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More about “Love’s Intensity”

Loves Intensity Cover

Bookworm for Kids says “It was refreshing to read an inter-cultural romance. Kressa is a pure-blooded Mexican, and this is brought out very well – clashed against the all-American boy, Brad. ~ The characters are enjoyable.  ~ The romance was sweet, growing slowly with tons of uncertainty – like a real teenage romance does. I enjoyed the natural way this was dealt with and the unexpected problems that can arise in a cross-cultural relationship.”

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Adult Excerpt of Tropical Heat

 Here’s the blurb:

They2165-210x336 have one night together to explore their passion, fulfill their needs and quench their desires, but will one night be enough?

Rayne Willows is an artist from the Pacific Northwest looking to shake up her boring life. A trip to Jamaica sounds like the perfect way to let loose and rekindle her passion for photography. When she meets local man Marcus Greene on the beach in Ocho Rios, sparks immediately fly. Marcus offers to show Rayne around his beautiful hometown, but during the sightseeing tour, the two quickly realize the passion they have for each other can’t be held back. They decide to make their one night together a sexy experience neither of them is likely to forget.


Here’s the adult excerpt:

“Come on, let’s get back to the resort,” I said as I took him by the hand and hailed a taxi.

Once we got into the cab, still hand-in-hand, I couldn’t contain myself anymore. I pulled his fingers to my mouth and kissed each fingertip slowly, my hazel eyes never leaving his honey-hued ones. Marcus placed his other hand on my knee. Our eyes were still locked when he moved his hand up my thigh. He swirled his fingers in a small circular pattern on my skin. He let his digits investigate and explore as they inched closer to my crotch.

When Marcus used the tip of his index finger to flick my clit through my panties I arched my back and let out a moan. The cabbie cleared his throat and I glanced in his direction. His eyes were still on the road. My breath was coming in shallow bursts. My body was tingling with desire. The lips of my sex felt full and throbbing with need. I no longer gave a damn about who was around and what they saw.

I released Marcus’ hand and placed my hands on his face, pulling his lips to my mouth. I moaned when his tongue caressed mine while he simultaneously slid one of his hands into my sundress and began fondling my nipple. He plucked and pinched until he worked it into a hard bead of flesh. He continued to stroke my clit by rubbing his fingers along the outside of my thong. The sensation of the lace gliding against that swollen, slick nub created an intense friction. I felt like I was about to explode. Suddenly Marcus tore his mouth from mine and pulled his hand out of the top of my dress.

“We’re almost there,” he whispered in my ear.

I wanted to protest that yes, I was almost there so why had he stopped, but then I noticed we were pulling up to the entrance of the resort. Marcus still hadn’t removed his hand from beneath my dress, but he had slowed his strokes. Just before the taxi rolled to a stop he gave my clit one last hard, slow flick. I had to bite my lip to keep from calling out.

Marcus pulled his hand away from my crotch and brought it up near my face. I could see my juices glistening on his fingers and smell my musky scent. He brought his index finger to my lips and rubbed it back and forth slowly before thrusting it in my mouth.

“Suck,” he commanded me softly.

I locked my eyes on his and did as he’d told me, but I didn’t merely suck. I pushed his finger farther into my mouth and wrapped my lips around the base where it met his palm. I gently stroked the underneath with my tongue as I slowly slid it in and out of my mouth. I watched as his eyes rolled back into his head and he bit down on his lower lip.

The cabbie, no doubt tired of our sexual shenanigans, came to an abrupt stop outside the lobby entrance and barked out the amount of the fare. I released Marcus’ finger from my mouth and gave him a wicked smile. I dug out the sum and included a hefty tip, then Marcus helped me from the taxi and inside the resort. We sprinted through the lobby and hopped into the first elevator that arrived. Miraculously, it was empty. Marcus pushed some buttons until the doors closed.

“What floor?”

“Five,” I told him as I wedged my body between Marcus and the controls.

He punched in the button and we started to ascend to my floor. Since we were alone, I cupped the considerable bulge in the front of his shorts. My God, he’s huge.

Marcus leant down and began to suck my earlobe as he lazily stroked my breast through the outside of my dress. My knees nearly buckled. I pulled my hand away from his pants and gripped his forearms. To my relief, the shrill ding announced our arrival on the fifth floor.

We quickly broke apart. I turned away from Marcus and faced the door, prepared to be the first one to step off. Before I did, I turned to check the spot where I had just been standing. I was so turned on at this point I felt sure I’d left a puddle on the floor of the elevator. I hadn’t.

I dug my key out of my yellow shoulder bag and put it into the slot. As soon as we stepped over the threshold into my room we both lost what remained of our control. I dropped my bag and room key on the floor. Marcus grabbed me by the waist and hauled me against the wall, nearly knocking the wind from my lungs in the process. His mouth claimed mine as he gripped my ass and lifted me off the ground.

