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Swinging Along by Sean Michael, naughty excerpt

As promised, here is a naughty excerpt for Swinging Along, Rose & Thorne #3.5

It’s been a long day and Rose is feeling out of sorts. Can Thorne give him exactly what he needs to end the day on a high note?

Naughty Excerpt:

“I don’t know. It wasn’t a bad day, I swear.” He was just tense. Sore. Off. He didn’t feel… right in his own skin.

Thorne stared at him for a long time, then suddenly his master was kissing him, mouth glued to his. Rose arched, moaned into Thorne’s lips. Thorne’s hands grabbed his arms, fingers digging in. His knees were aching from being on the floor, his body was tingling, burning. Thorne didn’t end the kiss; in fact it just became more and more intense.

Rose groaned, the pressure from the day, the sting of the switch, the ache in his knees — they all faded as his master took his breath. Thorne had such a wicked tongue, using it to arouse him, to make him soar just from the kiss. When Thorne’s lips lifted from his, Rose groaned. Thorne licked at his lower lip, fingers spreading across Rose’s chest.

“Master.” Rose arched with his inhale, his ringed nipples hard.

“Oh, that’s better, Rosie. So much better.” Thorne’s fingers slid across his nipples, barely touching the jewellery.

“Yes. Oh, my Master.” His eyes closed, as he savored the sensation.

Thorne’s fingers came back to Rose’s nipples, tugged on his rings, all four but one at a time. There wasn’t sharp pain, or any ache at all, not yet, just a sweet pressure. The next pass Thorne twisted each one slightly. Rose hummed, body moving slowly.

“Love the way you dance when I touch you.”

“Thank you, Master.”

Thorne twisted both Rose’s right nipple rings hard by way of answer.

“Master!” He arched, almost coming off his knees.

His left rings were next, Thorne twisting them the other way. This time Rose did come up, lifting Thorne as he stood.

“Did I say you could stand?” Thorne demanded, but he could see the twinkle in his Thorne’s eyes.

“No, Master.” Rose loved this man. So much it was an ache somewhere so deep inside him only Thorne could touch it.

“I didn’t think so. I would have remembered that.” Now Thorne was teasing him.

He could play, too. “Maybe my legs have minds of their own.”

Thorne’s lips twitched. “That must be it.”

Rose let his own smile grow, let himself show the love and happiness his master drew from him.

Thorne’s smile answered his, filled him even deeper. “I love you, Rosie.”

“Yeah. Yeah, love.” He leaned in, nose brushing Thorne’s.

Thorne groaned for him and attacked his mouth with another kiss. When the kiss ended, Thorne brought him over to the huge, heavy sling, swinging from the ceiling.

“You ready for me, Rosie?”

“Yes, Master.” This time he was sure. He was there and solid.

“Good, Rosie.” Thorne patted his cheek, then twisted his left nipple. “Let’s get you trussed up.”

Sean Michael

smut fixes everything – www.seanmichaelwrites.com


  1. Laurie P says:

    I want to read this!
    Laurie P

  2. Nancy S says:

    Oh boy, another good one!

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