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Release Party @ TRS 10/23/14

We’re so glad you’re here! We have an awesome one day party for you today and on 10/24/14, we kick off our 5th Annual Spookapalooza @ TRS! Stick around. You ain’t seen nothing yet!

Featured posts today!

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Romantic Suspense on Sale: $.99

Whispers in the DARK

Whispers in the Dark is on sale for the Kindle October 23-27. 

Young archeologist Kylie Hafford heads to the remote Puebloan ruins of Lost Valley, Colorado, to excavate. Her first exploration of the crumbling ruins ends in a confrontation with a gorgeous, angry man who looks like a warrior from the Pueblo’s ancient past. If only Danesh weren’t so aggravating… and fascinating. Then she literally stumbles across Sean, a charming, playful tourist. His attentions feel safer, until she glimpses secrets he’d rather keep hidden. 

The summer heats up as two sexy men pursue her. She finds mysteries – and surprising friendships – among the other campground residents. Could the wide-eyed woman and her silent children be in the kind of danger all too familiar to Kylie?

Mysterious lights, murmuring voices, and equipment gone missing plague her dig. A midnight encounter sends Kylie  plummeting into a deep canyon. She’ll need all her strength and wits to survive. Everything becomes clear – if she wants to save the man she’s come to love and see the villains brought to justice, she must face her demons and fight.

Whispers in the Dark, romantic suspense set in the Four Corners region of the Southwest, will appeal to fans of Mary Stewart, Barbara Michaels, and Terry Odell.


Kris Bock writes novels of suspense and romance involving outdoor adventures and Southwestern landscapes. In Counterfeits, stolen Rembrandt paintings bring danger to a small New Mexico town. Whispers in the Dark involves archaeology and intrigue among ancient ruins. What We Found features a young woman who stumbles on a murder victim, and Rattled follows a treasure hunt in the New Mexico desert. To learn more about her latest work, visit or her Amazon page.



Hi everyone, Margaret Tanner, here, This is the first time I have posted at a TRS party It is lovely to be here.  Leave a comment and go in the draw for an e-copy of Haunted Hearts.


BLURB: Haunted by the death of her soldier husband in Afghanistan and the malice of her in-laws, Abby Palmer is on the run with her baby. She doesn’t believe in happily ever-afters. Ethan Alexander’s fiancée defrauded him out of millions then dumped him. He is in no mood to be kind to anyone. He meets up with Abby and against his better judgement helps her. Will the cynical tycoon and the young war widow let their wounded hearts stand in the way of future happiness.Tanner-HauntedHearts200x300

EXCERPT: “You no-name trollop.” Hazel Palmer’s strident tones ripped into Abby. “You tricked my son into marriage by getting pregnant. He never should have taken that posting to Australia.”

“Robbie and I loved each other,” Abby yelled back.

“Stop this shouting.” Bob Palmer’s cold voice sliced into the fraught atmosphere of the kitchen. “I will not tolerate it.”

“I want this tramp out of my house.” Hazel marched around the kitchen like a demented witch.

“Lower your voices,” Bob growled. “The neighbors might hear you.”

“And we couldn’t have that,” Abby shrilled. “They might find out how you treat your son’s widow.”

“You listen, my girl.” Bob grabbed her by the arm, his fingers pinching her skin as he shook her. She would have bruises on her arm tomorrow. “If you don’t like it here in England you can leave,” he continued his eyes hard and pitiless. “But Rosie stays with us.”

“I’m her mother.” Abby tried to stare him down but her head ached and nausea churned in her stomach. “You can’t stop me taking Rosie and leaving.”

“And where would you go with an eleven month old baby?” Bob rammed his point home. “You’ve got no money.”

No, thanks to you tricking me she wanted to say, but had to back off. If they kicked her out she would lose Rosie. Why hadn’t she realized how desperate these people were to steal her baby? Since Robbie was killed in Afghanistan six months ago they had isolated her, financially, emotionally and physically, so she had nowhere else to go. No person in England to turn to. Retreating to the sanctuary of the room she shared with Rosie, she took several steadying breaths. Her daughter slept soundly in the cot Robbie had used as a child.

“How am I going to get us out of this mess?” Abby whispered, leaning into the cot and running her fingers across the baby’s plump warm cheek. It was awful feeling so weak and useless, but she had to do something to get out of the Palmers’ clutches. Spare The Rod and Spoil The Child, Hazel had quoted one day, and Bob nodded his head. Robbie used to say that his parents would slap him for minor infringements, but if they hit Rosie, I’ll attack them with the nearest blunt object.

Returning to Australia would give her the safety and anonymity they needed, but how? Distraught, intimidated, and with huge rolling waves of confusion, she had foolishly signed all the papers Bob Palmer had thrust at her without reading them. By doing so, she had signed away Robbie’s deferred army pay and the special allowance she had received because of his death. Even the money his colleagues in the regiment had collected. It was all tied up in a trust account for Rosie. Not that she begrudged her baby having the money, but they desperately needed it now to pay for their airfares home. She had to get cash, but how?