I wrapped my legs around his waist and entwined my arms behind his neck. I had a feeling I was in for a very rough ride, but that was okay.

Marcus pulled the thin, stretchy material of my dress down in one smooth motion. My breasts popped out and were in his hands within seconds. I let out a loud moan and ground against him, still craving a release.

“Hold on tight,” he told me as he wedged me harder against the wall. He removed his hands from my breasts and seconds later I heard him unzip his fly. His hand surfaced again, a foil wrapper at his fingertips. He tore the package open and slid his hands below my legs.

Once the condom was on, he bunched the material at my waist and didn’t even bother with removing my black lace thong. He simply slid the scrap of material to the side and entered me with a quick, hard thrust. I arched my neck in pleasure when I felt my nether lips stretch and envelop his thick cock.

He gripped my waist and began to move. With my back trapped against the wall, I used it as leverage to push him into me even farther. I ground my hips when he plunged into me, causing the tip of his erection to rub against my insides even more intensely.

“I’m almost there,” I screamed.

“Me too,” he said through gritted teeth.

Marcus began to thrust harder and removed one of his hands from my waist. He reached between our bodies and using his thumb, stroked my clit. He flicked the bud of flesh in a circular motion and soon his strokes pushed me over the edge. I released a loud, long moan as my body shuddered from the impact of such a mind-bending orgasm.

Marcus released me from his hold and I slid down the wall, landing on wobbly legs. Since there was more of my body out of my dress than in it, I pulled the damn thing over my head and dropped it to the floor. I stepped out of my thong panties as Marcus pulled the condom off and walked to the bathroom to drop it in the wastebasket.

I lowered the blankets on my bed and flopped back onto the pillows. Between my legs was a wet, sticky, throbbing mess, but I didn’t care. If anything, it made me want even more of Marcus. He stepped out of the bathroom naked. He was semi-erect, but I licked my lips at the way his penis hung between his legs and swung back and forth as he walked towards me.

His body was amazing. I had never seen such balance and symmetry. His physique had the cleanest lines of any I’d ever had the pleasure of viewing. He had the smoothest skin I’d ever seen. His complexion was silky and flawless. It looked as though someone had poured the finest milk chocolate all over his body. I was dying to know if his flesh tasted as sweet. I wanted to kiss my way down his rippling abs, swirl my tongue around his navel and wrap my lips around the head of his erection.

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Coming November 13th – Adult Content

Do You Take This Cat

by Missy Martine


This is book 4 in the Wind River Pack Series

Rennia helped to rescue Ray, and his sister Kati, when a New York crime boss held them hostage. She was devastated when he rejected her after seeing her shift from cat to wolf.  She returned to her mountain home certain she’d lost her mate forever.

Ray‘s family is forcing him to attend his sister’s wedding in Wyoming. He’s convinced she’s making a mistake in setting up house with two men who aren’t even human.  The whole idea of people shifting into animals gives him nightmares.

In one last effort to claim her mate, Rennia takes Kati’s advice and lets Ray think she’s human when they meet. For a while, she’s in paradise.  They’re beginning to fall in love when an old enemy strikes out at the Wind River Pack.

Will Rennia lose her mate for good when he finds out she’s not just a pretty girl?

Story Excerpt

“What about your place, Rennia?” asked Elyne. “Will you be open by then?”

Rennia bit her lip as twelve pairs of eyes focused on her. She’d recently given up her teaching job in Casper to move back to the mountain and be near her family. They didn’t know she’d purchased a building in Takoda and planned to open a small tavern. Guess I should have never arranged the financing through the bank where Elyne works.

“What is she talking about, girl?” asked Kitania.

Elyne groaned. “I’m sorry, Rennia. I didn’t know it was a secret. I just got caught up in the wedding plans and thought your place would be great to host a party.”

Rennia sighed. “It’s okay, Elyne. I planned on sitting down with Mom and the Dads tonight.” She took a deep breath. “I bought the Bentley store.”

Maddie frowned. “What on Earth would you want with a big, old, run-down building like that?”

“I’m gonna open a little bar for the locals. We’ll have beer on tap and serve simple foods like pizza and burgers. There’s a jukebox and when I can, I plan on having live music from local musicians. It’ll be a place for the pack to hang out on the weekend, or a safe place to take their dates.”

“You’re giving up your teaching career?” Kitania scowled. “I thought you moved back here to take over the elementary classes for the pack.”

“I’m not giving up teaching, Mom. I’m only taking a year off to get the business up and running. After that, I can do both. I just have to hire on people I trust to run the bar.”

“But your father and I—”

Maddie cleared her throat. “I’m sure Rennia has thought this over carefully. I’ve never known her to do anything impulsive so I’m sure she’s considered all the angles. We just have to trust her judgment.” Kitania took a deep breath and then leaned back in her chair and nodded.

“Do you think you’ll be open in time to have the reception at your place?” asked Elyne.

