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Thunder Wolves: Thorne by B.J. McCall

A new werewolf series, Thunder Wolves. Thorne, the first book in the series will be released this week by Changeling Press.




Madison Campbell is a city girl with a unique skill and a troubled past. An empath, public places torment her, and friendships and relationship are difficult. Madison’s boss understands her gift and uses her skill to his advantage. Swaying Thorne Thunder to choose her firm for a lucrative contract is an intriguing assignment. Thorne is sexy hot and Madison connects with the werewolf in an unexpected way.

Any proposed construction on pack land must have Thorne’s backing before being presented to the pack elders. Thorne doesn’t care for Madison’s boss, but the instant attraction he feels for the beautiful personal assistant is profound. One night and he’s hooked.

She’s a loner. He belongs to a wolf pack.

He wants forever. She’s just surviving day by day.

One night. One sexy werewolf. Madison’s life is about to shift.

Thunder Wolves: Thorne

Hellacious – Firstborn

How to win a hellacious heart? With humor, imagination—and sex of course!

Hellacious is a series of 3 short, irreverent, erotic, and funny novellas about triplets, all sons of Satan, whom are restless and looking for love.

Hellacious 3-Firstborn – Coming to Changeling Press Friday!

Hell is no place for a human…unless they’re dead!


Wicked hadn’t intended to kiss her so soon, he wanted Lori to get used to him. Eyes that rivaled his in their blueness stared at him. She ran a hand nervously through her neck-length blonde hair and her full lips quivered. The smell of her fear made him anxious, unsure. How could he make her understand he’d never, ever hurt her. “I’m going to kiss you.”

When she didn’t step back, he leaned down and pressed his lips softly to hers. His hands were now clenched at his sides as he vowed not to touch any other part of her body. Wick knew her wide hips would be soft, her plump breasts would more than fill his palms, and her nipples, taut beneath her shirt, would be so damn sweet. Easing his tongue past her lips, he tasted her for the first time. His senses reeled at the exotic flavor of who she was. Her thoughts, her needs, tumbled headlong into his mind and blinded him with the light of goodness from her soul.

Snatching back, he gazed at her long and hard. “Hell’s sake, I didn’t expect you to be so fucking devout.” Especially knowing what she desired of him. No matter, he would take her tonight, make her his. He ran the tip of a finger around a bud. “Are they hard for me, Lori?”

“Wicked… I… please, don’t…”

“I will do nothing you have not dreamed of.”

“I didn’t realize you invaded my dreams.”

“I watched them.” He smiled. “I wanted your sleep to be peaceful.”

“You can do that?”

“I can do anything I want. I’ve been through your mind a hundred times since that first night.” Shoving hands back in his pockets so he wasn’t tempted to touch her again, he tilted his head. “You’ve been in mine also.” He still couldn’t fathom how that had happened. Probably his mother’s doing. “Have you seen anything terrible enough to condemn me for?” He felt her feeble attempt at reading him, but he’d closed that pathway for now aware another would only spring up. Damn Josette.

“No, but, unlike you, I haven’t seen everything. I know it’s there, I feel it.” She averted her eyes. “You are the devil.”

“I am his son.”

“Like father, like son.”

He moved to stare out the window of his loft. Lights shone brightly from the many high-rises surrounding his building. Looking up, he saw a myriad of stars, and one shot toward Earth in a solitary path. He remembered when he was a boy Josette told him shooting stars were angels falling to Earth. Wicked never believed it. They were pieces of dying planets or stars, nothing more. “Tell me what you feel right now?”

“I can’t.”

He turned to face her and rested his hips on the sill. “Yes, you can.”

“I want… damn it, Wicked, I want you.”

He grunted. “I know what you want, tell me something else, something I don’t know.”

“You know everything there is to know.”

“I don’t know why it took you so long to come to me.” He should have had her in his bed long ago.

“What do you mean?”

“You’ve known since the first night we would be together.”

She stuttered, “I-I guess I did.”

“I scare you that much?”


He walked to her. “Yet you envision me between your thighs.” He ran a finger over her lips and sighed. “I don’t want you afraid, and I won’t take you that way.” His body shimmered in and out of view. “You will stay here.”

“Don’t leave me!”

“You can’t stand to be with me, but you don’t want to be without me.”

“Wicked, I need time.”

