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Thanksgiving Traditions and Recipes

Every family has its Thanksgiving traditions. Many of ours involves the dishes we expect at the table. My sister always brings deviled eggs (what my father’s mother always brought) and even uses my grandmother’s special plate to serve them. My brother, a hunter, always brings some exotic meat for a taste. I have carried on my mother’s Watergate salad tradition. In fact, the first thing my children (now all adults) ask is if there “that green salad” is going to be at the table. It’s a very simple recipe involving whipped topping and pistachio pudding:

Mix together:

One package of pistachio pudding

One 20 oz can of crushed pineapple (undrained)

One cup of small marshmallows

Half up of chopped pecans

Three cups of whipped topping

Allow to rest in refrigerator and enjoy.

According to one Website, a food editor gave the name to the dish after Kraft introduced the pudding flavor in the 1970s–about the same time as the Nixon scandals.

This is an easy, but very popular, crowd pleaser in my family and hope you enjoy some time in the future.

What Thanksgiving traditions or dishes do you have? Leave a comment for a chance of a copy of Corazones, my award-winning short story collection.

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