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Message, canvas art by Books and Paintings by JoAnne



LIghthouse On The River-12x24 oil $300 signed and framed

LIghthouse On The River-12×24 oil $300 signed and framed

Lighthouse by the Sea-16x20 oil $300 signed and framed

Lighthouse by the Sea-16×20 oil $300 signed and framed

Path To Heaven

Can be purchased at Books an Paintings by JoAnne

Good morning readers, it is another pleasant day here in Logan, Ohio. I will be leaving for work shortly but will return later to post further. Do have a great day and dont forget to comment for your chance to win a free copy of a print book. My first post will be of some of my paintings that can be viewed and purchased on my website Books and Paintings by JoAnne or Thank you and good bye.

Good night message, blurb, excerpt, and cover for paranormal anthology


Blurb: DARK VISIONS-word count 5,170

When Carrie Reynold’s starts having nightmares on her twenty-sixth birthday, she believes her “dark visions” can solve the twenty year disappearance of her father.

Excerpt: Dark Visions

Waking from a nightmare was not the ideal beginning for twenty-six-year-
old Carrie Reynolds’ birthday. At least, it was not what she had hoped for.
“What the hell was that all about?” she asked herself as she climbed out of her
sleigh-like bed.

She ambled to her vanity and examined her peaches-and-cream
complexion in the tall mirror. “I look like a raccoon or hung-over from a
drunken binge,” she whispered, concerned about the dark rings around her
blood shot eyes.

She quit primping to enter her adjoining bathroom and begin her morning
ablutions, ending with a long, invigorating shower. Twenty minutes later, she
was drying off when the telephone rang.

“Hello,” she answered cautiously, her voice barely rejuvenated by the hot

“Happy birthday, baby girl.”

“Thank you, Mom. How are you?”

“I’m great, but you sound tired.”

“I just had the strangest dream. More like a full-blown nightmare.”

“Oh, really! That is strange. What was it about?”

“It was about people yelling at each other, I think…and a loud noise—I
think it was some kind of an explosion—then I woke up.”

“Did you get drunk last night?” her mother asked with a chuckle.

“Mom! You know I don’t drink liquor.”

“But you had Italian food and wine for dinner. Spicy food and alcohol…”

“No, Mom, that wasn’t it. It was nothing, I guess…but it seemed so real.”
Carrie shook off the bizarre incident to ask, “So…who’ll be coming to my
surprise party tonight?”

“What party! You think just because I love you—”

“I’ll be there…when? Sixish?”

“Perfect! See you then.”

After hanging up, Carrie talked to the air. “Mom, I love you, but you’re a

Before leaving for the mall, she briefly put her Corgi, Mitzi, into the
enclosed backyard, then fed her and locked her in her kitchen kennel. Mitzi was
accustomed to being alone during the day while Carrie was at school, working
or shopping, so it was no hardship. All that alone time meant she would be
mighty eager to see Carrie on her return. Carrie liked to be enwrapped by her
warm, undemanding love on coming home.

Carrie quickly changed into her “shopping mall” outfit and bolted out the
door, heading for the shopping center. While she allowed her car to defrost, she
was shocked to be confronted by an unwelcome guest.

“Stick em up!”

She swung around to find a tall, hooded man aiming a .44 Magnum at her
face. “Give me your wallet,” he demanded. His deep voice approached a growl.

Willingly, she handed over her property. She included everything, even
her gold and diamond watch, an early birthday gift from her maternal uncle,
Doug Reynolds, police supervisor/trainer.

“Is that everything?” her assailant yelled, cocking his weapon.

“Yes! I swear that’s all I have,” she whispered, while scanning the area for
anyone who could help her.

The robber also saw her searching for a rescuer. “There’s no one here to
help you, pretty lady. It’s eight A.M. Most people are still in bed or gone to
work.” He then gave the slim, dark-eyed girl a more careful once over and with
a sick sneer added, “And I bet you’re a real devil under the sheets, uh?”