“You’ve had enough, but I’ll give you a little more.” He vanished, heading below to visit with his father. Relax, honey, you got what you wanted. For now.


Hellacious 1-Sly – Available at ebook outlets found here

Born in Hell, will he destroy the pure heart he desires?


Waverly Malkuth hadn’t counted on wanting Sly, or enjoying his touch, the sound of his laughter, and how good it felt when he moved inside her. Nor did she count on feeling safe with him. How could she?

“It’s you who kills me.” Waverly wished he had proved her wrong because she wanted him more than she’d wanted any other man she’d taken to her bed. She thought he could make her forget, but not him, not Sly. The pictures of her dying were not always quite clear, but when she first laid eyes on him, Wave knew the truth. “The pictures on the wall… it’s your eyes I see glaring red right before you murder me.”

A dream, or a premonition, it didn’t matter. Sly Sathariel would kill her. Every night she spent alone in her bed, she died over and over again at his hands.

He dumped her body unceremoniously onto the bed and jumped up. “You’re out of your mind.”

The vacant smile she’d confronted the world with over the last few weeks was back. Wave felt it in the terrible twist of her lips. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you? Me being crazy?”

“I’m not sure what kind of pictures you see or what the hell goes on in your apartment, but I guarantee, neither me, nor anyone else, is going to kill you.”

“God knows, I wish I could believe you.”

The room shook violently.

“Waverly, you… damn, do you need to be so blasphemous?”

Her head cocked to the side. “Someone… something doesn’t like it?” Now they could get to the point. Waverly had started to notice a month ago at the club, whenever the brothers were there, any uttered religious phrase brought about mini quakes and electrical disturbances. Her whole life she’d seen things others didn’t, had hunches or forewarnings of local disasters that came true. Until she first spied the three men, she’d never had the premonition of her own death — with moving pictures and all the blood and gore.

“No, someone doesn’t like it.”


“Personally, sweetheart, I don’t give a shit who you need to call on as long as you say Sly when I’m fucking you.”


Hellacious 2-Slick – Available at ebook outlets found here

Getting the handsome blue-eyed devil out of her mind won’t be easy. Maybe one more time, one night…..


“You think you have a chance with her?”

“Yeah, I do.”

“And if he comes back?”

“She says she’s over him.” Damn, when he’d asked if she was sure, Marcia had changed the subject.

“And don’t be like Sly, making a promise to stay out of her mind.”

“I won’t need to read her mind. I can win her without that bullshit.”

“Right, right.” Wick’s laughter dripped with sarcasm.

“I’m not going to delve into her psyche and root around like you would.”

“What the fuck is it with you two?” He shook his head. “Women are most adept at telling lies.”

“Whoa, man, don’t bundle all women in a group like that. Wave would never lie.” Sly glared at their eldest brother.

Wick pulled another frosty beer out of thin air, and sat back down in the same, magically dry, spot. “Your woman is different, she has,” he glanced skyward, “ties above, she can’t lie.”

“She wouldn’t lie if she didn’t have a heavenly connection.”

Slick needed to stop this before it got out of hand. After the last altercation between his two older brothers, he’d spent more time than he cared fixing his place. “Could you two take this somewhere else?”

Wicked spun on him. “Fuck off.”

“Fuck off? This is my place. Skedaddle your ass to the fourteenth floor where you can do as you please.”

“Skedaddle. What the hell kind of word is that?” Sly laughed.

Wick wasn’t done. “You really think Waverly wouldn’t lie to you if she could get away with it?”

“Hell’s sake, Wick, let it go.” Slick was thrown against the wall, and held pinned there. “What the…”

“Answer me, Sly.”

“Bro, I don’t know what your problem is, but it’s not with Slick, let him go.”

“You gonna make me?”

Heat in the apartment blossomed a hundred degrees, and they groaned in unison knowing what was coming. Slick fell to the floor as it split open. The flames licked through the space followed by Lucifer’s forked tail. Flapping around, it destroyed every piece of furniture in the room before it wrapped around the triplets and yanked them through the flaming abyss, and below.

Slick brushed at the embers on his pants. “I didn’t start this shit. Wick was in my apartment playing games.”

“What is happening to each of you?” Satan spat.

“Each of you?” Wick flopped into a chair and eyed Sly. “I’m not the one pussy-whipped.” Turning toward Slick, he added, “Or the one trying to wrangle a piece of ass.”

