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An Interview with Tam and Herne (Locking Horns, m/m)

KB_LockingHorns_coverlg-1Today I’m going to be chatting with the characters from my new fantasy m/m Locking Horns, Herne and Tam.  Herne the Hunter needs little introduction. He’s an ancient Greenwood legend, an immortal spirit, who shifts to sport the antlers of a stag when his blood is stirred. Horny!  He’s been with village lad, Tam, since 1588, when he claimed and remade Tam as a demispirit.   I told their story in my novel, Bound to the Beast, and now I’ve written a sequel, Locking Horns, which picks up their story over two hundred years later. If you’ve not read the first story, don’t worry, there’s a recap in Locking Horns.

KB: Hi boys!

Tam: Good day to you, Kay. *narrows his eyes* I hope you’re not going to do anything dreadful to me this fine spring morning.  You nearly killed me in Bound to the Beast–I got beaten up by my brothers, the fairies, half the village, and nearly ravaged by an army of the undead.  And then there was the bondage and the spanking.

KB. I didn’t hear you complaining about the latter, Tam.

Tam:  Well, no. *pouts and looks shiftily at Herne* But that’s not the point. I’m bloody nervous about what you’ve got in store for me in Locking Horns.

KB:  I can promise more bondage.

Tam: Yay! I mean, uh, that’s not so bad. But what about the rest of it?

KB: *looks guilty* Uh, you might get beaten up a teeny weeny bit, but you know I love making my heroes suffer. Compared to Cal and Robin Hood in Lord of the Forest (another of the Greenwood novels) you get off lightly, honey.  And you get some mindblowing sex.

Tam: All right. I forgive you. Aren’t you supposed to be interviewing us?

KB: I would if you’d stop talking and let me!  Er, Herne. Can I ask you something?

Herne: *looks brooding and snorts*

KB: I’ll take that as a yes. So, how does it feel to be over eighteen-hundred years old?

Herne: *glowers*

Tam: He’s all right with it really, just doesn’t like talking about it. We’re both pretty lucky, because we don’t really age. Herne’s strong as an ox–he can throw me over one shoulder, a Maypole over another, and still hike ten miles through the forest.  He’s a handy fellow to have around.  We are getting a bit worried about this modern age, mind. Times are changing, and Greenwood magic is fading.  Few people believe in the old religions of the forest anymore, and the fairies have gone missing.  We remain immortal for now…but who knows what the future brings?

KB: You’ve only reached 1804, Tam. The next couple of centuries might get even scarier. The Industrial Revolution has barely started for you, let alone the space and technological ages.KB_BoundBeast_coverlg

Tam: *looks alarmed* What are you talking about?

KB: I’m the interviewer, remember?  And how the hell am I going to get Herne to say something?

Tam: *whispers in Herne’s ear*

Herne: *glowers slightly less and nearly smiles*

Tam: I think he’ll answer one after what I just promised him as a reward.  Make it a good one.

KB: How about a smutty one? What feels better–when Tam sucks your antlers, or when he sucks your, er… *blushes slightly*

Herne: *grins*

KB: Is that all the answer I get?

Herne: No. It’s the latter you silly little girl.

KB. Oh. Well, thank you. That’s cleared that up.

Anyway, thanks for dropping by. I’ll warn you two now, I’ve had so much fun picking up your adventures in 1804 that it’s unlikely you’re going to remain there for long.  The 21st Century is not so far off, and we’re potty about shifters here! Ready to face the future?

Tam: *strokes Herne’s massive thigh* As long as we’re together, we’ll be just fine.

KB.  Sadly, the best plots happen when I drive you apart and make you suffer, at least for a little while, so there might be some choppy waters ahead. Brace yourself, boys!

Tam and Herne: *glare as one*

(Originally posted on MA Church’s blog :))

Out now from Loose Id. A new novella continuing the adventures of Herne the Hunter! Set in the Greenwood universe.

Buy Locking Horns from Loose Id Amazon Amazon.co.uk All Romance

This story can be read as a sequel to Bound to the Beast, a prequel to Bound for the Forest, or as an introduction to the Greenwood series.

Blurb: England, 1804. Herne the Hunter has roamed the forests for hundreds of years and he’s known love with fellow half stag-shifter Tam for the past two centuries. The passion between them sizzles hot as ever, but times are changing. Greenwood magic is fading and this threatens both Herne and Tam’s immortality and the bond between them.

After Herne discovers the Greenwood fairies are dying, and dockworkers felling oaks to build warships might be to blame, he wants to fight the modern world with his warrior’s sword. Tam, who embraces all things new, desires a dominant partner, not a brute who wants to drag England back to the Dark Ages. Soon the Wild Hunt, Herne’s ancient army of doom, are back, tempting him to unleash his wrath, and the rhythm of Herne and Tam’s lovemaking seems broken for good. When Tam’s plan to reinstate a spring ritual goes awry, only Herne can save him. Herne must choose between his past and future, and they both must decide what matters most—eternal life or eternal love.



  1. Sydney W says:

    Nice interview!!
    Thank you for sharing it and for the giveaway too.
    Best Wishes,
    Sydney W,

  2. Nancy S says:

    Enjoyed the interview, entertaining and a nice window on the characters.

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