She immediately knew what he wanted and grew more horrified at her
impending fate. “Oh, please, mister…just take my money and jewelry…and
leave. I won’t tell anyone.”

“I know ya won’t,” he said, grabbing her arm and pulling her back toward
her apartment.

“No!” she yelled and resorted to her as-yet-untried self-defense training.
Abruptly applying a palm jab to his nose, she made him drop his weapon, but a
kick on his shin only angered him.

“You’re gonna regret that, bitch!” he said again in a near-growl. He then
grabbed her around the throat and pinned her against her vehicle. Just before
she passed out, her savior arrived in the form of Uncle Doug and his new
trainee, twenty-eight-year-old Officer Mark Ety.

“Stop! Police!” yelled Mark, pulling the creep off his partner’s niece, then
slapping cuffs on the guy who now lay face down in the snow.

Doug immediately checked with Carrie. “Are you okay?”

“Yes. Thank God you were in the neighborhood.”

“God had nothing to do with it,” Doug said, nodding toward his handsome
partner now placing the prisoner in the cruiser’s backseat. “My new sidekick
trainee saw what was going on from the top of the hill. He has the eyes of a

Mark then retrieved Carrie’s belongings from the ground and helped her to
her feet.

Buy links for “Wicked Intentions” 7 paranormal/mystery tales



Message, blurbs, cover, and buy links for true crime biography

Book Cover

Book Cover

Good evening readers, I am home from work and ready to post. I hope you have enjoyed this Sunday, and here is “Twisted Love” 12 cases of love gone bad.

Blurbs for “Twisted Love” 12 cases of love gone bad

It’s a chilling reality that homicide investigators know all too well: the last face most murder victims see is not that of a stranger, but of someone familiar.

The End of Autumn-To keep from paying child support for his three children, Rodney Williams, plots with his parents to kidnap his estranged wife, 25-year old Autumn, in broad daylight. This 2011 crime shocked the small community of Logan, Ohio.

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing-In 2011, 53 year old Russell Strothers, and his teenage accomplice find their victims through Craigslist and strike with calculating and deadly force.

A Senseless Killing-This 2010 case uncovers how a 40 year old likable barmaid was lured to her death after she rejects her young admirers sexual advances.

The Death of Innocence-This 2011 murder case involved 4 year old Marcie Willis, and her evil stepmother 25 year old Cheryl, from the small bedroom community of The Plains, Ohio.

The Girl Not Forgotten-This cold case took 26 years to solve, but brought justice for 13-year-old Holly Buford, and put serial rapist, 40-year-old Stanley Snead, behind bars.

The Possession-When 29-year-old Valerie Harris severs the penis of her sexually abusive father, it makes national news in 2007.

Home Town Hero-When deaf students are murdered in the prestigious Rose Brick College of the Deaf in 2008, everyone is shocked when discovering the killer is one of their own.

Horrible Sin-When 42 year old Fortune Teller Sally Vu and her 21-year-old daughter Veronica are discovered murdered and physically desecrated, in 2001, evidence points to revenge and a spell gone wrong.

All For the Family-In 2003, as a way to erase her 22-year-old husbands criminal past, 19 year old Molly Abbott devises a ghoulish and desperate strategy.

Thicker Than Water?-When 52 year old Kim Michaels is found dismembered inside her burned out home in 1996, officers find the crime more confusing than a jig saw puzzle.

Mail Order Murder-The last thing the beautiful Russian mail order bride Anna dreamed of in 2001, was being murdered by her controlling and older American husband.

Where’s Christopher?-When four year old Christopher Ellis goes missing, numerous excuses and an odd odor emanating from the backyard in 1991, raises eyebrows.