“Wicked, what did crawl up your ass and die?”

Slick thought, for a change, he might come out of this unscathed.

“What the fuck do you mean?”

Holy shit! Slick watched as his brother’s lips snapped shut forming a solid line, and his cheeks puffed out. His older brother’s eyes turned red with fury, and horns sprouted only to melt into his hair.

“Don’t you dare come into my house and act like you own it. I’m not your brother, and I will whip your ass from here to kingdom come and back.” He and Sly watched silently as Satan’s horns pulled back in his head, followed by the talons disappearing, and the tail flipping out of sight. “He twisted and dropped onto his throne. “Christ, I’m tired.”

A bolt of lightning blasted through the wall and wedged there. All eyes watched it wage war with the stone holding it. The shaft shook left, right, and then slid forward another foot.

Josette appeared from a white mist and stood, her back to the jagged bolt. “Lucifer, say you’re sorry.”

“The hell I will.”


“For crying out loud, I’m sorry, okay.”

The bolt slid back through the wall and shook the earth as it left Hell and traveled heavenward.

J. Hali Steele

Growl and roar-it’s okay to let the beast out.

Caught Me ~ An #Erotic #ShortStory by @MeganSlayer from #ChangelingPress


By Jean-Christophe Destailleur (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

I saw this picture and it reminded me of Caught Me, one of my Challenges stories. She’s in the throes of happiness, probably really turned on and on display. That’s a lot of what Maura gets to experience in Caught Me. She gets to be on display and to play with her husband and a friend. How cool? Want to know more? Then read on!

Caught Me (Challenges 7) by Megan Slayer  Featured Image -- 362

Razor’s Edge Press

BIN: 06969-02244

Word Count: 5K

Page Count: 18

Price: $2.99

Release Date: 6/7/14

Editor: Katriena Knights

Cover Artist: Marteeka Karland

Copy Editor: Pat Sager

Genres: Erotic Short Story, Guilty Pleasures (Contemporary),BDSM

 Finding time to spend with the one he loves is difficult — until Trick sends up a challenge.

Trick’s tired of not seeing his girl and he’s going to do something about it. He’s offered her a challenge. Meet him at the club. Simple, easy and sure to be decadent. He’s going to make her wildest dreams come true.

Available At:

And now an excerpt:

Copyright ©2014 Megan Slayer


I’d issued a challenge. I couldn’t wait any longer. I needed to see her. We’d been apart a long time and I was tired of keeping my distance. Time to get my girl.

Actors are strange creatures. We’re focused and talented, but we’re also busy. I should know. In the last year, I’d starred in two productions and co-starred in another that was sure to get me plenty of attention come awards season. But that was me.

Right now I’d like to tell you about Maura. My Maura.

She’s an actress. A damn good one. She’s dangerously intelligent, funny, and sexy as hell. When she walks into a room, every head turns. Men want to be with her and women want to be her. She works hard at her craft to be the best actress she can be.

I didn’t get to see her very often. Her social calendar was full of galas, award shows, productions and television work. The gossip rags couldn’t decide if she was fucking her leading man or leaving her husband… or both. When you’re a beautiful person in the center of Hollywood and all over the tabloids, people speculate about what you’re doing and who you’re doing it with.

Speaking of doing it, you’d think our paths would cross. We’re both in the same business. We should have been seeing each other all over the place. You’d be wrong. In the last year, I’d spent the total of a whole week with Maura. In Hollywood terms, that was a long time. In the real world — well, we’d never make it. The time apart had definitely taken a toll on our marriage. Why wouldn’t it? But we’re not a normal couple. Nope. The distance between us actually brought us closer together. We’re stronger.

But missing someone wasn’t the same as holding her in my arms. I was aching for her. I was done not being with her. I was going to catch her so we could play our games. I was ready for the hunt.

Spaceport Volume 1 – Scavenger by B.J. McCall Excerpt 3

This post is the first kiss between Anexa and Davis. I love the excitement of writing the first kiss between my hero and heroine. I want to share this moment with you and hope you feel the heat.


Spaceport Volume 1: Scavenger Excerpt 3

Conversation came easy with Davis. As a security equipment salesman, he’d traveled through most of the Allied held space and had visited some of the interesting spaceports and planets her father had told her about. Places a spaceport kid only saw in vids.

