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What’s Next? More to Come




There’s so many stories to write and so little time.

With the series I’m doing and my co-author projects with best selling author Remmy Duchene, there isn’t a lot of time for new plot bunnies

But believe me, when I get the time, I will be writing them.

Currently, I’m doing the series I mentioned as well as the Wretched, the Metalrotica books, and another series tentatively titled, Catch Me if You Can. The first book On the Run is almost complete.

I’m also doing a menage mmm later on and some revisions of stories that need re-release.

Busy, busy, busy. I wish I had more hands, but I do my best.

Thanks so much for listening to me as always and for the latest, check with my website and my page, The Literary Triad on FB

BIO: In one word, crazy. Just crazy enough to have 3 4 different muses running around in her head, driving her to sheer exhaustion with new plot bunnies and complex characters.

This happily married mother of two beautiful children loves music, computers, reading, and still enjoys reading and writing fanfiction. She’s a proud member of the Erotica Readers & Writers Association, as well as an advocate for rights of GLBTQ citizens.

She’s also co-editor to the heavy metal ezine Fourteeng.net.

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What’s Next? N’awlins Exotica Paranormal Series


   The twins books are almost complete. Ryland and Ryder’s last books are coming soon. I’ll be starting Mon Trois this week and shortly after that, book 6, Mon Pere, Our Father: Gren Dumons is the story of the twins from human birth to their change into vampires. 

I hope to get both books complete by Jan/February of next year.

What’s Next?




Very soon, I’ll be getting back to the N’awlins Exotica series and changing the muse.

BLMorticia writes the next two books in my series featuring my hot stripper Kajika Fortier along with hotheaded homicide detectives, Frankie Choteau and Kenina Porter.

In this story, I’ll be focusing on the budding relationship between straight detective Vance Morain and his closeted partner, Orrin Daugherty.

And if you read the other two books, you know there’s some tension going on between all five of my characters and the serial killer is still on the lose!

Look for No Denying Sin in late Oct/Early November. 

CONTEST: Win a Book From My Backlist




Good morning

It’s the last day for the End of Summer Bash

How about another contest?

This time, just comment and I’ll pick a winner for a book from my backlist!

I’ll announce on Tuesday!

CONTEST: Win Jayden and a Five Dollar GC!




How about a contest?

I’ll do a giveaway of this book and a 5GC from Amazon!

All you have to do is comment here and please like my FB Page, The Literary Triad  Please say hi so I can include you.

I’ll pick a winner after the party is over on Tuesday. 

You must comment here and on my page.

Good luck!

Good morning TRS! Reluctant Groupie Series – Metalrotica

reluc_volone   Good morning

I wanted to feature the first two books in my series, Reluctant Groupie, also part of the Metalrotica collection. One Shot was Rawiya’s second best seller on Amazon last year. It’s an interracial love story about female who falls in love with a guitarist of a death metal band. Check out the blurb here.

Blurb: Coffee fanatic, Evie Langston has taken great shots of rock stars in her life and none has intrigued her like the picture she took of star guitarist Del Vanz of the heavy metal band, Blood Reign. Evie is more than interested in finding out more about the mystery man behind the makeup but can’t get over being intimidated and afraid of rejection. 

Tightly wound but a dog lover, Del Vanz, Blood Reign’s head axeman, never saw such a beautiful lady in the pit taking pictures and he wants to know more. However, he’s not sure how she’d accept his career choice. If so, would she be interested in the man behind the white paint?

Amazon  ARe  Smashwords 


ReluctantGroupie2   The second book is unrelated to the first but another love story of a female journalist who falls head over heels for a rock star she met some time ago. The first time, Owen was battling his own demons but now, he’s clean and sober and looking for Mrs. Right.

This book stars a not so sweet Irish lass and an American rocker that blows her mind.
Lilith Delaney is a redheaded, buxom rocker chick who loves her freedom. She’s used to being alone, running her webzine, and living life the way she likes it.

Owen Conroy, lead bassist/vocalist for The Defiant is her weakness. All six feet, lean, and blonde with blue eyes make her turn into a puddle of goo. They’d met two years ago when Owen nearly died from an overdose and now they cross paths again during his return to Dublin.

