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Holiday Blahs Part Three

220px-The_Grinch_(That_Stole_Christmas)  Hey again,

Another post about the holiday blahs! UGH

Another thing that makes me slightly sick about the holiday is all the commercials on TV and the Xmas music. If you work in retail it’s worse. You might hear a hundred different versions of Frosty the Snowman or Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas. Or my personal fave, This Christmas by Donny Hathaway done by Luther Vandross, Joe, and many others. BLASPHEMY DANGIT! Its one of the few songs I like and I wanna hear the original. 

Oh and the commercials? The bad culprits this year Verizon, Target, and the Audi commercials which I’ve seen over and over. Ergh. Have I missed any? Do you have one that bothers you? Let me know and rejoice, its almost over. Now go out there and finish your shopping!

* * * *

Here’s a sample from my next book Something Like Jayden featuring my fave Xmas song! ;)

“Hang on the mistletoe, I’m gonna get to know you better…” This Christmas sounded over the iPod dock, and Isaac sung along with the recording while he decorated. He draped red garland around one part of the tree and green on the other, determined to get the tree done before going to Debra’s mom’s house for dinner.

Isaac always enjoyed this time of year, picking out a tree and decorating it just like he did as a child. If only his parents were around to celebrate the joyous occasion with him.

Since neither he nor Debra took pleasure in cooking, they relied on Debra’s mother’s meals to sustain them. Both only prepared food when absolutely necessary and with this being Saturday, they would usually order out.

“Hey, babes, you ready…” Debra stopped on the stairs and crossed her arms. “Thought you said you wanted to wait to decorate the tree until after we got back?”

“Eh, I decided to do it now to get it out the way. You didn’t even say you liked this white tree. We’ve never had one this color, so…”

“I do like it, and I did wanna help decorate but since you took up the duties, less work I have to do.” Debra skipped down the rest of the steps and flopped into a nearby recliner.

“Okay, good, so you do like it. And yeah, you can sit and watch, I suppose. I love doing this kind of stuff.”

“I know. You’re like a living Santa Claus.” Debra crossed her legs and yanked on the hem of her dress. “How do you like my outfit? Prim and proper enough for my folks?”

Isaac took a moment and stretched his neck to look at Debra’s off-white sweater dress that reached her knees. “Yep. You know your mom likes you to dress business casual. Not sure why, but… your folks have always been stick-in-the-muds anyhow.”

“Yeah, I know. That’s why I miss your folks, Isaac. They were both a lot of fun. Isaac Sr. and Liola knew how to live it up.”

“Yes they did which is why I have such a bubbly personality. Isn’t that the main reason why you married me?”

“Yep and to get my nagging parents off my back about getting hitched. This worked out for both of us, Isaac. Thanks for that.”

Isaac hung two more ornaments on the branches. “Ah, you’re welcome, honey. If I wanted anyone to be my fake wife, it would be you, Mama. Just a few more ornaments will do the trick. You know what they say, less is more.”

“Yep, I do. By the way, are we going to Silas’ New Year’s party? I might have plans that evening.”

“What?” Isaac stopped a moment, shooting a glare in Debra’s direction. “What plans? I thought you loved going to that bash as much as I do?”

“I do, but… someone asked me to go somewhere with him.” Debra clutched her handbag tightly.

“Who? You got a date?” Isaac grinned and continued to decorate the tree. “You didn’t inform me of any relationship prospects, sugar. Who is it?”

“Um… David Sargent.  Uh…”

Isaac’s eyes bulged, and he lost concentration on what he was doing. “David Sargent? Why, babes? I thought you didn’t trust him, and why the hell are you going out with that character?”

“Well, we’ve been talking, and um… he seems like a really nice guy.”

“C’mon, Debra, he’s a dunce. All the times I’ve talked with that man he seems dumber than a box of rocks. I didn’t know you liked him like that.”

“Well, I didn’t think so either, but lately we’ve been having lunch and getting to know one another.”

“Does he know about our setup?”

“No, not yet. I figure if we get closer, I’ll let him in on it.”

Isaac rolled his eyes and exhaled deeply. “Damn, girl. Didn’t know you were so desperate for a man. I mean, he’s nice looking and all, but… he really hasn’t left a good impression on me.”

“Oh, Isaac, I don’t think you’ve given him enough of a chance. I thought if I went with David, maybe that would give you time to spend with Jayden.”

Isaac drew up his lips. “Oh, now it’s okay to spend time with Jayden. I thought you were dead set against me being with him, Deb. What changed your mind?”

“I just wanna see you happy, Isaac, and if that means being with the hot, youngin’, then so be it. Have you made any progress since Monday?”

Isaac shook his head in disgust. “Nope. He’s clammed up on me again. I think he might be having problems at home. His mother might be in poor health or something. He’s been calling her quite a bit from his cellphone. By the way, the kid needs a new one. I’m thinking of buying him an iPhone, but I need a good excuse to give it to him so he doesn’t suspect anything so quickly.”

“Just call it a Christmas gift. Nothing wrong with that.”

“Oh, so I’m his boss and I’m just gonna buy him an iPhone out of the blue? Perhaps I’ll just settle for a Galaxy. It’s not as expensive, but the kid has a really cheap, outdated phone. I’m sure it doesn’t pick up a good signal.”

“Okay then, whatever you say. So, you’re taking him with you to the party?”

Isaac palmed his chin, thinking of the right way to ask Jayden to tag along. “Yeah, I’ll try at work on Monday. Perhaps he’ll be in a better mood after I give him the gift.”


  1. Sydney W says:

    Have to agree with you on those counts!
    They are the major ones :)
    Best Wishes,
    Sydney W

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