Excerpt for “THE POSSESSION”


When a frantic 9-1-1 call came into the police station at 8:30 p.m. on July 7, 2009, a sobbing twenty-nine-year-old Valerie Harris told the dispatcher she wanted desperately to save the life of her bleeding father, Harry Ridge.
She gave the operator her apartment address. She would later tell authorities that she did not want to kill her sexually abusive father, but only to disable his weapon of abuse-his penis.
She informed the operator she was walking in the direction of the police station, and then hung up. She recalled walking to the nearby Hudson River, and tossing the penis into the ocean. She never arrived at the police station.
Instead, she called her big sister Carleen, and confessed to her of what she had just done to their Liberian-born father. Carleen recalled being in total shock at her baby sisters gruesome confession. She begged Valerie not to discard the appendage, saying, doctors had the medical technology to reattach such things.
Valerie, her hair adorned with cornrows cried into the telephone. “It was the evil in our father. Now the evil is gone. He can hurt no more!”
Carleen advised Valerie to come to her home, and called an ambulance when her sister arrived. After seeing Valerie, her face stained with tears and splattered with blood, with the scalpel in hand and in a “zombie-like state of mind,” the ambulance crew, decided to check her into the Richmond University Medical Center psychiatric ward.
Meanwhile, back at Valerie’s apartment, two responding beat cops arrived. What the officers found, they said, they never forgot, and neither did the two million five hundred thousand other citizens.
Initially, the officers thought the man lying in a pool of blood had been shot or stabbed to death. Not until they turned him over onto his back did they realize the sadistic nature of his wounds.

Other Available Books:

Murder Most Foul-a detective/mystery
Wicked Intentions- a paranormal anthology
Loves, Myths, and Monsters- a fantasy anthology
The Crime of the Century- a biography true crime
Poems About Life, Love, and Everything in Between
Flagitious-a crime/mystery anthology

Other places to find Jo Anne and her books:


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Book covers, and buy links for books by Melange author JoAnne Myers

Book Cover

Book Cover

Book Cover

Book Cover

Poetry cover

Poetry cover

LMM book cover
Book Cover

Book Cover

Book cover

Book cover

“Flagitious” 4 tales of Betrayal when lies, lust, and deceit are unleashed


“Poems About Life, Love, and Everything in Between” is a collection of personal poems written with love and respect for others

“Twisted Love” 12 cases of love gone bad straight from the headlines of the nations most heinous cases

“The Crime of the Century” this 1982 true crime terrified a small Ohio town and destroyed two families

“Murder Most Foul” solving a double homicide proves to be pure murder for F.B.I Agent Walker Harmon when the pursuer becomes the prey

“Loves, Myths, and Monsters” 11 urban and mythical tales entwined within the human world

“Wicked Intentions” 7 bone chilling paranormal tales filled with mystery, lust, and danger

Message, website address, and paintings by Books and Paintings by JoAnne

Cabin in the Woods

Sailing in the Harbor-12x24 oil $300 signed and framed

Sailing in the Harbor-12×24 oil $300 signed and framed

Overlooking the Lighthouse-11x14 oil $200 signed and framed

Overlooking the Lighthouse-11×14 oil $200 signed and framed

LIghthouse On The River-12x24 oil $300 signed and framed

LIghthouse On The River-12×24 oil $300 signed and framed

Lighthouse by the Sea-16x20 oil $300 signed and framed

Lighthouse by the Sea-16×20 oil $300 signed and framed

Good morning all, I will be leaving for Sunday services but will return shortly before going to work the second shift at my nursing home job. I will not return until later this evening when I will again post. For this post, my framed and signed canvas artware are available for viewing and purchasing on my website at Please dont forget to comment and have a great day.

Excerpts from Gladiator Wolf by Marteeka Karland

PG excerpt 1 PG13 excerpt 6 PG13 excerpt 3 PG excerpt 2

Poems About Life, Love, and Everything in Between by JoAnne Myers

Poetry cover

Poetry cover

Well readers this is my last post for the evening. I hope you are enjoying yourselves and are going to comment for your chance to win one of my print books. Thank you and I will return tomorrow. Good night.

“Poems About Life, Love, and Everything in Between” is a poetry collection that provides a glimpse into the heart, mind and soul, of its author JoAnne Myers. It is a heartwarming read, written with love and respect for others. Some poems were written in times of sorrow, other poems were written in times of joyous celebration. Life if like that.


