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Happy Halloween and Excerpt from (M/M) In Too Deep

Happy Halloween! I hope you have a safe, fun holiday.

Getting into the spirit, here’s an excerpt from my new release, In Too Deep. It takes place at a masquerade party during which the heroes really start getting to know each other.

Hope you enjoy it!



Daring Domanicos: In Too Deep

by Saloni Quinby

From Changeling Press

At that moment, both their gazes riveted toward the entrance through which an absolutely gorgeous glam rocker had stepped. His black hair was teased up and tipped with glitter. He wore skintight black pants and thick-soled black boots that added several inches to his tall frame. The sheer black vest he wore did practically nothing to hide his beautifully muscled torso. A fierce-looking dragon was either painted or tattooed on his chest. From this distance, Keith couldn’t tell. Most of his face was covered by huge black sunglasses, but there was absolutely no mistaking Tucker.

Thomas gave a low whistle, then he turned to Keith with a knowing grin, patted him on the shoulder and said, “Happy hunting.”

Thomas walked away and Keith felt a bit funny. Was his attraction to Tucker that obvious? Yet by how many people were glancing in the lifeguard’s direction, Keith wasn’t the only one who found him stunning.

As Tucker walked to the main floor, several people approached him. One guy wearing a super-butch lumberjack costume exchanged words with Tucker, then reached out and caressed his gorgeous chest. Keith’s gut tightened with jealousy.

He told himself not to be ridiculous. He had no claim on Tucker and probably never would. Not with so many guys who were ten times sexier than Keith all over him. Like his svelte body could compete with the lumberjack’s bodybuilder muscles.

Oh great. Now Tucker was talking to a shirtless, kilt-clad stud who made anyone with eyes want to book a flight to the Highlands. Keith recognized him as one of Tucker’s fellow lifeguards, Dillon.

Curling his lip, Keith headed toward the bar. He didn’t have a chance. It was time for a drink.

Then he paused.

The hell it was.

He constantly told people to have confidence and go for what they wanted, that if they didn’t find themselves worthy, no one else would either. Yet here was the gutsy advice columnist about to crawl into a bottle of tequila because he was afraid to let a guy know he was interested.

So what if he wasn’t a muscle-bound stuntman? If Tucker hadn’t been interested in him at all, why had he approached him at lunch a couple of days ago?

Taking a deep breath, he composed himself before turning around and — crashing directly into Tucker’s gorgeous chest. With the thick-soled boots, he now towered over Keith. And damn he smelled fantastic! His fresh, citrus-scented cologne made Keith want to sniff him all over, at least for starters.

“Whoa. Sorry,” Tucker said, lightly grasping Keith’s shoulders. “Didn’t mean to crowd you. I just wanted to say hi.”

Keith grinned and glanced up at Tucker. “You recognize me.”

“Hell yeah.” Tucker chuckled. “You look amazing, Keith. Great costume.”

“Yours too. I like this.” Keith swept a finger over the dragon on Tucker’s chest. It was sort of a bold move that made him tingle all over. He hoped Tucker would welcome the touch.


Excerpt: Combustion 1 – In Heat by Kate Hill

Hello! Happy anniversary to The Romance Studio! Looks like everyone is having a great time at the party.

This month the first story in my new sci-fi series, Combustion, will be released by Changeling Press. I hope you enjoy the following excerpt from Combustion 1: In Heat.

Thank you!


ImageCombustion 1: In Heat

by Kate Hill

Coming in September from Changeling Press


It’s Wyatt’s time of the month and he’s scorching hot!

When Zoey temporarily moves in with her friend Justin, the last thing she expects is to find a hunk across the hall. Wyatt is as hot as his red hair, but to a woman whose career has always come first, she isn’t sure if she should hook up with him, no matter how badly she wants to. What Zoey doesn’t know is Wyatt is a shipwrecked alien whose monthly sexual cycle will literally burn him alive if he doesn’t mate.

Wyatt not only desires Zoey, he needs her to survive, but he fears that the scent induced by his cycle is luring her into his arms. Though desperate to survive, he wants a willing partner. When passion finally overtakes them, he knows he must tell her the truth, but will she accept an alien lover?

