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Sneak Peak of I Love It Rough Michael Mandrake M/M

Roughmm1   Here’s a sneak peek at book two of I Love it Rough. I’m about to do self-edits then its onto the betas and the editor before its release on Feb 17th!

This scene is with Detective Frankie and his partner Kenina Porter.

Unedited Excerpt

“Hey Choteau. Kenina, you’re looking mighty fine, gal. You ready to go back in the field?” David Mulroney flashed a smile past Frankie to his partner.

Just as she was about to answer, Frankie cleared his throat. “Hey, um, David, I hate to break up this social call but could you tell us about the murder victim, the deets, you know, police stuff?” Normally Frankie might’ve let the side bar conversation continue but not tonight, not when the victim might’ve been Kajika’s friend and co-worker Lana Miles.

“Um, yeah, sorry, Detective. Yeah the victim is a transsexual woman. Crazy Waylon’s on his way here now with Moto. I don’t think that guy has slept since he’s gotten here.” David stepped aside, waving them both in.

Frankie swallowed the lump in his throat and let Kenina pass first. His fears came to head about who the victim could be. Not that Lana or Naomi were the only transsexual women he knew but Lana was the only one he was aware of who lived in this building.

Heart pounding in his chest, he followed Kenina inside the place, looking around the apartment. Bile rose in his throat and a tear came to his eye when he noticed the picture of Lana and Kajika on the lamp table beside the recliner.

Oh God!

Frankie bit his lip and wiped his face, feeling the sweat rise on his brow. “Damnit.”

“Keep it together, Frankie. C’mon, work with me here. Did you know the woman well?”

Frankie only nodded, trying his best to heed his partner’s words. Lately it was getting mighty hard to keep from getting emotional about a lot of things especially with someone so sensitive as Kajika being his man.

He’s turning me into a fucking sap.

Frankie wondered if that were really true. Or better yet, were his old friend’s words about hanging it up when it became personal coming to a head.

Kenina spun on her heel to face him. Her piercing green eyes bared into his soul. “Frankie?”

“Yeah, I met her a couple of times at the club. I…” Frankie exhaled and rolled his shoulders. “Let’s go look at the body so we can get more info. Go on, don’t worry about me.” Frankie turned her shoulders making her walk away from him before she saw the tears running from his eyes. How the heck would he tell Kajika about Lana?

“Hey Kenina…Frankie. Don’t have a lot yet other than an approximate time of death and the victim’s name. She was bound with ropes when we found her but everything’s real clean so far.” Sampson ground out, not bothering to say much more.

“Did you touch anything?” Kenina forced her gloves over her hands.

“Negative, Miss Kenina. We know better than that. Everything was on when we got in here too. Lights, music, the fan up above.”

“Good man.” Kenina winked at Sampson as she went by.

Sampson nodded and watched her switch as she sauntered past. “Damn Choteau, you a crazy sonofabitch for turning that hot thang down. And then you’s in love with a fucking man? What the hell, dude. And speaking of, this…thing we found in here wadn’t no prize. It’s a fucking he-she!”

Frankie’s eyes narrowed and he clenched his fists. It took everything in him not to punch this creep for calling Lana a he-she. He took a deep breath. “Look fucker, keep your opinions about the victim and my life to your damn self, right? I won’t whip your as right here but I’ll damn well show you how this faggot could whoop ya when we’re not at the crime scene, capiche? Do we have a motha fucking understanding, ass wipe?”

Sampson drew up his lips and wrinkled his nose.

“Frankie, keep it together, will ya? We all know Sampson’s an ass and can’t satisfy any woman, much less a he-she in bed with that small dick of his so let’s ignore him and get to gettin’ on this case!” Kenina yelled back, not bothering to look at either one of them. “Back to the business at hand, dick wad, got any witnesses?”

Frankie forced a smile, despite the circumstances. He was real happy to have his hound dog back at his side. “Well Sampson? Answer the lady will ya?”

Sampson’s face flushed pink. “Nope, not a one. The landlady complained of hearing some loud music and thumping earlier. She had no idea it was a murder. She thought it was a loud party or something.”

The more he thought about Lana, Frankie’s heart sunk in his chest. Not that she was a close friend, like Naomi but she was someone he and Kajika knew. Kajika would definitely be upset about this when he found out. More than that, Frankie wondered would this occurrence change the way Kajika thought about dancing.

Without saying another word, Sampson headed out, most likely embarrassed by Kenina’s vocal bashing of his manhood.

Not ready for the task, Frankie followed Kenina into the bedroom, leaving plenty of space between them. A part of him didn’t want to go in there to see Kajika’s friend dead but it was part of his job after all. Frankie grimaced and covered his mouth, trying to stop himself from hurling. The stench of dead flesh hit him hard, almost throwing him off his feet.

Keep it together, Frankie.

Frankie grunted and heaved in air while slipping his plastic gloves on. “I can do this, damnit. I’m a cop.” He grit his teeth and went in with the resolve he wouldn’t let the possible gruesome sight affect him.

Kenina clicked her teeth. “Damn.”

Once he made it in, all his strength and guile left his body. Frankie shook his head and blinked back a tear, looking at Lana helplessly bound and naked to the four posts on the bed. Her eyes, wide open, red, and puffy most likely from the pressure applied to her neck. The crimson rope hung loose over her broad shoulder, dragging on the floor.

What kind of fiend would do this to someone and walk the damn streets with a good conscience?

Avoiding the sight, Frankie turned his head and continued to walk around looking for any clues that might lead them to the murderer. Although Frankie had seen plenty of dead bodies over the years, this one spooked him more than any.

“Yeah this fucked up individual definitely had some kinks.” Kenina inspected Lana’s throat and slightly lifted the rope. “Heavy duty shit here, Frankie. None of that playful crap you find at Lover’s Dungeon.”

Frankie didn’t answer, knowing that was Kenina’s way of injecting humor. However, it wasn’t working because all Frankie thought about was how he’d break the news to his man.

“Wow, some intricate knots here too. I’m not into the bondage stuff but I can tell the monster might’ve been a scout. I wonder how long she’s been tied up like this.” Kenina shook her head. “Waylon should be here any minute now. The kid’s a quack but Vance tells me he’s brilliant.”

“Most CSI’s are.” Frankie couldn’t look at Lana’s corpse, knowing he might lose some of his lunch he’d enjoyed earlier. “I’m sure he’d be able to give us more of a start on the case when he arrives.”

He’s gotta so I can find the douche who killed Lana.


  1. Sydney W says:

    Pretty emotionally intense excerpt!
    Best Wishes,
    Sydney W

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