My sun dried hands clutch my heart of dreams.
I look beyond my longing,
forsaking lustful means.
Consumed by sins of desires,
I escape insanity by releasing unblemished charms.
Soothing my sweet youthful soul,
I reject the lust, but still hold on.
Without dwelling on material things,
I release soulful thoughts within.
* * * *


Tears of a child, is a knife through the heart.
They try so hard, with all their might.
With tender minds and a soft touch,
their innocent love is never enough.
Through the years, and past the pain,
pride and hope is their greatest gain.
The smile of a child and the joy they bring,
is one of life’s most precious things.
* * * *

This collection of personal poems is available at

These poems were inspired by JoAnne’s love for nature, God, veterans, family and friendships, it is a heartwarming read written with love and respect for others.

Soon available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble and other book distributors.

Author Bio:

I have been a long-time resident of southeastern Ohio, and worked in the blue-collar industry most of my life. Besides having several novels under my belt, I canvas paint.
When not busy with hobbies or working outside the home, I spend time with relatives, my dog Jasmine, and volunteer my time within the community. I am a member of the International Women’s Writing Guild, Savvy Authors, Coffee Time Romance, Paranormal Romance Guild, True Romance Studios, National Writers Association, the Hocking Hill’s Arts and Craftsmen Association, The Hocking County Historical Society and Museum, and the Hocking Hills Regional Welcome Center. I believe in family values and following your dreams. My original canvas paintings, can be found at:

Other books by Jo Anne:

“TWISTED LOVE,” a true-crime anthology
“MURDER MOST FOUL” a detective/mystery anthology
“LOVES’, MYTHS’ AND MONSTERS’,” a fantasy anthology
“THE CRIME OF THE CENTURY,” a biography true-crime
“WICKED INTENTIONS” a paranormal anthology
“FLAGITIOUS,” a detective/mystery anthology available in September


Amazon Author Page:
Facebook Author Page:

Website: Books and Paintings by JoAnne

Buy Link:

A Brief Synopsis to heighten the Mystery of Atlantis Vortex

Doing this in reverse – putting the “blurb” after the excerpts….

A simple pleasure bike ride around Lake Okeechobee in Southern Florida turns into a harrowing, life threatening discovery for Jessica a newly graduated archaeologist. After a painful ‘header’ over the handlebars of her bike she realizes the shape of a lump of mud, revealed by the current drought is really a pyramid. Strangely, finding the pyramid enhanced the ethereal dreams and haunting memories of a mysterious young man who saved her and her parents several years previously.

Xerxes, High Lord of the under-water City of Atlantis, has put watchers on the inscrutable lump and informed of Jessica’s detection now must take action to protect the secrecy of his realm. Ironically, Jessica is the young woman Xerxes saved, along with her parents, several years earlier in a diving accident, and has been in love with since. At the time, to guard his identity, he was forced to cloud their memories with an advanced substance and to his knowledge is still effective. Xerxes quickly develops a plan to allow the beautiful archaeologist to excavate the artifacts and then plans to retrieve them and bring her to Atlantis as his wife, hoping the strong physical attraction they felt upon her rescue, remains.

Xerxes has another security problem, Marcus, a disloyal and power crazed councilor, is attempting to expose Atlantis’ existence in hopes of compromising Xerxes authority and gaining control of the vast under-world kingdom.

While Jessica unearths unbelievable treasures from ancient Egypt without explanation of why or how they came to be there, Xerxes tracks the movements of Marcus inside Atlantis. The summer progress’ and Xerxes places an undercover squad of Atlanteans, posing as U.S. Marines, as security on the dig to protect both the artifacts and Jessica. Jessica and her co-archaeologist, Bruce, both suspect what they have found, but neither will say it. Bruce travels back and forth to the university and isn’t always present on the dig but the Atlantean/Marines protect Jessica from several strange attacks by Mesoamerican men. It comes to Xerxes and his security they think Jessica has been sent as a sacrifice to their god.