The following excerpt from Combustion 1: In Heat is for readers 18 and over.

Lightly grasping her waist, he tugged her between his spread legs.

“Wyatt,” she managed to whisper, but that was the only word she got out before he cupped the back of her head and kissed her.

Bracing her hands against his rock-hard shoulders, she vaguely noticed how hot he was again, his skin almost burning.

Her arousal bordered on painful. The pressure of his firm, slightly moist lips against hers turned her on even more. Moaning softly, she opened her lips to his tongue, allowing him to plunder her mouth.

Damn this man could kiss! His tongue teased hers and Zoey’s met it with hungry strokes. She tightened her fingers in his thick, damp hair.

Groaning, Wyatt broke their kiss only to nuzzle her neck. His surprisingly soft beard tickled her sensitive skin.

Zoey’s hands roamed over his strong shoulders and back. She trailed her fingertips up and down his sweat-slicked spine.

“Zoey,” he breathed and tugged her onto the bed with him. She knew she should refuse, but he was kissing her neck again. His long-fingered hand rested on her hip. He stroked it lightly, moving to her ribs, then he cupped her breast.


Excerpt from Revenge of the Court Jester

ImageRevenge of the Court Jester is currently $0.99 in ebook at Ellora’s Cave! 

Revenge of the Court Jester

by Kate Hill

Format(s): Ebook

Heat Level: Erotic

Pairing(s): M/F

Genre/Themes: Vampires

Length: Novel

Purchase Link: Ellora’s Cave


With a body from heaven and a face from hell, Sadavis Baptista balances between two lives–one as a prize-fighting sculptor and another as a special forces agent for the vampire Network.

By chance Esmeralda Giordano finds herself at a professional fighting match where she is instantly attracted to a magnificent beast of a man known to fans as “The Court Jester”.

It’s lust at first sight for Sadavis and Esmeralda, but their budding love affair is cut short when he is betrayed by a fellow agent. Imprisoned, tortured and near death, Sadavis performs a dangerous magical spell that prevents him from supplying information to his enemies. The effects of this spell linger long after he is set free. Sadavis’ mind slowly fractures and he must depend on Esmeralda to help him regain his sanity. Will their love be strong enough or will Sadavis be lost forever?

The following excerpt from REVENGE OF THE COURT JESTER is for readers 18 and over.

Rage flooded Esmeralda from head to toe when Naldo’s heavy hand closed over her biceps. She’d stuck around, hoping for another glimpse of Sadavis, but of course the blond shit-head had been the one to approach her.

“Get your paw off me, buddy,” she snarled, knowing her eyes must be glowing vampiric red with fury.

His fingers dug harder. She reached for her drink on the counter and flung it glass and all in his face.

“Bitch!” He wiped wine from his eyes.

“Conti, aren’t you growing quite weary of losing fights tonight?”

Esmeralda’s pulse skipped at the sound of that chocolaty voice. She and Naldo glanced at Sadavis who stood nearby, his stance relaxed while at the same time looking like that of a male lion ready to defend his pride. His hair was down this time. Thick, straight and black, it framed his face like a mane, further completing the leonine image.

“Mind your own business, Baptista. It was a bad night for me. Next time–“

“I don’t give a damn about next time. What I care about is your paw. I believe the woman asked you to take it off her.”

Naldo’s teeth ground, but he stepped away from Esmeralda, growled softly at Sadavis and stalked out of the club. Obviously he didn’t want to risk a fight with the Court Jester outside the ring.

Esmeralda drew a deep breath, still irritated, and snapped, “I can take care of myself.”

Sadavis’ piercing gaze fixed on her, almost making her jump. “You’re welcome.”

He turned away and she realized how rude she must have sounded. After all it wasn’t him she was angry with, but Conti.

“I’m sorry,” she called. “Thanks for the help.”

He paused and glanced over his shoulder. “I can see you’re capable of taking care of yourself but I thought a little backup couldn’t hurt anyone.”

Feeling a bit sheepish, she smiled slightly and nodded, then sat and ordered another drink.

Sadavis sat on one of the stools halfway down the bar, his long legs stretched out on either side of him, the muscles straining against the snug denim. His beautiful hair draped him and she longed to run her fingers through it to find out if it was soft or coarse.

