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Coming Soon from the Cedar River series by Gemma K. Murray

Today is shaping up to be much better. I’m officially on spring break this week so I have a lot of time to get caught up on things I’ve been running behind on. Baking, reading, homework, cooking, cleaning, writing, you get the picture.

Yesterday, I told you I would post my new cover. I’m so excited because I’m stepping out on my own with this book. I’m going to be self-publishing The Golden Dragon’s Treasure. I’m nervous and excited all at once.



For those of you who are fans of this series, this is Brady Golden and Silver Larkin’s story. Their story was a long journey and I had to deal with a lot of things as I wrote it. I’m so glad to see it coming to fruition.

Here’s an excerpt:

The bell over the diner door rang. I lifted my head and watched as two of the sexiest red-heads walked in.

Bowie let out a low whistle. Adam turned to see what we were looking at.

“Thank the gods, I’m engaged. Holy hell, that’s double trouble, if ever I’ve seen it.”

I could feel the crotch of my jeans shrinking at a rather rapid pace. My mouth was watering. I swallowed hard and simply stared. Red-heads are my downfall and always have been.

One had a long braid and the other one had short, spiky hair.

The short-haired one turned and smiled. Her lavender eyes were lined with eyelashes as black as night. She tapped the other one on the shoulder and they both looked at us.

With piercings in her eyebrows, her nose, her lip, and who knows where else, she said something to the other and walked to our table.

She leaned over our table and her scent snuck into my nose, down my throat, and grabbed me by the balls. “Hey, handsome,” she said, looking at me, “could you tell me and my sister where we could find Sheriff Golden?”

All the blood rushed from my head and my tongue felt as if it weighed a ton. I lifted my hand and pointed to my right where Bowie sat.

The beautiful goddess smiled again, “Thanks, handsome.” She turned to Bowie who could only smile. “Sheriff Golden, I’m Silver Larkin. My sister, Sheriff Starr Larkin, phoned yesterday about an e-mail she received about our friend, Samantha Howard and her son, Patrick.”

Her voice was laced with sex.  Her sister joined us at the table and I felt as if I’d been hit with a hammer.

Bowie asked them a few questions about Jane/Samantha which they answered to his satisfaction apparently. “I’ve got to get to the office, but Brady can take you out to Ja-, I mean, Samantha. Just be prepared. She hit her head in the accident and she doesn’t remember too much. We felt lucky she remembered Patrick. There again, he’s a pretty unforgettable kid.”

I looked at Bowie. I was supposed to take these two out to Ana’s cottage? I couldn’t even speak and I was supposed to tell Samantha why these women were visiting her? I looked up and begged the gods for some mercy.

The one named Starr touched my arm, “If you don’t mind, we’d like to get going.” I noticed the pentagram tattooed on the inside of her wrist.

I cleared my throat. “Uhm, sure. My truck is back at the sheriff’s station. If you want to meet me there in about fifteen minutes, I can take you out to Ja-, Samantha.”

Silver winked at me as she stood to get their coffees from the counter.


  1. Robin says:

    Once again you grabbed my attention and you know I want this book I love those golden dragon boys.

  2. Sydney W says:

    That cover is a pure visual treat!! esp the guy :)
    Also kudos and congrats to you for becoming self published author.
    I am sure its a big step,big decision,I wish you good luck and success
    We all are here with you,atleast I am :)
    Thank you for sharing the excerpt.
    Best Wishes,
    Sydney W,

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