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Heartwarming Duo

Blind Acceptance – Book 1

Blind Acceptance 1




Will Luke accept his son, Phillip’s blindness?

When Phillip is injured in a wagon accident and blinded for life; his father must come to terms with the fact that his only heir will be unable to run his beloved ranch unaided. He struggles to accept his son is still whole; even the beautiful teacher he employs to help Phillip can’t seem to break down Luke’s walls.

Then, without warning, there is an event on the ranch that will change their lives forever.

Received 4 1/2 star review from InD’tale Magazine and Crowned Heart for Excellence – November 2013




…..Phillip rifled through the things his father had stacked in the shed until he finally found his fishing pole.

“Phillip, please hurry up.” Marie snapped impatiently. She knew Jack would be waiting to take them to town.

“I found it, Ma. I’m coming now.” Phillip called over his shoulder as he pulled at his fishing pole. It was wedged under several other objects and as the pole came free they collapsed at his feet and began to spill out of the door.

Phillip put his pole on the ground and began putting things back in the shed.

“Just leave all that Phillip; I’ll help you put it away when we come back.” Phillip ran to his mother and held his pole up proudly. “We’ll have to get some worms, Ma, if we’re gonna catch fish. They’ll be in the mud on the bank. Pa showed me how to get them.”

Marie ignored what he said, took his free hand in hers, and began heading for the trees and the river.

Phillip’s small legs had to run to keep up with his mother’s fast pace. When he stumbled Marie tightened her grip causing him to cry out in pain.

“Ma, I don’t want to go any more. I wanna go back home.” Phillip began crying. He sensed something was wrong. He wanted to return to the comfort of the house and to Miss Meg who he knew he could trust.

Marie finally stopped and glared down at her son in disgust. “Don’t be such a cry baby. We’ll have such fun. Dry your eyes and let’s go.”

She handed Phillip a hankie from her pocket and he swiped at his tears before handing it back. Marie again picked up his hand but this time held it more gently and slowed down her pace.

At the tree line she began looking around for Jack and her head turned from one side to the other.

“Are you searching for someone pretty lady?” Jack stepped out from amongst the trees and he swept Marie into his arms for a kiss.

She pushed at his chest with one hand while she continued to hold Phillip’s hand with the other. She needed Jack to release her.

“What’s wrong my pet?” Jack didn’t like being pushed away and Marie thought he looked almost angry.

“Phillip is here Jack.” She inclined her head to the side to indicate her son who now stood with his mouth open.

Who was this man who was kissing his mother?

Jack crouched in front of Phillip and held out his hand. “Hello Phillip, my name is Mr Wright. I’m a friend of your Ma’s and I thought you might like to go for a ride in my wagon.”

Phillip shied away and hid amongst his mother’s skirts. He didn’t like Mr Wright.

“Phillip, please behave like a proper young man and say hello to Mr Wright.” Marie pulled Phillip out of her skirts with a jerk and stood him in front of her. “Now be a good little man and shake hands”

Phillip heard the threat in her voice. Jack once again held out his hand and Phillip placed his small, trembling hand into it and shook.

“That’s much better.” Marie glanced down at her son with a smile on her face.

“How about that wagon ride Mr Wright offered? I thought we’d spend the night in town and have supper at the hotel”

Marie took Phillip’s hand and began walking towards the tree where she’d hidden their suitcases. When she pointed it out, Jack reached in and pulled a case into each hand before leading the way to where he’d hidden the wagon.

Phillip pulled back on Marie’s hand which only tightened its grip once again.

“Ma, noooo.” he cried as he planted his feet and finally brought his mother to a stop. “We can’t go; I’m going into town with Pa after lunch.”

Marie thought fast. “I left a letter for Pa to meet us at the hotel, now come on.” Phillip began crying as she tugged on his hand and forced him to begin walking.

When he began crying louder Marie hurried to catch up with Jack.

“I’m afraid he’s going to start screaming Jack and with the way sound travels around here Luke is sure to hear him.”

Jack stopped and placed the cases onto the ground. “I don’t know why you insisted on bringing him. What does it matter if he stays at the ranch instead of going to school? Either way you’ll be rid of him.”

He untied his cravat and began moving towards Phillip who started backing away. Jack snaked his arm out and grabbed him around his waist; Phillip began to wriggle and kick. “Hold him still.” Jack snarled as he took hold of Phillips head.

After stuffing part of the cravat into the little boy’s mouth he tied it securely at the back of his head. “If you touch it I’ll cut your fingers off.” Jack threatened before picking up the cases and continuing on.