A Friendly Introduction

Hey there! I’m new to TRS parties, but so excited to be a part of this event. My name is Cassandra Ulrich and I have released 5 works: 3 novels and 2 poetical compilations. I also have 2 novels under contract and a few in progress works. I enjoy writing and interacting with people who read my stories. More to come about them later today and throughout the week, so stay tuned. In the meantime, please visit my website:

Stormy – A Second Chance at Love

Hi everyone,

Hope you are ready to party with all the great authors here on TRS. There will be some many great stories to choose from.

Stormy is my first attempt to write and extra hot book. The couple is unique because they aren’t kids. They’ve both been married before and know what they want in a spouse. Friends turn into lovers, but can they make it work.

Available at Smashwords –
Now available at 

See book in Kindle Store

 photo TG-Stormy-432x648_zpsb47297d3.jpg


Blurb – Can friends become lovers? Even after the age of forty?
He’s wife is dead. She’s divorce with adult children. 
For two years, Daniel and Karen have consoled each other
during the trails of losing their spouses. Now, they are ready to turn their friendship
into a loving relationship. After sharing a night of passion, all appears
golden for a bright future for Karen and Daniel until she receives a call from
her children saying her ex has had a heart attack. 
Torn between, her need to support her children and her
desire to be with Daniel, Karen leaves him and flees to the hospital. Coming
face to face with  her ex-husband’s new,
trophy wife, Karen begins to question exactly why her marriage fell apart. Was
she to blame, and if so, should she try again?
On the outside looking in, Daniel must now convince Karen to
let go of her past mistake and share a future with him?




“Damn, Daniel, where are you?”
Karen Barr glanced at her cell phone, hoping to see a message from him. She’d
called him before she left her apartment, texted him from the station where she
stopped for gas, and had even pulled off the highway a time or two in her
attempt to reach him.
Had he changed his mind about this
Or was the bad weather interfering
with his cell phone signal?
As if in answer to her question,
the pounding rain increased, pouring water from the sky like an overflowing
faucet. The windshield wipers worked in a quick pulsating rhythm. Nevertheless,
they still didn’t achieve the task of improving visibility.
Karen flipped the switch to
increase the speed and stared at the road ahead. The weatherman had predicted a
storm tonight, and for once when she wanted him to be wrong, he was right.
How much farther did she have to
The turn off for Daniel’s cabin
couldn’t be too far away. She’d caught sight of the old, red barn off to the
left a few miles back, so the dirt lane to Daniel’s place had to be close.
She slowed the car, crawling along
at a snail’s pace so as not to miss the path. Her headlights reflected off
something metallic. She read the weathered sign. Happy.
The outdated tune of “Happy Trails
to You” played through her head. Daniel had sung the song the first time he’d
brought her here. He said it’d help her remember the way back.
Right, and where the hell was he?
Karen checked her cell phone
again, and silently prayed he wasn’t lying in a muddy ditch somewhere.
Hopefully, he had simply forgotten to recharge his phone, a particularly
annoying habit he seemed to have.
“Damn it, Daniel, when I find you
She didn’t exactly know what she’d
do… kiss him?
Pictures of him flashed in her
head… his sexy smile, his curly, dark hair with a touch of gray at his
temples… the broad width of his shoulders, his trim physique… the round
curve of his ass.
“Shit, why do I put myself through
this? The man doesn’t see me as anything other than a friend,” Karen grumbled
and flipped her blinker on out of habit.
She steered the car onto Happy
Trails. The huge trees resembled mighty sentinels. Standing guard along the
edge of the road, they blocked the rain with their large limbs. Slowing to
avoid the abundant potholes on the gravel path, she tightened her grip on the
steering wheel and searched for the end of Daniel’s driveway.
The storm and lack of
communication from him had stretched her patience to the breaking point. She
longed to be at her final destination and out of the car. “I should’ve never
accepted his invitation to spend the weekend with him at his cabin. He can’t
let go of the past,” she muttered angrily.
 Hell, after her divorce, she gave up
everything, her husband of twenty-plus-years, her beautiful country manor home,
her cushy job, and her high-society friends. All she’d wanted was a new start—freedom
from the endless upper crust parties and social climbing leeches. Thankfully
now, her individual concerns were merely for her kids and herself. The infinite
hours spent on creating a prominent public image for Carl was in her
ex-husband’s trophy wife’s hands.
Unfortunately, Daniel’s world had
changed for a different reason. His wife’s death had hit him extremely hard.
He’d barely been able to cope and had turned to Karen. They’d worked together
for years, and he had no else. His family lived out of the state. She’d tried
to help, and they’d grown closer. Now, she wanted even more from him. Could
they bridge the gap from friends and become lovers?
The dim light shining up ahead
drew her attention. She figured Daniel must have left the porch light on for
her. Then why didn’t he return her calls?