Rennia thought for a moment. “Yeah, we can have it there. I’m actually gonna open for business in just a few days. I was gonna invite all of you to the grand opening in about a month. I thought I’d give it some time to work out all the bugs and get some key employees settled in before I let anybody in on my secret.”

“Sorry!” Elyne whispered.

“Are you sure it wouldn’t be an imposition, Rennia?” Kati asked. “We can always just have a small reception at the church.”

Rennia stood and walked over to give her future sister-in-law a hug. “It’s not an imposition. I’m happy to do this for you and my brothers. I’ll give you a party you’ll never forget.”

The women all looked up when the back door opened. Maddie frowned when Kinnith and Synia walked through the door. “This was a female-only meeting, guys. Don’t make me break out the paddles.”

Synia chuckled. “Sorry for the intrusion, but we got a call from Kati’s dad.”

Kati jumped up. “Is anything wrong? Are they still coming?”

Kinnith walked over and pulled her into his arms. “Relax, darlin’. They’ll both be here day after tomorrow. He was calling to find out if we have any motels around here.”

Kati frowned. “What for? We already told them they could stay with us, or here with Maddie and Remus.”

Synia shrugged. “I think that’s the problem, love.” He glanced at Rennia and a wave of sympathy passed over his face. “He was pretty freaked out by what he saw in Tennessee. I guess he’s a little afraid to stay in such close proximity to us.”

When Kati’s shoulders fell, Kinnith pulled her close. “Relax, woman. He’s coming, and that’s the main thing. We can start changing his opinion of us once he’s here.”

Kati sniffed. “Where are they gonna stay now?”

“I talked to Zack,” said Synia. “He still has the lease on his apartment.”

“That’s right,” said Aurelia. “All the furniture is still there. When Zack bought the house here on the mountain we agreed to get all new furnishings so it would really be ours, and not mine or his. He had just signed another year’s lease so we kept the place.”

Synia nodded. “Zack said they could stay there.”

“My pop was okay with that?” asked Kati.

“Not exactly,” said Kinnith. “When he found out it wasn’t on the mountain, he said your stubborn brother could stay there and he was gonna stay with us. According to him, he wants some time to get to know us better to make sure we’re deserving of his little girl.”

Kati groaned and covered her face with her hands when all the women laughed. After a moment, she moved her hands and looked at Rennia. “Maybe it’ll be good for him to stay in the apartment, alone. He can spend some time getting to know the locals.”

Rennia’s mouth dropped open. Is she thinking what I think she’s thinking?

Maddie clapped her hands. “Okay, everyone, that’s enough for now. Kati, you get together with the girls and pick out a dress for the attendants, and then you can get with Elyne and start on your own dress. We’ll get some estimates on the flowers and candles, and meet back here in two days to compare notes.” She turned her gaze to Rennia. “I’d like to come by and see your place if that’s okay with you. It’ll give me an idea of suggestions to make for the reception.”

Rennia nodded. “I’ll be there today after three o’clock, Aunt Maddie. I’d be happy to show you around.”

“Okay then, girls. Let’s get busy.”

Everyone stood and moved toward the door. Kati grabbed Rennia’s arm and pulled her to the side. “If Ray stays in town at the apartment maybe you could spend some time getting to know him.”

Rennia sighed and shook her head. “Kati, he was pretty adamant about not wanting me near him in my shifted state. The fear was rolling off him. He couldn’t get away from me fast enough.”

“He couldn’t get away from your cat and your wolf. He’s never met Rennia Wind River.”

Adult Excerpt

He slipped his hand beneath her blouse and encountered her lacy bra.

For a moment, he traced the openwork design with a finger. “I can almost imagine what your body looks like just from tracing all this lace. But I’d much rather see it firsthand.” With a rough curse, he stripped her out of the shirt and bra before he lifted her. With his mouth hard on hers, he carried her to the small bedroom and laid her on the bed. She drew him down on top of her so that her bare breasts merged with his hard chest. She drank in the smell of his body with pleasure. The feel of his firm skin so intimately kindled a raging arousal in her.

Ray moved his hand down her throat and began stroking the side of her breast. “Take off the rest of it, please.”

Rennia’s fingers trembled as she pushed her jeans down her legs and kicked them across the room. Ray licked his lips as his gaze dropped to her taut breasts. He palmed one of the soft mounds and began to pull gently at her nipple. His work-roughened fingers created a rasping sensation against the firm bud, making it stand up taut and straight. She let out her breath with a moan when Ray cupped her breasts, using his thumbs to rub back and forth across her nipples.

He flexed his fingers against her skin. “You’re so soft…so damned soft.” Fondling her breast, controlling her mouth, he pressed her firmly into the mattress. Her heart slammed against the walls of her chest. Ray worked his way back down her neck and across her collarbone before moving to the aching tips of her swollen breasts. His mouth opened, and he drew the hard tip into it with a faint, soft suction that brought a sharp cry from her dry lips. He sucked it with hard, firm pulls that had her moving her legs to admit him to an intimacy that made her head swim.