Phillip sobbed as his mother dragged him on.

She didn’t care.


“Lift him up on the seat while I put the suitcases in the back and for God’s sake make him shut up.”

Phillip clutched hold of his fishing pole with the grip of someone three times his size.

Marie was forced to allow him to keep it as she positioned him onto the centre of the seat.

“Be quiet. Jack will not put up with this behaviour.” She climbed up onto the seat next to her son while Jack climbed up on the other side and took the reins into his hands. He released the brake holding the wheels, turned the horse towards town and, when he made a clicking noise with his tongue, the stallion broke into a canter.

As they travelled further from home Phillip became more distressed and began wriggling around on the seat. “Keep that damn brat still, Marie, he’s going to unsettle the horse and cause an accident.”

Marie reached around Phillip’s shoulders and attempted to calm him. He only became more hysterical and he used as much force as his little body could muster to push his mother away. His strength caught Marie by surprise and she almost slid off the seat and into the dust.

“Phillip, you almost pushed me off and under the wheels.” she screeched as she positioned herself closer to the centre of the seat. She slapped him hard on the arm which only served to make him behave even worse.

Jack could see the stallion had become skittish with Marie’s screeching; with a crack of his whip he urged him to move faster in the hopes it would settle him down.

Phillip continued to wriggle and jump up and down as the wagon thundered along the uneven road. It didn’t matter how much Marie or Jack threatened, he just refused to calm down.

Jack saw Phillip raise his fishing pole above his head in anger but couldn’t react fast enough to stop what happened next.

Phillip brought the pole down on the horses’ rump as hard as he could. The horse whinnied and reared before beginning to run in a frenzied zigzag pattern from one side of the road to the other.

Jack couldn’t bring the huge stallion under control and as the terrified horse galloped flat out; Jack began to panic. He knew their speed along such a rock littered road was dangerous.

It was all he and Marie could do to hold on and Phillip bounced up and down like a ball in between them.

Then it happened – the wagon’s wheels hit a boulder and all three were thrown from the seat high into the air.

The stallion, with the wagon behind, continued to race towards town leaving three broken bodies behind in his wake.

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Blind Achievement – Book 2

Blind Achievement



Phillip Johnson has been blind since the age of six after sustaining a head injury in a wagon accident. Growing up on a ranch outside of Austin hasn’t been easy for the young man but he has thrived with the loving help of his Step-Mother, Rachel, and the faithful support of his father, Luke. At 18 years old, he has made the decision to head to Macarthur to attend the Wyoming College for the Blind. He plans to study Civil Government Law and Political Economics. It is here that he meets Belinda and he falls deeply in love with her. Belinda hides a dark and dangerous secret. A ruthless man is obsessed with owning her. This threat has the power to ruin their relationship and put their lives in jeopardy. Can they overcome such obstacles and find happiness together?





….Phillip’s first day of classes passed uneventfully but he found his mind wandering to where his family might be. Several times he had to refocus his attention back on his teachers.

He felt bone weary as he traipsed back to his room with Daniel by his side.

“Do you have any assigned work tonight?” Daniel enquired.

Phillip’s arms were full of books and his cane was tucked firmly under his arm.

Daniel gently guided his friend with a nudge to his elbow and verbal commands.

“No, nothing tonight. I think they are giving us time to settle in before assigning us extra work.

“I would appreciate another lesson in Braille if you’re not too tired. It seems the rest of the class is doing better than me and I have some catching up to do.”

“I am planning on an early night but I have time to spend with you first.”

Daniel placed his books on the floor while he unlocked the door to their room. He removed the books from Phillips arms and set them down on his desk. He guided him to a chair at his desk.

After Daniel retrieved his books and closed the door, both boys collapsed onto chairs facing their desks. Phillip ran his hands through his hair. “I’m glad today’s over.”

“Yeah, me too.” Daniel agreed. “They sure keep us busy.”

“At least it all ran smoothly. Thanks for getting me to all my classes on time.”

“It was easier than I thought it was going to be. The teachers’ don’t hold us back because they know a lot of us have to help the blind people move around.”

Daniel rose and headed for a pitcher of water that stood on the chest of drawers. “Glass of water?”

“Yeah, thanks.”

Daniel placed the glass on Phillip’s desk.

“I wonder how everyone is. They should be halfway back to the ranch by now.”

“You’re gonna miss them a lot aren’t you?”