Davis was more than a sexy-as-hell, hard body hunk; he was interesting and had a great sense of humor. Having been raised on-planet, or dirtside as the spaceport population referred to those lucky enough to take natural gravity for granted, Davis had attended an AP-sanctioned school and had served in the military. He’d seen plants and trees growing in the ground, picked flowers and had swum in the ocean. Things Anexa had only imagined doing.

“Where did you receive your pilot training?” he asked, refilling her glass.

“My father taught me how to fly. At six I was learning basic engine maintenance.”

“I grew up on the Karang Guni. It’s home. I’ve never lived in port.”

“So scavenging is a family business?”

“My father ran cargo between Adana and the Pakit system. Before he died I joined the Guild and became a scavenger.” No point in telling him her father had been a smuggler, fatally wounded during a weapons buy gone wrong. On his deathbed, he’d made her promise to go legit. Except for the drone and foraging without a permit, she’d managed to keep her word. “I’ve got to go. Thanks, I enjoyed the rum and the conversation.”

“I’ll walk you to your ship.” “It’s a long walk.”

Davis picked up her hand, rubbed his thumb over her palm. “The longer, the better.”

He held her hand as they walked, the simple gesture forging a temporary, but tangible connection.

During the elevator ride to the docking level, Davis drew her close. Anexa liked his size and the way her body fit to his. Slow down. No man is perfect. But this is as close as it gets.

Their strides lengthened as they approached the Guni’s berth. The aging freighter sat on launch skids with an access chute attached to its portside hatch. When they reached the berth Davis stared at the freighter. “Something wrong?”

He slid his arm around her waist. “How does she fly?”

“Better than she looks.”

“Can she sustain hyper-speed?”

“She’s fast enough.”

He drew her close. Desire burned in his eyes. Letting anyone other than her crew, especially a stranger, aboard while the mangled drone rested in her cargo bay wasn’t the best idea, but Anexa was tempted.

Davis slanted his head, giving her plenty of notice of his intention before he kissed her. Anexa lifted her mouth to his. Temptation slid into attraction as his mouth moved over hers. She could always lock down the Guni’s cargo bay. Hot, sultry, slow and lush, Davis knew how to meld mouths. If he made love as well as he kissed…

Anexa gripped his body shirt, clutching at the tight fabric, digging her fingertips into the thick, hard muscle beneath. Ohhhhhh! He felt so good. Tasted good, too. By the time he ended the kiss, Anexa’s heart thundered and her breath came in short gasps. Attraction slipped into hot surrender.


She liked the way he said her name and she loved the way he smelled, clean and masculine. “Hmmmm.”

“Is that a yes or a no?”

Heat coiled and a delicious throb began between her legs. Anexa touched her palm to the security screen. With a hiss, the airlock panels whirled open like the petals of a flower. Anexa stepped through the airlock. He followed her across the access chute and into the narrow hatch.

“Welcome aboard the Karang Guni.” He glanced around. Anexa followed his gaze, suddenly aware of how the old ship must look. A decent coat of paint would cover the decades of discoloration and one of these days she’d have enough credits to give the ship some spit and polish, but the engine and nav systems were more important. “The Guni isn’t pretty, but she’s all mine.”

His gaze settled on her, hot and intense. He hooked a finger beneath her chin and brushed his lips to hers. “She has a beautiful captain.”

Shivers slid down Anexa’s spine.

He pulled the collar of her jacket aside and nuzzled her neck, pressing soft kisses to her quivering skin. “Beautiful and soft.”

Given more time, the man could talk her clothes off, but right now Anexa just hungered for his hard male body. Silken tongues had other uses, too.

The stories of Spaceport Volume 1

Security by Shelby Morgen: Commander Kala Decoltéir always gets her man, and she wants the space pirate they call Dancer — no matter who — or what — he is. This time, Dancer has no escape.

Trash & Treasure by Mikala Ash: Award-winning reporter for the Adana Observer Holly Barberossa finds herself once again in her natural environment, hot water.

Bite by Marteeka Karland: The last thing Dryson expects when he takes his latest shipment of smuggled goods to Spaceport Adana is to end up with a Rajian sex slave, Sasha. Sasha is a force to be reckoned with, and her bite is definitely worse than her bark.