Was it his way of keeping her from
backing out?
Here’s some of the reviews.
 Yvonne Daniels
Recommends This Book



I enjoyed reading this book I hope that there will be more parts to the story, I connect with the characters from the first page. I read the book to the finish the same day.. It is hot , steamy and romantic I would recommend this to all of the fans that like a hot romance with characters that you can identify with
 Jennifer Tabler
Recommends This Book



I enjoyed this book. It was short but sweet. I think a book before this one would of made a pretty good book. It had some hot sex scenes. One thing I didn’t like is that I couldn’t make a description in my head about the 2 main characters. I didn’t know what they looked like, how old they were and what they did for a living. Overall pretty good book.
 Paula Ford
Recommends This Book



I loved this book! I got lost in it! Tina created the people in the book that have a lot of substance to them. I love the way she wrote about the issues Karen faced with ex husband & how she finally let it go. I loved how Karen helped Daniel get over losing his wife. I loved the way were together as friends first then lovers. I would recommend this book if want an excellent read!


If you’d like to read more, pop over to my website

Hope you enjoy,


Hey Everyone! Welcome to the Spookapalooza!!  To start things off I’m sharing an excerpt from my paranormal western romance, THE BALLAD OF ANNIE SULLIVAN!  

Hope y’all have fun and pick up many treats along the way! Make sure you leave a comment and get your name in as I’m giving away copies of THE BALLAD OF ANNIE SULLIVAN as well as my other book HOME FIRES and gift certificates! Winners will be announced at the end of the event!


Hank Renner enjoys summers and early autumns when he can escape his large family and spend time alone at the cow camp in the Bighorn Mountains. That is, until he starts seeing a beautiful woman with flaming red hair and brown eyes, who disappears as quick as the Wyoming sunshine. Questioning his sanity, Hank begins a search that just might lead him to his heart.

Annie Sullivan wants only one thing more than revenge for a rape and murder that occurred ten years ago…Hank Renner. Haunting the mountain, she’s kept watch over the handsome cowboy. But this year she did something she’s never done before, something that could change everything. She’s let the man see her—and exposed her soul.

Two lonely souls search for the truth that could solve a murder and a love that could resurrect their hearts.


Little Creek Cow Camp, Bighorn Mountains, October, 1916

A slow shiver ran up Hank’s spine causing cold sweat to chill his neck and forehead. His gaze held tight to the spot where he saw the woman. She was real. She had to be real. He jerked his gaze down the rough, uneven terrain he climbed after jumping from his horse and tearing after a blur of red hair and blue dress. He closed in on his quarry until, in a thick copse of pine, she vanished quicker than a plate of his mother’s doughnuts.

Hank tugged up the collar on his wool plaid coat and tipped his hat down. Not even a damn track. He’d pawed the ground like a bull searching for tracks, but his efforts failed to reveal a toe print. He turned on his boot heel to run his gaze over the mountainside before he reached his mount. The buckskin gelding gave him the skunk eye, the brown gaze following Hank. His horse, questioning his sanity, itched Hank’s hide.

Stepping across leather, Hank settled into the saddle and patted the buckskin’s neck.

“Sorry there, boy. But didn’t you see her?”

Chap whinnied and shook his head.

Mrs. Baka, an elderly lady Hank helped out a bit who still held to a few of the gypsy ways of her people, once told him animals sensed spirits and things unseen by human eyes.

“Either you missed that special trait, boy, or I’ve been up here too long with only you and cattle for company.”

Hank reined Chap back to cow camp. The peace he usually found in these mountains eluded him as he made his way back to the small cabin serving as his summer home. The crunch of Chap’s hooves on dried leaves, pine needles and branches set his jaw to grinding as the noise he normally wouldn’t notice boomed inside him until he was sure his folks down in the valley heard them.

Since Cal and Josie Renner adopted him thirteen years ago, Hank volunteered to be the rider left on the mountain to secure the cattle and make sure the bulls scattered to breed those heifers ready. Every June like clockwork Hank, Cal, Josie and his brothers, except the littlest one at only five, gathered the herd and moved ’em up a narrow trail to cow camp on a grazing allotment the J Bar A shared with other ranches.

Then come September, Cal and the boys returned for the beef roundup. Pairs were separated from the yearling steers as ranchers worked together to earmark their beef. Hank breathed a bit better when they took the yearling steers down and headed for Parkman and he was alone again. He never begrudged his brothers and father the train ride to Omaha or Chicago to see the stock sold. As the only single Renner, Hank stayed put on the mountain while the others rotated which lucky couple got to head to the city—and which wife got a shopping trip and a few fancy dinners.

He glanced back. Thank the good Lord, the family would be back in two weeks to help take the rest of the herd down before the October fifteenth cutoff to be off the mountain. All this being alone was causing him to create red–headed women in blue dresses.

Aspen trees, dressed in gold leaves just a week ago, now stood bare and black against a sun fading into the west. Hank scrubbed a hand over his face and scratched the rough whiskers, more the start of a beard. How did a woman disappear quicker than summer in Wyoming? She was real. She had to be real.

