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Vampire Highland Fling

Here’s an excerpt from my Vampire Highland Fling, Dancing Vampires, Book 2 The third book in the series, Dancing Vampires with Ellora’s Cave.

vampirehighlandfling_msrWhen Cameron meets a beautiful, mysterious woman who dances the Highland fling for him, his blood boils for her. Soon Murdina and Cameron are doing more than dancing. Is their love strong enough to overcome the threat her sisters pose to Murdina’s heart and to Cameron’s life?

Excerpt: A sandy-haired man strutted down the narrow, paved road, one arm wrapped around his bagpipes, the mouthpiece stuffed between his full lips. With his fingers tapping the holes, he played a warm, joyful tune, infusing the air with energy.

Goose bumps broke out on her tingling arms as she drew nearer the stranger. Her gaze fell on the muscular legs beneath his Hayes kilt, a red and green tartan with thin white lines. She swept her gaze to his broad chest, which filled out his black tailored shirt. She appreciated the manly touch of the light bit of fuzz dusting his strong jaw, above his lip and on his firm chin.
The wind stirred and threw his kilt up, exposing a thick bulge. Even flaccid, it appeared long and impressive. She came to a stop and gazed transfixed at his bare cock before the breeze released its hold and dropped the kilt over it.
Her hunt for a man had come to an end already. She just needed to move in and capture her prey. She smoothed the silk skirt of the green dress draping her slender body. She knew the tune he played, singing out as she stepped close to the road. “Heel for heel and toe for toe, arm in arm and row in row, all for Marie’s wedding.” She stood in front of him now.
The music stopped. He gaped at her, his mouth wide open.
“Hello.” She forgot mortals were startled when people suddenly appeared before them. She made a mental note to remember that. As she gazed into his gleaming brown eyes, she felt the heat from them on her fey flesh.
His thick brows arched. “I didn’t see you there.”
He may not have seen her, but she saw him. Her attraction to him was so strong, she couldn’t look away. “I turned from my path when I heard the music and came to watch you play.”
He held his bagpipes with one hand and scratched his head with the other. “There’s just this road and the pasture.”
As she leaned her head back, her long red hair swayed across her back. “If you know how to look for them, you’ll find old paths all over the Highlands leading to places you wouldn’t believe.”
His gaze slid to her breasts, then he turned away, as if embarrassed. “I’m Cameron. I am coming from a wedding I played at.” He slapped his bagpipes.
The humans did that, they married. Fell in love with someone who felt the same for them until they both died, then found each other again in their next life.
She bobbed her head. “My name’s Murdina. May I walk beside you as you pipe?”
“Please do.” He bit on the mouthpiece and fluttered his large, strong hands on the pipe.
Her body flowed with the rhythm as the notes danced in the air, filling the night with a happy zeal. Facing his side, she stretched her arms in an arch above her head. She kicked one leg to the side, then the other. With quick heel and toe movements, she danced beside him as he walked.
With one arm in the air, the other on her hip, she bounced on her toes as her green dress ruffled against her skin. Her breasts ached from jiggling as she danced, and they ached for Cameron to cup and squeeze them. She shuffled her shoulders back and forth, raised and rolled her hips one at a time, peered deep into his eyes, and flashed an enticing smile, using all her baobhan sith tricks of seduction.
This time her body didn’t throb with hunger for human blood, her nails didn’t transform into talons to kill her victim. No. She craved so much more from Cameron, the magic humans had. Love. It didn’t exist among her fellow fey. Her kind flitted from one lover to the next. She’d only realized she could have more when Sorcha, her youngest sister, married a human. She yearned for this powerful, life-changing completeness the humans called love.
When the song finished he began playing For The Love Of A Princess, from a film she’d heard of, Braveheart. Lost in the tune and lost in his gleaming eyes, quirky smile and his well-muscled body, she burned for this man. Her fey senses told her the pull toward him, the need to be with him, could be the start of what she sought. Love. With one arm arched above her head, keeping the upper part of her body still, kicking back and forth, stepping high, with all her grace and heart, she danced the Highland fling as she had learned it thousands of years ago.
He came to a stop, continuing to play as she danced around him. His gaze never left her, as if mesmerized by her movements. She’d caught her prey. The tune ended.
There was only one problem. As he gazed into her eyes, she realized she was the one captured. Her heart raced, her breathing grew shallow as his gold-toned irises drew her deeper. Heady and unable to look away, she rose on her tiptoes. Then, she pulled the mouthpiece from his lips, while still peering into his eyes. She leaned closer and pressed her lips to his, which felt so warm and soft.
With the sensation of gentle pressure as he sucked her upper lip, shivers of heat raced through her. He slid his slick lips to her lower one and tugged on it. He nibbled lightly and she let out a mewling sound as tension coiled at the apex of her thighs. She shut her eyes, savoring the hot intoxicating taste of his mouth. The woodsy, light floral scent of wild heather danced in the air as the finished tune lingered in her mind.
She had to keep her secret from him. It was the only way she could be with him, stay with him.

Thank you,

Cornelia Amiri

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  1. Sheila F says:

    Love the excerpt and the blowing breeze, thanks for sharing.:)

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