Scavenger by B.J. McCall: Scavenging space junk isn’t glamorous or lucrative, but finding a disabled Allied Planets Security drone is an unexpected treasure Captain Anexa Loy can’t pass up.

Available now at Changeling Press


Spaceport Volume 1 – Scavenger by B.J. McCall Excerpt 2

Meet Lt. Davis Darkano, the hero of Scavenger.

Davis of the Allied Planet Security is a Patrol pilot. His job is to catch smugglers and pirates operating in AP controlled space. While on patrol looking for a missing drone, Davis encouters a Raven class freighter, a scavenger junk collector working illegally in a restricted zone. The Raven takes off and Davis persues. During the chase Davis can’t help but admire the skill of the freighter’s pilot. The freighter escapes into the free zone, but Davis swears one day he’ll catch the scavenger.

Spaceport Volume 1 – Scavenger Excerpt 2

Davis sipped his rum, savoring the smooth taste as it slid over his tongue. The bartender had said it was from Old Earth and worth the hefty price. Davis agreed. He wondered if the red-haired woman liked rum. Her amazing hair and lithe body had caught his eye. Instead of visiting the Red Light District and indulging his needs as planned, Davis had chased after her, but had lost her in the crowded mall.

When she’d walked into Haze and passed within two feet of him, she’d taken his breath away along with his ability to speak. Her eyes were green, snapping fire, and her lips were lush. The sway of her hips was so mesmerizing Davis had to follow. He wanted to know her name and ached to learn every curve and hollow of her body.

Now that her companions had left, Davis waited for the beauty to look his way. When her gaze finally met his, he smiled. “Can I offer you a drink?”

To his surprise, she rose from her chair and walked up to his table. Taking the glass out of his hand, she sipped the rum, closing her eyes as she swallowed.

Her neck was long and slender, her skin pale and flawless, her long hair like silken flames. Despite the drab green trousers and old brown jacket she wore, Davis thought she was sexier than the barely dressed women hawking their bodies in the Red Light District.

When she looked at him and smiled, his heart tumbled and a fierce ache stabbed his balls. She licked the rum glistening on her lips and handed Davis the glass. The ache turned into a deep throb.

“Delicious.” She slid into the booth next to him. “Thanks. I’m Anexa Loy.”

“Davis Darkano. I’ll get you a glass.”

“No need. I can’t stay long.”

Davis took a drink and handed her the glass. “Then we’ll share.”
She smiled and desire swamped him. Davis understood horny. He lived in that state of unreleased sexual tension between his visits to Spaceport, but the heat Anexa evoked rolled through him hot and heavy. He tugged on the collar of his body shirt.

Anexa sipped slowly, savoring the rum. “I haven’t tasted quality like that in a long time.”

“I have a whole bottle.”

She glanced at her wrist unit. “I have to be somewhere.”

“Is there a someone?”

Her gaze met his. “No.”

Beautiful and unattached. The gods were smiling on him today. “I hate drinking alone.”

“I’m leaving port in a few hours.”

Had he found his dream girl only to lose her? “I’ll settle for one of those hours.”

He had to find out as much about her as possible, at least her name and link number. Maybe she’d be willing to get together during his next leave. “Your friends called you captain.”

“My crew,” she corrected.

“What are you flying?”

The sexy captain took another sip and handed him the glass. Davis ached to lick the rich rum off her lips.

“A Raven.”

“You run cargo?” he asked, lifting the glass to his lips. He downed the contents.

“I’m a scavenger.”

Davis nearly choked on the rum.

SPACEPORT VOLUME 1 – Four great stories in one box set.

Available now at Changeling Press


Spaceport Volume 1 – B.J. McCall

If you love sexy sci-fi, the stories of Spaceport will satisfy. I love the Spaceport series and have written two books, Scavenger and Beguiled. Volume one has four great stories, including my book about a space junk collector. The inspiration for Scavenger came from a news report about all the space junk orbiting around Earth. My female pilot, Anexa Loy, captains her own ship. Making a living on Spaceport Adana is hard. Gathering scrap metal isn’t a lucrative or glamorous profession, but it pays the bills for Anexa and her crew of two. Almost.


Finding a disabled Allied Planets Security drone is an unexpected treasure Captain Anexa Loy can’t pass up. Although pinching the drone is illegal and outrunning an APS Patrol fighter is dangerous, Anexa needs the money.