She studied his profile with the harsh lines of his forehead, nose and chin. Hideous yet undoubtedly unique and, she realized, rather sexy. Actually sexual magnetism seemed to ooze from his every pore like lava from a volcano. Everything about him was so masculine, so. . .intense.

He must have felt her gaze upon him. Perhaps he was reading her thoughts, since she had the feeling he was old and psychically powerful enough to do so without her knowledge. Not all vamps respected the unwritten rule that frowned upon invading another’s thoughts without permission. Whatever the reason, he glanced at her. A strange half smile tugged at his lips before he looked away again.

A soft rock song wafted through the club and the lights dimmed even more now that all the matches were over for the night. Oh well. So much for her odd little fantasy. Esmeralda took a sip from the drink the bartender placed in front of her, her gaze continually drifting back to Sadavis. For some reason she couldn’t seem to ignore him.

He stood and she felt certain he was going to leave but surprised her by walking over and taking the barstool beside hers.

“Do you mind if I sit here?” he asked. “Or else I can take my paws along with the rest of me back to the other end of the bar.”

Visit the Ancient Blood page at


Excerpt (2) from Northman’s Pleasure by Kate Hill

ImageNorthman’s Pleasure

(Excerpt 2)

by Kate Hill

Format(s): Ebook

Heat Level: Erotic

Pairing(s): M/F

Genre/Themes: Historical, Viking

Length: Novel

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

Purchase Links:

Ellora’s Cave / All Romance Ebooks / Amazon.com / Barnes and Noble 


Legend is Grim Hammerhand is half wolf. Vowing never to marry, the muscular, red-haired warrior saves his passion for the battlefield and the forge. That is, until the woman he secretly lusts after is abducted.

Asgerd has loved Grim for years, only to be ignored by the object of her desire. She has eluded the bonds of marriage, hoping that someday Grim will notice her, but her dreams are shattered when she is captured and defiled by the brutal warrior Stein.

After the king sends Grim to rescue his daughter and claim Stein’s land, the passion between the couple finally ignites. In the end, Grim’s mistrust of all women could destroy their one true chance for happiness.

The following excerpt from NORTHMAN’S PLEASURE is for readers 18 and over.

Other than curtly answering a few questions from his men, Grim ate in silence. When his mead ran low, Asgerd approached to offer him more.

“I’ve had enough,” he said. “It’s been a long day. I’m going to sleep. Are you coming?”

She moistened her full lips and said, “After I help clean up.”

Grim had the feeling she was using domestic duties as an excuse to avoid him. Slaves could finish clearing the table.

“Don’t be too long,” he said. “I don’t like being disturbed when I’m sleeping.”

Her eyes flashed and Grim nearly smiled. She’d been so passive since Stein’s death. He’d wondered what happened to the woman who had so bravely fought her captor. It seemed she just needed a little goading to bring out her spirit.

He rose and walked to the bed closet. It was tidy, and as requested, Stein’s belongings had been removed, except for his weapons. The sword, daggers and axe hung on the wall. The women had been right to leave them. Extra weapons were useful and these were of a decent quality.

He removed his armor and weapons and placed them on the bed. Then he opened the wooden trunk at the foot of it. Finding only women’s clothes inside, he couldn’t resist touching the fabric, knowing it belonged to Asgerd. His stomach tightened. They wouldn’t be sharing merely a bed closet, but their lives.

A sobering thought.

He pulled off his boots and placed them in the corner, then he undressed and put his clothes beside Asgerd’s in the trunk. Naked, he climbed beneath the furs. Sighing, he closed his eyes and tried to relax, but couldn’t. He had too much to think about.

He wasn’t sure how much time had passed before Asgerd entered the bed closet. Apparently she thought him asleep since she moved so quietly that even he, with his keen senses, could scarcely hear her.

When she slid beneath the furs, his heartbeat quickened. He waited for the sensation of her warm curves against his. The bed was fairly small so she was bound to touch him. Yet she didn’t.

Grim turned toward her and found her lying close to the edge of the bed, her back to him.

“Everything cleaned up?” he asked, unsure of what else to say. He wanted to talk to her, but Grim wasn’t much of a conversationalist, especially with women. Talking to his men or his brothers was different. They had common interests and shared duties.