“Yeah. I have relied on them for so much over the years. It seems strange not having them near me. I will miss my long talks with Pa, Ma’s encouragement and hugs. Not to mention her cooking.”

“It will get easier with time and classes will help keep your mind busy.”

“I sure hope so. Let’s get into your lesson before I fall asleep sitting here. I’m sure weary.”

Daniel shimmied his chair closer to Phillip and placed his writing materials on the desk in front of them.


Six months had passed and Phillip was thoroughly miserable. Teachers favoured him for his good nature and excellent grades while other students taunted him mercilessly for it. He thanked the Lord daily for his friendship with Daniel. Without him school would be unbearable and he would be on the next train back to the ranch.

He was now familiar with the classrooms and labyrinth of hallways so he was able to get around if Daniel was required elsewhere.

It had been a long day and he tapped his way back to his room. He was startled from his thoughts by an ear piercing scream. Coming to an abrupt stop he listened. Sounds of a scuffle and banging came from what he knew was a classroom ahead. He approached and threw open the door without hesitation.

“What the hell? Get out!” a gruff voice bellowed.

“Please help me.” A girl’s agonized plea tore at his heart.

“What’s going on?” Phillip demanded to know.

“None of your damned business, half-wit. Get out.” Phillip could not place the voice.

“Let me go,” she screamed again.

“Let the young lady go.” Phillip said angrily. “Come here to me Miss.”

He could hear her struggling to get free.

“I have asked you to let her go. I will not ask again.” Phillip loaded his voice with menace.

The man guffawed. “Do you really think a blindy like you can stop me?”

Phillip used the man’s voice to help him move closer.

The girl took advantage of her captor being distracted and bit down hard on his arm. He yelped with pain, and she wrenched free of his grip and launched herself into Phillip’s arms.

The air rushed from his lungs as she collided with his chest. He wrapped his arm protectively around her trembling body as she sobbed into his shirt.

Phillip lifted his cane as a warning for the man not to approach. “I am taking her to speak with Mr Carver. I expect he will also want to speak with you.”

The girl in his arms continued to tremble and sob.

“Come with me. We’ll ensure this never happens again,” he told the girl gently.

She moved from his grasp and wiped the tears from her eyes. Mr Collins, I will make you sorry for this,” she promised bravely.

“As if Mr Carver would believe you over a teacher he respects and trusts. I will tell him you made advances towards me,” he snarled.

The girl grasped hold of Phillip’s hand. Her obvious terror fired his anger.

“You forget, sir. I was here.”

“You’re blind,” he sneered. “How would you know what was happening?”

“A girl doesn’t scream like that if she is a willing participant.” Phillip tightened his hold on her hand and pulled her from the room.

“We will check Mr Carver’s office first. He often works late so he may not have gone down to his cottage yet.” Phillip led her back down the hall he had just come from.

“What is your name?” he asked.

“I’m Belinda. Thank you for rescuing me.”

“My name is Phillip and you are welcome. I’m just happy I came along when I did. What happened?”

“I was on my way back to my room after delivering some papers to a student. He grabbed me as I passed the classroom. He said he had been watching me and knew I wanted his body.” She shuddered and burst into tears.

Phillip stopped and pulled her into his arms. She buried her head into his chest as she shivered and cried.

He ran his hand gently over her back in an attempt to soothe her. He could smell the subtle perfume of her hair and skin, lavender perhaps?

“What’s going on out here?” Mr Carver growled from his office door up ahead.

Belinda stepped back and Mr Carver noticed her red, teary face. “Belinda, what’s wrong?” he asked as he rushed towards the young couple.

“We need to speak with you, sir.” Belinda squeezed Phillip’s hand tight as he spoke.

“Come into my office.” He led the way in before closing the door.

Belinda led Phillip to a chair facing the desk. Once he was seated she sat in the chair next to him and clutched at his arm. He ran his thumb over the back of her hand in an effort to reassure her.

“Explain to me what’s happened. You’re as white as a ghost, Belinda and I can see you shaking from here.”

“I was coming down the hall after delivering some papers to a student when Mr Collins dragged me into his office. H….he made improper advances and I couldn’t get away.” She withdrew her hand from Phillips, lowered her head into her hands and sobbed.

“I can see how distressed she is but what do you have to do with all of this, Phillip?”

“I was on my way back to my room when I heard her scream. I entered the room and confronted Mr Collins. He eventually let her go. We came straight to you here, sir.”

Belinda lifted her head and swiped at her tears with the sleeve of her dress. “He only let me go because I bit him.”

