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The Music Box & Free Gift Drawing


Ready for another drawing?  In my Christmas paranormal romance, The Music Box, Alex St. Claire and Beth Montgomery decide to spend Christmas Eve together after a chance meeting at Beth’s grandmother’s nursing home.  But when a mysterious music box starts showing up in some really strange places, they know their lives will never be the same!

To win a holiday stationary gift pack, write me a short comment about your strangest holiday.  I will randomly pull a winner for this drawing!


teaser 2-1 of the Music Box

Website:  http://AuthorAliceBrown.com

Buy Site:  The Music Box:  http://www.amazon.com/Music-Box-Siren-Publishing-Allure-ebook/dp/B00H23TVTO/ref=sr_1_44?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1386124321&sr=1-44&keywords=the+music+box


  1. LaGina says:

    My strangest holiday was would have to 2 CHRISTmas’s ago when things were not so good and it didnt look like the kids would have any thing to open the next day. About midnight I got a knock at the door by the time I got there no one was there but my porch was loaded with stuff with the kids. The strange thing….I never told anyone that I didnt know how I was gonna make CHRISTmas for the kids.

    • Thank you for your reply LaGina! It is hearing about stories such as yours that remind me that there is still some good left out there in our world! Congratulations! You won the holiday stationary gift set! I am emailing you now for your information. Thanks for replying and bringing a smile to my face on a otherwise hectic Friday afternoon!

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