Even the few women he’d bedded simply to release tension, he hadn’t spoken to. Most of them hadn’t wanted to talk either. The only woman he’d engaged in extended conversation was his sister-in-law and there was no attraction between them. Asgerd was different, in particular because tomorrow she would be his wife.


“You don’t have to sleep so far away you know.”

He heard her draw a deep breath before she turned to face him. Her eyes glistened in the fading lantern light. “You expect to have me tonight so you can call off the wedding tomorrow.”

Typical that a woman would think of something deceitful.

“Why would I do that?”

“Why not? Why should I believe you want to marry me when you’ve never shown an interest in me before?”

“I had my reasons.”

“Maybe because you thought my father would try to force marriage upon you. Now, after what Stein did, I don’t matter anymore.”

“You matter very much to your father. Why else would he have sent me and his best warriors to avenge you?”

“Was he avenging me or showing the world that he wouldn’t be taken advantage of by the likes of Stein?”

“Probably both.”

She snorted. “Well that was honest.”

“I’m an honest man. Get used to it.”

“Then why the sudden interest?”

He reached out to touch her cheek. It was so soft and smooth. He wanted to touch the rest of her, but held back. Stein had hurt her in spirit as well as in body. Unfortunately he knew from experience the former was harder to heal.

“Maybe the interest isn’t sudden,” he admitted. “You’re a beautiful woman. A man would have to be dead not to notice you.”


Excerpt from Cloak and Dagger by Saloni Quinby

ImageWeapons of Redemption 3: Cloak and Dagger

by Saloni Quinby

Format(s): Ebook

Heat Level: Erotic

Pairing(s): M/M

Genre/Themes: Vampire

Length: Novella

Publisher: Changeling Press

Cover art: Bryan Keller

Purchase Links:

Changeling Press / All Romance Ebooks / Amazon / Barnes and Noble


When police detective Bryce Tarunson arrests a man who’s identical to his lover from two thousand years ago, he’s pulled closer to the vampiric master he hates.

Vampire hunter Shane will do anything — including tempt a vampire — to rescue his brother who has fallen into enemy hands. He doesn’t believe he’s capable of falling for the object of his seduction, until he meets Bryce.

The bond between Bryce and Shane forces them into a battle that might end in the destruction of the Weapons of Redemption.

The following excerpt from CLOAK AND DAGGER is for readers 18 and over.

“I want to help you, Shane. I do, but I have procedures I need to follow.”

Shane took a step closer to him, so close that their chests nearly touched. He could see the pale gray ring around Shane’s blue irises. He noticed the thickness of his dark lashes and pattern of stubble on his chin. It took all his restraint not to kiss Shane’s sexy neck or claim his sweet lips.

Bryce’s heartbeat quickened. For two thousand years he’d dreamed of kissing and holding Ronan again. He’d thought his lover was lost to him forever. This man might not be Ronan, but he was so much like him. It was sweet torture being this close to him. Remembering.

Bryce cupped the back of Shane’s head and covered his mouth in a kiss. Shane stiffened at first, then relaxed. His lips opened to Bryce and their tongues thrust against each other, tasting and exploring. When the kiss finally broke, both were a little breathless.

“I’m sorry. That was completely out of line.” Bryce closed his eyes for a moment and shook his head. He’d risked his job, his –

All thoughts vanished as Shane kissed him again, even harder and deeper than before. Bryce clung to Shane, loving his taste, his warmth and his scent. He relished the lean hardness of his body and the pressure of his cock. Grasping Shane’s arms, Bryce reluctantly pulled away.

“This isn’t right,” Bryce breathed. “I’m sorry.”

“No. I’m sorry,” Shane said, his voice huskier than usual. “It’s just from the minute I saw you…I can’t explain why, but I’m drawn to you. I’ve never felt anything like this before.”

“I have,” Bryce murmured. “Just once.”

They locked gazes and again reached for each other simultaneously. Their hands traveled over each other’s bodies, tugging shirts from pants.

