The Bear Goddess excerpt 5, Greek myths, fantasy, romance, shapeshifters (R)

Kasin is a centaur who can take human shape so he is kind of an outcast among his people. Centaurs are known for their savagery, but he is different. But despite this difference, he is still loyal to his people. What I like best about him is his loyalty, to his people and to Callisto. […]

Hawaiian Style

Blurb: Senior Detective Atoni Grind and Senior Constable Grinch Kapule are two handsome police officers who are called in to solve murder cases on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. Grind is the lead detective of Task Force Akamai, Grinch is the senior Police Constable. When a young girl is murdered and left on the edge […]

The Bear Goddess excerpt 4, Greek myths, fantasy, romance, shapeshifters (PG-13)

What I like best about Callisto is she isn’t perfect even though she is a nymph. Just like the rest of us, she succumbs to the pull of love, even if it means disgrace and death for her. I think readers can identify with this. Excerpt: PG-13 She watched him through half-closed eyes. He strode […]

“Drop The Clothes and Move The Hand”

CAPTIVE – Released 16 Jan 2015 Four 5* Reviews and 4 Five Star Ratings on Goodreads: Jennifer is the captive of Vince, an unscrupulous man who owns a strip club. She is unable to escape her enforced prison until the fateful day her parents are killed. Freedom brings it’s own set of complications and […]

A Killer Calls

“Deborah is a school leaver with a ‘control freak’ father and a mouse of a mother. In her third year at college, she meets, and becomes engaged to, Blue, a virile red-haired policeman. She ditches her teaching degree in favour of the police force and, on graduating, she is assigned to a suburban station under […]

Wild Marauders MC – excerpt rated R

His life is danger and chaos. Her life is safe and ordinary. Kat is forced to pay the price when she steals the motorcycle belonging to the president of the local motorcycle club! Excerpt –  I glanced away before losing my nerve, maneuvered the bike around the others, and without looking back gunned the engine […]

Capturing Charlie

Excerpt: Texas 1886 Charlie propped the envelope between two mugs in the centre of the kitchen table where it was sure to be seen. He took one last look around. Sighing, he bid a silent good-bye to the loving family who had raised him as their own. It had been 15 years since that fateful […]