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Haven’s Realm – Tales of the Vampire Community

HavensRealmBannerA new kind of vampire series… danger, action and suspense wrapped in three-flame romances that will make you fall in love all over again.

600 years ago, a new clan arose!

With war between vampire clans escalating, a group of brave friends, led by Jason, former king of ancient Greece, gathered atop Mount Olympus. Their goal? To strike a bargain with all higher powers, one unlike any conceived before.

Welcome to Haven’s Realm and the Vampire Community. The stories in this saga bring an end to the tremulous peace between the clans. The Council of Elders must do all they can to avoid an all-out war and defend the Bargain. The vampires of the Community seek to minimize their footprint on the mortal world, and desire most of all to be left in peace to explore their gifts and all of creation.

While each Haven’s Realm story may be read separately, and have different characters of their own, the series paints an on-going struggle that grows with each tale as the saga unfolds.


TDCover1A Scottish loner becomes involved with a young, profoundly innocent mortal. Their tender romance is cut short  when Joshua is called away to aid in Haven’s defense against an unknown hunter, leaving Catherine alone to face the Council of Elders. She must call upon all her love and courage if she is to meet her destiny.

Joshua and Catherine’s story introduces readers to the Community at a time when tensions are high and the Council has been dealt a lethal blow. The circumstances leading to Catherine’s involvement with the Community are not understood until the fourth installment, Haven’s King, and not resolved until Secrets & Promises, the fifth in the series.


TDPCoversmIn a side-step to the traditional vampire series, The Darker Path introduces an extraterrestrial character to Haven’s Realm. The storyline is unexpected, the outcome surprising, and the consequences to the Community not fully realized until Dragon Lord, the third in the series.

Ki’ara, Empress of the planet Bricia, is taken willingly from her home and responsibilities by a strange storm that carries her to Colton Graves’ manor in New England. Her quest to solve the mystery of Colton’s apparent anger and self-hatred leads her to Haven and the Council of Elders. Their answers force her to choose between her love and the needs of her people.



Dragon Lord PaperbackThe third chapter in the Haven’s Realm saga introduces Ronan, a vampire with ancient origins who possesses a terrifying power. The consummate loner, he avoids all contact with fellow vampires, keeps the fact of his continued existence secret, for millennia, until a looming threat to all vampire kind inspires his intervention. His investigation into the disappearance of vampire servants is interrupted by the surprising appearance of an HSA field agent he’d been asked to protect.

Tyler Jenkins embarks on a covert mission to retrieve stolen Government secrets.  Her careful plan is interrupted by Ronan’s irritating interference, sparking a chain of events that quickly leads to mortal danger. Together they’re thrust into a flight for survival, their only hope to seek the aid of the Community’s Council of Elders.


HavensKing_LRGThe fourth chapter in Haven’s continuing story steps back to a point just before Joshua and Catherine begin their romance, taking up details regarding the tragedy that had befallen Haven’s Realm. Readers have seen in the first two books the plight of the Council’s reluctant King, Jason. Here we learn the events leading to his four-year coma.

Trapped in Cupid’s spell, Jason falls in love at first sight with Mirissa, a Carrington police officer. When his ancient enemies take notice of his desire for her, they trigger an assault that threatens Carrington and rocks the Community to its core. With both his love and the Bargain at stake, he knows it will take more than a golden fleece to set things right.



Secrets&Promises_MEDVincent’s pain was his own. He served his King as a member of his Council, bore his responsibilities and trials in silence. When the curse of his existence reappears in the form and figure of his lost beloved, bearing weapons identifying her as their long-sought after hunter, he must turn his back on his brethren and the Bargain to defend her, for promises he made over an eon ago provided him no choice.

Secrets & Promises lives up to its name be revealing the very core of the Community. Details regarding the Council of Elders and their role in supporting the vampire Community will at last be shared, before engaging the Savant in a power-play over the status of one of the Community’s newest and most important members.


My Haven’s Realm series is written with sensitive adult readers in mind, those who love vampire stories, but prefer to read less graphic language and swearing, and more drama. These three-flame romances offer readers a fun and exciting read. All the chief players are present in each book, giving readers a collection of characters to become familiar with and care about.

As I wrote about my beloved vampire family, I kept the basis of my beliefs in mind, providing a paranormal experience with just enough sin to be sexy. My love scenes, and there are a few, are written with poetic sensitivity, and led up to through intense situations and building desire.

These stories area step between YA and erotica, for those who prefer something in-between. I’m certain you’ll enjoy every word.

Haven’s Realm is available from Secret Cravings Publishing. Don’t forget to comment for your chance to win an e-novel from Haven’s Realm.

Tamara Monteau
Haven’s Realm


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