Hank shook his head and released thoughts of the woman into the frigid air. Real or not, she was gone and he had cows to check. Accustomed to the routine, the buckskin made his way to the herd. The chill in the air drove the cattle to huddle together and Hank made quick work of counting the pairs. When he came up three short, he reined his mount toward the tree line where black shadows shifted between the white trunks.

He swung his gaze left and right. Even after confirming the shadows were his missing cows, he couldn’t unhook the feeling that eyes were on him. He’d felt eyes on him every summer, but had tossed it off to a rider from another ranch. This year, he couldn’t brush it off— because an alternative option had presented itself just an hour ago. Urging the three stragglers down to join their herd, Hank clicked his tongue and reined Chap toward a warm fire and some supper.

A mule rummaged around in the corral next to his sorrel. Hank rode past the holding traps and sent his eyes toward heaven. A groan rumbled from deep in his gut. Smoke curled from the stovepipe of the small cabin he and Cal had built the previous summer. For the first time, it didn’t invite him to settle in for the night with a belly full of beans and a good book. He no more than got Chap combed and oats, and fresh hay to the horses kept at camp, when a rough voice had his head ducking farther into the collar of his coat.

“Howdy, Hank boy. I took the liberty of gettin’ the beans on the fire.”

Hank wavered between being grateful the fire was already burning and irritation that he’d have to share it. He wasn’t much on people. Oh, he loved his family and missed them right now, but give him a couple of weeks down at the ranch and he’d be riding off alone first chance he got. About the only person he could stand longer than most was his twin, Jerry; but for being born a few minutes apart, they couldn’t be more different. Jerry was a man about town and never met a stranger; where, it seemed a person remained a stranger to Hank for years after they met.

His brothers all found girls the minute his stepmother Josie married Cal Renner, and Cal saw to it the family went to socials and the boys all went to school. Like dominos, each brother married—with the youngest, Mitch, being the first to marry. Each brother built a home on the ranch, and the brothers and their wives started having children almost as soon as the roof was put on the house.

Hank chose to go to the university in Laramie. After earning his degree, Hank wandered a bit, always finding his way back to the J Bar A. Two years ago, he planned to follow a family friend, Will Connor, to Europe and help the Brits fight against the Kaiser, but his Ma had raised the roof—so Hank stayed, but spent his time away from town and the busybodies asking why he wasn’t married and starting his family. His family respected his need to be alone. People like Walter Sorenson did not.

“Are ya comin’ in, or starin’ at the sky ’til it turns blue again?”

Hank kicked at the dirt, then started toward cabin. “What brings you up this far, Walter?”

“A little huntin’. And checkin’ on the ol’ place.”

Hank gave a nod. He ducked a bit to get through the door without knocking his head off. How two men well over six feet could build a place and not make the door passable for anyone over five foot ten, Hank couldn’t say. Could have been the few nips they had of the French wine Will Connor sent while they were measuring. Cal tried to tell Josie they’d been celebrating hearing from Will after a year of nothing when she found them propping up a wall singing God Save the King and toasting George V.

His mouth twitched with the memory as he toed off his boots and hooked his hat and coat on the wooden pegs by the door. The humor turned to a scowl at Walter’s hat and coat taking up room. He stomped over to the fireplace and sat on his heels, rubbed his hands together in an attempt to shake the cold and his sour attitude. The gas light over the table hissed, casting a dim light over the room. The Little Creek cow camp’s abode wasn’t a mansion, but it was spacious compared to most. Though one room, a kitchen area occupied one corner, complete with a Monarch iron stove and icebox, and even a few cupboards above the sink with a pump, so when Josie was there she didn’t have to haul water.

Memories warmed Hank and thawed his mind. He’d never call Walt a friend, but he couldn’t slot him as an enemy, either. It wouldn’t hurt him to be hospitable. Once he gained his manners, he unfolded to his full height. Walter stood dishing up beans from the Monarch stove onto an enamelware plate.

“You know most people up in these mountains?”

Walter flopped on the cedar bench, taking up one side of the table and swallowed a spoonful of beans. His dark eyes sparked with flames from the fire and curiosity.

“Not many left up here. Why?”

“Any have a daughter, or maybe a younger woman?”

Hank couldn’t say why he thought it was a young woman other than the fact she moved with the speed and grace of a deer. If truth be told, at twenty–eight he might not be as spry as he used to be, but he sure as hell didn’t want to hear a woman of eighty outran and outfoxed him.

If he hadn’t been staring holes into him, Hank would have missed the way Walter shifted in his chair and raked his fingers through what little was left of his gray hair. After a deep draw of coffee, the man wore a mask of innocence.

“A woman, ya say?”

“Yeah, you know…” Hank waved his hands drawing a curvaceous figure in the air, “a woman. Remember how they look?”