She watched as Mr Carver’s face darkened with shock and fury.

“I’m very sorry, Belinda. I have suspected impropriety from Mr Collins before but we were unable to prove anything. I assure you he will be dismissed immediately.”

“Thank you, sir. I will see Belinda back to her room if you don’t mind.” Phillip stood and she slipped her hand trustingly into his and it felt good.

“I think a cup of tea may be in order first. Take her down to the dining room and tell the staff I sent you. I will deal with Mr Collins immediately.”

“I will and thank you again, sir.”

“Thank you.” Belinda murmured.

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Pink Iris Small

Samhain themed excerpt from Ravenwolf, Celtic romance, PG

Celtic romance/fantasy

Celtic romance/fantasy

Ravenwolf is available in Print and Ebook


Journey to an ancient land filled with magic…

Blurb: Blending Celtic lore and history, Ravenwolf takes the reader on a journey to an ancient land filled with spiteful goddesses who threaten to tear Ambiorix and Nemu apart.


Darkness and light shifted as the dancers slowly circled the sacred couple. Cernunnos stalked and pounced on his prey, the virginal goddess, their bodies moving in rhythm to the beat. His magnificent naked body was painted blue and the maiden was painted with ochre, the blood of the moon goddess. They coupled, writhing like serpents, the white dancers bouncing and dipping to the quickening beat of the drums like spinning moons. The dancers closed in on the Samhain couple, forming an archway with their outstretched arms. The drums reached a crescendo, the dancers falling to their knees, shielding the blessed couple with their bodies.

The sacred Samhain ritual dance always moved me. Their joining would bring fertility to the land and plentiful herds when the dark nights of winter had ended. As if reading my thoughts, Ambiorix reached over, gently squeezing my hand.

My attention was diverted to the dark woods where the priestess had disappeared. I shuddered, watching the nine maidens who had accompanied the priestess, as they slithered off into the shadows. I wondered what other ancient dark rites would spill innocent blood on the night of the willow moon.

I thought I saw a blue light bouncing from tree to tree as if it were trying to attract my attention. Ambiorix was drinking and talking with the other warriors, and Bran was sitting with a group of children. I decided to follow the blue light.

The blue light bobbed from tree to tree and I soon found myself in the thick forest that surrounded the loch. An eerie full moon glowed red in the crisp fall sky. The further I ventured into the forest, the dimmer the moonlight and then it was swallowed up by the thick cover of oaks, beech, ash, and pine. The scent of pine needles filled the crisp air.

She waited for me in the deepest shadows. She gestured for me to sit beside her on a flat rock. “You are one of the Ancient Ones.” Her voice sounded hollow, ringing through the pines and into the night.

“As are you.” I searched her eyes for the truth, but she could mask her thoughts well. “Why have you sent for me?”

The head of the skinned wildcat sat on her head like a hood, the fangs flashing sharp and deadly like twin crescent moons. The priestess’s eyes were the eyes of a cat, unblinking, and yellow in the darkness. “Do you know why you came to me?”

A nighthawk screeched nearby. “You know about my dreams.” I looked away.

“Do not follow the raven. Follow the wolf. The wolf will show you the way.” Her cryptic words were swallowed by the night.

“And I will know what the dreams mean?”

“You will know who you really are.” Her eyes softened for a moment, gazing at me with what I thought to be pity.

I looked away for a moment and when I turned back to her, I found myself sitting alone, the space beside me cold and empty.

* * *

It might be easy to categorize this book as fantasy because of its supernatural elements or as romance because of the explicit sexual content and story of lovers in jeopardy, but the lovely writing and incorporation of well-researched Celtic history and mythos elevates the book to something beyond either clichéd genre. Below the sensual surface, the book seems to touch on themes of balance and unity between genders. Women are empowered in the story with the depiction of powerful female goddesses, but Heckart carefully avoids the trap of choosing one sex over the other by emphasizing the need of each to come together as a balanced whole.  The story will be entertaining to most and fascinating to anyone interested in Celtic history and myth.

Reviewed by Amanda Yesilbas for Historical Novels Review Online


Kelley Heckart, Historical fantasy romance author


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Conceiving Evil-Jenna Fox

A dark erotic romance from Dark Hollows Press.  Heat level:  scorching

He swept her off her feet and into a life of promise.  Wielding his passionate and powerful hold over her, all Abby had to do was give him control over her body.  Dorian Lincoln offered a devil’s bargain.  There’s just one thing he didn’t mention…

Young woman with beautiful long brown hair posing at studio, pro


Dammit to hell. I can’t even enjoy a movie.

