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The Scottish Selkie – review & booktrailer

Hi everyone,

Here’s the book trailer for my new audio book, The Scottish Selkie.

Dawn Bear posted this review of my audio book – The Scottish Selkie

“Excellent story and listen”
This author was able to weave a story full of folklore, legends, true history, love, pain, and sex in a way that did not interfere with the flow. I enjoyed learning about the folklore and true history as much as living the romance through the absolutely fantastic voice of Dennis Kleinman.
Dennis Kleinman has a warm voice, and is able to convincingly act out the different characters, without making the females sound like shrews. His performance, as usual, makes one feel as they are listening to a play, not just someone reading a book. Very well done on the Scottish brogue.
I teared up when Bethoc finally realized she was wrong about the death of her father and betrothed.
I enjoyed the story and loved the narration of this audiobook.”

Thank you,

Cornelia Amiri

1 Comment

  1. Armenia says:

    Lovely book trailer. The Scottish Selkie sounds like an beautiful romance story I would so much enjoy.

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