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Home for the Holidays – Thanksgiving has never been so sexy!

Stop by my Facebook page for a chance to win one of 3 copies of “Home for the Holidays” that I’m giving away Sunday.  To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment on the contest post.  It’s that easy.


Nelly O’Malley is heading home for Thanksgiving. As the only unmarried child, she is facing a lot of pressure to get married and start producing grandchildren. She’d told her family she was bringing her boyfriend, but they’ve broken up by the time Thanksgiving rolls around.

Jack O’Dell is a widower who has been concentrating on his business after losing his family years earlier.

When Nelly’s car crashes on the slick roads, Jack rescues her and drives her to the family home. She persuades him to join them for Thanksgiving dinner as a thank-you, not realizing her family will mistakenly believe he is the boyfriend they’ve been told about, and they love him. Luckily, Jack agrees to play along and the heat rises between them.

But when she finds out that the car accident was no accident, she has to discover if Jack was her savior or trying to kill her.

Available at your favorite eRetailer:

Amazon.com: http://tinyurl.com/nop9y8m

Amazon UK: http://tinyurl.com/o3y2f5u

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B&N: http://tinyurl.com/qxe9a9c

Or buy direct from the publisher at: http://www.bookstrand.com/home-for-the-holidays




As she saw the tree approaching, she braced herself. The car was from the eighties, so there were no air bags, but she did have her shoulder belt securely fastened. There was a sickening sound of metal scraping against the tree, but luckily it was the passenger side that hit. She’d braced herself, but she still hit the steering wheel. She gingerly felt her ribs. They all seemed to be in one piece, although she’d probably be pretty sore in the morning and have good bruise.

She gave a silent prayer of thanks that she was on a quiet side road when the accident happened. She shuddered. Five minutes earlier and she’d have been on a busy highway and she probably wouldn’t be getting out of her car to check out the situation.

She walked around the car as far as she could. The driver’s side and front of the car looked fine, but the passenger side looked caved in. She squatted down and had a closer look. It looked like the frame had buckled. No way was she going anywhere, even if the car was driveable.

She grabbed her cell phone out of her purse and, of course, it was dead. She had meant to charge it, but, like usual, forgot. Usually she noticed when it was down to about fifteen percent and could squeeze out a call before it died, but this time it wouldn’t even turn on.

Great, just great. She was so close to home, yet too far. It was further than she really wanted to walk in this weather, and the sun was going down, so the temperature was going to drop. On the other hand, the road wasn’t well travelled, and she wasn’t sure how long it would be until someone came by. Even her family wouldn’t be worried much before midnight, because she didn’t give them a firm arrival time.

Just then, she saw headlights. May be she was going to get lucky. Or, she thought, with my luck, it could be an axe murderer or rapist looking for a victim rather than a Good Samaritan who could lend her their cell phone to call the auto club.

She watched the vehicle get closer. It was a white pickup with the logo “O’Dell’s Garage” across the side. The man who got out caught her attention immediately. It was the green-eyed guy from the service station. He really was tall. With the angle of the sun, she couldn’t see his features well, but his hair was dark, and as he got closer, she could see how the muscles in his shoulders filled out the jacket he wore with the O’Dell name and logo and a pair of faded jeans that rode low on his slim hips. Oh, my, she thought, if this were a porno, he’d throw her on the hood of her car and have his way with her. And she just might let him, she thought, as he got closer and she got a good look at his face. Except for the rain, of course. In her sudden fantasy, it was summer, and instead of a work jacket, he was wearing a tight white T-shirt. Or, maybe he wasn’t wearing a shirt at all, she fantasized, and he was all hot and sweaty as he worked on her car and then came over to work on her. Oh my. Where did that come from?

She looked at him closer. He wasn’t conventionally handsome. His features were too strong for that, and he looked very serious, even grim. And she could see that his dark hair was shot with gray, but his eyes were just as green as she remembered. But he had a male magnetism that called out to her, and she could feel her stomach flutter with lust.

She must have been lost in her daydream, because she heard him say, “Miss, Miss. Are you okay?” and realized that she had missed the first part of what he said. She would have to keep better control of herself. Today was the day for disappointing her mother and seeing her brothers and sisters and their ever-expanding families, not for lusting over a hot stranger.


  1. Sheila F says:

    Putting this down to get, thanks for sharing.

  2. Larissa Palma says:

    I must tell you I think this story has a very engaging plot, I’m looking forward to read it.

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