The nighttime air bit at my skin as thoughts of him chomped at my brain. He’d polluted me like a poison that spread throughout my mind and body, seizing every thought, leaving no rest. I loved horror movies and yet I couldn’t recall a single scene. Jimmie kept glancing at me, concern etching his face all the way through the ninety-minute show.

Soon Jimmie and I walked out of the theater, my hand resting in the crook of his elbow. Bitterness raged inside, heating my face against the breeze when I saw the limo roll toward us. He found me like he always said he would, but three fucking hours late.

I knew I wasn’t Dorian’s top priority, and I’d made some progress at keeping my jealousy under control, but no woman wanted to be shoved to the side every time it was convenient for a man. I tightened my grip on Jimmie’s sleeve and pulled him along just as the driver stepped into our path. I gave the chauffeur a shotgun-glare as he motioned me to the car. “Miss Torrance, Mr. Lincoln is waiting.”

My heart skipped ten beats, I couldn’t tear my eyes away when the dark window lowered and Dorian tousled his ebony hair with his fingers. He wasn’t in his usual attire, a business suit. Tonight he presented himself in casual wear. His sharp, handsome features were expressionless.

I closed my eyes, digging deep for the strength to tell him to get lost for standing me up, but I knew the words would never make it past my lips. I was a fool to entertain the thought. One look from those black eyes sifted me like wheat. Dorian practically owned me. That man was my tempter and my savior wrapped into one.

I met him at the lowest point of my life, after my mother died of cancer. The three jobs I was working to keep my head above water and pay off her medical bills were about to do me in physically. While I was waiting tables at the country club, Dorian swooped in from out of nowhere and rescued me like an injured bird. His amazing sixth sense alerted him that life was too much for me, and he offered me a strong shoulder to cry on. The floodgates opened and I unloaded my personal problems. Dorian Lincoln promised those problems would disappear with a simple acceptance of his proposition: give him power over my body, something Bianca wouldn’t allow.

Lifting my palm to Jimmie’s cheek, I smiled. “Thanks for the movie. I’ll call you next week.”

“He’s a prick. You deserve better, Abby!” Jimmie yelled, as I eased myself inside the limo.

Dorian opened a small refrigerator under the seat, his hands cupping the base of a champagne glass. “You’ve wasted no time finding another way of entertaining yourself this evening.”

“You wasted no time in standing me up,” I scoffed.

When I left his office that afternoon, Dorian said he wanted me for some ‘quality time.’ Eight-thirty rolled around before I realized he was a no-show. The food got cold and eventually the long stemmed candles I lit for dinner burned out, along with my patience.

“Meetings…clients,” he said.

Top secret meetings and clients were always the excuse. The coldness in his voice was a sword to my heart, a reminder of my temporary ranking in his life. I held on tight to his promise of our relationship becoming more when the time was right.

His stony expression broke into a devious grin. “You look beautiful in that dress and your enthusiasm is charming. But watching you masturbate will reimburse me, Miss Torrance.”

My stomach dropped and quivered as I pressed my thighs together. He was going to punish me.

I tugged at the straps of the red shoes he’d bought me, eyeing him as he sipped from the flute and moved his gaze toward the window. Overtaken by the need to be the object of his fascination, I almost begged him to turn those onyx eyes back on me. His attention was the only thing that kept me from going under.

“Dorian, please I-”

My words were cut off with the sharp turn of his head. Relief came in a warm caress, but suspicion moved in with a lift of his brow. The small amount of light coming through the tinted windows deepened the masculine angles of his face, lending them a sternness that echoed in his voice.

“No other men. I thought I was quite clear about that when we discussed the terms of our agreement, three months ago.”

“Jimmie is just a friend.”

“Jimmie is a man. A distraction.”

“A distraction from being pissed. I don’t like being stood up.”




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Samhain themed excerpt 2 from Of Water and Dragons, Celtic romance, PG-13

Celtic romance/fantasy

Celtic romance/fantasy

Of Water and Dragons is available in Print and Ebook

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Of Water and Dragons, Celtic historical romance/fantasy

Experience ancient Britain like never before…

Blurb: Of Water and Dragons weaves together the Roman history and Celtic lore of ancient Britain to create an unforgettable story of love and sacrifice.


Later that night, Ambiorix awoke and was unable to go back to sleep. He quietly crept outside so as not to awaken Cavarinus and his daughter.

A walk outside the gates seemed like a good idea.