The booty on board, Anexa returns to Spaceport Adana where she meets Davis, a sexy hunk too charming to ignore. Giving into temptation can be risky business.

Lt. Davis Darkano of APS Patrol falls hard for the Spaceport beauty, but when he discovers the woman of his dreams has the stolen drone Davis must decide between love and duty.


On the way to her crew’s table, Anexa skirted the bar. The tall man she’d seen earlier was standing at the bar. He was dressed in a black, long-sleeved body shirt, cargo style pants and boots. Up close, he looked even better, like a whole lot of pleasure.

As she walked past the hunk, Anexa checked out his ass. Nice. The hunk turned and caught her looking. His eyes were gray, his expression appreciative. She winked at him and their gazes locked for a moment, a searing moment in which a multitude of sensual thoughts bounced around in her head.

Her blood heated at the images her thoughts evoked. Anexa dropped into the empty chair next to Ulina.

Souzai’s gaze narrowed. “Your cheeks are red. What’s up, Captain?”

“I have your chits,” Anexa said, ignoring his question.

“Look at that. Yum.”

Anexa and Souzai turned to see what had caught Ulina’s eye.

Bottle of rum and glass in hand, the hunk was heading toward Anexa’s table. Back straight and shoulders squared, he walked with confidence. Only a zonked out fool would dare to challenge this guy for the coin in his pocket.

Anexa’s pulse leapt as the hunk slid into a seat at an empty table, directly in her line of vision. He poured a generous portion of liquor in the glass, took a sip and closed his sexy eyes. Anexa took a long appreciative look. His face was lean, his nose straight and his chin strong. Beneath his body shirt, his muscles were well defined.

As if feeling her lingering gaze the man opened his eyes and looked at her. Piercing gray eyes met hers and his mouth curved into an easy grin. The Haze was huge and full of empty tables, yet he had chosen one just a few feet away from hers. Warmth flooded Anexa’s middle and a sexual fantasy featuring him flashed in her brain.

“How much did we get?” Souzai asked, yanking her out of her reverie.

Anexa dragged her gaze from the sexy stranger and retrieved the payment chits out of the inside pocket of her jacket. “Twelve hundred.”

Ulina’s mouth thinned. “Maybe we should have stayed out and broken down a larger section.”

Anexa shook her head. “We’ll keep the amounts small. It will take more time, but the last thing we need is an appraiser asking questions. Agreed?”

Ulina and Souzai answered to the affirmative.

Anexa handed out the chits. “If you’re willing to leave by twenty-four hundred, we can bust down another section. We’ll come back and make another sell.”

Souzai’s frown turned into a grin. “Now you’re talking.”

She glanced at her wrist unit. “You have six hours. Have a good time and stay out of trouble,” Anexa warned. As a teenager Souzai had made a living by various means, most of which were illegal. Although he’d reformed, almost, Port Security was disinclined to give him a pass for even minor infractions.

Ulina and Souzai stood.

“Twenty-four hundred,” Anexa warned. “If the Guni’s still docked because you’re late, the overtime fees will come out of your pay.”

“We won’t be late.” Ulina glanced over at the hunk. “He’s interested.”

“That’s good quality rum,” Souzai said. “If he offers you a drink, take it.”

“Maybe you’ll get lucky,” Ulina said. “Good liquor and good looking. I’d like that kind of luck.”

Spaceport Volume 1 stories

Security by Shelby Morgen: Commander Kala Decoltéir always gets her man, and she wants the space pirate they call Dancer — no matter who — or what — he is. This time, Dancer has no escape.

Trash & Treasure by Mikala Ash: Award-winning reporter for the Adana Observer Holly Barberossa finds herself once again in her natural environment, hot water.

Bite by Marteeka Karland: The last thing Dryson expects when he takes his latest shipment of smuggled goods to Spaceport Adana is to end up with a Rajian sex slave, Sasha. Sasha is a force to be reckoned with, and her bite is definitely worse than her bark.

Scavenger by B.J. McCall: Scavenging space junk isn’t glamorous or lucrative, but finding a disabled Allied Planets Security drone is an unexpected treasure Captain Anexa Loy can’t pass up.








Clock Strikes (Neko 1) by Ana Raine

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are enjoying all of the wonderful excerpts from Changeling Authors. Below is an R-rated excerpt from my newest release.