Walter’s eyes narrowed. “Vaguely. But there hasn’t been a woman up here in…” he swallowed hard; like emotion clogged his throat and smoke filled the eyes that just seconds before held fire. He pushed the plate away from him. “Ten years…ten years to the day next Sunday.”

Hank slid into the rickety ladder–back chair opposite Walter, his own hunger forgotten. Something rode him hard to find out about the woman who lived in the Bighorns. It was ten years ago, but something as intangible as air told him she held the key to the day’s insanity.

“What happened October 10, 1906?”

Walter’s eyes turned to black ice. “I’m not much on ghost stories, boy, so if you’re lookin’ for entertainment, look to someone else.”

Hank leaned back in his chair and could only stare at a man who lived to gossip, tell wild stories and entertain. Hell, even among the chatty hens of Sheridan, a man couldn’t find half the juice to a story as Walter Sorenson could give. And damn if what the man didn’t know, he could weave a wild tale around until a person didn’t care what was fact or fiction anymore.

Walter pushed off the bench and scraped the leftover beans into the pot before dumping his plate into a sink of soapy water. Hank watched the man shift his short stature from fire to water. He smoothed his mustache.

“I saw a woman today.”

A blue and white enamel mug hit the floor and Hank winced as the last mug was chipped. Then he turned his attention back to Walter. The man was white as the frosting on his brother Howard’s birthday cake. The buzz of the gas light hummed like a swarm of bees in the awkward silence.

“A woman?”

Hank shrugged, “Yeah, well at least from what I saw, which wasn’t more than a flash of red hair and her blue dress.”

“Annie,” the man choked out the name.

Hank hitched a brow. “Annie? You know her?”

A tremble shook Walt’s shoulders and his face darkened. “Used to.”

“Used to?”

“Annie Sullivan was raped and murdered ten years ago.”





KirstenLynn   Kirsten Lynn writes stories based on the people and history of the West, more specifically those     who live and love in Wyoming and Montana. Using her MA in Naval History, Kirsten, weaves her love of the West and the military together in many of her stories, merging these two halves of her heart. When she’s not roping, riding and rabble-rousing with the cowboys and cowgirls who reside in her endless imagination, Kirsten works as a professional historian.





Good Night!

Thanks for stopping by today’s release party! I’ve enjoyed seeing what other authors shared, and I hope people enjoyed my excerpts.

I’d like to thank The Romance Studio folks for doing these parties and being so patient answering questions, and thanks to all the other authors and readers who came out today.

Good night!

Salad moon

Excerpt 2 from Last Chance Tattoo

Back with another excerpt. My male/male novella Last Chance Tattoo is available from Loose Id.


In the back room of the tattoo shop Saturday afternoon, Dorsey took his phone out of his pocket and stared at Rad’s number. All he had to do was text or call, and he would be able to see Rad again. For two days, he’d gotten only a couple of brief texts assuring him everything was all right. Rad hadn’t said a word about why his grandmother had summoned him home, and he’d ignored Dorsey’s questions.

Dorsey just hoped Rad’s family hadn’t made things too shitty for him. The more time that passed without seeing Rad or having an actual conversation with him, the more Dorsey worried. He didn’t even want to talk to Rad on the phone now. The only way Dorsey could really make sure Rad was okay was to see him.

He didn’t have a chance to place the call before the door opened and Craig looked in. “You have a customer.”

“Oh. Thanks.” Dorsey wasn’t expecting anyone. He had no appointments, and he doubted any of his regulars would be stopping by.

His heart gave a little jump as he realized his “customer” might be Rad. And when he walked out of the back room, he saw he was right.

Rad stood near the wall of images, wearing khaki slacks and a dark-blue button-down shirt with the sleeves rolled up. Probably what he’d worn to work. With his back to Dorsey, it was hard to tell, but Rad’s body appeared tense.

“Hey,” Dorsey said from a few feet away, hoping he wouldn’t startle Rad.

Rad turned slowly. He quirked the corners of his mouth, but didn’t quite smile. “Hey. I’m sorry to bug you at work.”

“No problem. We aren’t exactly busy.” Dorsey gestured at the shop, empty other than for the owner. “Come on back. I should check your tat.”

Rad glanced at Craig. “Yeah, good idea.”

Relieved that Rad had followed his lead, Dorsey brought Rad into the back room and closed the door. A flash of memory of the first time they’d been back there alone ran through his mind, and the desire accompanying it made him shiver.

But this was definitely not the time or place for a repeat. They weren’t alone in the shop, and even if they had been, Rad looked too upset to have shown up looking for fun.

“I’m going to have to leave soon.” Rad folded his arms and shifted his weight from foot to foot. “Leave town, I mean. Some of my family is trying to get Gram to kick me out and stop helping me, and I don’t want to put her through that. They posted pics of me in Boston. Half the frigging town’s seen them by now.”

“Wow. Your family is a piece of work.” Dorsey tried to keep his voice calm, but it wasn’t easy. Clearly Rad’s family had decided they hadn’t made his life miserable enough when he was a kid. They had to keep it going now.

