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Giveaway for Our Christmas CONTEST – Hot Excerpt

OurXmas  Hey again

Here is a giveaway for Our Christmas. Just answer the following question:

Which of these cities did Nathan and Bryant relocate to?

A: New Lennox

B: Chicago

C: New Orleans

D: New York

The first person to answer correct wins a copy of the book! Good luck

Here is another excerpt and this one’s naughty!

“Nathan?” Bryant grabbed the cookie sheet from the cabinet and set it down on the counter, ready to bake. Nathan didn’t want gingerbread because it meant too much decorating and time. So they compromised and opted for the plain sugar instead. At least Bryant would get to do that since Nathan insisted they order a fully prepared meal just for two on Christmas day.

“Yes lover.” Nathan sauntered in with some drawings and a pencil in hand, sketching as he moved.

Bryant frowned and snatched both from his hands. “Hey you, no working on the days off.” He kissed him quickly and set both on the opposite counter top.

“I know I was just… looking over some designs for the new wing we’re putting in next year at the gallery. Besides, you’re doing the cookies, right? I’m just supposed to watch and eat the cookie dough.”

Bryant chuckled and grabbed the roll of dough along with a bowl. “No I want you to help. Should be fun babe and anyways, I thought you’d like to help so you can keep me occupied while they’re in the oven.” He winked and slit the package with a knife.

Nathan raised an eyebrow. “Ohhh, that. Well, why didn’t you say so, Lieutenant? I think I’ll enjoy this bit of cookie making time.” Nathan moved closer to Bryant and removed his glasses.

Bryant placed a kiss on his cheek and settled behind his man. He dropped the mound in the bowl, adding a little flour to the mixture. Bryant nuzzled his man’s neck, planting light pecks along his hairline. He inhaled his cologne, something not too overpowering, nor feminine. These days, Nathan saved the flowery scents for his hair. “Mhmm, you smell almost as sweet as these cookies.”

Nathan reached in and tasted a bit for himself. “Almost?” Nathan pouted and kneaded his fingers into the dough, getting them ready for the oven.

“Okay, you’re sweeter. You need a little help with that, babe?” Bryant rubbed his cock against Nathan’s ass, mimicking the rhythm Nathan used on the dough.

“No, not…” Nathan gasped and moved right along with him with his hands still in the bowl. “Not yet, Lieutenant. Just keep doing what you’re doing.”

“Okay then. Now remember what I told you, right? Make them into little…balls… then roll them between your fingers.” Bryant whispered in Nathan’s ear while he reached around Nathan’s waist. He licked and nibbled on his earlobe while he loosened the drawstring on Nathan’s sweatpants. Bryant finished and slid them down to his knees. He smacked Nathan’s ass hard, leaving a little red mark on his pale buttocks. Bryant wasn’t really into spanking but occasionally he knew his man liked a little whap just to keep it interesting.

Nathan jumped but continued to make the cookies as he’d been asked. “Umph. Damn, Lieutenant. I’m supposed to be baking here and I thought you were supposed to help me, not commission me to do all the work.”

Bryant massaged Nathan’s thighs much like Nathan did with the dough. “I am working, sugar. While you’re doing the cookies, I’m making this baking thing more fun for you and me.” Bryant smacked both cheeks again and ground himself against Nathan’s ass.


Thoroughly aroused, Bryant shucked his own pants to his ankles. He tapped his dick on his lover’s buttocks and ran it along the crease. He leaned in close, kissing the side of Nathan’s face. “Since you got em all on there, you wanna let them sit a bit?”

“And why would I do that?” Nathan slipped some of the leftovers onto his fingers and into Bryant’s mouth. “That’s what automatic shut off is for, right? Let’s put these in the oven and let the bitches cook.”

Bryant smiled wryly at his lover’s easy use of curse words. “Well, I like to watch em cook too, but I suppose I’ll let it go this time.” Bryant spun Nathan around, pinning him against the counter. When his eyes met Nathan’s hazel gaze, he crushed Nathan’s lips with his own in a frivolous embrace.

Nathan grabbed Bryant around the waist. He ran his hands along both their shafts while tangling his tongue with Bryant’s. “Fuck, baby. I need you in me. Now!”

Bryant nodded, knowing he wouldn’t last long after Nathan jerked them off with cookie dough still on his fingers. He toed his pants off, tossing them aside. He quickly grabbed the cookies and slid them in the oven. “These won’t take long. Only about twenty minutes.”

“I think we’ll be done way before the cookies, lover.” Nathan yanked him in for another searing kiss, running his hands over Bryant’s smooth dome.

Bryant lifted Nathan off the floor and set him on the countertop. “Yeah the climax, but we won’t be done making love, babe. It’s been a while…”

“Only two hours since the last time, Lieutenant.” Nathan nibbled on his tongue and spread his legs wide open. “I’m telling you, this is the kind of Christmas I can get used to.”

“Uh huh.” Bryant spat on his hand, rubbing it along his cock. “Me too, lover, me too.”


  1. titania says:

    New Orleans

  2. Colleen C. says:

    C: New Orleans was my first thought, but went to double check…

  3. Sharon Bake says:

    New Orleans

  4. Sydney W says:

    New orleans :)
    Best Wishes,
    Sydney W

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