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Giving Thanks… no really! That’s the title of the book! :D ADULT EXCERPT!!!!!

Giving Thanks

by Shara Azod and Marteeka Karland



There was something to be said about a man with an appetite and Dorian Grant found himself hungry for a lot more than turkey on Thanksgiving. After being roped into attending a yearly family meal with a woman he’d only previously seen as a friend and co-worker, he realizes that sometimes even when it seems as though your eyes are bigger than your stomach, you still have room for more. With what Jani Wilkerson is serving, he plans on coming back until he’s satisfied and by his estimation that will be never…


Not having anywhere to go on Thanksgiving was just sad. Being coerced into a family dinner by a pushy co-worker was worse. Dorian gritted his teeth as he drove up to the address Jani had given him. There were no less than four cars in the driveway–a feat of really bad driving–three lining the yard, and he was willing to bet anything the three directly across the street were also guests at the Wilkerson abode. If he had any sense he would just keep driving.

Unfortunately, Jefferson from the office saw him and opened the sliding door to wave him in. Fuck! He could pretend he hadn’t seen, but that would be a little too obvious. Especially given the bright orange sweatshirt the annoying man was wearing in support of his favorite football team. He was a tad hard to miss. What a nightmare. Jani just had to gather up all the loser loners and drag them over to her family, didn’t she?

What the hell? At least he knew for a fact Jani’s grandmother and mother were the best cooks next to God. Lord knows Jani had brought him enough meals prepared by the female members of her family so that he wouldn’t survive solely on fast food and Hungry Man frozen dinners. Maybe he could just hang out with Jani’s male family members, far away from Jefferson, who would no doubt hang with the women.

“Man, I am so glad to see you.” Jefferson rushed to meet him after Dorian dragged his ass out of the car. “Ummm, you know I’m not prejudiced right?”

Geezus, this was so not going to go well.

“Dude, nothing good ever comes from words like that, right?” Shit, Dorian could feel a headache blooming at the base of his skull. Thirty minutes, then he was so outta here.

“We are the only white guys here.” Jefferson fanned himself as if he were going to faint. Great, just great. “I love a big, burly black man just as much as the next guy, but I am feeling thoroughly outnumbered and completely out of my depth.”

What could Dorian possibly say to that?

“I can’t stay long,” Dorian finally settled on. “Something’s come up…” He trailed off when he caught sight of Jani through the sliding glass door Jefferson had just hustled through.

The little black dress she wore wasn’t overly provocative, hitting her about mid-thigh with long sleeves, but it clung to every single mouthwatering curve the woman had. The ridiculously high heels should have looked…well, ridiculous. But instead, they showed off those long, long legs to perfection, flexing every serious muscle in her calves and thighs. She wasn’t looking in his direction, but when she turned her head slowly toward him, her gaze met his unerringly.

Son of a bitch! The woman was… Gorgeous didn’t even begin to cover it. How had he missed such a luscious woman so close to him? He worked with this woman every single day. Took business trips with her. Brushed up against that tempting body that was made for steamy, raunchy sex and had never even noticed!

What the fuck?

With a knowing smile, she slid open the door, stepping out into the cool afternoon air, sliding it closed behind her. The sway of her hips should have been illegal. Probably was illegal in most Southern states. The lips with that smile curving them looked like they needed to be wrapped around his cock. Those impossibly long legs looked like they needed to be locked around his waist while those stupid high heels dug into his ass as she urged him to fuck her senseless.

He was completely and thoroughly screwed. Or at least he wanted to be.

“You’re wearing a suit.” Only Jani could manage to look so adorable with a faux frown, her nose wrinkled as she looked him over. “Ah, well, hope you have plenty of room in those pants. Grandma has been looking forward to feeding you all week.”

“Looking forward to feeding me?” Dorian managed to get out before Jani grabbed his hand and hauled him into to the house and past a multitude of people while carelessly tossing out introductions, Jefferson trailing in their wake.

No way he was going to remember any of the “Uncle This” or “Cousin That” as he was led straight to the biggest kitchen he had ever seen in his life. And that too was filled with people laughing, arguing, and just being family. Less than a minute after entering, Dorian found himself engulfed in the biggest bear hug from a woman who looked old enough to be Grandma Wilkerson but moved like a woman thirty years her junior.

“It is so good to finally meet you! Look at you, all dressed the way a man’s supposed to be.” The older woman actually patted his cheek before turning to Jani. “Well, he certainly is a handsome devil, isn’t he? You did good, girl. Take him on in there to meet Papa. I’ll have his favorites whipped up in no time at all.”

Okay, that wasn’t weird at all. Not. First of all, he had never meet Grandma Wilkerson before, but it was painfully obvious she knew all about him. And what did she mean that Jani did well? Awww, hell, was his attraction that obvious?

Unfortunately, even the threat of imminent death by family love wasn’t enough to quell the hard-on steadily building behind those dress pants. If he didn’t get away from Jani soon, he was liable to do something unforgivable. Or get caught with the stiffyfrom hell. Either would be equally bad.

She led him to the living room where the game blared from a big-screen TV, the male members of her family coming and going like it was the greatest man cave that had ever been. Which, from all appearances, it was. A TV so big it took up one entire wall, surround sound speakers, a plush sectional big enough to hold a small football team and a coffee table loaded with all kinds of game foods. Had he not had his mind on other things, he’d have been properly impressed.

As it was, the introductions passed by in another haze of handshakes and arm slaps. All the while, Jani grinned at him, never leaving his side.

The men were really getting into the game, cheers and jeers going up at periodic intervals. Jani laughed, glancing at him with a bright smile as she stepped slightly in front of him.

“Papa, this is Dorian Grant.” Was it him, or did Jani actually beam as she presented him to the oldest male in the room?

Papa Wilkerson was seated in an easy chair with a direct line of sight to the widescreen. He looked every inch the king of his castle, especially since the noise level dropped considerably at Jani’s words. Everyone seemed to be waiting to see the older man’s reaction. And the man wasn’t talking, it seemed. Wise eyes looked him up and down, no doubt taking in things about Dorian he didn’t have a clue he was giving off.

“Welcome to the family, Dorian.” And with that, Pap Wilkerson went back to the game.

Okay, that was…odd, but the guy obviously didn’t hate him, which was a relief. Dorian let out a breath he hadn’t been aware he was holding. Wait–why the hell did he feel relieved? With a sinking feeling he became all too aware there was no way he was ever going to make a quick exit. Nope, he was stuck here for the duration. He was just going to have to let go and ride the madness wherever Jani led him.

Where the hell was she leading him?

Dorian offered no resistance as Jani maneuvered them behind the huge sectional, occasionally talking to a passing family member. A couple of her cousins had cornered Jackson at one end of the massive room, laughing and conversing with the awkward little man as if they’d known him all their lives. Jackson looked decidedly uncomfortable and kept crossing and uncrossing his legs nervously, obviously not knowing what to make of the pair.

That was when a small hand curled around his cock and squeezed.





  1. Larissa Palma says:

    Woo hoo! another winner! thanks for sharing.

  2. glad you like the excerpt. :)

  3. Sheila F says:

    Like the sound of this story:)

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