Moisture pooled between her legs, and she could feel it begin to slick her thighs. Rennia wasn’t a virgin, but she’d only had one lover in college, and he’d never made her feel anything close to what she was feeling now. She held her breath as rough fingers stroked the hot flesh between her thighs. Her head went back, her eyes closed, as she shivered, biting her lip to keep from weeping, the pleasure was so overwhelming.

“Ray,” she called out, as her nails bit into his broad shoulders.

He pulled her even closer, straining against the thick nylon barrier that was all that separated them. Her pussy clenched when he hooked his fingers beneath the elastic waist and tore them from her body. “I don’t want anything separating us, Rennia. I need to be closer.” His long fingers flexed into the soft skin of her buttocks, stroking and lightly pinching. She felt a husky groan slip from her mouth, as he grew more insistent. Ray moved his fingers gently around the outside lips of her labia, not touching her clit at all. She gasped and thrust herself against his fingers, beginning to ride his hand.

“Your pussy feels like heaven. You’re sopping wet.” He thrust his fingers inside her faster as he ground his palm against her clit. She could still feel one of his hands warm and forceful against her buttocks. Taking a deep breath, she threaded her fingers in his hair and directed his mouth to her neglected breast. Her breath came whooshing out when he used his teeth, abrading the soft flesh. A few feverish minutes later he moved between her long legs and his mouth pushed hard against her lips as his hips eased down against hers. His leg became insistent between her thighs, coaxing them to move apart, to admit the slow, exquisite imprint of his body as he settled his shoulders between her legs. She groaned harshly when he licked her from her anus to her clit. “You taste so damn good.”

Ray hummed as he rimmed the opening of her vagina with his tongue and without warning he thrust it up inside her passage.

Rennia’s breath caught in her throat as she felt his tongue lap gently between her lips, barely catching her clit. Then, he suckled on the small bud and bit gently. She cried out as she ground her aching slit against his hot tongue.

Pushing up, he moved quickly to tangle his tongue with hers, thrusting gently as he had done into her eager slit. She could taste herself in his kiss. “I want you so badly, Rennia. Please, baby, don’t say no. This one’s gonna be fast, but I promise I’ll make it up to you. I just can’t wait to feel myself buried in your beautiful body.”

When Rennia managed to nod, Ray grabbed one of the condoms he’d laid on her table, moved between her wet thighs and placed the sheathed crown of his erection against her tight pussy. His finger moved to stroke back and forth over her nipple. Smiling, he arched over her prone body, resting his formidable weight in his forearms. With one hard thrust, his big cock was buried fully inside her pussy so deep Rennia felt skewered, so big her pussy felt stretched to its limits.

With a groan, Ray began to move within her. Slowly at first, but gradually quicker as desire and need overtook them, he plunged in and out of her silky sheath. Rennia moaned with each of his fierce thrusts, wrapping her legs around him, urging him on, and meeting his every thrust. Needing more, she pushed her lower body against the hard cradle of his pelvis. Rennia arched her back and screamed.




Excerpt of Paranormal Romance Pulse

My first release, Pulse, a paranormal erotic romance is available for only .99 cents. Today, I’m sharing a snippet that is for general audiences.

Here’s the blurb:

Eve Parker never expects to be turned on by a man who comments on her erotic blog Pulse. After chatting online with the sensual Mr. G for a week, she breaks her rule about dating random strangers from the internet. Once they meet face to face, Eve is captivated by the enigmatic man. When the handsome Mr. G reveals his true identity—a vampire with the power to control her body and mind—she believes the magnetic pull between them may be an act of fate.

Here’s the excerpt:

I walked into the bar and grill where we’d agreed to meet and glanced around the dimly lit space. Mr. G said he’d be wearing a suit with a red rose in the lapel. Given that no one in this part of the sticks wore a suit—unless they had a court date or a funeral to attend—I figured I’d be able to spot him immediately. Scanning the dining area I found he hadn’t arrived yet. I turned my head toward the bar to see if maybe he’d gotten here early and was enjoying a drink. Nope.

No sexy Adonis types in a suit at the bar.

“Just one sweetheart, or are ya meetin’ someone here?” The hostess asked me in a syrupy sweet drawl.

“Um, I’m meeting someone, but I don’t think he’s here yet.”

“No problem. I can get ya seated and…Oh, my gawd!” I watched as her blue eyes widened at something that appeared to be behind me. The woman’s mouth formed the shape of an O but no sound came out.

What the hell?

I turned around and as I did, awareness tingled throughout my body as sure as if I’d stuck a fork into an electrical socket.

Before me stood the dark haired stud of my fantasies. No longer just a figment of my imagination, he was real and right in front of me. And he was wearing a suit that looked as though it had been custom made for him. In the left lapel pocket, a red rose bud peeked out.

