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Holiday Blah’s Part Two

220px-The_Grinch_(That_Stole_Christmas)   Okay, so I took a couple of days off. Well, I didn’t want you to get tired of me. *grin* Anyways, Holiday blah, part two. So, are you done shopping? Did you encounter the attitude out there with the sales people. I haven’t but I’ve seen it first hand, from a customer to a manager. Ugh!

Ah well, moving on. Another reason to have the holiday blahs besides agonizing over gifts, being with family you haven’t seen for months or even years! LOL The inlaws who never liked you, your annoying siblings and their even more annoying kids. Of course I say that in jest but there are many who don’t want to visit their families for so many different reasons. Some a lot more serious than others. So this could cause some anxiety too!

Here is an example of this in my upcoming book under BLMorticia. My Lieutenant 3 Before We Say I Do!

* * * *

423151_260134234067395_464997336_n   No cover yet but it is an interracial tale.

Lieutenant Bryant Duncan and Nathan Ellerby are about to say I do and Bryant insists on meeting Nathan’s parents before the big day. Due to being thrown out at age eighteen, Nathan isn’t happy about the visit and begs his lover to reconsider. Knowing Bryant’s ways to get Nathan to do whatever he wants, Nathan will have to put up with his mother and father who disowned him for coming out the closet.

Prepared to defend himself and his man, Nathan plans the trip to the west coast not only for a relaxing vacation but also to fulfill his lover’s wishes to meet the two people he’s despised more than any during his existence; Lana and Cal Ellerby. To make the visit a little easier, his Aunt Edna has decided to show up at the family house for a sort of impromptu reunion. Will she stop Nathan and his mother from a battle of expletives and obscenities during the family dinner?

“Oh my God, so damn cute! Nathan, your man is freaking hot!” A young voice snapped me out my reverie. That could only be one of my cousins; which I couldn’t remember.

Bryant laughed and I looked at the redhead, freckle faced girl. “And I’m sorry, which one of my cousins are you?”

“Oh stop it, Nathan. It’s Debbie, Carol’s daughter.” She playfully slapped my shoulder and turned to Bryant. “You are so freaking fine. It’s too damn bad you’re gay! You got any straight brothers and I don’t mean bi, totally straight. I’m not into that sharing…”

Interrupting  her, I didn’t even allow Bryant to answer. “Um… Debbie right? Can we please come in the house so I can let my husband to be see his in-laws? I mean, really if you don’t mind. And to answer your question, he’s an only child.”

Debbie snapped her fingers and frowned. “That’s too bad, because he sure is hot!”

With Bryant’s hand in mine, I pushed past this little girl and almost ran into my Aunt Edna. The only reason why I had a recollection of her was the pictures on Facebook. “Hi Auntie Edna, good to see you.” I gave her a big hug and pulled Bryant up to meet her.

When I let her go, her brown  eyes widened and she tugged at her little black dress. “Hi sweetheart, you’re looking good these days. And who is this gorgeous man you brought with you. It can’t possibly be your man!”

“Um, yeah it is. This is Bryant Duncan, Auntie. My fiancée.”

“Well, wow, lovely to meet you. You’re so damn handsome.” She took the liberty of hugging him then fanned herself when he broke away. “My God, you’re, you’re manly… you’re not…”

“Auntie, what the hell does that mean?” Annoyed by her ignorant statement, I had to ask the question.

“Well, I mean, I just thought he’d be somewhat like you. What do you call that, a twink? I know all the terms from going to some of the gay bars with my friend, Elliot. He’s gay too.”

Bryant pursed his lips, obviously embarrassed by my Aunt’s stupid comment. “Um… no I’m no twink. Is it okay that I call you Edna?”

“Oh yes, Auntie Edna would be great since you’re becoming a member of this family.” She gripped his shoulder and I pulled him back so she could stop putting her hands on him.

“Great, Edna and actually I used to be in the Navy,” he added with a smile. “Where is Mr and Mrs. Ellerby. I’d really like to meet them.”

I wanted to laugh because already a member of my family had offended my man. “Yeah where is good ol mom and dad.” I couldn’t contain my sarcasm.

“Your dad’s outside with your uncle David.” Edna continued to gawk at my man as did Debbie who’d come back with her mom and mine in tow.

“Oh my.” Carol covered her mouth when she looked in our direction and my mother flashed me a smirky smile.

“Well, Nathan. You did good for yourself. You trapped a really handsome man and he doesn’t look like a princess.” Lana Ellerby walked towards us, wearing black jeans and a simple white blouse. She held out her hand. “I’m Nathan’s mother, Lana. And you are?”

“Bryant Duncan, ma’am. Good to meet you.” He shook her hand back but I could tell he wasn’t happy with the comment my mother just made.

“Same here,” she answered in a dry tone. “I’m not at all happy with Nat’s desire to be a homosexual but I’m happy he found someone to control him. Lord knows we couldn’t.”

“Mother please!” I stepped in front of Bryant. “Hi Carol.” I nodded at my other aunt who seemed just as mesmerized at my man as everyone else.

The homeliest of the Donato sisters stepped forward, wearing some deep purple long dress, with loafers. Her red hair sat atop her head in a bun for the exception of a few stray strands. “Hello Nat. I see you found another man to sin with you, hmm? No use on quoting any scriptures to you I suppose. “

“No, I’m a very happy sinner, thank you.” I turned to my mom. “What the hell’s going on? I thought only Edna was coming. This ain’t no damn family reunion!”

“No but, everyone was in disbelief about you actually finding a man,” my mother responded and wiped her hands on her apron. “You’re so picky, for one, and we just kind of hoped that by the grace of God you’d come to your senses and get a woman. I just don’t understand it, Nat…”

“Please don’t call me that!” I snapped on her immediately. Nat was my baby nickname and I’ll be damned if I allowed that after insulting me and my man.

In haste, Bryant gripped my hand. “Um, babe, let’s go say hi to your dad, hmm?”

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  1. Sydney W says:

    Hahaha LOL loved the way he directly asks her which one of the cousins she is!
    Best Wishes,
    Sydney W

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