Xerxes meets Jessica several times, by chance and by design and finds she still doesn’t remember him, but almost. He looks forward to bringing her to Atlantis, daring to kiss her on one such meeting. Knowing time grow short, he collapses the dig and days later a hurricane finishes the job. During the eye of the storm, Xerxes must come ashore to save Jessica in a dramatic rescue from a sacrificial death but must wait until he can retrieve the artifacts and withdraw his security team before taking Jessica.

At last bringing her to Atlantis the first couple of days are arduous but the attraction between them is not only strong but upon their first meeting when she was rescued years before they had become soul-linked. Their true love for each other blossoms.

Marcus is still at large and puts his ill plans into action. He manages to entrap Jessica and her parents, wounding Jessica in the process and putting her life in grim jeopardy, he doesn’t plan to seek to get her medical help.

Xerxes is desperate to save her. He calls on his brother and an off world Ambassador from Alpha-Centauri to assist in a decisive rescue on two fronts. Jessica is gravely ill and Xerxes sits aboard the Ambassador’s space ship waiting for the alien doctor to save his wife. Life has become a dark hell at the prospect of the only woman he loves laying at deaths’ door.

Xerxes decides he has to be with her regardless of the outcome; he rises from the waiting area and goes to her side….

web site:

blog –

Another Chance Meeting….

A portent of things to come….

Xerxes completed his responsibilities to Kallias Enterprises, Inc. The Earth based upper-world company that helped support Atlantis’ financial base. Taxes in Atlantis were minimal. Kallias Enterprises provided a large part of their overall monetary needs, and a portion of the city’s income came from off-world commerce and light tourist visitors. Under the guise of a delivery to a small tourist hotel on a northern Bahamian Island, he arranged the transport of various items for the population of Atlantis’ use. One of the benefits his father set up, and he continued for their people, was to provide upper-world items, not only of necessity but also luxury.

As the upper-world progressed in the New World after the Revolutionary War period, the rulers of Atlantis made covert investments for the under-world city. Now Atlantis was a wealthy conglomerate known as Kallias Enterprises. Xerxes, as High Lord of Atlantis, held the position of C.E.O. of the company, and, as were his sister and brother, United States citizens. His younger, half-brother Ainu, Xerxes had turned over rule of Pacifica to when he came of age. Their sister Alena enjoyed serving as off-world ambassador for both city-states. His brother and sister held positions on Kallias Enterprises’ board though their identities were concealed from the general public, as was his.

Xerxes, a practical man, was sure Jessica would find her way into the secrets of the pyramid. Preparations to bring her to Atlantis as his wife were ready. Such a situation wasn’t unusual over the history of his realm. Atlanteans often used this solution, despite Marcus’ opinion, murder was rarely employed. Fulfilling his formal responsibilities to Kallias Enterprises, Xerxes took time to stop at Gardens Mall to shop for his bride’s trousseau. She wouldn’t have the opportunity to do this simple chore for herself.

Xerxes’ tall, good looks and masculine physique drew the attention of the lady shoppers he passed. Long accustomed to such stares, rarely did he notice them. Current affairs on his mind were enough to occupy his thoughts, the security of his people more pertinent.

Destiny, already involved in both Xerxes and Jessica’s lives played her next hand when they passed. Their gazes briefly met. The natural spark crackled between them as it had the day of their first meeting, stopping them in their stride. Each, captivated by the other for what seemed a brief moment, forced the other shoppers to maneuver around them. They stared into each other’s eyes like star-crossed lovers. Time passed.

“Excuse me.” Jessica murmured in a light daze and continued on to finish her shopping.

“Of course, my pardon.” Xerxes replied in perfect, unaccented English. He enjoyed the confused look that crossed her beautiful face and moved away, fearful she

might remember him.

Ducking into a shop directly across the wide mall corridor that obscured him by artificial fountains and waterfalls, he watched her shop. He could see clearly what she looked at and what she bought. Waiting until she left, he ventured into the women’s lingerie’ shop and carefully questioned the sales clerk about the items she purchased. Applying his natural charm to allay the clerk’s concerns of his motives, he explained he was the lady’s fiancée and wanted to surprise her by acquiring what Jessica had admired but hadn’t bought.

