

I’ll post more about these later.

Sean Michael

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The Briar Rose: Controlling Parker by Sean Michael, naughty excerpt

Matt and Adam from Sold, a Hammer novel, are back once again at the Briar Rose, their BDSM B&B. This time their guests are lovers and Dom/sub pair Gaston and Parker who need their help reaching a goal.

A committed pair in the BDSM lifestyle, Gaston and Parker have been together for six years. Parker works hard to be the best sub he can be, to be worthy of Gaston, but try as he has, he can’t come on command without a touch to his cock and he knows it’s totally his fault.

Booking a week at the Briar Rose, Gaston is hoping that between a week away from home with no other distractions, and help from Matt and Adam, he and Parker will be able to achieve their goal – together.

Will Gaston be able to overcome Parker’s insecurities or will they have to let this particular aspect of their play go?

Naughty Excerpt

Their quarters were amazing, and they never ceased to make him smile. Adam had spent hours painting and decorating, arranging their little sitting area, their bedroom. The private playroom beyond the en suite was his pride and joy, his project.
The bathroom was huge, with a separate tub and shower. The lighting was gentle, the room had its own temperature control and a little counter with candles and oils. There was something deep inside Adam that hunted for beauty, for peace and sensual pleasures in the tiniest of things. It made it easy to indulge his lover.
“Get the candles working and then you can undress me.” They both still enjoyed the rituals.

Adam chose the candles carefully, then washed his hands before coming to Matt, working the worn button-down open.

Matt took a long, deep breath. “Love your touch.”

Adam’s answer was a blissful smile.

Long, clever fingers lingering on his skin, Adam undressed him. It was slow and easy, sensual. Intoxicating. His sub was perfectly aware of it, too, taking his time, teasing him. These new guests would be good for his lover, jostle them out of the easy quiet they’d found.

Speaking of jostling… “Did you read our new guests’ portfolio, lovely?”
Adam shook his head. “You took it to your office. I know they’re a committed pair, long-term and they are looking for assistance, not just a retreat.”

“They have a specific need. One that I’m sure we can help them with.”

“Oh?” Adam moved to start the shower, and turn on the warmer beneath a tiny bowl of oil to heat it up and wrap them in scent.

“Mmmhmm… They want the sub — Parker — to come without a touch to his cock.”

“That’s not too challenging, is it? More a long tease, then timing. Possibly some hard core prostate massage.” Adam stripped down quickly, clever mind working. “A system of prostate milking and cock sheaths could do it, too. Prostate milking would assure he couldn’t come for a while. Is he a chronic masturbator?”

God, this was the best job ever.

“You’ll have to ask. I do know we’ll suggest no stimulation to his cock whatsoever for the week they are here.”
Adam tilted his head, eyes looking into the air for a moment. “We have some wonderful, long-term wear sheaths, I think. Something were he’ll get no direct touch without permission.”
“What if it was you? I believe you could be trusted not to touch if you were told you weren’t allowed.”

“Well, yes, but I think the physical reminder and the fact that there could be no unauthorized touching during sleep, cleaning, urinating could be incredibly powerful. His master being the only one to touch his cock for a week, and those touches nonsexual — that will be intense.”

“Very well, we shall suggest that. And lovely.” He waited to make sure he had Adam’s complete attention.
Adam’s pretty blue eyes blinked up at him. “Yes, Master?”
“Whatever solution we arrive at for our guests, you’ll be enjoying the same.”
He smiled, stroked Adam’s cheek. “You won’t be allowed to touch your cock, either.”

“You’re playing a wicked game, Master.” Adam’s prick jerked, jumped, started to fill against him.

“I am.” He grinned, dropping his hand to Adam’s prick, fingers brushing the little ring there before moving to wrap around the hot flesh.
“There will be very little touching after this evening, so I guess we need to play while we can.”
“That’s totally unfair, you know. Completely.” Adam pressed into his touch in a lazy roll.
“Absolutely not. This way the sub has someone who knows what he’s going through, to lead the way.” And it was too wonderful not to indulge in.
“I haven’t jacked myself in… days, at least. Possibly weeks.”
Matt laughed, utterly delighted and not caring. Adam got plenty of stimulation from him. “Then you should be in good practice.”

Adam was going to be crazed by the end, and they’d have some lessons in between.

“It’s going to be a wonderful week.” He let go of Adam’s cock in favor of cupping the sweet balls.

Adam’s lips opened, and his beautiful sub pressed into the touch.

“You love the fact that I’m going to make you do this,” he noted.

“I love the attention, the excitement. You.”

“You have me. Always.” Matt tugged gently on those sweet balls.