Dorsey didn’t want to think about Rad not being around. They were just getting started. He wasn’t sure what they were starting exactly, but it didn’t matter. He wanted the chance to find out where their relationship might go.

“I’m going to ask if I can have the afternoon off.” Dorsey hadn’t even thought about it, but as soon as he said it, he knew it would be the right thing to do. “Screw checking your tat. We need to talk, and this isn’t the place for it.”

Rad stopped fidgeting and stared at Dorsey. “Are you sure? You’d lose out on customers. And your boss might not like it.”

“I’m more of an independent contractor than an employee, so he can bite it,” Dorsey growled. “As for customers, usually they make appointments. Don’t worry about it. Follow me.”

He had no clue what Craig would think, and it wasn’t his problem. Dorsey only knew that if he and Rad didn’t straighten things out, Rad might pack his bags and leave before the weekend. It wouldn’t have made sense, since Rad had said he took the job at the coffee shop to make enough money to move and he probably hadn’t earned enough yet. But Dorsey couldn’t shake the fear that he was about to lose his chance to have anything with Rad.

They left the back room, and Dorsey went over to Craig. “I need to leave. I’ll come in extra hours Monday and Tuesday to make up for it.”

“Is everything okay?” Craig glanced at Rad.

Dorsey spoke before Craig could jump to the right conclusion. “Yeah, we’re all right. A couple of things just came up, and I need to deal with them. I don’t have any appointments, and I doubt anyone’s going to be in a sudden tat mood today.”

“Go ahead.” Craig turned back to the binder on the counter. “Plan on working the full day Monday, and we’ll call it even.”


Dorsey exited the store with barely a glance at Rad, who followed him. Given that Rad’s family was causing problems, Dorsey didn’t see any wisdom in making someone else suspicious about their relationship. Craig wasn’t likely to have a problem with it. He knew Dorsey was gay. But it seemed like in Ludington, all information eventually made its way to the Morrises.

He would protect Rad, even though he wished everyone could know how happy Rad made him. If they became more than friends, Dorsey would want to tell as many people as he could. He didn’t go around broadcasting he was gay, but he didn’t hide it either.

Whispered Pleasure

Whispered PleasureBlake Hunter is a master of horses. On his ranch in South Eastern Texas, he gentles wild horses for rodeo, pleasure and ranch work. He also runs beef cattle.

Lexie Jamison is a thorn in his side. The gorgeous, dark haired firecracker has come to the aid of his sister following a life changing accident. He hasn’t seen her for four years.

Attraction is instant but Blake doesn’t have time for a contradictory pain in the butt. Within hours of arriving she has him so tied up in knots, he is hard pressed to remember his own name.

Lexie thinks four years away from her arrogant cowboy will have dampened her crush. How wrong she is.

Sparks fly as they disagree over his sister. When he finds her in tears down by the river, neither can fight their attraction any longer and passion takes over.

Will this be the beginning of an intense love affair or will Lexie give up and walk away? Does a near tragedy finally open Blake’s eyes?


Lexie spun the wheels as she turned the rented BMW onto the dirt driveway too fast. The car fishtailed and she hit the brakes to reduce her speed before continuing towards the ranch house. She was still travelling too fast but was desperate to see her friend, Indie. She narrowly missed a cowboy on horseback. A thick cloud of dust engulfed him. She was too anxious to care.

Screeching to a halt near the front door, she jumped from the car, leaving the door wide open, and raced up the front steps. “Indie, where are you,” she screamed as she threw open the thick, wooden front door.

Indie wheeled herself from the living room and into the hallway. “Lexie,” she murmured as tears streamed down her cheeks. She held her arms out.

Lexie rushed towards her friend, dropped to her knees and gathered her into a hug. “I didn’t know, I didn’t know,” she blubbered.

Lexie dropped her head to Indie’s chest, she shook as she cried.

Indie ran her hand over Lexie’s hair. “It’s okay, it’s okay.”

The girls heard the front door crash against the wall and someone in boots stomped towards them.

Lexie raised her head, brushed away tears and turned around. Her heart jumped into her throat, her nipples tightened and her pussy clenched. The attraction was instant.

Standing before her was the sexiest man she’d ever set eyes on. So tall his head almost brushed the ceiling, dark hair and smoky grey eyes which right now, were clouded with anger and something else. Pain? Sadness? Guilt? Blake had certainly changed since the last time she’d seen him. He was one hunky Texan. She would enjoy sampling his wares.

“Lexie, it doesn’t surprise me that you were the idiot who almost knocked me from my horse,” he growled.

She rose to her feet, still grasping Indie’s hand. “Hello to you too, Blake.”

They hadn’t seen each other for almost six years, except when she had come home for the memorial service for both sets of their parents, four years ago. She had stayed only two days.

Her brother had taken over their ranch while Blake had taken over his father’s spread of ten thousand acres.