Stubborn Lilith refuses to be anyone’s hanger on or girlfriend with everything going so well in her homeland. Can this newly sobered rocker make her change her mind?

Amazon      ARe

Love Heavy Metal Music? Sex? Angst? The Wretched Tales!

coreyred_2.5  So if you follow me, you know about my freebie series, The Wretched Tales?

What’s it about? Well, in short it follows the heavy metal band’s new bassist, Corey Patrick falling in to bed with fans or other musicians, getting into a fight with a bandmate, as well as plenty of one liners throughout the story.

I just finished 2.5 because each story is connected to the last and you must read from the beginning to find out everything about the band

If you’re interested in egotistical, sex hungry, metal maniacs, I’d say this would be your thing!

ALL Romance


Free Story Meant to Be M/M by Rawiya



My story for Love’s Landscapes is available for Free

Click here for the link

Sex Type Thing Excerpt #2

Metalerotique_2  WARNING: Strong male/male sexual situations many might find highly objectionable. 

JKaye is a fan of Lucifiera’s lead singer Zander Lukes… A BIG fan. His desire for the lead screamer has driven him to do something wrong, really wrong…

Kidnap Zander and bring him back to his place.

What does he intend to do? Push the man to his limits and make him his slave for the weekend. 

JKaye feelings for Zander are more than just a crush. Zander Lukes is his obsession.





Excerpt #2


    “I am, I am, I am, I said I wanna get next to you−”

I tapped my feet on the dresser and bobbed my head to my favorite Stone Temple Pilots song. Yeah I liked a whole lot of their tunes but this one gets me going like no other.

I leaned back and let the lyrics wash over me, driving my mind to the most forbidden place on earth, my mind. No, you don’t wanna go in there people, because it’s a very scary destination.

I don’t think about happy things like flowers, running in poppy fields, and loving the so called God with everything I have. Nope, I think about how I can bend, no actually, break the rules, be the boss of my own existence, and wreak havoc on just about everything I come in contact with.

What am I?

Well, I have the perfect occupation for this sort of thing. I’m a rock star and not just any old rock star, but the one and only Zander Lukes.

People love me. They fall at my feet just so I can sneer at them through my fake red contacts. They worship me and at the same time, they might hate me because of the attention I command.

I don’t really know why and honestly, I don’t give a flying fuck. I’m in this business because I like being at odd with those in so called normal society. In my book, there is no normal, there is no good. Everyone is out for themselves and that includes me who can’t stand to be around any goodie two shoes. Yes, take that shit right out of here because I have no respect for the so called authorities or the people that follow them.

I’m demon on earth, awaiting the call from the father of hellfire, I’m a man possessed by the left teachings. I’m nobody to fool around with, and most of all, I’m my own person.

I am Zander Lukes.


Checking the clock on the wall, I was getting bored waiting on show time. The opening acts were running late because their bus broke down on the way into New York.

    Bummer for them. To be perfectly honest, they sucked.

But the record company decided to throw them on the bill with me. Cool kids but they truly sucked at music. No, I don’t make the rosters for these tours and nor do I care to. If it were up to me, it would just be Lucifiera and I’d fill the time with exotic dancers of the male and female variety.

No worries, that idea is in the works since I mentioned it to our management. That may take some time but it will get done. I’ll make doubly sure of that.

Fifteen minutes until and the voices inside my head urged me to wreck something. Listening to Sex Type Thing always put me in that kind of mood which is why I have it blasting through the speakers before every show.

You may ask, why that tune when it’s not that much older than me?

I suppose I like the sleaze, the lyrics which sound so devilish and yet so captivating at the same time. It sounds as if it’s coming from a man in command and or control even though through history, we can see Scott really didn’t have a firm grip on much of anything. And like him, I wanted someone to be my lay before and after the show but groupies bored the hell out of me.

Sure, they came in all colors, sizes, and genders, but none of them held my interest.

Right now, I wanted someone exciting, someone to push my limits, get my motor running on all speeds and that wasn’t going to be found with the girls brought by the roadies to please Zander Lukes.