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Excerpt from Trouble in Paradise by Kate Hill

ImageTrouble in Paradise

by Kate Hill

Format(s): Ebook

Heat Level: Traditional Romance

Pairing(s): M/F

Genre/Themes: Action/Adventure, Suspense

Length: Novella

Cover Art: RomanceNovelCovers.com

ISBN: 9781301560318

Purchase Links:

All Romance Ebooks / Barnes and Noble / Coffee Time Romance Ebook Store / Smashwords


In the days of classic romance. . .

Before cell phones, DVDs and reality television, when women had big hair and men were all about action and adventure, a girl walks into a bar searching for a hero.

She finds R. C. Benson. A soldier turned museum curator turned grave robber, Benson has been drinking his life away while wallowing in sins of the past. Fortunately for him, lovely Grace Holmes catches his interest when she attempts to hire him to recover a sacred candlestick stolen from her coven.

R. C. is nothing like the man Grace imagined him to be, but he’s her last hope. He agrees to accompany her to a private island owned by a man who has committed crimes against them both–a man who will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

With a marriage of convenience, a pet shark and a shady butler, Grace and R. C. have their work cut out for them, but that gives them the perfect chance to fall in love.

The following excerpt from Trouble in Paradise is for readers 18 and over.

Grace’s pulse leapt. Though she knew she should pull away, she didn’t want to. She gripped his waist and her leg dropped between his. Her lips parted beneath the gentle warmth of his tongue.

Moaning softly, Grace wiggled on top of him. His hardness pressed against that soft, needy place between her legs. She instinctively undulated against him and R. C. moaned.

“Oh, Grace. You’re killing me, baby,” he whispered close to her ear. He ran his tongue along the delicate shape of it.

Grace tingled all over. Her heartbeat quickened and she ached for him in a way that was all too dangerous. She reminded herself that their marriage was a farce, but her desire for him wasn’t.

By surrendering to his kisses and caresses, she was inviting heartbreak, but at the moment she didn’t care.

R. C. gently rolled her onto her back. His body half-draped over her, he kissed her again. His lips and tongue plundered hers, but with tenderness and passion that made her feel like the only woman in the world.

Threading her fingers through his thick hair, she thrust her tongue against his. She loved his taste, his scent and the feel of his big, hard body against hers.

He kissed her neck and moved lower, tugging down the front of her nightgown so he could trail his lips and tongue over the tops of her breasts.

Grace knew she should stop him, but she didn’t want to.


Excerpt from Everything Nice by Kate Hill

ImageEverything Nice

by Kate Hill

Format(s): Ebook

Heat Level: Spicy

Pairing(s): M/F

Genre/Themes: Romantic Comedy/Contemporary Romance

Length: Novella

Publisher: New Concepts Publishing

Cover Art: Jenny Dixon

ISBN: 978-1-60394-780-0

Purchase Links:

New Concepts Publishing / All Romance Ebooks


Will Antonio’s romantic confession win Orlanda’s heart, or destroy their partnership? A partnership made in heaven/hell–they secretly lust after each other, but … business first! How can they build a successful business together if their focus is on the bedroom instead of the bakery?

The following excerpt from EVERYTHING NICE is for readers 18 and over.

Shaking her head, Orlanda slipped past her mother and grandmother and stepped into the foyer just as her father opened the door.

On the porch stood the gorgeous mountain of muscle. He looked comically uncomfortable as he glanced from her father to her other relatives who had crowded into the foyer.

Finally his gaze settled on her and Orlanda pulled her satin robe more tightly around her to hide her excited nipples that poked against her flimsy nightgown.

“I’m sorry to bother you, but I need to talk to Orlanda.”

“You couldn’t pick up the phone and call?” Alfonso growled.

“Keep quiet and leave them alone,” Camilla said, slapping her husband on the shoulder. “Let’s go upstairs.”

“I’m going. I’m going.” Alfonso winced when she tugged his ear. “Let me go! Quit that, old woman.”

“Call me old woman again and you’ll be making your own meals for a week.”

Still arguing, her grandparents climbed the stairs.

“I’m sorry,” Antonio said again.

“Don’t worry about it.” Nicky yawned and scratched his slight pot belly. “Come in. Make yourself at home. I’m going back to bed.”

“Do you want me to make some coffee?” Frances asked.

