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Dark Ecstasy by BJ McCall Excerpt 3

2014 marks Changeling Press’ tenth year. I’ve been with them since almost the beginning and I’m celebrating the anniversary by posting excerpts from my first Changeling book, Dark Ecstasy.

Happy New Year, BJ

Dark Ecstasy. Pure carnal pleasure. Total anonymity. It’s nothing short of addictive…

 There’s only one woman for Commander Ander Slade. The only problem — his perfect match is a cop. He’ll do whatever it takes to make her his, even if she never knows his name.

Captain Isabet Renard’s just landed every cop’s fantasy beat — Club Xs, the most successful adult pleasure playground in the galaxy. But the best part of her new assignment comes after hours. Since her last relationship ended, Isa’s made do with pleasure bots. But now she discovers an Xs perk she can’t resist — Dark Ecstasy. The club’s premier service offers Isa something she hasn’t experienced in five years — sex with a real live human male. And the best part — it’s totally anonymous. So why isn’t she totally thrilled? Isa’s mystery partner fulfills her every need, but when she dreams, it’s Slade, ex-cop, and now Space Station Commander, whose handsome face she sees. She can’t have them both — can she?


“An erotic fantasy with a touching love story, DARK ECSTASY sizzles!”

– Phillipa Ann, Romance Reviews Today

“Hot and steamy love scenes, a real hunk, a galactic adult pleasure playground and a fascinating story. An absolutely satisfying and far too short read. I’m looking forward to the upcoming books of this author.”

Stephie, Cupid’s Library Reviews

AVAILABLE AT Changeling Press and Amazon



Excerpt 3 (adult)

Her body still trembling from her climax, Isa opened her eyes and sanity returned. She’d paid well for real cock and she intended to use it until limp and exhausted. Besides, Dar’s amazing tongue would be available for purchase tomorrow.

The bot crossed the room and touched his palm to the wall. A panel slid open revealing a small chamber aglow in amber light. “It’s time to enter the cleansing chamber.”

Her body still humming from Dar’s expert manipulation, Isa stepped into the tiny chamber.

“When the process is finished the chamber will darken and the opposite panel will open. Your partner will be waiting for you.”

“How long do I have?”

“Your session is for thirty minutes. When your time is up, the doors to the cleansing chambers will open. You must enter the chamber and be processed again. Pleasures are safe and healthy at Club Xs.”

Five hundred credits for thirty minutes! This guy had better be good. Dar smiled. “Are you ready?”
“Thank you, Dar.”

The door slid closed. Heart pounding in anticipation, Isa waited for the chamber to darken. The amber light lasted for about two minutes and disappeared. A soft, purple glow surrounded her. Raising her hand, Isa wiggled her fingers. She could see the shape, but her nails were dark squares at the end of her fingers. Looking down, she saw her nipples were two dark circles of purple.

The door slid open. Several feet away stood a glowing male figure in varied shades of gray. His shoulders appeared broad and his legs long.

“Nice color.”

DARK ECSTASY is available in the Cosmic Cops Collection (Dark Ecstasy, Dark Pleasures and Dark Obsession)




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  1. kaylynd says:

    Wow!! That is a great cover! Very Hot!

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