Do not be the only family member with a four-wheel drive vehicle when it snows! My schedule quickly shifted from chatting with readers online to being a chauffeur. LOL! Will try to catch up with posts. The third book in my Rock’n’Romance trilogy, THE LEADER OF THE BAND, features a different animal character–a feline that starts out as a scruffy stray with cattitude.


Lauren stepped out onto the porch behind the Victorian house. The roses in the garden were budded and starting to show color. Nearby, a lonely tomcat yowled in frustration. Lauren shivered in understanding. As she turned to re-enter the house, a flash of orange fur dashed past her.

“Get out of here, you rascal!” Lauren followed the cat into the house, grabbing a broom from the hall closet as she passed. She would never hit the creature, of course. She just wanted a way to shoo it outside without getting too close to its claws.

The cat had ideas of its own. Up the stairs, it pushed its way into Lauren’s bedroom. By the time Lauren arrived, the cat was strolling around the room,

rubbing against her clothing. The cat eyed the bed, as if gauging the distance to jump into the middle of the quilt snuggled on the bed.

“Oh no, you don’t.” Lauren swished the broom in the direction of the cat. “Out you go.”

The cat raced out of the room and back down the stairs. Lauren found it sitting in the kitchen. The cat glanced at Lauren, then stared pointedly at the cabinet.

“You charge uninvited into my house and expect me to feed you?”

The cat meowed plaintively without moving its gaze from the cabinet.

A good look at the cat swayed Lauren’s decision. Its coat was a dull orange and ratty-looking, with tufts of fur gone in places. One ear was jagged on top, as if a foe had chewed off part of it in a fight.

“Okay, but just this once.” Lauren opened a can of tuna fish and scooped it into a bowl.

The cat attacked the food with dainty greed, devouring every last flake. Then it sat back on its haunches and proceeded to wash its face and paws.

“Feel better?” Lauren reached down to pat the cat.

Instantly, it became a fury of indignation, hissing and swatting at Lauren with its claws.

“Ow!” Lauren watched the cat disappear out the door as she held her hand. “Didn’t even say thank you.”

She closed the door and slid the lock into place. What did she need with a cat’s gratitude? She had bigger things to worry about. Like how to sort through the years of pretense between Zach and her.


Want to know what happens to this feisty feline as Zach and Lauren play cat and mouse with memories and emotions they are afraid to admit? Leave a comment and let me know you’re interested in being entered in this post’s bonus drawing–an ebook copy of THE LEADER OF THE BAND!

-Genie Gabriel <www.GenieGabriel.com>


  1. Colleen C. says:

    :D Sounds great… I love animals in books… they add a little something extra!

  2. Laurie P says:

    Love the attitude of the cat! So true to the beast, hope he shows up through out the book.
    Laurie P

  3. genenevl says:

    LOL, Laurie! Yes, this feline with cattitude will definitely hang around for the rest of this book. :)

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