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Sixty Aussie Authors at the Australian Romance Readers Convention… plus more


Sometimes I have to pinch myself to check that all these wonderful things are really happening to me. I’ve had such a good few months, first winning award-winning UK publisher Choc-Lit’s Search for an Australian Star competition, and then being shortlisted by Australian Romance Readers’ Association for Favourite Historical Romance in 2012 (for the second time in a row) for my wicked little Regency wtih a sting in the tale, Rake’s Honour.


60 Aussie authors at ARRC. I’m in orange in back row.

I went to Brisbane for the convention and the awards dinner and it was just fantastic. Above is a picture of the 60 Aussie Authors. (I’m the one in the orange dress in the back row, left.)

My Racy Regency romp, Rake’s Honour, didn’t win – the award went to popular Aussie romance author Anna Campbell (for the fifth time), a deserving and long-time friend of mine – but I still had heaps of fun.

The weekend event was held at Brisbane’s Mercure Hotel and it was great to catch up with my fellow Total-e-Bound authors, my fellow Ellora’s Cave Authors and as the inaugural Choc-Lit author.

Anyway, below, I’ve included a couple of pictures, both of my ARRA shortlisted book, Rake’s Honour, written under my Beverley Oakley pseudonym and my Choc-Lit dramatic and sweeping romance, The Reluctant Bride, written under my Beverley Eikli name. (I’ve also had to include a little pic of my book which released yesterday, Her Gilded Prison, which I posted about earlier.)


Can Honour and Action Banish the Shadow of Old Sins?

That’s the question posed in my upcoming September 2013 release, The Reluctant Bride, which won award-winning UK Publisher Choc-Lit’s Search for an Australian Star Competition.

For Emily Micklen, marriage to taciturn war hero Major Angus McCartney will salvage family honour.

But while Angus may have won his heart’s desire, the ghost of his dead mistress is only one of the secrets that may divide them forever.

 The Reluctant Bride is set between the French Revolution and four years after the 1809 Battle of Corunna, a pivotal event in the story.

I’ve written a very different story in Rake’s Honour where my heroine Fanny Brightwell is gripping onto the bottom rung of society’s social ladder, determined she’s not going to be flung to the wolves, ie, the lecherous Lord Slyther who wants her for his second wife. The story follows her adventures and her cunning and unusual plan to land herself the man of her dreams.


Rake’s Honour

 Here are a couple of reviews:

Just Erotic Romance Reviews 

Publisher: Total E Bound Reviewer: Barbara McCormick

Rating: 5 Stars
Heat Level: O

Fanny Brightwell must find a husband or be married off to the odious Lord Slyther. Her first attempt at doing so leads her into a compromising position, from which she is rescued by the dangerous rogue Viscount Fenton. Fenton discovers that the memory of Fanny’s kisses haunt him. The two meet at a ball and have an unexpectedly passionate encounter. Afterward, Fenton offers to set her up as his mistress. Since her family’s fortunes rest on her ability to marry well, Fanny must take control of the situation.

The characters in Rake’s Honour, a Regency romance, leap off the page and into the reader’s heart. Fanny is well aware of her obligations to her family, yet yearns to find a husband she can love. Fenton has outgrown his childish excesses and is ready to settle down with a wife. The heat between these two practically sets fire to the pages, a mean trick for an e-book! Ms. Oakley brings the setting and time period to life without lengthy descriptions of society’s strict rules. The sex, oh my goodness, the sex is hot and in unusual settings as Fenton and Fanny must hide what they are up to from the eyes of judgmental society.

Supporting characters like Fanny’s younger sister and her friend and confidante, Lord Quamby, bring added life to a lush story. The pacing is just perfect, keeping you in your chair reading right through to the end. The “mamas” are ever present, placing demands on their children to marry well for family’s sake. In the end, Rake’s Honour is about satisfying society’s demands while still finding ways to remain true to oneself and one’s heart. For these reasons, Rake’s Honour earns an honored spot on my re-read stack.

BookedUp Reviews gave me5 Stars

Reviewer: Dolce Amore

I usually don’t like to read too many historical books because I find them boring, unreal, or full of errors. But this one was wonderful! 

Miss Fanny Brightwell has to marry a rich man because her father lost everything before he died. When Alverley, the man Miss Fanny hoped to marry tells her that he wants her just as his mistress, she is devastated; that means that she’ll have to marry the pestilential Lord Slyther, but that night she meets Viscount Fenton. 

At first, Lord Fenton wants to marry her… however, after some lies by a jealous man and some misunderstandings he believes that Miss Fanny was a consummate lover and he offers carte blanche instead. 

What a splendid book! I loved every moment of it. Ms. Beverley Oakley created an original and amazing plot. She keeps our attention through the whole book. And the characters… what can I say? Outstanding! I loved Miss Fanny and adore Lord Fenton. I enjoyed their misunderstanding and I was delighted by their torrid and passionate meetings. And the end… made me burst out laughing. It rocks! 

5 stars for her and I can hardly wait to read her new release… Ms. Beverley Oakley, I’m not above begging for more! I expect I won’t have to wait too much longer for it, you are now one of my favorite writers. 

Publisher: Total E-Bound

Review Courtesy Of: ManicReaders

Posted by Booked UP

Rachel Randall‘s review

Rake’s Honour takes the ballroom historical a naughty step further, reimagining the traditional scenario of the dutiful daughter saving her family through an unappealing marriage to appeal to readers who enjoy more smut as sweetener to their Almack’s lemonade.

 The characters are at the forefront of the story, and I soon found myself drawn into the extremes of their desires. Fanny is unrepentantly lusty, and likeable because of it. She’s torn between familial duty and her own raging hormones, something I think we can all sympathise with! Lord Slyther is fabulously odious as a pantomime villain, and the rapturous horror Fanny finds in him juxtaposes well against the desire she has her Rake.

 And ahhh, her Rake, the delectable Lord Fenton. Muscular, passionate, possessing of a good fortune and a healthy appreciation for Fanny’s breasts and creamy thighs. When he wants Fanny, you do too; and when they give in to their hunger for each other, well, let’s say there’s no question their marriage will have (many) happy endings. 

Rakes Honour gives good, rollicking historical.

You can buy Rake’s Honour here.


You can buy Her Gilded Prison at Ellora’s Cave

and read more about everything else here:






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  1. Sydney W says:

    First of all,congrats on all your wins!
    Guess St.Patty’s Day has been real lucky for you.
    Secondly I must applaud you for having chosen such stunning covers!
    They have high visual impact.
    Thank you for sharing it and for the giveaway too.
    Best Wishes,
    Sydney W,

  2. beverleyeikli says:

    Thanks, Sydney! I hope you’re enjoying yourself, looking at all the authors at the party showcasing their work.

    Yes, the covers are all pretty different, aren’t they?
    All the best,

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