Mr. G had arrived.

“You must be Eve,” he said to me.

That voice. It was like pure silk and sex and the finest, smoothest chocolate all rolled into one.

I couldn’t speak. Just like the hostess, Mr. G had rendered me mute with his sexual magnetism.

Want more? You’re just one-click away from Mr. G!

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Happy Halloween


Happy Halloween from Missy Martine

A woman with a secret past…two men who’ll do anything to keep her safe – INTIMATE DETAILS – ADULT – EXCERPT


Buy Link: Siren –


AVAILABLE: Tuesday, November 4th

This title is offered at a 10% discount. Offer ends midnight CST, November 11th



td-intimatedetails-full (2)


Shana leaned against the closed door facing her men. Cody studied her as he backed up to her nightstand, blindly putting the six-pack near her lamp. She took off her right heel and tossed it. He watched the shoe’s journey to her small area rug. Mike stared at the slit in her skirt, the length of her thigh it exposed. Shana’s left heel followed the right.

Both men stepped toward her.

How she adored their need.

Smiling, she approached and gently shouldered past them to the bed. Like a well-trained team, they pivoted, following her every movement.

Shana settled on the edge of the mattress and eased her skirt to her thighs, exposing the lacy edge of her beige hosiery, the pale pink garter belt that held them in place.

“Uh-uh, no,” Mike said before she could unsnap the garter. He moved closer and stared at her legs as if he’d never seen that part of a woman before. “Don’t take off the stockings.”

Cody joined them. “Definitely ditch the skirt and top.”

“And underwear,” Mike murmured.

Shana dropped her hands from the garter, but didn’t remove her clothes. She rested her right palm on Mike’s fly, her left on Cody’s and lifted her face to them. Their expressions betrayed their surprise and pleasure. Beneath her touch, their cocks stiffened even more, their balls plump and firm. Shana’s scalp tingled. Her pussy grew moist. “Take everything off,” she ordered. “I mean it.”

They exchanged a glance that excluded her then grinned.

Uh-oh. Now she was in for it. Her pulse beat faster.

Mike lifted her hand from his groin and kissed her fingertips. Cody bent down and brushed his mouth over hers. Neither of them obeying her directive.

Shana didn’t mind. In the bedroom, she liked her men bad.

Mike stabbed his tongue between her fingers. Cody licked her bottom lip.

Her body softened and her soul begged for more.

As if they knew and wanted to deny her, at least for the time being, they both stepped back.

“Finished already?” she teased.

Mike shrugged out of his jacket, letting it drop at his feet. Cody loosened his tie.

An appreciative sound purred from deep within Shana. She made new, wanting noises as they continued to strip, neither of them caring where their clothes landed.

Mike stepped on his jacket as he undid his cufflinks, took off his watch then unbuckled his belt. Cody’s tie and watch hung over two bottles in the six-pack. Their shoes clunked on the floor, trousers dropped, shirts flew.

They were finally down to their socks and stretchy boxers—Mike’s black, Cody’s navy.

Off, please, Shana’s thoughts whispered, her attention riveted to the lovely bulges between their legs.

Again, they kept her waiting, tending to their socks first, which they dropped on their other discarded clothing.

Shana leaned forward, taking both of them in. Mike’s chest was nothing but hard muscle, slabs of olive-tinted skin, his small nipples the color of dark ginger, his tat more impressive and masculine than the pictures of it had shown. A silky stream of black hair swirled around his navel then arrowed beneath the waistband of his snug boxers. His muscular thighs and calves were deliciously hairy, his feet large, toes long.


Despite the room’s mild temperature, the air felt too thick and close. She turned to Cody and had to keep herself from making any sound. He was so beautiful, masculine and hard, a light dusting of hair on his muscular chest.

Interrupted by a jagged scar on his right pec.

Instinctively, Shana bit her lip.

Although she’d seen many photos of his injury, those pictures hadn’t revealed the full truth.

Cody’s wound was four, possibly five inches long, the whitish skin bumpy, parts of his flesh gouged out. Plastic surgery might have minimized the imperfection. For whatever reasons, he hadn’t opted for that.

Intellectually, Shana knew the injury couldn’t have hurt him any longer. Emotionally was a different matter. Her throat tightened at the thought of the pain he’d experienced. How afraid he must have been, terrified that he might die.

She wanted to say something, but didn’t know how to begin.

Thankfully, he hadn’t noticed her staring.

He was too busy ogling her tightened nipples. Mike’s attention was on her mound.

With his thumbs beneath the waistband of his boxers, Mike pushed the stretchy material over his lean hips, past his thighs and calves. Cody did the same with his. They stepped out of their respective underwear. Mike kicked his aside. Cody didn’t bother.

Naked and proud, they faced her.

The room seemed to sway. Shana gripped the comforter to curb her dizziness.