Lexie had moved to California to attend college and Indie had always visited her there. They had a close friendship, more like sisters than friends, which was why Indie’s accident had hit Lexie so hard.

Lexie had been teaching English in France for two years and as a reward for all her hard work, she had decided to explore Europe for three months before returning home. Most of the time her cell phone had no signal so she hadn’t worried when she didn’t hear from her friend. Daniel, her older brother and Blake’s closest friend, had told her about Indie when she’d arrived home. He had explained that Indie had been in no danger of losing her life so they had agreed to wait until she returned to give her the news. Lexie was livid she hadn’t been notified immediately.

She stood with her eyes locked on Blake’s face as his raked her body from the top of her head to the tips of her toes.

“Like what you see?” she asked. Her lips turned up into a seductive smile.

Goddamn, she’s turned into one hell of a woman, she didn’t look this good last time he saw her.

Lexie was not overly tall, she would probably have fitted under his outstretched arm. Her raven black hair hung down past her waist and he wanted to drown in her whisky brown eyes. He swallowed hard. He had the urge to drag her into his bedroom and find out how she would feel pressed up against his body. Damn it, he couldn’t think straight with her standing there gazing at him like the cat who had swallowed the canary.

His neglected cock pressed against his zipper and he shifted uncomfortably. How long had it been since he’d had a good fuck? Two months? He was going to have to get himself a woman, and soon. Down boy. I’m angry, remember.

“I see you’re still full of attitude. You could have killed someone speeding down the driveway like a maniac. You’re not on the freeways of California now so I’ll thank you to keep your fancy car to a reasonable speed while you’re on my property.”

Lexie glanced down at Indie and grinned. “I always did rub your brother the wrong way, huh?”

Indie squeezed her hand. “You sure did, sis.”

“Are you intending to stay?” he asked.

“Yes, I’m going to take care of Indie.”

“If she was so important, why weren’t you here two months ago when she first had her accident?”

His question cut her to the core.

“I didn’t know.” She gazed down at Indie. “I was travelling and Dan didn’t tell me until I got back.” She knelt down in front of her friend. “I swear, I would have come straight away if I’d known.” Tears poured from her eyes.

Indie gathered her close. “I know. Dan came to visit me in the hospital and we made the decision not to tell you. We knew you would rush straight back and we didn’t want your holiday ruined. You worked so hard for it, Lexie.”

“That worked out well for you then didn’t it? You traipsing around Europe instead of sitting in a hospital room with your best friend.” Blake said cruelly.

“Blake! What’s wrong with you?” Indie shouted.

Lexie stood up and approached him. Her clenched fists resting on her shapely, jeans clad hips. Quick as lightning, one hand left her hip and connected flush with his cheek. “Don’t you ever suggest a holiday means more to me than Indie. If I had known, I would have come back on the first flight.”

“Rather convenient,” he muttered as he ran his hand over his stinging cheek.

Lexie raised her hand for another slap but he grabbed her wrist. “Enough. Just remember what I said about speeding on my property and you won’t be riding any horses while you’re here. He spun on his heels and stomped from the house.


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Greek Affair/Guardian Cop – Over 18 Only

Warning: These books contain graphic sexual description, BDSM, M/M and explicit language. Strictly for 18+

GREEK AFFAIR Prequel to Guardian Cop

Greek Affair 2 KindleAdrastos ‘Addie’ Papadakos is a Criminal. He arranges gun and drug deals with Russia and Niger. He is the product of a rape and to provide for her son, his mother is forced to become a whore. He grew up in a brothel where he learns about sex at the tender age of thirteen. He hates women.

Mario Anastopolous is a successful Banking Executive. He has just come out of a relationship where he hadn’t been satisfied.

When Addie ventures into a Gay Men’s Club in Athens, he meets Mario. Both had been on the lookout for a lover. Their attraction is instant.

Addie is domineering, in charge. Mario is meek, submissive.

When Mario accepts the invitation to go home with Addie, he doesn’t realize just how good his life is about to become. Following a night of spanking, sex, pain and pleasure, Addie makes Mario an offer that is too good to refuse. Mario gives up everything to be with this man who can provide him with the sexual variety he craves.

For the first time in his life, Addie has genuine feelings for someone else.


Addie ordered a whiskey and dry, the barman slid it in front of him. He swiveled his bar stool to scan the room of the busy gay men’s club. The club was reputed to be the best of its type and was situated in the center of Athens, a short walk from Addie’s luxury townhouse. It was the first time he had come here, preferring until now to date women. At 22 years old he had made the decision to ‘come out’. He hadn’t been able to find satisfaction with a woman since having a man two years ago. He had finally admitted to himself he was gay and now he was on the prowl for a lover.

Several men gyrated to the beat of Turn The Beat Around by Gloria Estefan which blared from oversized speakers throughout the large area. He watched as couples pushed their hips against each other, cocks brushing together. At the same time they exchanged long kisses, arms waved in the air. Addie found it erotic. His mouth watered.