The guards teased him when he passed outside the gates saying, “Watch out for faeries. They especially like to carry away Roman soldiers.” Derisive laughter erupted from the guards. Ambiorix ignored their remarks and wandered down by the stone circle.

He sat down next to one of the stones, leaning against the cool smooth surface. Before he could stop himself, he was asleep.

He awoke sometime later, groggy and disoriented.   Something was different, but he couldn’t figure out what except that the stones somehow looked brand new. They didn’t have the weathered cracks that he noticed before. He suddenly had the feeling he wasn’t alone, and turning, he saw an old woman dressed in tattered garments. She carried an odd looking stick with the gruesome head of a crow attached to the top.   He shivered; she was either a ghost or something else, but she wasn’t human because a blue glow emanated all around her. She raised her stick, night turned into day and she was gone.

Ambiorix ran across the valley and stopped short when he saw the roundhouses scattered all around. He saw children laughing and playing, farmers tilling the fields, women gathering water at the river. They didn’t look much different from the people he had seen at the Samhain festival except for one thing.

These people had eyes that were filled with happiness, not defeat.

He ran back to the stones, falling to his knees, arms and face raised to the sky.

“Why? Why are you showing me this?” He cried out to the gods and goddesses, to anyone who would listen. He touched the stones and in a flash, the night sky returned and he was back to where he belonged. But he still didn’t have an answer to his question.


5 Fallen Angels! Kelley Heckart embraces romance, battles, and fairies in Of Water and Dragons that make this delightful story a precious treasure to read. She instills a great plot, intriguing dialogue and a well-rounded cast of secondary characters that keep the story flowing creatively and gives good meaning to absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Reviewed by Linda L. at Fallen Angel Reviews


Kelley Heckart, Historical fantasy romance author


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Australian Love


Lyndsay Richards is an experienced Park Ranger so, why is she missing in a National Park she knows as well as the back of her hand?

Rick Masters is a Detective, a man who had a huge crush on Lyndsay in high school. When he sees a poster showing she is missing, secret memories flood back. He is determined to find her.

Does Rick still have feelings for Lyndsay? Will this be his chance to capture the girl of his dreams?

Set in Kuringai National Park and Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

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Pink Iris Small

Samhain themed excerpt 1 from Of Water and Dragons, Celtic romance, PG-13

Celtic romance/fantasy

Celtic romance/fantasy

Of Water and Dragons is available in Print and Ebook

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Of Water and Dragons, Celtic historical romance/fantasy

Experience ancient Britain like never before…

Blurb: Of Water and Dragons weaves together the Roman history and Celtic lore of ancient Britain to create an unforgettable story of love and sacrifice.


It was a traditional Celtic feast. Cavarinus sat in the center of the circle since he was the highest-ranking noble. The others sat in the order of their rank, women included. Ambiorix was seated among them and he could tell this displeased some of the nobles.

The nobles were finely dressed in colorful tunics and cloaks; some of the women wore dyed tunic dresses and the men colorful checked trousers. The bright brash colors dazzled his eyes, the checked trousers clashing with the embroidered tunics and striped cloaks. Some of the men had spiked hair and beards with long mustaches. He looked around and noticed that some of the Celts wore a torc around their neck; a neckring that he knew only the kings, nobles and warriors wore. The women were bedecked with gold jewelry: bracelets, rings, belt chains, hair ornaments, and they wore makeup.

The lower classes wore plain colored tunics and the men didn’t have long mustaches, but the lower classes were still bedecked in jewelry such as bronze or copper armlets and copper rings.

Since there were no slaves, young children served what seemed like an endless supply of honey mead, pork and various types of bread. Pork was the favored meat at these festivals because it was believed to give immortality. Magic pigs were associated with the Celtic Otherworld. They could be killed and the next night they would come to life again.

When everyone had filled up on the food, the festival was moved over to the ancient stones where the same seating was arranged inside the circle.

The stones were about eight feet tall and were so close together they resembled a wall. About five hundred people gathered in the circle leaving a space in the center.

There was some shifting as room was made next to Cavarinus for someone who arrived late. The men near Ambiorix whispered among themselves. He couldn’t hear everything they were saying, but he figured out that this man was someone very important. The man walked with a very pronounced limp, leaning on a staff for support. His gray hair glowed white in the gathering darkness. He was dressed in a plain tunic, but he carried himself proudly, chin held high, despite his limp.