Beneath a tangle of dark hair, Mike’s cock thrust forward rigid and demanding, thick veins snaking down it. He was so damn hard, his crown was a deep scarlet, plump and shiny, a drop of pre-cum pearled on the small slit. Short, dark hairs covered his fleshy balls.

A wanton moan rose to Shana’s throat. Her mouth was so dry it hurt to swallow.

Cody shifted his weight, drawing her attention to him.

His cock was thicker than Mike’s though a shade shorter, its veins as prominent. The hair on his groin was a light brown, wiry and full. His balls were tight to his body, a ruddy color, the same as his shaft, as though his skin was cold. Shana knew better, sensing it was deliciously hot, just what a woman needed to chase away a chill or loneliness.

Perspiration dampened the back of her neck. She could scarcely breathe as they approached, both of them wearing wolfish grins, proving what they wanted.

Precisely what she did.


Teaser Ad Four

Tina Donahue Banner - newest 5 19 2014

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THE SEDGWICK CURSE mystery romantic/suspense G-Excerpt #2

THE SEDGWICK CURSE  Harlequin Intrigue mystery romantic suspense by Shawna Delacorte reissued by Harlequin in ebook


G-EXCERPT #2:  (chasing shadows)

Taylor glanced at her watch. Five minutes after midnight. This was her opportunity to explore the house without anyone knowing what she was doing. A moment of hesitation told her how unsettled she was with her decision. She had deceived Donovan to the point of perpetuating her lies after he had confronted her about her true identity. And now she was taking advantage of his generosity in allowing her to stay in the house by snooping behind his back. It was not a very honorable thing to do, and under normal circumstances she would never consider such an objectionable action.

But these were not normal circumstances. And something was terribly amiss. If only she could shake the uneasiness churning inside her, that constant edge that set the tiny hairs on her arms on end and left her nerves rattled. She attempted to shove away her concerns, but the best she could do was relegate them to a corner of her mind without really dismissing them.

Taylor quietly ascended the stairs to the third floor. She paused at the top of the staircase and shone her flashlight down the length of the long hallway, peering into the darkness as far as the beam of light penetrated. A cold movement of air brushed across the back of her neck. A ripple of fear made its way through her body, depositing a hard lump in her throat. She whirled around, fearful of what she would see. The only thing that greeted her was silence and an empty hallway. Another shiver jittered across her skin, electrifying her nerve endings.

Maybe she couldn’t see anything, but she most certainly felt it—a sinister presence hiding somewhere in the shadows. Someone was watching her, someone who radiated menacing vibrations.

The ripple of fear she experienced at that moment came from a real person—someone made of flesh and blood. At least that’s what she had to believe, otherwise the implications would be too frightening.

A sound, very soft but ever so real, reached out and grabbed her. She froze on the spot. Her heart pounded in her chest and the blood raced through her veins. Her first impulse told her to run back to her room and barricade her door. But her feet refused to move. A shortness of breath caught in her lungs. She forced her words, but they came out as a frightened whisper.

“Who’s there? Come out where I can see you.”

She strained to hear the noise again, to identify the sound. It seemed to be coming from down the hall, beyond the reach of her flashlight. As much as she wanted to get out of there she knew if she ran she would only be taking her fears with her, whether they were real or imagined. She tentatively took one step forward, then another as she waved the flashlight from one side of the hall to the other.

She froze in her tracks. There it was again—that sound. The blood rushed in her ears, almost drowning out the mysterious noise. She forced a tenuous calm to her rattled nerves as she tried to concentrate. The sound seemed to be a cross between shuffling feet and what she could best describe as wind whistling through an air vent. Donovan had told her the third floor had never been modernized. So what kind of air vents could there be if the heating system didn’t extend to the third floor? She again forced her gaze to the limits of the beam from her flashlight. Then a slight movement caught her eye, a shadowy figure disappearing around a corner.

In a moment of hesitation she wondered if it was wise for her to pursue the shadowy figure. Was she behaving like the feisty heroine from one of those old Gothic novels who stomped her little foot in determination, then ignored the warnings and foolishly descended alone into the dark cellar where several other young women had disappeared?


THE SEDGWICK CURSE, a Harlequin Intrigue by Shawna Delacorte has been reissued in ebook available at (do search for author name Shawna Delacorte). Also available at Barnes and Noble in NookBooks ( and Amazon for Kindle at Information is available on my website



To learn the truth behind her great-grandmother’s past—and the curse that still surrounded both her family and the old woman’s tiny country village—Taylor MacKenzie made her way to England. But from the moment she arrived at her ancestors’ manor house, an eerie chill echoed the evil of the past and a shadowy figure seemed to follow her every move.

Donovan Sedgwick, the new lord of the manor, had eyes that pierced Taylor’s soul and held her in an otherworldly thrall. But he seemed ravaged by demons of his own—demons that only her kisses were able to calm.


