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EXCERPT: See the Light m/m contemp sports romance

Hi everybody! I’m back with another excerpt, this one from my first male/male book, See the Light. As the books deals with gay athletes in the Olympics (I set them in Geneva Switzerland, not Russia), it seems like I was foreshadowing. Sad but true.

Anyway, the book is pretty hot, so if you like your male/male romances more sweet you might not enjoy this. Just warning you. I’d hate to have someone buy the book and then hate it because there’s a lot of sex.


Um, did I mention the HAWT cover? *fanning myself*

To the excerpt:

Jason stared at the other man, the lust burning him where he stood. He moved even closer, like a moth to a flame.
What the fuck am I doing?
Apparently Patrick didn’t know either, because his expression became alarmed. “What?”
I can’t stop.
“I need to do this.”
Not giving Patrick a chance to react to his words, Jason grabbed him, one hand palming the back of Patrick’s head as Jason’s other arm snaked around the man’s waist, pulling him into Patrick’s rock-hard body. It was obvious the man kept in shape, despite his playing days being over, and a tortured moan escaped before he could stop it. Jason dived into Patrick’s mouth as the passion flared, melting him from the inside out. He hadn’t kissed a man in years, and he realized how much he’d missed it as the kiss went on and on, neither man willing to let the other go.
He could feel Patrick’s cock as it lined up with his, and even through layers of clothing Jason felt the heat pouring off the other man. It made him want to submit to anything Patrick desired, which confused him. Honestly Jason couldn’t remember the last time he’d had a man’s dick in his mouth, but right now he’d give just about anything to suck Patrick off.
Patrick pushed them backward until they crashed into the wall, never letting their lips separate as he took control of the kiss. With a growl, the older man reached down and cupped Jason’s ass, pulling their cocks even closer and rubbing them together. Jason turned his head to the side with a gasp to break the kiss before he passed out, but Patrick kept at him, scoring his teeth down Jason’s neck to his pulse point.
“So fucking hot.”

Copyright 2013, Cassandra Carr

Like I said, hot stuff!

Here’s what a few readers said about the book on Amazon:

  • Cassandra does a very good job of setting out the obstacles facing the characters. When all is said and done, love is love, regardless of who is feeling it. This is a very good first MM book for Cassandra Carr.
  • I loved reading Jason and Patrick’s story in See the Light and I cannot believe that this was author Cassandra Carr’s first m/m book. She did a great job capturing the essence of the characters and their fear and stigma of being “outed” to the NHL and the public. I love a story that involves a personal and professional conflict and seeing the characters work hard and do whatever it takes to be together.
  • I just finished this story and I have to say, it moved me to tears. Her characters were so real to me that I couldn’t help but become invested in their story and be moved by the pain and fear they felt at having their love discovered. And then, after watching them fall in love and seeing them try to hide it from the world and rooting for them through the entire book, Ms. Carr didn’t disappoint with the ending. I think it’s safe to say this has to be one of my favorite endings of all time :)

I’m hoping to have book 2 in this series out within the next three to six months depending on when I can finish it. ;-) It’s called Hiding in Plain Sight.

For more information about me or my books, you can look at my website at http://www.booksbycassandracarr.com.

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  1. sherry1969 says:

    I had to fan myself after reading the excerpt and looking at the hot cover.
    sstrode at scrtc dot com

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