“Yes, Master.” Adam rocked again, cheeks flushing.


Look for Controlling Parker at Torquere Press: http://www.torquerebooks.com/index.php?main_page=advanced_search_result&search_in_description=1&keyword=the%20briar%20rose&inc_subcat=0&page=1&sort=2a

or at Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Briar-Rose-Controlling-Parker-ebook/dp/B00IJHR28E/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1394993435&sr=1-1&keywords=controlling+parker

and All Romance Ebooks:https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-thebriarrosecontrollingparker-1425944-147.html

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Almost by Sean Michael, Naughty Excerpt

Almost is now available on its own.

Hammer let Lane drive him away, but now he’s determined to make Lane the one who almost got away.

Lane lost his legs while saving his unit overseas. It’s been two years and he’s doing his best to come to terms with things, including the fact that he dumped his lover to free the man up from being stuck with a gimp for the rest of his life. Luckily, Lane inherited his Gramps’ cottage—it just needs some renovations to make it wheelchair friendly. He’s determined to make the best of what he’s got.

Hammer was one of the men Lane saved…and his lover while they were in the Army together. He let Lane drive him away back when the man first got hurt, but now he’s hunting Lane, determined to make Lane the one who almost got away. Will Lane be able to see past his injuries far enough to realise Hammer’s in it for the long haul?

Almost is available at Totally Ebound!

Excerpt (of the naughty variety)

Hammer started toward him, eyes on his mouth.

“Be good.” He licked his lips, needing another one of those kisses so bad.

“I’m always good.” Hammer grabbed hold of the arms of his wheelchair, just like before, and leaned in, moving straight for his mouth.

“Hammer…” He was caught, like a fish on a hook.

“That’s my name.” Hammer’s lips closed over his, the kiss hard and take charge and all Hammer.

Lane pushed up, meeting that need halfway, wanting more than anything to feel normal, to feel something good. What he felt was Hammer’s moan, all through his body. He wanted that and he wanted that fat cock filling his mouth, filling his ass.

“Want you, Laney. Fucking want you so bad.”

“Let me.” He pushed Hammer back, tore the man’s jeans open to get to that swollen prick. He wouldn’t let Hammer touch, but he’d suck cock until Hammer lost it.

“Fuck.” Hammer let him do it, moving in close as soon as that sweet erection pushed out from his underwear.

They didn’t discuss anything—Lane just dropped his lips over hot flesh and pulled hard, demanding Hammer’s pleasure. A desperate, needy noise came out of Hammer and he grabbed hold of Lane’s skull. Yes. Fuck, yes. He needed to taste, to know.

Hammer let him have it, rocking his hips to push that fucking cock deeper. Lane swallowed, working on the tip, making Hammer feel it.

“Laney. Laney.” Hammer kept chanting his name over and over.

He held on, squeezing Hammer’s ass. That was his signal to Hammer, who started pushing deep and Lane could feel the thick erection getting a little harder as Hammer got close.

Yes. Oh, fuck yes. Please. He couldn’t breathe, he wanted it so bad.

Sean Michael

smut fixes everything – www.seanmichaelwrites.com

Drawing Straws: Erik by Sean Michael, Naughty Excerpt

Damon, Erik, Joe, and Tork graduated together from the police academy. Though they’ve found their niches in different departments, they’ve kept a tradition alive that brings them together four times a year.

The four men meet at Erik’s secluded cabin for a long weekend and draw straws for which of them is going to be the sub. This fall, Erik draws the short straw for the first time in a couple of years, and the other three men can’t wait to play Dom to Erik’s sub.

Will the weekend go as planned or are the men beginning to tire of the fun and games?

Available at Resplendence Publishing (http://www.resplendencepublishing.com/m8/641-978-1-60735-742-1–drawing-straws-erik-handcuffs-and-lace-by-sean-michael.html


ARE (https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-drawingstrawserik-1449637-147.html)

Naughty Excerpt

Fucking shit.

Him. Seriously? Erik had fucking banked on being able to beat the living fuck out of someone’s ass. Now he was having to play sub. It had been three years, almost, hadn’t it?

The guys rolled him, putting him onto his hands and knees in the middle of the bed. Tork’s big hand lingered on his ass. “You need to breathe, Erik. We need to stretch you.” Teeth worried the flesh of his ass. “We’re going to make you fly.”

“No biting,” he growled.

“Oh, sorry, baby, but you don’t get to make the rules this weekend.” Joe’s face was right there in his, Joe’s grin feral, those dark eyes wild as they gazed into his own.

“This is going to be the most fun ever.” Damon sounded fucking gleeful. The beautiful little shit.