“Scotch and Coke, Mike.” A deep voice rumbled beside him and Addie swung the stool towards the owner of the sensual voice. Mike slid the scotch and coke over and the man sipped at the liquid before extending his hand towards Addie. “Mario. I haven’t seen you here before.”

Addie perused the man standing in front of him. He was not tall, probably a good six inches shorter than his own six feet two inches. He had an unruly mop of black hair and a dark five o’clock shadow. His body was not that of an athlete but reasonably toned, maybe a fraction overweight. The thing that struck him the most were his eyes. Small but piercing, jet black like pure onyx. He was drawn to them as if they were magnets. “Addie,” he extended his hand and they shook. Firm grasp for a gay man. “My first time.”

Mario climbed onto the stool next to him. “Alone?”

“Yes, you?”

“Yes, just out of a relationship. You just coming out?”

“Yes. Tried women. Didn’t work.”

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Guardian Cop KindleAdrastos ‘Addie’ Papadakos is a Greek Drug Lord, his cartel is running Cocaine all over Europe and he is about to flood Sydney with the deadly drug.

He considers Bethany Holt his property and she has been trapped in his world of illicit drugs and dominant sex for over six months. She rues the day she consented to move in to his palatial home.

Addie’s best friend, and long-time lover from Greece, arrives at the house and when Bethany overhears them plotting a murder, her life changes dramatically.

When she is found beaten, bloody and close to death in a back alley of Kings Cross, Detective Tanner McMahon and his partner, Kylie Wilson are called in on her case.

Will Tanner be able to protect her from the powerful drug lord?

Will she submit to Tanner’s dominant sex play?


“This was called in as a fatality, this girl is still breathing.” The Paramedic unwound a face mask and attached the cord to oxygen before placing it over Bethany’s face. He then pressed a stethoscope to her chest and listened. “Her breathing is shallow but her heartbeat is steady. I think it looks worse than it is.”

The two trained medics carried on with their procedure. While one opened a vein, inserted a drip tube and began saline flowing, the other rolled her carefully on to her back and began checking her injuries.

Bethany thought her head would explode when the man pressed on her broken cheekbone. She let out a scream and everyone jumped back.

When the shock had subsided, the ambo, called John took her hand. “Sweetheart, my name is John. I’m from the ambulance service. We are taking care of you before we take you to hospital. Can you tell me your name?”

“B..Beth,” she whispered.

“Beth?” John asked.

She swallowed hard, the tinny taste of blood flooded her throat, almost gagging her. “Bethany.”

“Bethany, can you open your eyes?” The others watched on, Tanner took notes, while John spoke with the victim.

Her eyes flickered open and locked on Tanner’s face. They were deep brown, like chocolate, and, despite the bruising and swelling, he could see they were huge, fawnlike. He could also see the terror that lay within. What is she afraid of? His cock twitched as he smiled down at her.

John and his partner finished checking the girl before John stood and drew Tanner aside.

“She has a broken cheekbone, broken ribs on both sides, we will know more when she is x-rayed, a broken wrist and numerous contusions all over her body. I would say she has seen several fists to the face and then been kicked repeatedly. She said no one can know she is alive or she will be killed. Not sure what she means but if that is all, we will get her down to St Vincents.”

Tanner pondered the strange statement. He would instruct the others to claim she was dead until they found out what was going on. Kings Cross was well known for seedy characters, this could be tied up with some cartel or mob and she certainly could be at risk. “Thanks John. Take her down. Kylie and I will get Harry’s statement and meet you there.”

Bethany cried out with pain as the two Paramedics lifted her onto the gurney and prepared her for transport to hospital.

“I know it hurts, sweetheart but we can’t give you any more painkillers until they assess you. You may need surgery so we have to be careful.” John rubbed his hand over hers in reassurance.

Mercifully, Bethany passed out and was unaware of her transfer to hospital.

Previously Loving Bethany

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Vixen/Roberts Duo

Roberts Vixen Boxed Set KTwo great authors have combined to give you two very different Erotic Romance stories.

Becky’s Master is set in Colonial Australia while Mastering Justice is set in Modern Day Sydney.

Note: This book contains explicit sexual description and is suitable for 18+ only.

Becky Gentry is desperate to escape her brutal owner.

She makes a bargain with English buccaneer, Ethan Harvey, to take her to safety on his ship.

It costs him his betrothed and his fortune.

He vows to make Becky pay, but all she has to barter is her body.

What will happen when the sex slave falls in love with her Master?

Will she ever make it back home to England?


Moses Jordan is a part African American, Billionaire Computer Geek.  He is also in charge, her Dom.

Imogen Walters is a tall, leggy blonde who practices law. She is his property, his Sub.

They share a fifth floor luxury apartment overlooking Sydney Harbour. She drives a Mercedes, he drives a Ferrari.

She practices law with confidence and is in command, until she steps through the door of their home.

He has vowed to never release her. Does she want to be freed?


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KC Vixen Website:

Lacey Roberts Web:


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