Ana_Neko1xlClock Strikes (Neko 1)


Collin is a Neko, a human cat hybrid, who has never had the chance to leave Aloria Island. The only way a Neko is ever allowed to go to the human world is if they become a pet to a demon. Collin has been in love with Adrian, the Prince of the Demons, for years, but Adrian doesn’t even seem to notice he exists, so when Porter, Prince Adrian’s cousin, asks Collin if he would like to be his pet for the Annual Reaping of Souls Ball, Collin jumps at the chance.

Prince Adrian has secretly lusted after Collin for years, but a demon and a Neko becoming lovers is not only unheard of, such a relationship is banned. With a rebel army threatening to overthrow Prince Adrian and the royal council, Collin has to choose sides. But neither choice guarantees him a place next to Prince Adrian’s side.


Buy Here



His blue-black hair would feel like silk against my skin. He would sit in front of me, his back perfectly straight, because princes don’t slouch. His hands, cool and big, would touch the sides of my face, pulling me closer so I could give him pleasure. And heaven knows I wanted to give him all the pleasure my Neko body could handle.

His hands would travel down his flat, tight abdomen to his pants. He would loosen his clothing and reveal his large, erect cock. I would lean forward and swallow him down my throat, hoping to hear his gasp of erotic pleasure.

My own body would be ready for him when he’d had enough of my mouth. I would look at him through my long dark lashes and the curtain of my blonde hair and give him my sweetest smile. The one I’d been practicing just for him. And I would finally say…


I blinked, the sunlight glaring down into my eyes. I felt the soft grass mixed with flowers underneath my bare arms. I could feel my face flush, and I wanted to hide, but instead I looked up at the person who had called my name.

Rolland, my older brother by four years, was staring down at me. He was frowning, but I could see he wanted to laugh. His hair, blonde like mine, fell just above his chin and he reached up to tug on a strand sticking to his brown, fur-covered cat’s ear. “You were dreaming again.”

“I’m a Neko. I sleep fourteen hours a day,” I said simply, sitting up so I could better hide my erection.

Rolland plopped down next to me and wrapped his arms around his knees. “Who do you dream about?”

Although Rolland was only twenty-nine, he was one of the oldest Nekos still living on Aloria. Unable to take the confinements of our beautiful prison, most Nekos had already settled for a demon master and left for the human world.

“No one,” I murmured. At least… no one I would ever have.

“Hmm. Doesn’t look like no one.” He pointed at the tent in my pants.

I blushed and punched him in the arm. “Hey, shut up.”

He held his hands up in defense and lowered his voice. “No one stays here forever, Collin. Eventually, all of us will choose to go to the Neko kingdom forever, or become a pet to a demon. You should tell that special girl you love her while there is still time.”

“I don’t like girls, Rolland.”

He looked embarrassed. “Oh, yeah, right.”

I was silent. There was no way I could tell him who I wanted. He would think I’d gone crazy and then he would probably feel bad for me. “What do pets do, anyway?”

Rolland looked at me. “Why do you want to know?”

I had to be careful. “Just curious.”

“Whatever their master wants.”

“Is that why you’re still here?”

“Me?” Rolland ruffled my hair, and then pinched my cat ear before standing up. “I’m not going anywhere until you do.”

He was going to be waiting a while. I took his waiting hand and then followed him down the dirt path back home. We lived on an island surrounded by a sort of energy field that prevented humans from detecting us. I’d heard the kinder demons who came to Aloria frequently say that it was in our best interest humans not find us.

Sure, I knew it was a strange concept for humans to imagine half cat, half human hybrids, but I was living proof we existed.

The real reason for our invisible wall of protection, the one whispered amongst the bolder Nekos, was that the demons would never let us go. They had conquered us some four hundred years ago, and clearly we weren’t fighting anymore.

The futility of it all just made me want to chuck myself into the ocean. I wondered how long I could swim before making it to the force field. And then what would happen?

Maybe the energy field was all just a lie.

Our cottages were tailored to each family so after our parents and our sister left, Rolland and I had lived alone. Neither one of us had children or a Neko mate, so our house would probably be given to another, larger family if we chose to go to the Neko kingdom, which was really just another island without any hope of escape.

I pushed open our door and went to the kitchen to get a glass of water. Sometimes, I wanted to go to join the rest of our family on the Neko homeland, but I couldn’t leave the dark-haired prince from my dreams…


Ana Raine




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