“Ever,” agreed Tork, the deep voice settling right into Erik’s balls and promising him everything was going to be okay, good. Amazing.

Damon’s fingers dragged along his balls, almost tugging. Almost. A slick, thick finger pushed at his hole, teasing for a moment before sliding right in. That had to be Tork. Aside from where they all were, Tork had the biggest hands of the three of them, the thickest damn fingers.

“Oh, fuck,” muttered Tork. “So fucking tight.”

“That’s mine. That perfect little hole,” Joe growled, pinching the inside of Erik’s thigh.

“We’re going to stretch him first. Everyone gets a finger.” Tork could come up with some wicked ideas when he was properly motivated.

“Slowly,” Damon said. “I want him to feel it. I want him to feel everything.”

Tork’s finger was going slowly, pushing into Erik before pulling all the way out again, so it breached his hole over and over again. Erik felt himself begin to heat, to melt inside.

Damon’s finger was so slender next to Tork’s, and Erik could so feel the difference between them. Damon pushed deeper than Tork, finding his gland almost immediately.

Little fuck. Lightning shot up Erik’s spine at the touch. Jesus, he’d almost forgotten what that was like.

“Do it again,” ordered Tork as Joe’s finger worked its way into Erik, too.

“Over and over.” Damon’s tongue slid along his back. “Jesus, ‘Rik. You’re like a fire inside.”

“A fucking inferno. Imagine that around your cock, D—he’s gonna be hot and tight and fucking perfect.” Tork had a way of making you feel special.

Sean Michael

smut fixes everything — www.seanmichaelwrites.com

Brush and Whip by Sean Michael, pg excerpt

My first book with Ellora’s Cave!

The Kennel Klub takes pride in matching dominant shifters with the perfect mates.

Theo is looking for just that—someone to pleasure, to love, to take care of. Having dealt with tremendous personal losses, Theo uses his human form as a shield. No one can hurt him if he’s human.

Drew hasn’t shifted in more than a year. After spending his life serving a cruel alpha, he was cast aside. Drew has found that it’s easier to protect himself if he’s a wolf. A sub at heart, Drew is apprehensive at the concept of losing control. But as Theo arouses deep needs in Drew, he’ll learn that ceding his will is just the beginning of this erotic battle.

Available at Ellora’s Cave!

Excerpt (look for a naughty one later this evening)

“Are you sure he…” The little man—no, kitty. Definitely feline. Not human—sounded worried, scents of concern and disapproval strong.

The alpha’s fingers were hard, clenching his ruff, shaking him. “He’s a good pup. He’ll do what he’s told, when he’s told.”

Drew was good. Good and bad, all at the same time. The alpha had a female now, was having babies and no one needed a beta male about, especially not one who had been the alpha’s boy for so long.

“We need him to be willing. This is a commitment.”

The shake came again and he bit back his whimper as it pulled hard on his fur. “Tell him you’re willing, pup. Bark for me.”

He barked, the sound sad and low.

“See? Do you have a cage for him?”

A cage?

He was going to be caged?

Drew crouched down, shivering hard. So many smells here, so strange. So bad. If he’d never been a man, he wouldn’t be here. Someone would have simply run him off, chased him away.

“I’d prefer a verbal confirmation.” The kitty man pursed his lips at Drew’s alpha.

“You won’t get one. He’s not allowed to change in my presence. If you don’t want him, I’ll just take him to the shelter.”

The kitty’s eyes went wide and then pure energy flashed in them, hard and furious. “You will not. This is not a pet and you’re no one’s master. Get the fuck out of my establishment.” And with that, the man knelt down, speaking only to him.

“Hey, honey. I’m Kyle. No cages, I promise, but lovely rooms and good food. Come with me. I swear, I will protect you.”

His alpha growled, but Kyle didn’t even flinch. A hand was waved. “I said get out. I’ll be calling security in five seconds.”

The door slammed loudly.

His ruff was touched, so gently. “I’m sorry that son of a bitch was a worthless asshole, honey, but I promise, I swear, we will find a good life for you.”

He whined, sad and lost and scared, and Kyle plopped right onto the floor, arms open. “Come on, I give amazing hugs and then I’ll show you your new home. It’ll be yours for as long as you want it.”

For the longest time he just stood there, and Kyle waited, arms open for him. “Come on. The first step is the hardest, but my hugs are worth it.”

Drew considered it. His heart was broken. His pack was gone. His soul was torn in half and he didn’t think the shame would ever go away.

If any pup ever needed a friend in a new place, it was him.

He pushed into Kyle’s arms and howled, crying for all he’d lost.

Sean Michael

smut fixes everything – www.seanmichaelwrites.com


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