“No thanks, Ma,” Orlanda told her.

Frances held her gaze. “You all right with this?”

“Everything’s fine.”

Frances nodded and also climbed the stairs, leaving Antonio and Orlanda alone.

She closed the door and they stood in the foyer. He stared at her with those big brown eyes and she felt like melting through the floor. Damn she both loved and hated how he could do that to her with a look.

Her robe had fallen open again and she nearly adjusted it, then decided not to. This wasn’t work. In her own house, on her own time. With her family out of sight, she had a right to wear anything she wanted to. Not to mention part of her wanted to know how he’d react to seeing her dressed in something other than work clothes.

“What’s up?” she asked.

He swallowed, his Adam’s apple bobbing in his gorgeous throat, then he moistened his full lips but didn’t speak.

“Antonio, what’s wrong with you?” she demanded, placing a hand on her hip and narrowing her eyes at him. “Are you worried about the wedding?”

“Wedding?” he murmured, staring at her like he’d never seen a woman before. “Orlanda, you look…wow. I’ve never seen you like this.”

The man didn’t merely devour her with his eyes, he worshiped and caressed her with a look so tender yet passionate that Orlanda actually blushed. Lord, since the day they’d met she’d dreamed about him gazing at her like this. He had once before, but she’d put a quick stop to it. Of course that’s how she’d wanted it–at least that’s what she’d told herself.

What she really wanted was Antonio’s big, hard body on top of her. She wanted to wrap her legs around him and press her soft breasts against his sculpted chest. Most of all, she wanted his cock deep inside her, rubbing her in all the right places, making her scream with pleasure.

“That’s because I don’t go to work in my negligee,” she said. “And you still haven’t answered my question. What are you doing here?”

“I needed to see you. Can we talk?”

She hesitated. It wasn’t that she didn’t trust him. At the moment she didn’t trust herself. The man looked fucking gorgeous in a tank top that showed off all his well-cut muscles and jeans that molded to every rock-hard inch of his long legs. Flashbacks of riding his steely thigh made her temperature rise and her pulse race.

“Sure.” She stepped aside and he walked in, closing the door behind him.

“Orlanda, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking tonight.”

“About expanding?”

“Huh?” His brown eyes fixed on her and widened in surprise. It amazed her that a tough former Marine with a body like a modern day gladiator still managed to pull off wide-eyed innocence.

“Have you been thinking about expanding the business in the future?” she asked.

“Oh the business. Uh, yeah,” he said. Was that a hint of a blush on his face? What kind of expansion did he think she meant? He continued, “I think we should do it. The business, that is.”

She folded her arms beneath her breasts and stared at him hard. “You could have told me that in the morning.”

“Yeah but there’s something else that couldn’t wait.”


“We’ve known each other a long time.”

“Nearly two and a half years.”

“You know I respect you, right? Are you finally convinced of that?”


“Orlanda.” The seriousness of his expression took her aback. A quiver of anticipation rolled through her and she waited for him to continue. “This might wreck everything between us, but I can’t live like this anymore. I can’t pretend you’re just a business partner, not when I–“

“Yeah?” she said, her voice just above a whisper.


Excerpt from Marksmen by Saloni Quinby

ImageWeapons of Redemption 4: Marksmen

by Saloni Quinby

Format(s): Ebook

Heat Level: Erotic

Pairing(s): M/M

Genre/Themes: Vampire

Length: Novella

Publisher: Changeling Press

Cover art: Bryan Keller

Purchase Link:



Ansley and Brayden were stolen as boys by the hated vampire pirate, Tarun, to work aboard his ship. As men, their friendship blossomed into a deep, undeniable love. They’ve built a life together and their home is the headquarters for the brotherhood of five rebels who broke free of their hated master. In the final battle between the vampire pirate and the Weapons of Redemption, Ansley and Brayden’s love for each other will either save or destroy them.

The following excerpt from Marksmen is for readers 18 and over.

Brayden watched the play of muscles in Ansley’s lean torso as he pulled back his bow and fired. His arrow hit the target on a distant tree dead center.

As mortals they had been excellent shots, but with their vampiric powers, they were as accurate in darkness as in daylight. Although they were trained with firearms as well, they preferred the bow and arrow. It was a far more elegant weapon, requiring more athletic ability.

