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Holiday Blah’s Part One

220px-The_Grinch_(That_Stole_Christmas)  Greetings folks. It’s Thursday, yep just a few days until Xmas. Are you done shopping yet? No? Oh boy. You’re going out there on the last day are ya? Heh, well so am I so don’t feel bad.

Are you tired of the holiday’s yet? If you work in retail, you are and believe me, people who serve the public might be nastiest this time of year. Shouldn’t they be cheerful, kind of like Santa’s elves? Okay maybe not. How about cordial? Yeah this is what annoys me about this time of year. Retail giants like, ahem, their name begins with a W, irritate their employees so badly, a lot of them don’t have any holiday spirit. Not to mention, customers who give them grief when they don’t have an item.

I work in retail as a vendor in the real world and believe you me, I’ve seen it first hand. Is this enough to make people hate the holidays? Or are you so caught up in Xmas bliss, you could care less? Well, tell me some stories of your holiday blahs. Whats the most stressful thing about the holidays? What gives you the blues? Share with the class!

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1 Comment

  1. Sydney W says:

    The last minute shopping and running errands is most stressful!
    And if you do not get the item you planned for and have to come up with alternatives ( that too real quick) then its even more stressful.
    Phew ….ranting over( back to reading ) :)
    Best Wishes,
    Sydney W

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