Yes, I said roadies because I couldn’t be bothered with picking my partner or partners for the evening. Besides, all I did was kick them out after they swallowed my cum anyway. I don’t do the lovey dovey cuddle thing with one-nighters at all. None of them deserved it anyway.

What I wanted was a strong man, willing to go really far, and take me where so far out of myself that I might not want to come back. And believe you me it would take a lot to do that since in I’ve freaking owned the effin block.

Have I done all the dirty? Just about.

Am I willing to go further? Most definitely.

In my mind, kinks are only the things you dare not talk about with strangers for fear you might have to hurt them. The acts that most find frightening or repulsive but who cares? If it’s what you like then you should do it.

My kinks range from bondage to brutal sex and everything in between. If only I could find the one to show me the real world beyond those doors.

Sex Type Thing – Metalerotique #1

Metalerotique_2   Under my other pseudo BLMorticia, I’m doing a series of erotica shorts related to hard rock music! This one, Sex Type Thing is the first of this collection. Its raunchy, dirty, and erotic. If you’re not easily offended, read on!

WARNING: Strong male/male sexual situations many might find highly objectionable. 

JKaye is a fan of Lucifiera’s lead singer Zander Lukes… A BIG fan. His desire for the lead screamer has driven him to do something wrong, really wrong…

Kidnap Zander and bring him back to his place.

What does he intend to do? Push the man to his limits and make him his slave for the weekend. 

JKaye feelings for Zander are more than just a crush. Zander Lukes is his obsession.






    “I am, I am, I am, I said I wanna get next to you−”

Scott Weiland’s monotone voice played in my head as I figured out my plan to kidnap the biggest heavy metal rock star in the world. Thoughts of the right time to be at the back door, what rope to tie him up with once I got in the car whirled through my brain. I had to be precise since he was being watched like a hawk at this venue near downtown Manhattan.

Didn’t matter though because regardless of the situation, I’d get him.

I’d waited far too long for him to come back stateside for this to fail. My diabolical plan was foolproof. It had to be if I intended on getting away with it.

    “You wouldn’t want me have to hurt you too, hurt you too!”

Yeah, exactly what I’d been thinking for quite fucking while; to pleasure him with hurt, to shower him with all my affections, rough or otherwise. To make him my bitch, even if only for a short time. I had to do this or my life would never be fully complete. I had to have Zander Lukes as my plaything for the weekend and make him like it.

Zander had been my obsession for days, months, no make that fucking years. I’ve thought about him, had wet dreams about him. Hell, I’ve even jerked off to his picture, his videos, and any concert footage I could lay my hands on. He’s my rock god, the target of my ultimate desire, my dream man.

Zander Lukes, lead singer of Lucifiera.

    Fuck yeah.

At only twenty-six, Zander’s been in the scene since he was nineteen. From the south Bronx, ironically raised by Catholic nuns, Zander was, is, and always will be the top star in metal as far as I’m concerned. I mean, I like a whole lot of bands in the hard rock but none of them move me like Lucifiera. Through his lyrics it seems we share the same views; God is a lie, you are your own god, and you answer to no one.

Yep, that about sums me up. I don’t play by the rules, I don’t believe in a higher power, and I don’t listen to anyone. Such is the reason I was kicked out of my house at age seventeen and lived on the streets until I got hip to drug dealing and making my own way. And after two years of selling for the local kingpin, I was out of the game and on my own, living in the bowels of New York, bouncing at heavy metal establishments like CBGB’s and New York’s Metal Hell.

So of course a man who sings about making it your own way is one I’d instantly follow and as I’ve already said, I’m a big fan. I could be the biggest since I’ve bought every album, attended every concert, purchased every stinking piece of memorabilia I could buy or steal, and I’ve even met the dude more than a couple of times.

There’s a connection between us. I know it but maybe he doesn’t. Perhaps he doesn’t want to know me that well but he will after tonight because I’m planning to make myself known to him in so many more ways than one.

Yes, Zander Lukes from Lucifiera shall be mine tonight, tomorrow, and the next day as I plan on taking him for the full weekend and introducing him to pleasures he’s most likely never known. Kinks he probably never knew he had.

Again, I don’t play by the rules. I like to create havoc, and here’s a new one for you–I don’t take no for an answer.


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