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Who Said It? # 3 — Last Chance to Win

Cover Art for Deal of a LifetimeCover Art for The Widow's RevengeHere’s a pair of quotes from two of my books along with the names of the heroines who said the words. Correctly identify which heroine said which words, and your name goes in the hat for a free copy of One Moment’s Pleasure. Hint, there is enough information on my website http://RueAllyn.com for you to answer the questions. Earlier today I posted two other chances to choose and get entered in the drawing. Here your choices are:

Maggie Winters ~ The Widow’s Revenge or Tamsin Donal ~ Deal of a Lifetime

1. “No.” Yes. Unable to resist she shifted her head the tiniest bit. Her lips brushed across his.

2. “No, I’m about as heterosexual as they come, but my friend back there needs to be taught a lesson in humility.”


  1. Colleen C. says:

    1. Tamsin
    2. Maggie
    It was great seeing a piece of each of your books! thanks for sharing!
    greenshamrock AT cox DOT net

  2. Rue Allyn says:

    You’re very welcome Colleen. I’ll contact the winner over the weekend.

  3. Sydney W says:

    Ans 1) Tamsin Donal
    Ans 2) Maggie Winters
    Loved all the excerpts and each story is so different yet interesting.
    Thank you for sharing it and for the giveaway too.
    Best Wishes to you for all your releases,
    Sydney W,

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