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The Darker Path – A Truth Revealed


In the second story in the Haven’s Realm saga, an extraterrestrial princess is brought to earth by a strange storm and deposited in the sitting room of Colton Graves, an angry and remorseful vampire. As she struggles to understand his self-hatred, she creeps closer to the truth with the help of a woman she meets in town. In the following segment, she is walking to Graves Manor from a visit with Molly, deep in thought over her perplexing explanations, when she receives a sense of fear. She turns aside to investigate and discovers Colton holding a strange man in a darkened alley.

The Darker Path, and all the Haven’s Realm saga, is available from Secret Cravings Publishing and your favorite online retailer. Don’t forget to comment for your chance to win from Haven’s Realm!

Tamara Monteau


Darker Path Paperback Front“What are you doing here?” His voice was low and menacing, but his eyes caught and held her attention–they were aglow with feral red fire. “You followed me. I warned you not to interfere.” He closed the gap between them much more quickly than anyone should be able to move. “Why couldn’t you just stay away?”

She couldn’t move. Couldn’t think. With great effort, she pulled her gaze away from his and turned toward the man lying in the center of the alleyway. “You killed him.” Her voice came out a whisper and revealed her confusion.

“Yes. That’s what I do. Are you satisfied now?”

She saw the blood dripping from his anguished lips, the sharp fangs peeking from behind them. “Why?”

He laced his fingers in the hair at the back of her head and pulled backward sharply enough to bring tears to her eyes. “I need blood. This is what I am.” He pulled her closer, and she thought she saw a hint of regret on his face when he whispered tightly, “Oh, why couldn’t you leave this alone?”

He was going to kill her. She saw it on his face and felt it in his rage. Waves of torment and sorrow poured from his heart, mingling with a hunger both dark and insatiable. Instead of fearing for her life or the loss of her destiny, she felt pity for the man holding her brutally in his arms. She couldn’t hope to fight him. In his present state, he was far too powerful. Resisting him would only prolong the pain he’d surely inflict.

With surrender her only remaining option, she braced herself against the shock and opened her mind to him while he moved to her throat. His conflicting thoughts and feelings instantly flooded her mind, and just as it had the night she arrived, his power overwhelmed her. She lost consciousness before his fangs penetrated her throat.


  1. Larissa Palma says:

    This has become one of my favorite series, thank you Tamara for sharing with us.

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