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Sunsets in Las Vegas ~ part 2 reprised ( 1NightStand #123 )

* Las Vegas… I love setting stories in the city, not just because I live here but also because, like sunsets, it’s such a diverse place—lots to do and see on the strip and off. My 2nd sunset story, Sunset Seduction – 1NightStand #123, takes place in a hotel room in Las Vegas. The characters have a view of the city and mountains and both take note of the setting sun. I describe the sunset’s colors as the sun settles and dips behind the western range, setting the scene for romance. And, the cover—done in the spirit of the story, sunsets and the exciting city of Las Vegas—is hot!
The next two sunset books in the works will be set up on Mt. Charleston, which is about half an hour north of Las Vegas, but for now, here’s the info on Sunset Seduction
Sunset-Seduction200.x300~ Blurb ~
* One evening. One date. Easy, right?
* Heather Tramonto, a business woman with only her career and a quickie on her mind, is all set for her 1NS date and a bit of adult fun–no conditions, no commitment–when a surprise shows up at her door.
* Lane Stanwyck is entering the dating world after years of an estranged marriage and the passing of his hostile wife. When Madame Eve schedules an anonymous tryst for him–no conditions, no commitment–he believes it to be the perfect arrangement for his first time out in the dating field in ages. That is until he sees the woman of his dreams.
* One night. No strings. That might be a problem for this pair.
Pick up the book/read an excerpt at one of these fine e-tailers…
Decadent Publishing
All Romance eBooks
* Aside from my love of sunsets, there’s another reason ‘sunset’ is used in the titles for the stories I’m writing, but you’ll have to read them to find out what it is. ;) Comment and you could win a copy of Sunset Desires!
Happy Reading!
C.R. Moss


  1. deethomas291 says:

    Great excerpt! I shared on the above links! I loved the sunsets on your Th and web sites! Absolutely beautiful and awe inspiring!
    deethomas 291 at gmail dot com

  2. tawania says:

    Great blurb.. I’m looking forward to reading more.

  3. Colleen C. says:

    Love that cover… the book sounds great!

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