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OurXmas   Greetings folks

This is BL here, next up on the hosting duties. My latest release is also an Xmas story involving my characters, Nathan and Bryant from My Lieutenant. It’s a follow-up to Christmas With My Grinch, my free Xmas story from last year about Nathan giving his reasons for not liking Christmas. Of course, the Lieutenant does and tries his best to convince his lover how great the holidays are.

I’ll be giving away a copy in just a little bit. Stay tuned. Here’s the blurb and the same from this years Xmas story.

Blurb: Bryant is still trying to convince his lover how great the holidays could be but Nathan isn’t buying into the holiday cheer. However, the Lieutenant has some tricks up his sleeve to show his husband to be the true meaning of Christmas.




“Sleighs bells ring, are ya listening, in the lane…snow is glistening…” The sounds of Winter Wonderland on loop came from the foyer. Bryant loved this song almost as much as This Christmas. Really any Christmas song filled him with joy. Recently, Christmas started being a little more special with the future Mr. Nathan Ellerby-Bryant in his life.

They’d been together for over a year, getting ready to say their I do’s in a few months. Nathan wanted a simple ceremony with just a few people in attendance while Bryant wanted to do it up with over one hundred guests, including tolerant members of both families and friends from the Navy. He desired flowers, inside of a big hall with white doves, bride’s maids, grooms, and the flower girl. Bryant wanted the big to do to say those special words to the man he loved. He couldn’t wait for June to come around.

For now though, Christmas was here and he was eager to spend the second one with his lover. Despite Nathan hating Christmas, Bryant was determined to get the man he adored to appreciate the holiday now that they were a committed couple.

“Bryant?” Nathan’s shrill broke the silence along with the slam of their front door. “Shit, it almost feels like New York. You know they say we might get a little snow down here. Can you imagine? These people can’t handle the white stuff like New Yorkers can.” Nathan wiped his feet on the rug and ran in, crushing Bryant’s body with his own. “And how did my baby enjoy his day off?”

“Loved it. I wish you would’ve spent the day with me, helping with the decorations and stuff. I saved the best part for you, though.” Bryant held up the white star that his mom passed down to from his grandmother.

Nathan grimaced and swiped the light out of Bryant’s hands. “All right, fine but I’m telling you, you don’t need my surliness to ruin your joy, right? I hate Christmas, and always will, regardless of how much you try to make me like it.” Nathan petulantly drew up his lips.

Bryant held onto Nathan, lifting him from the floor. “But babe, you still haven’t given me a good reason. I mean, I get what you were saying last year about the fake attitudes and people being greedy.”

“Especially the black Friday shoppers at the malls and department stores, attacking people for fucking video games. Do you see how wrong that is? And, you know, I’m not all that into holidays but what about the retailers making people work on Thanksgiving? I mean, where’s the holiday spirit there, hmm?”

Bryant nodded and gave Nathan’s buttocks a firm squeeze. “You got a point, lover but our Christmas ain’t about what everyone else is doing, babe. Everyone’s way of celebrating is different and I want ours to be different too.”

“Okay then. How about we spend the whole holiday, making love in different parts of the house.” Nathan flashed him a wicked smile and pecked him softly on the lips. He ran his hands along Bryant’s neck, wrapping his arms around to get a firm grip to support himself. “If you want to put up mistletoe and wreaths for extra effect, please do. Lights, yeah, I like lights so I can see every part of your gorgeous body while we make love. Instead of Christmas carols let’s put on some smooth jazz.”

“No tree?” Bryant loved that most of all. What was Christmas without a tree?

Nathan sighed and rolled his eyes. “I suppose, lover. But must you out do everyone in the neighborhood with the decorations outside?”

“Heck yeah. The kids who live around here love our house. Lots of people compliment me on our festive lights.”

“Yeah I’m sure.” Nathan blew raspberries. “And the gingerbread cookies, the gay sweaters and hats with fucking bells on them?”

Bryant giggled. “I like those sweaters and hats, babe. In fact, I was thinking we’d take a couple of pictures this year.”

“Ooh no… uh uh. You’re not convincing me to do that, Lieutenant.” Nathan vehemently shook his head. “Babe, as much as I love you, I hate those hats and sweaters. Look, we’re gonna be married soon which means we compromise on things. Let’s try doing Christmas my way this year, hmm? I bet you’ll like it just as much, maybe even more if you think about it.”

Bryant tilted his head and puckered up for Nathan to kiss him again. “All right, we will. I am trying to learn to be a lot more, fair in our relationship so I suppose this is a good place to start. But do I have to take down the tree?” Bryant added a sad face and batted his lashes for effect.

“No, no, Lieutenant, we don’t have to but let’s change the music, shall we? I know I can find something we’d both love to listen to.” Nathan struggled to get out of Bryant’s hold.

Bryant completely covered Nathan’s lips with his own and set him down on the floor. “I’m sure you can too but allow me to listen to This Christmas before you change that okay love?”

“Fair enough since it’s one of the few I like. I’ll go find something else to play after that though. We haven’t used the laser record player in a while. We could listen to those old jazz albums I bought in the quarter a few months ago. I’ll be right back, lover.” Nathan spun on his heel and headed out into the foyer to change the tunes.

Bryant sighed, watching his man leave. The songs, the sweaters, the hats, even the lights in the front yard wouldn’t be hard to part with but Bryant loved to bake Christmas cookies, go caroling, and Christmas mass. However, to be a good husband, he’d allow Nathan to plan their holiday the way he wanted it to go.

Perhaps the Grinch in Nathan would see that there was more to Christmas than just super sales on electronics and nasty, fake attitudes.

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  1. Sydney W says:

    That was a sweet excerpt!
    Best Wishes,
    Sydney W

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