The sun disappeared behind a hill and a large fire in the center of the circle glowed like bright sunlight in the darkness. Ambiorix leaned over trying to get a better look at the man. Wise blue eyes locked onto his.  His breath caught in his throat, momentarily choking him. The many faces of battle he had forgotten, but he never forgot the eyes.

He couldn’t stop thinking of the man he maimed for life and the look that passed between them. The man knew who he was.

Bodhrans, Celtic drums, pounded out a primitive beat as a male and female danced around the fire, the male in pursuit of the female.

Ambiorix thought this was the representation of the mating of the God and Goddess, the Dagda and the Morrigan. The Dadga represented life and the Morrigan, the war goddess, represented death. It was the joining of life and death, the thin veil of this night. Samhain also marked the passing of summer and the beginning of winter.   He had first witnessed this ritual when he had spent the winter with his mother’s people.

The fire, the beating drums and the dancing brought back the memory of that long ago winter that seemed like another life to him. The territory of the Dumnonii was filled with tin mines, which didn’t appeal to wealthy Roman farmers who built elaborate villas in neighboring Aquae Sulis in southwest Britannia. This left the somewhat remote Dumnonii territory less Romanzied than other provinces. The major Roman influence came from the Roman fortress at Isca Dumnoniorum in southwest Britannia near the Dumnonii territory. The Dumnonii still practiced their Celtic ways in secret in an underground chamber built of stone and sod. His mother wanted him to remember his Celtic roots and so Ambiorix had sat in bewildered silence, watching the hypnotic dance of life and death.


‘Ms. Heckart draws the reader into the pages and enchants them with her words.’

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Kelley Heckart, Historical fantasy romance author


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Sphinx United Excerpt by Christine Murphy – Available Now!

SphinxUnited_Final_laceyAvailable Now From Red Sage Publishing – Sphinx United by Christine Murphy – The second book in The Sphinx Warriors Series.

Summary: Trained from birth to protect the Sphinx Warriors, Eleina sacrifices herself to save the Warriors and her one true love, Jacob, by destroying a Dimensional Gate. Believing Eleina has died in the process, Jacob is left a broken man and he submerges himself in his duties as a Warrior until an accident reveals Eleina is still trapped in the Gate. Once free of her entrapment, she is alive but her body and mind is damaged. Jacob will do everything in his power to help her and the only thing keeping her sane is the irresistible draw and attraction to a Warrior she can’t even remember.


His mind and body was in pure chaos. One minute he was in hell, the next he was in heaven, and the next a combination of the two with purgatory thrown in. The danger had been real. He had felt it when Eleina had screamed in his mind and he had used his Power to fight off the dark entity from her. When he had lost the connection after that he had freaked. Thinking he had possibly harmed her in his intended defense, he had raced through the Complex to get to the Medical Facility to check on her. To his ultimate nightmare, she had been gone. No one had been able to tell him what had happened to her and he had gone off the deep end. He was sure Khenti Michael was going to ream him a new one. He had cursed and yelled at medical staff to a point he couldn’t even remember. Luckily Alexandria hadn’t been there, otherwise he would have really been in deep trouble.

Even with all of his shouting, no one had been able to help him. He had stormed into the hallway and leaned against the hallway wall in an effort to calm himself. It was then he began to sense her again and the trail of her very essence had brought him here to the Garden Dome. Now, she was fully linked to him, their internal connection to each other wide bringing him such heaven in knowing she was alright. Not only was she fine, she had remembered how to draw the Life Power to her and that her source was from the water. Yes, she had always been a water Sphinx. And what a gorgeous Sphinx she was. The woman was not even the least bit shy. She stood in the water before him completely nude, her luscious full breasts uncovered, her pink nipples drawn up tight from the cool water. What he would be willing to do to have his mouth on them.

These thoughts were where the heaven and hell with purgatory came in. He needed to touch her, but how could he? It all came back to four things. She couldn’t remember him, he had sent her to her death, his negative Life Power could hurt her at any moment, and the little fact he would have to share her with the other Warriors as a Power Keeper. He needed someone to just put him out of his misery.

Jacob’s body was cranked up at a speed he didn’t know if he could even control. He should just leave but seeing her now with the Life Power caressing her body and her skin and baby blue eyes taking on a healthy glow again was something he just couldn’t walk away from. Plus she was looking at him with those mesmerizing eyes and slowly moving toward the edge of the water. Each step forward brought her farther out of the water until it lapped at her belly button, down to the curve of her hip, and just at the top of her feminine curls. White blond curls just peaking out of the water.

