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Shifters in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

I love everything there is about U.P. living. It’s basically quiet here and life can be really good. My intention was to stick to all the animals who reside here. You know, pumas, wolves, porcupines, bears, etc. But there was a dragon family who had other ideas. Then the Wilder family snuck in. Dragons and phoenix in the U.P.? Oh sure, why not? See, I had good intentions :)

Natural Born Enemies came flowing out and I was so happy that the characters were a puma and a wolf. It wasn’t hard for me to fall in love with Adam and Luna. Their wounds were still raw after all the time they had spent apart. I was so pleased that they told me their story and I was able to help them heal.



Cedar River, Michigan is a wonderful place to fall in love. Some people see change as a good thing, but there are a few others who can’t let go of the “old ways.” “Breeds should stay within their breeds,” they say.

Adam Thomas is the deputy sheriff in Cedar River. His black puma shifter side got him released from the military and sent back home. His demons followed, but they are nothing compared to the ones within his pride.

Luna McIntyre is the only daughter and shaman to the McIntyre pack. She is tired of being smothered and told what to do in regards to her life. She’s opened a sweet shop and moved forward with her life. However, the love of her teen years is back in town and her family is trying to rein her in again.

Someone in this small town is so set in their beliefs that they can’t see how love is sometimes simply love. Cats and canines may be natural born enemies, but love may be enough to get past the differences.


  1. Tawania says:

    I love shifter stories, and the blurb definitely has me intrigued. I can’t wait to read more.

  2. I am with Tawania on the loving shifter stories. I have over 8000 books on my kindle but generally hunt through them for the shifter books. I was going to ask what inspired you to write paranormal, but it seems like your post kind of answered that. Thank you for sharing.

    tiffanykrepps @ gmail . com

  3. gemmakmurray says:

    Thank you both! I appreciate your kind words. Tiffany, to answer your question, it all started with a dream I had about this beautiful golden dragon. The rest is what you get to see in Keeper of the Golden Dragon’s Heart and Natural Born Enemies. The Golden Dragon’s Treasure is currently in edits.

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