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Locking Horns (m/m) – bonus giveaway!

KB_LockingHorns_coverlg-1Last month, I joined forces with P.G.Forte, Cathryn Cade, Cathy Pegau, and a bunch of other great romance writers to celebrate our spring releases with some blogs, excerpts, and giveaways–and P.G.Forte kindly ran an extended bonus giveaway to celebrate the release of Locking Horns.AshesoftheDay-R

The winner recieves their choice of any TWO of our featured ebooks, which can include Locking Horns :) What are you waiting for? Enter now!

Read an excerpt from P.G. Forte’s Ashes of the Day

Read an excerpt from Cathy Pegau’s Deep Deception

Read an excerpt from Locking Horns

Read an excerpt from Lord of the Forest


Out now from Loose Id. A new novella continuing the adventures of Herne the Hunter! Set in the Greenwood universe.

Buy it from Loose Id Amazon Amazon.co.uk All Romance

This story can be read as a sequel to Bound to the Beast, a prequel to Bound for the Forest, or as an introduction to the Greenwood series.

Blurb: England, 1804. Herne the Hunter has roamed the forests for hundreds of years and he’s known love with fellow half stag-shifter Tam for the past two centuries. The passion between them sizzles hot as ever, but times are changing. Greenwood magic is fading and this threatens both Herne and Tam’s immortality and the bond between them.

After Herne discovers the Greenwood fairies are dying, and dockworkers felling oaks to build warships might be to blame, he wants to fight the modern world with his warrior’s sword. Tam, who embraces all things new, desires a dominant partner, not a brute who wants to drag England back to the Dark Ages. Soon the Wild Hunt, Herne’s ancient army of doom, are back, tempting him to unleash his wrath, and the rhythm of Herne and Tam’s lovemaking seems broken for good. When Tam’s plan to reinstate a spring ritual goes awry, only Herne can save him. Herne must choose between his past and future, and they both must decide what matters most—eternal life or eternal love.

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  1. Sydney W says:

    That is a fabulous giveaway!!
    Thank you for extending,did’nt know about it :)
    Thank you for sharing it and for the opportunity to win !
    Best Wishes,
    Sydney W,

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