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Excerpt: Midnight Heat, Hot African American Romance

Midnight Heat, Book 2 in the Moonlight Romance Series will be released soon from Liquid Silver Books. I’m in the final round of editing. It is so exciting.

Midnight Heat is a historical romance that takes place on a steamboat on the Mississippi River in 1868.

Now that George and Allison are free from the confines of their past can they give themselves permission to fall in love?


He walked up to an old black man with a covered wagon. He looked kindly enough with a gray beard and wrinkles around his eyes and mouth as if he smiled a lot. “Where are you headed?” George asked.

The old man motioned with his head to the back of the wagon. “Moving to St. Louis. Going to live with my daughter.”

If he was moving did he have enough room in the wagon for both of them?

“Do you have room for a couple passengers?” George asked. “I can pay you for your trouble.”

“Would be a mighty tight squeeze, but you’re welcome to try.”

George looked into the back of the wagon. Perhaps if he moved the chairs around and stacked the boxes better they’d fit. “Can I rearrange your belongings, sir?”

“I reckon so. If you’re careful young man.”

“Yes, sir. I’ve worked as a roustabout. I know all about packing.” He nearly emptied the entire wagon. Watching Allison out of the corner of his eyes, he saw her shift her weight and rock in place, her body language blaring at him to hurry up.  After he’d filled the wagon again, he’d made enough room for one person, crammed against the left side of the wagon. “I think we’ll manage,” George said.

He climbed in a lay down in the small space. Allison climbed up after him and paused. “And where am I going to ride?” she asked.

“On top of me,” George said, grinning.

Allison huffed, but she eased herself on top of him.

George held back a groan. Her bosom pressed into his chest. Each thud of her heart echoed a thud of his own. The old man slapped the reins and got his mules moving. The wagon jostled forward and George reached around holding onto Allison’s back.

The innocent movement pressed her into him harder. He felt the heat between her legs and it brought his cock to life. Blood rushed to his neither region.

Allison’s eyes widened and she let out a tiny mewl. The dirt road was well traveled and worn. Each rut they crossed rocked the wagon inadvertently brushing George’s arousal against Allison.

George’s face burned. He was sure he was as red as a ripe cherry. Perhaps the wagon ride was a bad idea. They needed to stay hidden and there hadn’t been many covered wagons to choose from with friendly looking drivers.

“Allison,” he said, “are you all right?”

“Mmm-hmm. I’m enjoying the ride.”

George blinked, her playful comment seemed out of character. Could it be women fell prey to the same needs men did? He didn’t know for sure. He tucked the question away for later and willed his cock to behave.

“We shouldn’t do this here.” His voice had a scolding edge he hadn’t intended. It wasn’t Allison’s fault they were both aroused. But lovemaking in the back of someone’s wagon was a bad idea.

She rose up. “Why not?”

You can read the first book in the series Midnight Caller (published by Liquid Silver Books) now.


Life without love is painful, but in 1865 forbidden fruit can be deadly. When a wealthy widow decides to enjoy her new-found freedom, she puts more than her reputation on the line. An unwanted suitor means to have her, or no one will. From sizzling sex to life-threatening danger, the intrigue will keep you turning the pages of Midnight Caller, Haley Whitehall’s sizzling new romance.

Midnight Caller, Moonlight Romance Book 1

is available at:

Liquid Silver Books

Barnes and Noble



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