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Put a Ring On It by Sean Michael, coming soon!

I have a story in Torquere Press’ upcoming wedding anthology — They Do.


Marriage is in the air at the Hammer Club! While celebrating Marcus and Jim’s first year anniversary with them, the question of marriage comes up between Billy and Montana.

Montana is less than receptive to the concept, though, surprising Billy. Not willing to leave it alone, Billy digs until he finds out what Montana’s objections are, allowing the long-term couple to reconnect.

Will Billy put a ring on it? Or is marriage just not in the cards for them?

Look for it on Wednesday June 18 at Torquere Press, either on its own or in the anthology!


PG Excerpt:

Billy cleared his throat and raised his glass, waiting for his dinning companions to quiet.

“A toast. To Marcus and Jim. Happy first anniversary.”

“Happy anniversary!” Everyone applauded, then clinked their glasses together.

Jim was in Marcus’ lap, hiding his head in his master’s neck.

Laughing, Marcus nodded to them. “Thanks, guys.”

“Don’t be shy, Jim. It’s good to celebrate.” His Montana was laughing, teasing.

Billy looked at Marcus who smiled back at him, winked.

“Oh-ho. Someone has his sub plugged or bound,” Billy noted. Marcus and Jim were damn kinky. It was a joy to see.

“Lucky duck.” Tanny was in rare form.

“Quack, quack.” Jim grinned after quacking as Marcus laughed out loud again.

Tanny cackled, then leaned over and kissed Jim playfully. Jim looked easier in his skin when they’d all settled back into their seats and the laugher faded.

“Seriously, though, I wouldn’t have thought being officially married would have made a difference, but you two do look happier than ever.” Billy had to smile; there was a peace in the air around their friends now.

“It’s another layer of commitment,” Jim answered. “A legal one.”

Marcus nodded. “Jim is right. And I like being able to call you my husband, baby.”

“You two are adorable.” Montana chuckled at them, looking fond.

He bumped Montana’s shoulder. “You don’t want to be able to call me your husband?” Billy actually liked being called Master, but he also liked to tease.

“Like you want to marry me.”

“Of course I do.” It was a knee jerk answer and the utter truth.

“Nonsense.” Tanny leaned over, kissed him. “Do you want anything from the bar, Master? I need another water.”

“I want some lemonade.” He watched Montana go, considering his boy. Tanny didn’t believe that he would marry him? Billy didn’t like that. Of course he’d marry his boy. It simply hadn’t come up between them. Now that it had, he would have to come up with the best way to ask. Well, he already had definite ideas about that, actually.


Sean Michael

smut fixes everything — www.seanmichaelwrites.com



  1. buttononthetop says:

    Oh Tanny… Can’t wait to read this one! :)

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