After smelling the perfumed soap she preferred, he decided he agreed with her choices and acquired a quantity of the bath supplies for her later use. He also procured several of the spicy intimate items she had admired, but failed to purchase, wondering why she hadn’t obtained the items. She could certainly afford them but seemed shy about the scanty night garments and underthings. Instead, she chose more conservative items. Xerxes wasn’t shy about buying these things for her. He looked forward to her wearing them.

On an earlier expedition, he obtained her size by entering her parents’ home in Jupiter when he knew no one was there and looked through her things. A little guilt plagued him about that sortie, but it was the only way he could be sure to get her correct sizes.

Jessica finished her shopping, Xerxes observed as she left the mall following her to her car, parked next to his Porsche. He waited until she drove away.

That was a bit close!

Their confrontation strained his control almost to the breaking point. The desire to touch her face was nearly overpowering, and the chance meeting left him more aroused than he was willing to admit. Remembering her warm eyes gazing up into his would cause him many sleepless nights, starting with this one. Nevertheless, until the time and the situation were right, he couldn’t hope to control Jessica or the circumstances. She was a strong-willed woman not easily persuaded. Since their first meeting, when their gazes had locked, he felt their destinies become interlocked and was sure their souls were. Long ago Xerxes had admitted to himself, he loved the fiery redhead, though he hadn’t spent a considerable amount of time with her. He sensed she felt the attraction that linked them when he rescued her and her family, and judging from her lack of male companionship, beyond associates in her field, convinced him.

He hoped his personality and controlling, omnipotent position in Atlantis would put him in a situation to gain her trust and love, not by intimidation or coercion, but by honor, principles, and logic. However, it was imperative to have Atlantis’ security in a stable situation to do this.

Fighting the loneliness and arousal that crept up on him, Xerxes slipped into the leather seat of his Porsche and drove to the marina to return to Atlantis. More pressing matters of a traitor in his midst were waiting, and the steps already begun to contain him.
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HOT OFF THE PRESSES – Sangui: Alphas of the Blood



He’s an elite vampire from a distant planet…an Alpha of the Blood.
But he’s no match for one spunky and opinionated Earth woman!

The Alphas of the Blood are an elite, alien race of vampires. They escaped a devastated planet that was overrun with plague-infected beasts and came to Earth for a chance at a new life…a new beginning. The change is bitter-sweet for Zeenon Akba, who lost much of his family in the plague wars and fears his only brother might have carried the infection to Earth with him. But when Zee stumbles upon a pretty human female being stalked by an infected, he’s determined to help her, even if it means killing his own brother. Aware of their many differences and the necessity of finding a blood slave to be his mate, Zee doesn’t intend to lose his heart to pretty and spunky Brooke Carlin. So why can’t he get her out of his mind?


“Brooke, you and I need to talk…”

“Oh, oh. I don’t like the sound of that. I hope you aren’t gonna lay any more weird surprises on me. Wait!”

“What is it?”

“You aren’t going to tell me you turn into a bat at night and sleep upside down are you?”

“Don’t be absurd.”

“Sunlight makes you a crispy critter?”

“What nonsense are you talking? You and I walked in the sun. It is uncomfortably hot and Sangui prefer sleeping during the day, but we have no trouble with your sun.”

She thought for a moment. “Where do you stand on the garlic issue?”

“It tastes delicious in pasta.”


“Delightfully old fashioned.”

“Holy water?”

“All water is holy, it is of Maja’s creation.”

“Maja, huh? We’ll cover that later.” Her smile widened. “Okay, then hit me, I’m ready.”

Zee shook his head, reaching for the object he’d placed on the bedside table while she slept. “I will not hit you, mate.” He hesitated a moment before handing her the mirror. “You haven’t seen yourself since the blood exchange. I just wanted you to know…”

She gasped, her hands flying to her face. “I’m hideous!”

He laughed. He couldn’t help it. His mate was delicious beyond words.


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