Brayden got hard just from watching Ansley practice.

Glancing at Brayden, Ansley grinned. “Your turn.”

“Actually I think we could use a break.” Brayden stepped closer to Ansley and cupped the back of his neck.

“Do you?” The smoldering look in Ansley’s eyes sent a thrill of lust through Brayden.

He kissed Ansley. Hard.

Ansley wrapped an arm around Brayden’s waist and tugged him closer, so that their hard chests and cocks pressed against each other. Their tongues thrust into each other’s mouths.

When the kiss broke, Ansley’s eyes practically glowed–they were so vampiric and beautiful. Brayden could spend hours just looking into his eyes.

Sometimes he did. At night on the ship, when they weren’t on watch, they would sometimes stare at each other until they fell asleep. After so many decades together, they could share such intimacy without feeling strange. Their bond was the best thing in Brayden’s life.

Brayden removed Ansley’s quiver, letting his fingertips caress his lover’s sinewy shoulder and arm as he did so. He stepped back only to shrug off his own quiver.

Ansley grasped Brayden’s waist and tugged him close again, kissing him deeply.

Visit the Weapons of Redemption page at


Excerpt from Northman’s Pleasure by Kate Hill

ImageNorthman’s Pleasure

by Kate Hill
(Erotic Viking Romance)
From Ellora’s Cave

Legend is Grim Hammerhand is half wolf. Vowing never to marry, the muscular, red-haired warrior saves his passion for the battlefield and the forge. That is, until the woman he secretly lusts after is abducted.

Asgerd has loved Grim for years, only to be ignored by the object of her desire. She has eluded the bonds of marriage, hoping that someday Grim will notice her, but her dreams are shattered when she is captured and defiled by the brutal warrior Stein.

After the king sends Grim to rescue his daughter and claim Stein’s land, the passion between the couple finally ignites. In the end, Grim’s mistrust of all women could destroy their one true chance for happiness.

The following excerpt from Northman’s Pleasure is for readers 18 and over.

“Defiant females must be common around here then.” Grim raised an eyebrow and held up Asgerd’s bonds, then tossed them aside.

It felt so good to be free of them. She rotated her ankles. He grasped her foot and lightly rubbed the place where the metal had worn away part of her boot. Their gazes locked and Asgerd’s heart beat faster. She studied Grim’s angular face and lingered over the breadth of his shoulders. Glancing at the long-fingered hand curled around her ankle, she imagined how it would feel on other parts of her body.

After what she’d endured with Stein, she’d never imagined being aroused by a man, but it seemed he hadn’t fully killed her passion.

For so long Asgerd had managed to save herself and avoid coupling with men she could never love. Truly, in a girlish fantasy, she’d imagined Grim falling in love with her, marrying her and taking her to his bed. Now, whether he claimed her or not, she had been ruined by Stein. She wondered if she’d ever cleanse her soul of that filthy pig’s touch.

“Is my cousin Thora alive?” Asgerd asked. She hoped Thora had survived the attack during which Stein had taken Asgerd captive.

“Yes,” Grim replied.

Asgerd sighed with relief.

Grim finally released her ankle. He stood and she couldn’t help admiring the length of his muscular legs. His hard thighs strained against his trousers and his soft boots hugged his well-developed calves. He raised his hand and Asgerd instinctively flinched–not that she believed Grim would strike her, but after being with Stein, she’d learned to dodge blows.

His brow furrowed. “I was merely reaching for the shackles,” he said, taking them from the table. Their gazes met for a moment and he glanced at a rough-looking slave woman who was cleaning off the table. “Leave that to the others. I want the bed closet emptied of Stein’s belongings and the bedding aired. From now on my wife and I will be staying there.”

Asgerd’s heart sank. She forced herself to sound just mildly interested when she said, “Wife? I didn’t know you married, Grim.”

“I haven’t yet. Your father offered me this land if I defeated Stein. He also offered me your hand in marriage.”

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My Contest Winner

Hi! The winner of a download of a (pdf) Kate Hill or Saloni Quinby ebook from the release party  is Sherry. I’ve sent an email so she can receive her book.

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