Text Copyright © 2005 by SKDennison, Inc. Cover Art Copyright © 2005 by Harlequin Enterprises Limited. Permission to reproduce text granted by Harlequin Books S.A. Cover art used by arrangement with Harlequin Enterprises Limited. All rights reserved. ® and ™ are trademarks owned by Harlequin Enterprises Limited or its affiliated companies, used under license.


THE MILLIONAIRE’S CHRISTMAS WISH G-Excerpt #2 contemporary romance

THE MILLIONAIRE’S CHRISTMAS WISH  Silhouette Desire by Shawna Delacorte reissued by Harlequin in ebook


G-EXCERPT #2:  (how to win her over)

During the course of their three encounters she had run away from him, ignored him, been rude to him, rejected his invitations and cast aspersions on his character. And still he could not tear himself away from her. He certainly was not a masochist nor was he so desperate for feminine companionship that he needed to put up with this type of treatment to spend a little bit of time with an attractive woman.

There was no logical reason for him to be standing there, but somehow this woman had reached out and grabbed hold of his senses as no one else ever had. She was her own woman, not what she thought someone else wanted her to be. She had her identity intact, unlike most of the women he knew who would rather attach themselves to his. It was a very appealing aspect of who she was. She was also intelligent, beautiful, independent—very independent. He could still feel her body enfolded in his embrace and taste her mouth pressed against his. She was everything a man could want.

“Well…” She nervously shifted her weight from one foot to the other. “If you’ll excuse me—”

He offered an inviting smile. “Let’s go get some coffee.”

“That’s not possible, Mr. Fowler. These are cut flowers, not plants. I need to get them back to the shop immediately and put them in the cooler.”

“Okay. We can get some coffee after you take care of the flowers. And please, call me Chance. Mr. Fowler is reserved for dear ol’ Dad, the one and only Douglas Winston Fowler.”

She stiffened to attention, literally as well as figuratively. “I don’t believe I’d feel comfortable calling you by some cute little nickname given to you by the press… ‘Take-A-Chance Fowler,’ always ready to take a chance on some new adventure…”

Her words trailed off when she saw that look dart through his eyes, the same one she had seen when she had called him a playboy. Only this time it did not disappear as quickly as it had before.

He looked away from her for a moment, as if collecting his thoughts, then recaptured eye contact with her. “Chance is my legal first name, given to me at birth. It was my mother’s maiden name.”

A stab of guilt caught her up short when she saw his reaction to her words mirrored in his eyes. It was almost as if she had reached out and physically struck him. She spoke with genuine regret as she tried to apologize. “I—I’m sorry. I didn’t know.”

He glanced away again before saying, his voice soft, “It doesn’t matter.”

She heard what he said, but she did not believe him. She could tell that it did matter, that it mattered very much. Without meaning to, she had hurt him and she felt bad about it. “I just assumed—”

“You seem to assume a lot.”

Chance had said the words without malice or anger, but he had not been able to hide the underlying vulnerability that seeped into his tone of voice. Marcie felt the pangs of guilt stab deep inside her. She knew she had been less than gracious. That was a laugh—she had been downright rude. Something about this quick glimpse of the man beneath the façade touched an emotional place for her. It was a different place than the excitement caused by his kiss. This was a place of caring, tenderness, and concern. She took a deep breath, held it for a moment, then slowly expelled it.

“You’re right.” The sharp edge to her voice was gone, along with her guarded attitude. “I sometimes do tend to make assumptions. It’s a bad habit of mine.” An additional softness caressed her next words. “I apologize for the crack about your name. It was totally uncalled for.”

“I’ll tell you what, Marcie Roper.” He reached out and ran his fingertips across her cheek, then cupped her chin in his hand. He plumbed the depths of her eyes. He saw uncertainty, wariness, and something else…a warmth and a passion that he very much wanted to tap into. He quickly allowed his hand to drop away as the temptation to kiss her grew stronger. “You can make it up to me by joining me for a drink when you get off work tonight.”

She glanced down at the ground, indecision churning inside her. “I—I don’t know.”

“Now that’s what I call an improvement—you didn’t reject my invitation outright. You’ve left it open for discussion.” He placed his fingertips underneath her chin again and gently raised her face until he could look into her eyes. “Why don’t we try for the next level, where you agree to have dinner with me this evening?”

“You’re certainly a fast worker.” A shy smile turned up the corners of her mouth. “A minute ago it was coffee, then it became a drink after work, and now it’s dinner tonight.”

“You should have accepted my invitation at the coffee level. Now it’s too late. Besides, you owe me.” He saw her objection start to form, and quickly cut it off before she could give it a voice. “You owe me the opportunity to prove that your preconceived notions about me are wrong.”

He flashed a teasing grin. “Surely you wouldn’t deny me my Constitutional right of being innocent until proven guilty…” His smile faded as he searched out her vulnerability and caressed the essence of her soul. “Would you?”


