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What’s next for BLMorticia

   Alrighty then, bringin’ up the rear huh? *grins* Yeah I have a lot going on. The Wretched part 2,Queer Fables coming to Rebel in April, my baseball short, my military short for the IRM antho we well as a series of erotica shorts I dreamed up while in NOLA. Also, I’m doing part 2 of the NOLA series behind Michael’s I Like Em Pretty. Its hetero! It doesn’t even have a title yet but it has a story and characters. lol

For now, enjoy my latest full release, part one of Metalrotica 1.1 of the Wretched, Corey’s Debut.

Blurb: Corey Patrick has arrived, fresh out of Boston to perform with the Wretched, one of the biggest bands on the planet. Immediately, the bass player takes advantage of the perks provided including hobnobbing with members of the press!

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Once the show ended, we took our bows and headed upstairs ready to party with the likes of the Omerta, Burnt Ash, and Bringin’ the Fall as well as plenty of groupies who’d been selected by the roadies. Classic Nine Inch Nails blared from the overhead speakers and smells of freshly smoked weed, liquor, and stenches of body odor filled the air.

Many hanger-ons muddled around the backstage area with passes stuck on their jackets, shirts, or pants since the security here was tighter than a virgin’s ass. I supposed Nicolai and the other band members knew these people. I didn’t, and I don’t recall having these many fuckers with empty cups and big smiles at any of Psychotica’s concerts. My former band was a bunch of nobodies anyhow. We never got much press other than the local rock news rags and a couple of e-zines. Now I was getting national attention; yet another reason to keep my sexuality on the hush hush.

“Jesus! Whew.” I plopped on the couch and leaned back admiring the decor of this fancy venue. High ceilings, walls full of abstract artwork in all colors and the best part, a clean bathroom with a shower and bathtub; something any band member could enjoy especially after being on the road for weeks with very little access to water. A few people in here right now could take advantage of that amenity and do us all a favor. Nothing worse than smelling others outside the band and their own collective body odors.

On the table, a full spread of liquor that included wine, beer, bottles of Jagermeister, Rum, and Vodka along with non-alcoholic beverages such as Coke and water. A couple of small plastic bags were also part of this feast containing pills and newly rolled marijuana joints. Pizza, mini tacos, and chips rounded out the table filled with delicacies. I only remember seeing all this when me and my friends would sneak around venues at home after the shows to try to meet bands.

Now, this was all for me, and my new band mates to enjoy. Just another reason why I’d cherish this role as bass player in the Wretched. My other band never got perks like this.

“Fuck yeah, Corey! You were the shit tonight dude!” Nicolai came in, appearing well fucked and soaked with sweat. His brown locks plastered to his head, and a white towel circled his neck. He carried a bottle of red wine in his left hand and a beautiful vivacious black woman on his right arm smiling like the cat that swallowed the canary.


What did I say about being more attracted to men?

I’d only been with the band the last three days, but I hadn’t caught sight of this gorgeous creature until now. Cocoa colored skin, beautiful brown eyes, a curvy body, plump in all the right places, curly shoulder length black hair wearing a short black mini skirt and snug tank top of the same color showing off those lovely double d’s on her chest. Although the blond out front might’ve been bigger, that girl had nothing on her. Shocked by her beauty, I stood quickly and almost lost my balance, making everybody in the room laugh.

“Dude, don’t fall all over yourself. This is my girl, Renee’.” He beamed ear to ear and gripped her shoulder.

Girl? What the fuck, I though Nicolai was married? I’d seen the pictures of him and his kids and this beautiful lady didn’t look anything like the dried up turnip in the photo. So, Nicolai had a girl on the side, and I suppose she was a step above the groupies who were invited up here since she had a title.


“Hey Corey, great to meet cha.” Lightly, she shook my hand, and I returned the gesture, trying not to show my embarrassment. If I could find a woman like Renee’ that wasn’t seeing Nicolai and would put up with my shenanigans, I’d fall in love with her tomorrow. No question, I was more attracted to ethnic girls than Caucasians. No particular reason other than they just did it for me more so than any white woman I’d ever tried to date.

“You too.” Still gawking, I had a seat and Allen dropped right next to me and slapped my knee, surely leaving a mark on my leg. “Ow.”

“Dude, stop droolin’ will’ ya? Nicolai ain’t sharin’ that. Believe me, we’ve already tried!”


BLMorticia is currently a published writer with Naughty Nights Press and Rebel Ink Press. She entertains her readers with hot and smexy sex, humor, and lots of swear words. She attempts to incorporate metal music or the military in most of her works. Nothin’ sexier than metalheads or military servicemen and women! She also writes a biweekly column on Blak Rayne Books and blogs on the First Thursday of the month at NNP Blog. For more info, please visit, Erotica With Snark

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  1. Sydney W says:

    That’s a great excerpt!
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    Sydney W,

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