He threw up his hand growling, “Stop. Now.”

Eleina paused reaching up to brush a curling strand of hair back behind her ear. Her expression was pleading as though she was lost in this world. Desperate with need to be held. She suddenly shivered crossing her arms over her chest looking uncertain. His Eleina was never uncertain. “Jacob, when you said I was yours forever, did you mean it?”

The question was a punch to his gut. Of course he had meant it. Meant it with every breath in his body. He could no longer stand there worshiping her and not be able to touch her. With fierce determination, he marched toward her grabbing his shirt and tearing it off over his head flipping it behind him to the ground. The rest would just have to get wet because he couldn’t wait any longer to touch her.

He cut through the water with ease reaching her in record time. The Power she was gathering cascaded around him touching his body and further connecting him to her before he even touched her. The first touch was more intense than his active imagination could even make it. His hands connected with the sides of her face in a gentleness he didn’t feel in the least, but he didn’t want to frighten her. The rest of his body followed pressing against hers. Waiting any longer for one needed kiss wasn’t an option. His inner Sphinx demanded and his body screamed its pure need. He hovered just inches away from those delectably parted lips waiting in an ultimate moment of anticipation before the final touch.

It was a split second of waiting but seemed forever with the aching need for the connection. Not only his need but hers coming through loud and clear down their link. His lips touched tentatively at first, a gentle brush of love, and no more. It was too much and yet not enough. There was no holding back. He dove in deep crushing his lips to hers, his body to hers. He ran his hand down her bare soft back to the bottom of her spine splaying his hand there and pushing her hips into his….

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The Takeover Has Begun… ADULT

Takeover promo for FB

Blurb for Carnal Takeover:

During the day, she’s in charge—at night, he’ll take command of her body, their desires…

Dominance and discipline. Alexandra hungers for both from Daniel, the lead engineer on her Alaskan energy project. She imagines him punishing then mounting her while his team watches. Full-figured, Alexandra hasn’t had much luck with guys, especially ones so potently male. To change that, she invites Daniel to teach her submission to his most carnal needs. She also invites his men.

For too long, Daniel’s craved Alexandra’s lush figure and smarts. However, she’s his boss, it’s not wise to mix business with pleasure, and no damn way does he intend to share her. After one lusty night of her submitting to him and his men, Daniel claims Alexandra as his sub. On his terms. No regrets. No strings.

Yeah, right.

Tell that to their hearts.

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Teaser for Carnal Takeover

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Blurb for Wicked Takeover:

She’s just inherited a tattoo parlor…and the hunk who comes with it.

Lauren’s in a helluva mess. Not only has she lost her corporate job, her long-absent father just left her a struggling tattoo parlor along with the virile dude who runs it. Dante’s sinfully hot with a killer smile and inked biceps. Lauren’s full-figured, sorta pretty and wanting him badly. Dream on. She’s here to sell the place as quickly as possible for some much-needed cash.

Dante sees the heat in Lauren’s eyes despite her conservative appearance. He recognizes the dynamite woman she could be if she’d just loosen up and have some wicked fun. Dominance and submission. Making love in a public place. Having her lush body always accessible to and ready for his.

Carnal games that seduce them until lust turns to surprising need and friendship to something deeper that might just change their futures.

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Teaser for Wicked Takeover

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Tina Donahue Banner - newest 5 19 2014

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Introducing Love’s Intensity!

Loves Intensity Cover

Love’s Intensity Blurb: Brad loves fast horses, cars, and bikes.  Life would be perfect if his stepmother could only mind her own business.  Instead, his father hired a longtime friend and her family to work in their home, turning his world into a feudal mess.

 He wants to hate the new arrivals and it doesn’t help that Kressa, daughter of the newcomers, is the most gorgeous girl he’d ever laid eyes on.  With a scent that draws him to her, Kressa causes him more internal conflict than he ever dreamed possible.  He falls for her so deeply, he tells her a secret he’d never even told his best friends – that he’s training to be a ninja warrior.

 Kressa adores her country and loves hanging out with her many cousins.  News of the move to Massachusetts comes as a shock to her.  She refuses to be happy in this new place working as a servant for a rich man and his mean son, who had the nerve to be cute.  And why does her skin tingle every time her hand brushes against his?

 Despite her efforts, she finds herself desperately longing for a friendship with the one boy who scowls at her.  Matters are only made more complicated when his family and hers clash. When he goes on a dangerous mission, she wonders, will he return so she can tell him he’s won her heart or will their families manage to keep them apart?

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