THE MILLIONAIRE’S CHRISTMAS WISH, a Harlequin Desire by Shawna Delacorte, is an ebook reissue available at (do search for author name Shawna Delacorte).  Also available at Barnes and Noble in NookBooks and Amazon for Kindle   Information is available on my website


When millionaire Chance Fowler first kissed the pretty stranger in his arms, he’d only meant to dodge the photographers who’d tailed him. Then she ran off—but he couldn’t forget her tempting taste on his lips. So he sought out the tantalizing woman who’d ignited his long-dormant desire….

Lovely Marcie Roper was the first woman to close her eyes to Chance’s fortune. And though she’d captivated the jaded tycoon, Marcie yearned for what his wealth couldn’t buy—a man who would say “I do” and mean it forever. Could Marcie convince Chance that love—for the right woman—would last a lifetime?


Text Copyright © 1998 by SKDennison, Inc. Cover Art Copyright © 1998 by Harlequin Enterprises Limited. Permission to reproduce text granted by Harlequin Books S.A. Cover art used by arrangement with Harlequin Enterprises Limited. All rights reserved. ® and ™ are trademarks owned by Harlequin Enterprises Limited or its affiliated companies, used under license.

EROTIC ENCOUNTERS Anthology Vol. 1 — 3 erotic romance novellas

Secret Identity.  Hidden Lust.  Overwhelming Temptation.

EROTIC ENCOUNTERS Anthology Vol. 1 by Samantha Gentry is available in both print and ebook  from The Wilder Roses (the Scarlet Rose line of erotic romance at The Wild Rose Press).  Also available at other online vendors.
The anthology includes 3 of my Encounter books–Unexpected Encounter, Masked Encounter, and Steamy Encounter.
Reviews and excerpts on my website


ACCIDENTAL ENCOUNTER erotic romance R-Excerpt #5

ACCIDENTAL ENCOUNTER erotic romance by Samantha Gentry.  He’s Mr. Right for the weekend–a hot stranger with sparkling blue eyes and a body made for pleasure.


R-EXCERPT #5 (on the beach):

They walked down the path leading to the beach. After taking off their shoes, Jake rolled up his pant legs then they strolled along the edge of the water. The ocean breeze ruffled through her hair, the sensation being one of carefree abandon, of setting aside all responsibility if only for the moment. Every passing minute brought them closer and closer together, a time of emotional bonding that truly frightened her. It wasn’t what she wanted and certainly not what she needed in her life, not now and not ever…not another failed connection.

They sat on a large rock close to the edge of the bluff, away from the water’s edge. Casey watched the ocean waves crashing against the rocks farther down the beach. “It’s a beautiful view, almost as pretty as the one from your balcony.”

He placed his fingers beneath her chin and gently turned her head toward him. He cupped her face in his hands. “Yes, it’s a beautiful view, but not as breathtaking as the one I’m looking at right now.” Then his mouth was on hers.

All the passionate embers of the previous night burst into flame. She returned his kiss with heated enthusiasm. At that moment, nothing else mattered other than the excitement building inside her. One kiss had her creaming her panties. Heated need coursed through her veins.

His kiss deepened, his tongue darting between her lips into the recesses of her mouth. A soft moan escaped her throat.

He pulled his head away from her just far enough for his whispered words to tickle across her ear. “I want you now…right here. There’s no one around.”

“Oh, God…yes.” Her words came out in a husky rasp. She had never been so brazen. Having sex outdoors in a public place in daylight with the sexiest man she had ever encountered. Running the risk of getting caught. She brushed her fingers against the bulge pressing at the crotch of his jeans, then lowered his zipper.

He slipped his hand under her skirt and worked his fingers inside her bikini panties.

“Over here, kids…more sea shells.”

Casey froze as the woman’s voice reached her ear.

“Fuck!” Jake’s one uttered word of frustration said it for both of them.


ACCIDENTAL ENCOUNTER  erotic romance by Samantha Gentry available at The Wilder Roses (the Scarlet Rose line of erotic romance from The Wild Rose Press)

and numerous other online vendors.

More excerpts available on my website:


After the last Mr. Right turns out to be another Mr. Wrong, Casey Treadwell swears off relationships. Even her best friend’s efforts to set her up on a blind date are shot down. Nope, from now on, it’s hot sex with no strings. But then her friend suggests a trip out of town for a weekend of sexual fantasies come true, and Casey’s primed for adventure. And Fate is with her when she meets Mr. Right for the Weekend—a hot stranger with sparkling blue eyes and a body made for pleasure.

Jake Palmer spotted the woman of his dreams two months ago, yet Casey refuses to go on a blind date. Not easily deterred, he stages an accidental encounter between the stubborn beauty and a “stranger” at a seaside getaway. But Jake’s guilt over misleading her, combined with his fear of losing her when she discovers the truth, has him on edge. He has to tell Casey the truth. And he will. But first he has to get her to fall in love with him.